Map: United States of Islam

Here is an image we came across the other day – reminiscent of Hizb ut Tahrir’s plan to conquer the world. We haven’t found much background on this map although it appears to have been around for several years. The organization listed on the image, the World Islamic Mission, does have a website registered in Ontario, Canada however this image is not currently on their site. Take a few minutes to review it (click to enlarge).

Map of the United States of Islam

‘The Map of the United States of Islam’ – The Dream of 20th Century Muslims Will Be Real In 21st Century.’

6 Responses

  1. This seems like scary stuff, at least potentially. And who would have envisioned 50,000 Muslims rallying in Washington?

    • Well, there were supposedly close to that number in DC over the Fourth of July weekend for the ISNA event…you can search our archives for posts on it…

  2. You can see this in the actions of Obama! He’s for allowing the terrorist to go lose and has said that we no longer is fighting a Islamic war! He’s gave them the same rights that American citizens have. Our country is under attack!

  3. Not to worry! All the green area marked now!.. Will GLOW in green radioactive hale with Cesium Isotops for the next 26,000 years!

  4. why are all americans cowards? would it even be a discussion if it were a map of projected african-american world population growth?

  5. People know what USA has already done in Afghanistan and Iraq. USA went there for control and resources. There were no weapons found in Iraq. Once, Saddam was a friend of USA and later he became enemy. Once Osama was friend of US government and now enemy.

    Blackwater (XE) is creeping in Islamic states silently. Muslims should fear not the US citizens. Arabs are already under influence of USA and Jews. Don’t worry. The lust of USA can buy and destroy anything. USA is really fortunate up till now. It never encountered true muslims and USA will collapse when it does.

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