Holy Islamville: a Muslim village in South Carolina

Founded by a militant Muslim.

Holy Islamville is a Muslim village in South Carolina, established by His Eminence, El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, in 1983 as Islamville, SC. Upon the event of miraculous manifestations (Karamaat) of Allah Ta’ala, the Baitun-Noor Holy Khanqah (the very first Islamic shrine in America) was erected and the village renamed to Holy Islamville in the holy month of Ramadan al-Mubarak, 1423 AH (2002 AD).

Details via Family Security Matters.

A radical Pakistani cleric named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani and his followers testify to the holiness of a shrine where miracles allegedly prove his supernatural powers. The shrine isn’t in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the Islamic world. It’s in York County, South Carolina, inside a commune about 36 acres large called “Holy Islamville,” located on a street named Islamville Way.

It was founded in 1982 by a group called Muslims of the Americas (MOA), led by the aforementioned Gilani. The Department of Homeland Security says it is linked to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani militant group also led by Glani. The State Department describes ul-Fuqra as “an Islamic sect that seeks to purify Islam through violence.”

Fuqra was behind many assassinations and bombings between 1979 and the early 1990s. Its biggest plot aimed to kill 4,500 Indians in Toronto during the Festival of Lights in 1991. Its destructive capacity first caught the FBI’s attention in 1989 because of a raid on a storage locker in Colorado Springs. They discovered weapons and plans for various attacks, including a scheme to murder Imam Rashad Khalifa in Arizona in 1990. They succeeded, killing him exactly as the seized papers said they would. Two Fuqra members were allegedly involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and dramatic plots against New York City.

In October 1992, Fuqra’s 101-acre compound at Buena Vista, Colorado was shut down. The authorities discovered it was a full-blown terrorist training camp. The members financed their efforts through a web of fake companies and various criminal activities. A poem by Gilani was found that reads: “Come join my troops and army/Says our Sheikh Gilani/Prepare to sacrifice your head/A true believer is never dead/Say ‘Victory is in the Air’/The kafir’s blood will not be spared.” That’s the sheikh who the residents of Islamville and the other MOA compounds view as a representative of Allah that meets with Jesus in heaven, heals diseases, transforms into animals, instantly transports and leaves his body at will.

The MOA says it has 22 “villages” around the country, with its Islamberg headquarters in Hancock, New York being the most notorious. In a secret recruitment tape made by Gilani, he states the purpose of these villages: “We are establishing training camps.” He tells viewers that they “are most welcome to join one of the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare” by contacting the group’s offices in Pakistan or several locations in the U.S., including South Carolina. That’s Islamville.

The video then shows the type of training being offered: Hijacking vehicles, use of firearms, hijacking vehicles, setting off explosives, etc. Gilani makes it clear that he isn’t just focused on Kashmir. “We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America,” he says. Excerpts from the tape were first released in a film titled Homegrown Jihad and later in The Third Jihad.

The tape was dismissed by some because of its old age and the fact that it was filmed in Pakistan. A law enforcement source later provided me with two more of the MOA’s films. The first showed women living at Islamberg in New York training in guerilla warfare, complete in military fatigue. The second is a propaganda tape where MOA leaders declare America a Muslim country and vow to defend it from foreign and domestic enemies. I gave the films to the Christian Action Network to release to the public.

More at link above.

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51 Responses

  1. The government must enter these “camps” on U.S. soil with military force and wipe them off of the American map, like they did with the Branch Davidians in Texas! Very simple stategy.

    • Couldn’t agree more! The muslim hugging leftists however, would target us, as you know.

    • You have to be kidding..Obama is behind all of this.. why do you think he is dstroying American..he is getting it read for these Muslims to t ake over..He wants to be thre KING ]he nost satified to be a small president of the USA. oh no that not high enought for Obama

      • a muslim never will say Jesus is Lord. Our President has declared Jesus is Lord. A true christian that study the word of God would know that. True muslims don’t like our President.

        • Annon, You are allowed to lie if it is necessay so says the Quran.

          • You are allowed to lie only-if there is a threat on ur life or some one else life , so says the Quran
            my friend

        • Taqiyya is the fine art of moslem lying. The guy in the white house is the consumate master of this art. I do not believe a word he says.

        • Romans 10:19 says, “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” The key here is “and believe in your heart”! ANYONE can Say “JESUS is LORD”, but you have to Believe it!

      • Let’s see now. President Obama is behind all this and it was founded in 1982. That is forward thinking. get real fool.

    • i agree we dont need or want that stufff here

    • i agree we dont need there junk in our country if they dont like us why they here

    • FBI agents were called to Colorado because the state BI had uncovered and were arresting members of one of the MOA camps. The FBI agents said that they knew about the camps were told not to interfere with them. Learned this by viewing Homegrown Jihad tape.

  2. AN ISLAMIC VILLAGE ON AMERICAN SOIL!!! This is pure BULL SHIT at ita best. Totally ILLEGAL. Time for total HOUSE CLEANING in all 50 STATES. Line up the BOATS AND DEPORT THESE BITS OF GARBAGE back to there 7th century life style. NO MORE OF THIS CRAP IN OUR COUNTRY. LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. These are felons, exconvicts. It is illegal for a felon to have any type of firearm. Why does the law enforcement not arrest them on this broken law alone, not to mention all the extreamist ties!! Grr….

  4. Send in the malitia if the Federal Government fails to protect! I believe graduates of these training camps were dispersed out to the various Mosques to organize, lead, and train soldiers for The coming insurrection! Mosques are our Trojan horse! Obama sends billions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, assigns Muslim Brotherhood members to key sensitive military and government posts, and brings in tens of thousands of Somali Islamist. What more is needed before he is charged with treason!

    • for the most part people are too stupped in this country to want to charge him with treason they think that spock looking fresk is a good guy but really he is the fr runner of the anti christ

  5. Why are our leaders allow this to happen? Obama must be voted out.

  6. Sounds like a scene out of this novel I read recently, 28 Pages. It dealt w/sharia, Saudi front groups and even enclaves like this. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005YEO0PI/

  7. People are going to have to organise militias, like they did for the War of Independence.

  8. Better stock up on a lot of ammo and other supplies and prepair for war with these muzzies. Americans better wake up damn fast or all will be lost, o-no-bama & crew are helping this along. Their numbers are growing fast and soon they’ll feel they have enough to kill us off.

  9. Big surprise. In Muslim-infiltrated Northeast Calgary (I call it ‘Qalgaribad’), a Muslim group has wanted to do the same thing:


    Now–with a Muslim Mayor, Muslim Police Commissioner, and several Muslim MLAs–this may actually happen.

  10. All these points tell against islam but more importantly, anywhere a moslem is is part of the house of islam. This point is made very well in Geert Wilders new book. Fantical (read traditional) moslemites take this concept very seriously. South Carolina seceded once, back in 1865. Will it happen again? This time as an islamical republic?


  11. Freedom of religion does not mean freedom to respect intolerable religions.

  12. Islamville has been in SC for a very long time. About 2 years ago there were 34 Jihadists camps in the USA. The Government is aware of this and does nothing. With Obama in charge…he is practically their leader. They use the lie that they are a religion and you cannot touch us! And it works. Nothing will be done until We the People do something about them.

  13. [...] Holy Islamville: a Muslim village in South Carolina « Creeping Sharia. Share this:TwitterEmailPrint April 28, 2012 by News4Christians Categories: islam | Leave a comment [...]

  14. hey are building a big mosque in Tenn and there are thousands in Dearborn Mich.. so Oboama is taking us over one by one state at a atime

  15. get the muslim out f our country

  16. get obama out of our country

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  18. Dumb, stupid Americans. Are you waiting to be murdered like Dan Pearl. or do you prefer to be slaves of islam. In my state many gas stations have Palistinian managers. What is going on with this. are they to be a fifth coluum when islam attacks?

    • Jerry, don’t you understand why they own all of the gas stations ?
      One match or cut the switch off and we have no gas. We would be crippled all over the country. Blame your elected officials.

  19. They are cropping up everywhere. We have Islamaville,NY. There are others.

  20. Hmm. CISPA makes sense now.

  21. Well, we have let this riffraff come over and accept our pluralistic overtures of inclusiveness to our system. They act barbaric and cause us the dilemma of having to eradicate their activity by losing our own virtues or ignoring their peril. Wouldn’t it be better to just close our doors to that entire smarmy cult henceforth and then not have to deal with them in autocratic ways afterward? Also if we jail them among feeble minded fodder we produce more foot soldier “conversions.” Gitmo is a proper isolation, but then we have ceded to the practices we were
    created to be rid of?

  22. LOL From a former Sapper’s point of view, if you want to take this place out, you have to do so with stealth. Enter and appear to be peaceful, then when you begin to be trusted, knife the filthy bastards behind closed doors. After 20-30 deaths, they will all start killing each other off! Doesn’t it suck for them and rock for me that the traditional Islamic garb makes for the near perfect assassin’s outfit?

    • What about those you killed in African nations? what about those you killed in the name of freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thousands of people have been killed in these two countries alone and still you think you are secular and free. What if one will occupy America. Same is the case with Afghanistan and Iraq. Their nations are occupies by you hyenas and you think you are worth of praise. Live peacefully and let everyone also live peacefully.

  23. Countries such as Afghanistan, iraq and other middle east islamic countries never appreciate the help and assistance given by Americans. Therefore Americans should not waste their time on those abusive islamic countries who abused those gullible Americans who tried to isort out the mess make by islamics.. Enough is enough. Islamics have ot sort out their own islamic problems.

  24. Furthermore, I think it is best to ignore those moslems who forever moaning about their endless islamic problems or due to their own islamic mismanagement. Let their own islamic communities sort out their own islamic community problems,

    • Amen to that, my Friend, for damn sure.

      What’s more, when some damn fool party signs up to willing truckload in our treasures to buy “Islamic friendship,” call them–be they left or right–for the fools, at best, that they are.

  25. Hey everyone, Support Israel, they been eating this muslim shit for over 60 years now, believe me they know what they are doing !

  26. Cherokee-El, Choctaw-Bey, Seminole-Dey,Creek (Muskogee)-Al, & Chickasaw-Ali. These are the “Five Tribes of Washitaw” also know as the “Iroquois Federation”, which the Constitution phor the united States North American Republic comes from & is Built upon the “Principles of 7″ or “Circle 7″, Example: It has 7 Articles that Govern the “Trinity” of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, Ex
    ample: 7 Days of the Week, the 7 Cardinal Colors, the 7 Key Notes in the Musical Scale, the 7 Chakras, the 7 Continents, the 7 Seas, the 7 Liberal Arts, the 7 Virtues, the 7 Sins, the 7 Mathematics: (the 7 stages of development in the Womb then Birth): The 1st 7 yrs. are the Age of Reason, the 2nd 7 yrs. are the Age of Puberty, the 3rd 7 yrs. are the Age of Maturity), that is when the Grand Architects of the Uni-verse “She” divided her 28 Day Cycle into 4 equal parts of 7 (Key 99,100,101 How many Days in a Creation, “7”, How many Days in a Week, “7”, How many Days in a Year according to “Science”, “7”), the 28 Day Cycle of the Moon is Within her “Wo-Man”, these are the “Circle 7″ or the “Cycle 7″ & are the Principles that operate “Civilization”. The adapters of this Constitution agreed to operate under these “Principles” to be in “Harmony” with “Nature”, hence “Mother Nature”,LTPFJ I.S.L.A.M. Return of the Matriarch; Each One, Teach One Moabite. They went away from the “Original” Constitution to the one phor the “Corporation” Government”, but the Original was Re-inhabited on 31 Mar 2010 & is in effect as we speak. Islamism.

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    OBM Directive 15′s Racial Hierarchy contains an entry phor “Moors”, as a Race of American Indians : R.[2],I.S.L.A.M.;LTPFJ

  28. Truth Does Not Change or Pass Away: Cherokee-El; Choctaw-Bey; Seminole-Dey; Creek (Muskogee)-Al; and the Chickasaw-Ali; These are the “Five Tribes of Washitaw” all registered with the Department of Justice under Political status Truth A-1 Confidential; Freehold Birthright Inheritance Registration Number AA222141 {The Great Binding Law of Gayanashgwa} (Clock of Destiny), as recorded with the Department of Justice also under the “Treaty of Peace and Friendship” with the U.S. This is Americana / Ameru / Al-Morocco; Northwest Africa / Northwest Amexem / North America / North Gate: the “Pyramid” with the “Eye”, is the Symbol phor this land from the top of the Yukon, to the Tip of Southwest Africa / Southwest Amexem / South Gate (South America), This is INTERNATIONAL LAW, & the Sultan of Morocco is over This Land. We are Moorish-American Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples of the Land, “Moslems” of North America, NOT MUSLIMS! We are from the Original Islamic Creed which existed here phor CENTURIES, hence the Ishma-El Tribe of the Ohio Valley. Know YOUR History, or you will follow “His-Story”, I,Self, Law, Am, Master,(I.S.L.A.M.),NOT Islam. Love,Truth,Peace,Freedom,and Justice (The 5 Points of Light), Eye-come in Peace and eye-leave you in Love, Return of the Matriarch

  29. Please Do Not include the Moorish-American “Moslems Moors” of North America, (NOT “Muslims”), with these “Muslim”, Infidels. Eye-come in Love, and leave you in Peace. Love,truth,Peace,Freedom,and Justice

  30. Let me help y’all to understand Islamville SC. The vast majority of them are born here in America and have converted to Islam! Some have been recruited from jails and prisons! They have arrested several wanted criminals out of the compound over the last 14 years! They hide behind “being a religious compound” so they don’t pay taxes on anything! They mostly live on welfare handouts! We are told they are peaceful, however, living within the neighborhood of said compound, I can tell you that they practice shooting and explosives and marching, etc. They “host a boy scout camp” once a year and if that isn’t scary enough, the FBI and local Sheriff go and eat at their festivities and then turn around and deny they have any weapons! Local law enforcement is told to “leave them alone”. When law is called about goings on in the compound, the deputies tell the people they aren’t allowed down in there, only a “special unit” of the Sheriff’s Dept are “allowed to go into the compound”! They drive newer cars than most residents in York County! They use food stamps at the grocery stores and while they claim to be peaceful and live as “good neighbors” to all, they in fact, block roadways with groups of women/children walking or groups of young boys/young men walking and force cars to drive into the path of other vehicles! They trespass onto other peoples property that surrounds the compound and even have some of their dead buried on property that doesn’t belong to them! This has been going on since 1983! They have a loud speaker that they feel free to use at all hours of the day and night and when again the law is called, they seem to know, as they turn it off when the deputies arrive! When the deputies leave it’s turned right back on! They have been seen carrying M16’s and AK47’s! They don’t have to and are not forced to follow any county ordinances or code enforcement laws, as they build whatever and move homes into the compound without permits, etc. If one of us would have moved a home/buildings onto land within York County without a permit, we would be fined or jailed and told to remove said home/building, etc! This issue is getting worse and worse, because they can cry wolf when it suits them and lie about the goings on but when there is clear evidence of their wrong doings, the local and federal law enforcement make up excuses or reasons its “not them”, but someone else! Can’t sell your home in this area unless it’s to them, because no one wants to live near them! Had I known that that compound was here when I bought my place all those years ago, I wouldn’t have bought it! Oh and yes, they have their very own cemetary! Think about that for a minute, we are all on well water out here and they aren’t required to have cement vaults, just pine boxes! I certainly don’t drink or cook with the water from my well and I even am squeemish about showering with it even after I installed a filter system! So think about all this, they have local law enforcement on their side, they deny and have local law enforcement to deny they have weapons/explosives and they can do no wrong in the eyes of the law, so in short, the rest of us are screwed! One thing everyone is saying is deport them, well, can’t they are born here in America and have converted, sooooooooooooooo……………

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