Video: Egyptian authorities do nothing as Christians attacked, dozens of churches destroyed by Muslims

via Human Rights Watch, Christians Say Pleas for Protection Fell Largely on Deaf Ears:

(New York) – Egyptian authorities should take the necessary steps to protect churches and religious institutions against mob attacks, Human Rights Watch said today. Since August 14, 2013, attackers have torched and looted scores of churches and Christian property across the country, leaving at least four people dead. Authorities should also investigate why security forces were largely absent or failed to intervene even when they had been informed of ongoing attacks.

Immediately following the violent dispersal of the Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo on August 14, crowds of men attacked at least 42 churches, burning or damaging 37, as well as dozens of other Christian religious institutions in the governorates of Minya, Asyut, Fayum, Giza, Suez, Sohag, Bani Suef, and North Sinai. Human Rights Watch has verified with family members and a lawyer that at least three Coptic Christians and one Muslim were killed as a result of sectarian attacks in Dalga, Minya city, and Cairo.

“For weeks, everyone could see these attacks coming, with Muslim Brotherhood members accusing Coptic Christians of a role in Mohammad Morsy’s ouster, but the authorities did little or nothing to prevent them,” said Joe Stork, acting Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Now dozens of churches are smoldering ruins, and Christians throughout the country are hiding in their homes, afraid for their very lives.”

A witness told Human Rights Watch that an imam at a mosque in the Cairo neighborhood of Maasara called over the mosque loudspeakers for the eviction of Coptic residents. Mina Lamie, 29, a neighborhood resident, said that on August 15 he heard the imam say, “The Copts are behind all of this, they participated on June 30 … we have to burn the churches.” He said that at 11:30 p.m. thousands gathered and began chanting, “The people demand the eviction of the Copts.” No churches in the area were actually attacked, Lamie said.

List of Churches Burned or Damaged Since August 14

  1. Al-Amir Tadros Coptic Church
  2. Al-Anba Mousa Church
  3. Evangelical Church
  4. Al-Rasuliya Apostolic Church
  5. Mar Meena Coptic Church
  6. Mar Meena Church
  7. Evangelical Church
  8. Baptist Church
  9. Saints Mary and Ibram Coptic Church
  10. Al-Mashyakhiya Evangelical Church
  11. Good Shepherd Catholic Church and School
  12. Mar Yohanna Church
  13. Adventist Church
  14. Al-Rasuliyya Church
  15. Mar Gergas Coptic Church
  16. al-Qowsiyya Bishopric and Chruch
  17. Evangelical Church
  18. St. Therese Church
  19. Nahdet al-Qadasa church
  20. St. George Coptic Church and Diocesan Office
  21. St. Mary Church
  22. St. Mary Church
  23. Al-Amir Tadros al-Shatbi Church
  24. Al-Shaheeda Damyana Church
  25. Evangelical Church
  26. Al-Amir Tadros Church
  27. Al-Mallak Church
  28. St. Mary Church
  29. Karmet al-Rosul Church
  30. St. Mary Church
  31. Al-Younaniyya al-Qadeema Church
  32. Good Shepherd Catholic Church and School
  33. Saviour’s Anglican Church
  34. Franciscan Church and School
  35. Mar Gerges Church
  36. Mar Gerges Church Services Building
  37. Franciscan Catholic Church and School

Churches Attacked, Not Damaged

  1. Al-Malak Church
  2. Abu Teeg Bishopric
  3. Franciscan Church and School
  4. St. George Hadayeq Church
  5. Abu Sifin Church


Minya city
Minya city
Minya city
Minya city
Minya city
Minya – Bani Mazar
Minya – Bani Mazar
Minya – Bani Mazar
Minya – Dalga
Minya – Malawi
Minya – Malawi
Asyut city
Asyut city
Asyut city
Asyut city
Asyut city
Asyut city
Asyut city
Asyut city
Sohag city
Fayum city
Fayum – al-Manzala
Fayum – al-Manzala
Fayum – al-Zurbi Village
Fayum – al-Zurbi Village
Fayum – al-Sarg, Ebshway
Giza – Kirdassa
Giza – Deir Hakim
Giza – Atfih
Giza – al-Mansouriya
Suez city
Suez city
Suez city
Suez city
North Sinai – Al-Areesh
Bani Suef – al-Wasita
Bani Suef city
Asyut city
Asyut city
Asyut city
Helwan city
Cairo – Ezbet al-Nakhl

In Syria, where Obama is pilfering your tax dollars to direct the overthrow of Assad:

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  1. no surprise nothing was done to prevent the destruction of non-muslim facilities. the mb always trying to put the blame on something other than themselves. mb is pure trash

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