Muslims bomb Nigerian bus station killing 71; then abduct 100 schoolgirls

via Bomb attack kills 71 at bus station near Nigeria capital – The Times of India.

ABUJA: Seventy-one people died in a bomb blast in a packed bus station in Nigeria’s capital Abuja on Monday — the deadliest attack yet to strike the city — with the president blaming the explosion on Boko Haram Islamists.

The bomb, which also injured 124 people, rocked the Nyanya station on Abuja’s southern outskirts at 6:45 am (0545 GMT) as it was filled with morning commuters, leaving body parts scattered across the terminal and destroying dozens of vehicles.

Previously, much of the recent violence by the Boko Haram insurgency has been in the remote northeast, though some have targeted the central capital.

This major bombing, just a few kilometres (miles) from the seat of government, will raise further doubts about Nigeria’s ability to contain the Islamist threat it is battling.

The explosion “emanated from a vehicle” parked within the station, said Charles Otegbade, head of search and rescue at the National Emergency Management Agency.

National police spokesman Frank Mba put the toll at 71 dead and 124 injured. The wounded were being treated in area hospitals.

Visiting the site, President Goodluck Jonathan vowed that Nigeria would overcome the brutal insurgency being waged by Boko Haram, blamed for killing thousands across the north and centre of the country since 2009.

“The issue of Boko Haram is quite an ugly history within this period of our own development,” Jonathan said. “But we will get over it… The issue of Boko Haram is temporary.”

The Islamists, who say they want to create a strict Islamic state in northern Nigeria, have previously set off bombs in and around the capital, including a 2011 car bombing at the United Nations headquarters that killed at least 26 people.

Monday’s explosions at the bus station left a hole roughly 1.2 metres (four feet) deep and spread debris across the compound, an AFP reporter and witnesses said.

“I saw bodies taken away in open trucks,” said witness Yakubu Mohammed, describing grisly remains that “were burnt and in pieces”.

Experts warn that force alone cannot stem the bloodshed and have called for a major outreach to dejected and deeply impoverished youths from the north who fill Boko Haram’s ranks.

 Goodluck and the so-called experts are delusional. The Islamic terror for a sharia state continued via BBC News – Nigeria unrest: Gunmen abduct ‘about 100 schoolgirls’.

Around 100 girls are thought to have been abducted in an attack on a school in north-east Nigeria, officials say.

Gunmen reportedly arrived at the school in Chibok, Borno state, late last night, and ordered the hostel’s teenage residents on to lorries.

The attackers are believed to be from the Islamist group, Boko Haram, whose militants frequently target schools.

On Monday, bombings blamed on the group killed more than 70 people in the capital, Abuja.

Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is forbidden” in the local Hausa language, has been waging an armed campaign for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria.

“Many girls were abducted by the rampaging gunmen who stormed the school in a convoy of vehicles,” AFP news agency quotes Emmanuel Sam, an education official in Chibok, as saying.


New Islamic video: “We will enter churches and slaughter Christians”

Boko Haram also says it will begin selling infidel women in the market “in due course.”


In a new video leaked from the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, Muslim fighters are found singing a jihadist song, the lyrics of which go as follows:

We are working for Allah and must bring Shariah to existence; we are committed to protecting Muslims from being annihilated by infidels. We are going to kill them. We will enter Churches and slaughter Christians and barracks. We are calling on all Muslims to come out and fight Jihad. If you joke, these infidels will annihilate Muslims. You see how they are killing our women and children.

 This song is purely in accordance to the Islamic tenets of jihad against Christians. Muslim jihadists, when killing Christians, always use the pretense of self-defense to justify their aspirations to commit genocide and holocausts.

More via

On March 14 fighting broke out in the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, including at the Giwa Barracks – the main military headquarters in Borno.

Boko Haram” claims it secured the release of two thousand detainees during the siege on the barracks. Abubakar Shekau has now released two new videos to claim responsibility for the attack.

Mr. Shekau, the successor to Mohammed Yusuf who was killed by the police in 2009, is a leader of “Boko Haram,” the Islamist insurgency in northern Nigeria. As reports of the videos makes their way into the Nigerian press, they raise many questions.

The Daily Trust, a leading newspaper published in the north, reports that the attackers had camera men who captured the Giwa Barracks raid on film in great detail.

The video apparently shows no resistance from the Nigerian security forces, but it also notes some 500 dead bodies were found in the aftermath of the fighting, though no casualties are shown in the video itself.

 Leadership, an Abuja-based newspaper, quotes passages from Shekau’s video. In them he reiterates that Western education is forbidden, all universities should be closed, and he calls for girls to return to their homes. He says that in Islam “infidel” women may be enslaved, and that Boko Haram will begin selling infidel women in the market “in due course.” He repeats that Boko Haram will kill all Muslim clerics who oppose it.

But, Shekau reserves his most blood-curdling language for the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), the civilian vigilante groups that oppose Boko Haram: “I cannot be happy if I don’t personally put my knife on your necks and slit your throats.”

In what may be a new departure, Shekau calls on his “brethren” throughout the country to take up arms and attack. He specifically mentions Abuja, Lagos, and the South: “Even as an individual, take up your swords and slaughter anyone you come across in his sleep…take up knives and start slaughtering people. Just pick up your knife and break into homes and kill.”

Muslims massacre more than 150 Christians incl a pastor, his wife and children

via Massacre: Over 150 Christians Butchered in South Kaduna – h/t

Information reaching from competent sources in Kaduna indicate that another massacre by unknown Fulani herdsmen occurred in the southern Kaduna town of Ungwar Sankwai in Manchok under Kaura Local Government Area [LGA]. The massacre is reported to have left over 150 lives [including a Pastor, his wife and children] killed. Homes numbering over 200 were set ablaze.

According to the information received, the supposed Fulani herdsmen arrived at the christain dominated town at about 10pm on Friday and began their killing and burning operation till 3am Saturday morning – when the Nigerian military arrived.

A surviving eyewitness, who spoke through the telephone, stated that the Fulani attackers were about 40 in number and were armed with dangerous knives, guns and other unidentifiable equipment. The survivor said that the attackers began with setting homes on fire – with the occupants. “Those that tried to escape were butchered or gun down”. He added that many of the dead, died as a result of fire.

It took the arrival of the Nigerian military at 4am for the supposed Fulani herdsmen to depart the area by 3am. This was according to a source who also noted that the military upon arrival refused to enter the bushes to comb the area for escaping Fulani attackers. He said the military only occupied the affected community – without taking proactive measures to hunt after the culprits.

It is recalled that in 2012, a similar attack was recording in the neighboring town of Dongondaya in Plateau State – where over 140 persons were butchered over night by supposed Fulani attackers. Both towns share a border – and both attack share striking similarities.

In 2011, according to security reports leaked out of from Abuja, a plan by unknown persons hiding under the guise of Fulani herdsmen were said to be on the offing – to be used to terrorize the Christian communities with the northern middle belt communities – suck southern Kaduna, communities in Plateau and others.

The media chief to the state government of Kaduna State, Ahmed Maiyaka, was sent messages concerning the attack but he did not respond to the messages.

Shoebat also reported earlier in the week that elsewhere in Nigeria, Muslims Annihilated 106 People In Brutal Massacre.

Muslims butchered countless people, killing as many as 106. The Muslims entered villages in Nigeria’s northwestern Katsina State where they committed this major massacre. One local said:

The gunmen who rode on motorcycles invaded many villages leaving more than 100 people dead … people were killed in my home town while numerous houses were burnt …As a matter of, many of the dead are women and children. …We heard that 27 others were killed in some other villages

Can We Finally Start Talking About The Global Persecution Of Christians?

Muslims kill 59 boys in boarding school attack, take girls as war booty

Religion of peace, killing for an Islamic state. via Nigerian Islamists kill 59 pupils in boarding school attack | Reuters.

Gunmen from Islamist group Boko Haram shot or burned to death 59 pupils in a boarding school in northeast Nigeria overnight, a hospital official and security forces said on Tuesday.

Some of the students’ bodies were burned to ashes,” Police Commissioner Sanusi Rufai said of the attack on the Federal Government college of Buni Yadi, a secondary school in Yobe state, near the state’s capital city of Damaturu.

Bala Ajiya, an official at the Specialist Hospital Damaturu, told Reuters by phone the death toll had risen to 59.

“Fresh bodies have been brought in. More bodies were discovered in the bush after the students who had escaped with bullet wounds died from their injuries,” he said.

Rafai, who had given an earlier estimate of 29 killed, said all those killed were boys. He said the school’s 24 buildings, including staff quarters, were completely burned to the ground.

President Goodluck Jonathan called the attack “callous and senseless murder … by deranged terrorists and fanatics who have clearly lost all human morality and descended to bestiality”.

The Islamists, whose struggle for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria has killed thousands and made them the biggest threat to security in Africa’s top oil producer, are increasingly preying on the civilian population.

A similar attack in June in the nearby village of Mamudo left 22 students dead.

They have killed more than 300 people this month, mostly civilians, including in two attacks last week that killed around 100 each, one in which militants razed a whole village and shot panicked residents as they tried to flee.

Even left-leaning apologists for Islam are appalled:

Young turk adds some new information regarding the women – they were not killed by taken as war booty. Like any good Islamic apologist however, young turk suggests the practice is reflective of some group in Uganda, not Muhammad. via The Qur’an

YUSUFALI: O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee; and daughters of thy paternal uncles and aunts, and daughters of thy maternal uncles and aunts, who migrated (from Makka) with thee; and any believing woman who dedicates her soul to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her;- this only for thee, and not for the Believers (at large); We know what We have appointed for them as to their wives and the captives whom their right hands possess;- in order that there should be no difficulty for thee. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
PICKTHAL: O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war, and the daughters of thine uncle on the father’s side and the daughters of thine aunts on the father’s side, and the daughters of thine uncle on the mother’s side and the daughters of thine aunts on the mother’s side who emigrated with thee, and a believing woman if she give herself unto the Prophet and the Prophet desire to ask her in marriage – a privilege for thee only, not for the (rest of) believers – We are Aware of that which We enjoined upon them concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess – that thou mayst be free from blame, for Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.
SHAKIR: O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war, and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts, and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who fled with you; and a believing woman if she gave herself to the Prophet, if the Prophet desired to marry her– specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers; We know what We have ordained for them concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess in order that no blame may attach to you; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.


Nigeria: Muslims slaughter more than 100 in raid on Christian village

via Over 100 killed in Islamist attack in northern Nigeria – Yahoo News.

Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) – Suspected Boko Haram Islamists killed more than 100 people in an attack on a village in Nigeria, a local senator said on Sunday.

The attackers stormed the village in Nigeria’s restive northeastern Borno state on Saturday, slaughtering scores of civilians and sending many others fleeing.

“A hundred and six people, including an old woman, have been killed by the attackers, suspected to be Boko Haram gunmen,” senator Ali Ndume told AFP.

“Sixty of the dead have been buried while the rest are awaiting burial,” he said, adding the attacks in the area were becoming “deadlier and more frequent by the day.”

The raid took place on Saturday in the mostly Christian village of Izghe in Borno, which has been under emergency rule since May last year in a bid to stop an Islamist rebellion that has claimed thousands of lives since 2009.

A local farmer who escaped by scaling the fence of his house and crawling on his belly for 40 minutes said the attackers had gone door-to-door looking for those hiding in their houses.

“The attackers came around 9:30 pm (20.30 GMT) in six trucks and some motorcycles. They were dressed in military uniform,” Barnabas Idi said. “They asked men to assemble at a place, and began hacking and slaughtering them.”

There were no security forces in the town at the time of the attack, he said.

The head of the local government in the area, Maina Ularamu, earlier told AFP: “From the latest information I have gathered, more than 60 people have been killed.”

“We suspect that the gunmen were members of Boko Haram. They have taken over the village,” said Ularamu.

“They looted businesses and food stores and loaded all their spoils into vehicles owned by residents and fled into the bush,” he added.

The official was speaking from Abuja and said he was preparing to return to Maiduguri, the state capital, to deal with the fallout of the attack.

Hundreds of villagers in Borno had already fled to Maiduguri after Boko Haram militants last week killed 43 people in two separate attacks.

The militant sect has said it is fighting to create a strict Islamic state in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north.

The southern half of the oil-rich country, Africa’s most populous, is mainly Christian.

Gunmen also attacked a fishing village on Lake Chad on Saturday, killing an unspecified number of residents.

A survivor said several people had drowned in the lake while trying to escape the gunmen.

Obama sending more U.S. troops to Nigeria, Somalia

via U.S. troops boost forces in Nigeria, Somalia.

U.S. forces, winding down in Afghanistan, are finding new battlefronts in Africa.

According to published reports, a small team of U.S. advisors was sent “secretly” to Somalia to assist with operations against militants. Somalia has been at war with religious fundamentalists, called Al Shabab, but has made little headway against the group which still controls a large swath of the country.

“It is the first time U.S. troops have been stationed there since two helicopters were shot down and 18 American soldiers were killed in 1993,” wrote David Cloud in the Los Angeles Times.

Except back in 2010 when, US to help retake Mogadishu:

“It’s the Americans,” said Gen Mohamed Gelle Kahiye, the new chief of Somalia’s military, who said he recently shared plans about coming military operations with American advisers. “They’re helping us.”

…an American official predicted that American covert forces would get involved if the offensive, which could begin in a few weeks.

Back to the 2014 news.

“The U.S. soldiers assist a force of more than 18,000 under the auspices of the African Union, backed by the U.S. and other Western countries since deploying to Somalia in 2007 with logistics help, intelligence and planning,” officials told Cloud.

Although a small presence now, the number of advisors could expand in the coming year, a senior Defense Department official told the paper, and become a “permanent presence” on the Horn of Africa. He called it something “that’s been in works for a while.”

On the western portion of the continent, the U.S. and Nigeria have been working on a joint effort against insurgency and terrorism in that country.

Meanwhile, Obama is importing more Muslims from these Islamic hell holes into U.S. towns and cities, and down by the border,drug cartels are “killing each other” with .50-caliber machine guns and grenades near Fort Huachuca, Arizona…where only a “three-strand barbwire fence” is keeping any spillover of heavily armed cartel members out of the [U.S. military] compound’.

Minneapolis building next to mosque explodes – neighborhood “where Islamic terrorists congregate” (updated)

While Somali Muslims were exploding bombs in Mogadishu on New Year’s Day – killing 11, one of their top recruiting areas also was the scene of an explosion.

via Minneapolis building explodes; firefighters work in brutal conditions | Minnesota Public Radio News.

Minneapolis — An explosion ripped through a three-story building in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis New Year’s Day morning, igniting a three-alarm fire and sending more than a dozen people to area hospitals.

When firefighters arrived at 516 Cedar Ave. S. shortly after 8 a.m., they found bodies in the street, Fire Chief John Fruetel said. Then they set to work battling the blaze in brutally cold conditions.

Gates of Vienna had this to add:

The explosion occurred at 514 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis, in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood at the western edge of the campus of the University of Minnesota, just across the river from the main campus and adjacent to the Bohemian flats area. A news article refers to the locale as an “ethnic community of predominantly Somali immigrants”. I’m told that the neighborhood is also known to law enforcement and intelligence officials as a place where Islamic terrorists congregate.

More: 14 taken to hospitals after Minneapolis fire

No fatalities have been reported, but authorities weren’t sure whether any residents were still inside the building. Its roof had partially collapsed, making it too dangerous for firefighters to enter and sweep the premises, said Assistant Minneapolis Fire Chief Cherie Penn.

Penn said 14 people were taken to hospitals, and six were considered to be critically hurt.

Officials said it wasn’t immediately clear what caused the fire. CenterPoint Energy spokeswoman Becca Virden said there were no natural gas leaks in the area.

“It’s not clear whether people were pushed out of the building from the explosion, or whether they fell or jumped out of windows to escape,” Ball said.

A mosque that is next door to the gutted building appeared to escape any obvious structural damage. Abdisalam Adam, the imam at Islamic Civic Society of America & Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah, watched the firefighting efforts and said he was praying for those affected by the fire.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said it was monitoring the fire in case the mosque was targeted, said MN-CAIR board member Zuhar Ahmed.

How is terror-linked CAIR monitoring the fire? Urging Muslims not talk to the FBI or obstructing justice in other ways? Should it turn out to be a jihad-related incident be sure CAIR will be looking to place blame on anyone and everyone but Muslims.

Update via GoV thanks to wtd, Enter DHS — It Was a Gas Leak

…after DHS arrived and the investigators began to clear the rubble, the story changed. According to an updated version of the Strib report:

 Investigators believe that the fire that tore through a three-story apartment building in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood on New Year’s Day was caused by a natural gas leak, according to sources familiar with the probe.

While no final determination has been made, a source close to the law enforcement investigation said that it is believed that the initial explosion occurred at the ground level of the building.


Does this look like a ground-floor explosion?


three individuals living in the apartments are not in the hospital and have not been accounted for. They are worried that they may have died in the fire, he said.

Adan confirmed that the apartments are all occupied by single men.

Gates of Vienna assesses the evidence in Applying Occam’s Razor.

Nigeria: At least 205 Christians Killed by Muslims, foreign jihad influence growing

And it’s not about cattle: Terrorist Influence on Herdsmen Seen in Killing of 12 Christians in Nigeria

As violence against Christians hit in central Nigeria again this week, there are indications that Muslim Fulani herdsmen are working with Islamic extremist groups made up in part of foreigners.

The Rev. Yiman Orkwar, archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Makurdi in Benue state, told Morning Star News that Fulani herdsmen seem to have joined forces with Islamic extremist groups.

“From all indications, the terrorism being witnessed in the country is purely in pursuit of Jihad,” Orkwar said. “In Benue state, Fulani terrorists in collaboration with Boko Haram and other foreign mercenaries are causing wanton destruction of lives and property.”

via At least 205 Christians Killed by Fulani Herdsmen in Benue State, Nigeria.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Reports of Christians attacked in central and northern Nigeria draw more attention, but in more southerly Benue state Islamic extremists killed at least 205 Christians in the last six months alone, sources said.

In the southeastern part of Nigeria’s middle belt, Benue state’s Agatu Local Government Area saw deadly attacks on Christian farmers by Muslim, ethnic Fulani herdsmen from May through November that displaced an estimated 10,000 people, Christian leaders said.

As in attacks in Plateau state, several of the assailants appeared to be mercenaries from outside the area rather than herdsmen, and locals questioned how the Fulani became so heavily armed. In some of the attacks a herdsmen spokesman alleged stolen cattle as the reason for the bloodshed, but frequently the Nigerian press asserted that motives for the attacks were unknown.

Christian leaders, however, said they had no doubt the Muslim assailants aimed to demoralize and destroy Christians.

In the early hours of Nov. 9, Muslim Fulani gunmen killed 25 Christians in seven villages, said area Christian leader Sule Audu.

“Seven Christian communities were completely ravaged by the rampaging Muslim Fulani gunmen,” Audu said. “The previous Thursday, Nov. 8, two Christian communities of Ikpele and Okpopolo were attacked by the Muslim Fulani herdsmen in a raid that resulted in the killing of three persons, injuring many others, and the displacement of about 6,000 Christians.”

The attacked villages were Ello, Okpagabi, Ogwule-Ankpa, Ogbangede, Ekwo, Enogaje and Okpanchenyi, he said.

Another area Christian leader from Agatu, John Ngbede, confirmed the attacks.

“It is true that Agatu is under attack by Muslim Fulani herdsmen at the moment,” he told Morning Star News. “Many of our Christian brethren have been killed. The Muslim gunmen that are attacking our Christian communities are numerous; they are so many that we can’t count them. They are spread across all the communities and unleashing terror on our people without any security resistance.”

Most of the 6,000 Christians fleeing for their lives have taken refuge at neighboring Apa Local Government Area and at Obagaji, he said.

On Oct. 12, gunmen killed 30 Christians in Oguchi-Ankpa, Christian leaders said. Apochi and Bello said the Christians were killed in their sleep after Muslim Fulani herdsmen broke into their homes. Houses, church buildings and other property were destroyed in the attacks, they said.

On Oct. 4, Muslim Fulani gunmen attacked Ejima, killing three Christians, according to Stephen Dutse, chairman of Agatu Local Government Council. Three days prior, Christian and community leaders in the area had declared a month of fasting and prayer in the face of unceasing attacks on them, he said.

On Sept. 29, Muslim gunmen killed 13 Christians in the Agatu area in the early hours of that Sunday morning as they began worship services.

On July 1, Christian leaders said, Muslim Fulani gunmen attacked Christians in Okpanchenyi village, killing 40 people.

On June 8, Muslim Fulani gunmen attacked a Roman Catholic Church farm at Ichama Christian community of Okpokwu Local Government Area of Benue state. Juliana Obeta, chairperson of the Okpokwu Local Government Council, said the assailants killed one Christian. Others were wounded and treated at St. Mary’s Catholic Hospital in Okpoga, she said.

“The Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked our communities on June 7 and 8, killing one person, and carted away 40 cattle belonging to the Catholic Diocese at Ichama,” Obeta said. “Many Christians, mostly children and women, have been forced out of their villages as their homes were destroyed.”

On June 2 and 3, about 45 Christians were killed by armed Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Agatu Local Government Area, Christian leaders said.

On May 12, armed Muslim Fulani herdsmen in the Okpanchenyi and Ekwo Christian communities of Agatu killed 45 Christians. Church leaders said a massive number of Muslim Fulani herdsmen invaded the area on the Sunday night and killed 38 people, while the others were killed in another attack in the early hours of the next day.

Silence from Obama, Ellison, and the rest of their Islamic ilk.

Muslim attacks killed 1,000 Christians in Central African Republic

via Bangui Christian-Muslim Clashes Killed 1,000 – Amnesty International

At least 1,000 people were killed in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, in just two days of violence earlier this month, according to Amnesty International. The figure is significantly higher than an earlier UN estimate.

Seleka, a Muslim-militia outfit, ousted Christian President Francois Bozize in March and installed their leader Michel Djotodia as the country’s interim president.

This sparked a sectarian conflict as Anti-Balaka, the Christian militias loyal to Bozize, raided Muslim neighbourhoods and killed about 60 Muslim men.

Following this, Seleka’s men unleashed retaliatory attacks, killing 1,000 people in Bangui.

Earlier, the UN had estimated that about 450 people were killed in Bangui, while another 150 died in separate incidents in different parts of the country.

“The de-facto government forces, known as ex-Seleka, retaliated on a larger scale against Christians in the wake of the attack, killing nearly 1,000 men over a two-day period and systematically looting civilian homes. A small number of women and children were also killed,” the Amnesty report said.

Violence has also spread to other parts of the country. Bossango, 300 km north of Bangui, is also deserted due to the religious violence in the country, Pakistan’s Dawn reports.

Previous posts on the wide-spread killing after the violent Muslim coup in CAR.

Video: Inside an al-Shabaab training camp

via Nightly News: Exclusive: Inside an al-Shabaab training camp. h/t Larry

Jamal Osman, Channel 4 Europe, has been given exclusive access to an al- Shabaab training camp. Al-Shabaab is the jihadist group behind the attack at the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya. For al-Shabaab, the Westgate operation was a victory and is now being used to inspire new soldiers.

al Shabaab continues to grow during Obama’s reign.

Muslim fugitive wanted in U.S. diplomat’s killing arrested in Mali

via Fugitive wanted in U.S. diplomat’s killing arrested in Mali –

A fugitive wanted by the FBI in the killing of a U.S. diplomat in 2000 has been arrested by French forces in Mali, a source familiar with the case told CNN on Thursday.

Alhassane Ould Mohamed, also known as “Cheibani,” a 43-year-old Malian citizen, was named in an indictment unsealed in a federal court in New York in September.

Mohamed is charged with the slaying of U.S. Department of Defense official William Bultemeier.

Mohamed is charged with the slaying of U.S. Department of Defense official William Bultemeier.

He was charged with the slaying of U.S. Department of Defense official William Bultemeier in Niamey, Niger, in December 2000.

Authorities said Mohamed and another suspect confronted a group of employees of the U.S. Embassy in Niger as they left a restaurant in Niamey.

The two men, armed with a pistol and an AK-47 assault rifle, approached Bultemeier as he was about to enter his car. The suspect is accused of shooting Bultemeier after asking him to turn over the keys to the diplomatic vehicle. U.S. Marine Christopher McNeely was wounded in the attack. The gunmen drove away in the diplomatic vehicle.

Bultemeier, a military attache, died of his injuries.

“U.S. diplomat William Bultemeier lost his life while representing his country overseas, and U.S. Marine Christopher McNeely was gravely wounded trying to protect him, all during the brazen armed carjacking allegedly perpetrated by the defendant and his confederate,” Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said in a statement at the time.

Mohamed was arrested in Mali in December 2000, according the FBI website. He was never formally charged and escaped in 2002.

In late 2009, Mohamed killed four Saudi Arabian nationals in northern Niger. In 2010, he was arrested and convicted in those slayings. Mohamed was serving a 20-year prison sentence in Niger when he escaped on June 1, 2013.

280 dead in latest violence since Muslim coup in Central African Republic

The Islamic coup and burgeoning genocide ignored by the media.

Some quick background: Violence Escalates In Central African Republic; U.N. OKs Troops

Brutal sectarian violence has engulfed the mostly Christian country since March, when the first Muslim leader assumed power after a coup.

Armed gangs of Muslim extremists joined by mercenaries from neighboring countries now control most of the country.

Seleka fighters reportedly have swollen to 25,000 strong since a few thousand helped former rebel leader Michel Djotodia seize power. Djotodia says he no longer has any control over them.

The U.N. estimates at least 400,000 people — nearly one-tenth of the population — have been displaced. Rape is rampant. UNICEF says thousands of children are being forced to fight.

Slaughter, rape and torture are widely reported.

Armed Christian forces are fighting back.

Yesterday via Thousands seek refuge at Central African airport – KSFY News

BANGUI, Central African Republic (AP) – Thousands of Christian civilians sought refuge at an airport guarded by French soldiers Friday, fleeing from the mostly Muslim ex-rebels with machetes and guns who rule the country a day after the worst violence to hit the chaotic capital in nine months.

When several French helicopters landed at the airport, people sang with joy as they banged on plastic buckets and waved rags into the air in celebration.

Outside the barbed wire fences of the airport, bodies lay decomposing along the roads in a capital too dangerous for many to collect the corpses. Thursday’s clashes left at least 280 dead, according to national radio, and have raised fears that waves of retaliatory attacks could soon follow.

“They are slaughtering us like chickens,” said Appolinaire Donoboy, a Christian whose family remained in hiding.

France had pledged to increase its presence in its former colony well before Christian militias attacked the capital at dawn Thursday. The arrival of additional French troops and equipment came as the capital teetered on the brink of total anarchy and represented the greatest hope for many Central Africans.

About 1,000 French forces were expected to be on the ground by Friday evening, a French defense official said on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

As night fell across the near anarchic capital, Christians fearing retaliatory attacks by the mostly Muslim ex-rebels crowded as close to the runway as possible, laying out their woven mats in front of a barbed wire coiled fence. National radio announced that at least 280 people had died, citing figures from local Red Cross officials.

The U.S. State Department said it was “deeply concerned” by the violence and praised France’s quick intervention.

France signaled its amped up presence in its former colony on Friday by sending out armored vehicles to patrol the streets. A French fighter jet made several flyovers, roaring through the sky over an otherwise lifeless capital as civilians cowered at home. Britain also flew in a C-17 plane Friday loaded with equipment to help with France’s intervention.

As many as 250 French troops are carrying out permanent patrols in Bangui, and “we didn’t notice any direct clashes between armed groups today,” said French military spokesman Col. Gilles Jaron in Paris.

On Thursday, however, 10 armed attackers in a pickup truck fired on a French position at the airport, including with a rocket-propelled grenade whose charge did not detonate. French forces returned fire, killing four attackers and wounding six, Jaron said.

A planned vote on a U.N. Security Council resolution Thursday allowed France to proceed with its mission. It coincided with the worst violence to roil the capital since March when the mostly Muslim rebels known as Seleka overthrew the president of a decade.

On Thursday, Christian militias believed to be loyal to ousted leader Francois Bozize attacked the city, and hours of gunbattles ensued.

No worries though. Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs (U.S.) Linda Thomas-Greenfield says we need to deal with the Muslims “grievances”.

450,000 Christians Flee From Muslim Attacks in the Central African Republic

Obama is silent on the slaughter of Africans. Why? via 450,000 Christians Flee From Muslim Attacks in the Central African Republic.

The United Nations is demanding immediate support for the Central African Republic (CAR) during a very difficult period. Apparently over 450,000 people have fled their homes after the Muslim dominated Seleka took power and began persecuting Christians irrespective of the alleged government of national unity during the transitional period. Not surprisingly, Christians are trying to protect themselves against Muslim forces within Seleka which are clearly out of control. Therefore, bloodletting is sowing the seeds of distrust and clearly the international community needs to do something before the crisis reaches a point of no return.

Unlike Christian communities in Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, and in other nations, whereby various sects are persecuted, it is clear that in the CAR — just like in South Sudan — that Christians will not just sit back and wait to be slaughtered or become trapped in ghettoes. It is hoped that the international community will be fair in pointing out the real factors behind communal violence. After all, it is clear that religious tensions erupted after Seleka troops began to ransack Christian areas. However, the same media which always points out the “Buddhist” angle in Myanmar (more Christians have been killed in Myanmar than any other non-Buddhist religion in the last few decades) in relation to the persecution of Muslims in this country; they appear to loathe to point out massacres by Muslims forces in the CAR against Christians; just like the persecution of Buddhists and others in the Chittagong Hill Tracts is barely mentioned in Bangladesh.

In must be remembered that when less than two thousand people had been killed in Kosovo the West intervened rapidly and took this part of Serbia away from the indigenous Orthodox Christians. Yet when northern Cyprus was occupied by Turkey and Orthodox Christians were cleansed then Western nations did zilch apart from sell more military arms to Turkey. Similarly, when millions of black African Christians and Animists were massacred in Sudan (many forced into slavery and forcibly converted to Islam) you never had the threat of Western intervention. Likewise, the mainly Christians of West Papua are currently facing Javanization and Islamization in Indonesia but the world is turning a blind eye once more just like they did when the Catholic Timorese were massacred in vast numbers by the same forces.

Elizabeth Kendal reports in Christian Today that the “Central African Republic is French-speaking and its population is around 76 per cent Christian. On Sunday 24 March 2013, Seleka — a coalition of local and foreign Arabic-speaking Islamic militias — seized control of the capital, Bangui, in an orgy of violence and looting.”

“But Seleka does not rape, loot and kill indiscriminately. Rather, Seleka attacks Christians and spares Muslims, causing traditional community trust to evaporate, and creating a sectarian tinderbox.”

The same author reports that Christian militias are now retaliating and massacres against Muslims are happening based on the actions of Muslim forces within Seleka. Indeed, just like you have countless militias in Libya then it is difficult to define Seleka because many are mere rogue elements which are focused on economic goals alongside anti-Christian persecution. However, while religious agitation wasn’t enforced by the usual Christian leaders of the CAR, it is abundantly clear that you have an Islamist cause within all the chaos and common criminality of forces within Seleka and clearly the so-called government of national unity isn’t in control of the situation.

Christian Bishop Albert Vanbuel stated “a rebellion of religious extremism with evil intentions, characterized by profanation and planned destruction of religious buildings, especially Catholic and Protestant churches” is now in power. In other words, the new government under Djotodia is based on an agenda which threatens the religious mosaic of the CAR because elements within Seleka clearly have a religious angle.

Of great concern is who is behind the funding of Muslim forces which are spreading sectarianism in the CAR? It isn’t difficult to point the finger at Gulf petrodollars and similarly Sudan may have ambitions? However, currently you have no substantial findings in this regard because various specialists have provided different answers to this important question. Despite this, it is clear that Seleka is well armed (despite being disbanded this movement continues to kill and ransack) and the sectarian agenda also points to sinister outside forces.

France announced that they will send approximately 1,000 military personnel to the CAR which will top up the current 400 plus soldiers which are stationed in this nation. The Defense Minister of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian, made it clear that France would send 1,000 troops to the CAR in order to boost security. However, unlike in Mali the role of France isn’t clear because will France take sides or work with the tainted self-proclaimed leader of this nation? After all, in Mali the mainly black African Muslim ethnic groups welcomed France after a mixture of al-Qaeda affiliated forces began to attack indigenous Islam in this nation alongside genuine grievances felt by the Tuareg. Yet in the CAR it is clear that Christians in many areas lack faith in the current self-proclaimed leadership which is blamed for the bloodletting and setting the fire of sectarianism.


Muslim fighters to Catholic missionaries: Leave or die

U.N. Warns Of Possible Genocide After Islamist Militants Overthrow CAR Govt

U.N. Warns Of Possible Genocide After Islamist Militants Overthrow Govt

via U.N. Warns Of Possible Genocide In Central African Republic : NPR

Conditions are deteriorating in the Central African Republic, where Islamist militants overthrew the government last spring. There’s been sectarian violence and a growing humanitarian crisis. Reporter Kristen van Schie of South Africa’s Star newspaper has just returned from a reporting trip to the republic, and talks to David Greene about what she has learned.


At a U.N. Security Council meeting over the weekend, diplomats warned of a possible genocide in the Central African Republic. This is a country right near the equator that borders the Congo and the Sudan. It’s been in turmoil since a military coup in March left it basically without a functioning government. A half-million people, about a tenth of this country’s population, have been forced from their homes in recent weeks as the violence has just gotten worse.

What started out as a rebellion in the north part of this country appears like it could split the nation along sectarian lines, pitting Christians against Muslims. And to learn more about this, we turn to Kristen van Schie of South Africa’s Star newspaper. She just returned to South Africa from the Central African Republic where she was doing some reporting. Kristen, good morning.

KRISTEN VAN SCHIE: Good morning. How are you?

GREENE: I’m well. Thank you. Kristen, take us to some of your reporting here. This country, this Central African Republic, one of the world’s poorest, there is a lot of mineral wealth there, I mean, how did this all start?

SCHIE: Basically, this is one of several coups that CAR has had over the decades. This coup actually rose up out of failed agreements from the last coup. It’s a coalition of rebel groups in the north called Seleka, who decided that they weren’t happy with what the new government was doing and began their march south towards the capital in December.

There was a ceasefire agreement, but the rebels felt that the president was still not sticking to his agreements with them. And that’s when they moved into the capital city Bangui in March and took over the country.

GREENE: You had one powerful story from a convent that you visited. Remind me what happened there.

SCHIE: This convent was in a town called Bouca, where Christians and Muslims have always lived together in peace in the past. But early in September, they had conflict break out in that town where, early one morning, a Muslim sector of the town was attacked by a group of armed men. Seleka, the rebel group, came to the defense of the Muslim sector of the town, and so the Christian sector of the town also got attacked.

And what you saw come out of that was this sort of Christian-on-Muslim violence. The result of that now is that you have half the Muslim population is living in the imam’s compound, half the Christian population is living in a refugee camp outside this convent. And Muslims and Christians on both sides, who have always lived together peacefully, have now been killed.

GREENE: And that seems to be one of the real sad parts of this conflict. It did not begin as a sectarian conflict, but now these religious differences that didn’t seem all that important in the past are really becoming a part of it.

SCHIE: Absolutely. When you’re going through the communities there, there’s a lot of intermarriage. There’s a lot of business between both sides of the community. The Muslim population is the minority in the CAR, but the majority of the rebels happen to be Muslim, because they come from that part of the country. So, something that was never a problem before now becomes a religious divide because the people who’ve taken over your country are from a different faith.

So Muslims are the minority yet they orchestrated a coup, took over the presidency and make up the majority of the rebels. And now there are warnings of genocide. But according to NPR, Christians started it.

Non-Muslim Region Votes to Leave Muslim North, Join South Sudan

Given the choice, who wouldn’t leave Islam for freedom? via South Sudan News: Abyei Region Votes to Leave Islamist North, Join Christian South

The South Sudan News (SSN) reports that the official voting results will be announced on October 31, but the observers claim that about 65,000 eligible voters, residents in the remote and disputed Abyei region on the border between Sudan and South Sudan, voted almost unanimously on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in a non-binding referendum in favor of secession from Sudan and joining South Sudan.

The SSN states that the vote came despite fears it could trigger violence.

The ownership of Abyei was left undecided when the predominantly Christian South Sudan declared independence from the predominantly Muslim Sudan in 2011 after decades of a bloody independence war, and an official referendum on the status of the disputed Abyei has been stalled by arguments over who can vote, prompting the local referendum initiative.

The chairman of the referendum commission told Reuters that he expected a unanimous vote in favor of joining South Sudan – a decision sure to antagonize heavily armed, pro-Sudan Misseriya nomads who do not reside in the region but customarily drive their livestock through the region.

The South Sudan News says that the Arab nomads are backed by the Islamist government of Khartoum led by President Omar al-Bashir indicted by the ICC for crimes against humanity, in particular the genocide in Darfur.

“Our impression is the turnout is high. On Sunday, the first polling day, the main station recorded that 75 per cent had already cast their vote,” the commission chairman, Monyluak Kuol, told Reuters.

The result, expected on October 31, is not legally binding and both Sudan and South Sudan have said they will not recognize it, but the vote is important for the majority in Abyei who identify ethnically, culturally and religiously with the South.

Dinka Ngok people from South Sudan and even from as far away as Australia have returned to take part in the vote.


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