Muslim persecution of Hindus and Buddhists in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka

Paging Hollywood, paging Hollywood. via Ban Koran.

More detail and photos at the International Unity for Freedom and Equality website. via : Almost 100 Hindu Homes in Nagarparkar Are Torched by Muslim Extremists




Sharia law to apply to non-Muslims in Aceh

Thanks to all those who helped rebuild Aceh into a sharia state after the tsunami. via Sharia law to apply to non-Muslims in Aceh –

Non-Muslims can be prosecuted under Sharia law in Aceh if they participate with Muslims in offenses not regulated by Indonesian criminal law, under a new bylaw passed in the province late last year.

The controversial clause is contained in the Qanun Hukum Acara Jinayat (QHAJ), Islamic criminal procedure codes, passed by the regional House of Representatives (DPRA) on December 13th, 2013.

The clause pertains to “a violation committed jointly by two or more people, among them non-Muslims”, according to a copy of the bylaw obtained by Khabar Southeast Asia.

It also states that non-Muslims who are arrested can choose to be prosecuted in a Sharia court or a state court. But if the violation is not regulated by Indonesian criminal law, the non-Muslim will be prosecuted in Sharia court.

The new bylaws authorise Sharia police, prosecutors and judges to detain violators for 15 to 60 days if an investigation, trial or sentence warrants it. Until now, Sharia enforcement officials have only been permitted to arrest and briefly detain violators for counselling on Sharia norms. They have not had authority to put them in jail.


Vietnam: 7 dead in shootout after border police turn back illegal Muslims

Proving no country is immune from Muslim infiltration immigration and the violence that follows. via Seven killed in China-Vietnam border shootout – Australia Network News. h/t TROP

A deadly gun battle along the China-Vietnam border has left seven people dead, including five Chinese migrants and two Vietnamese border guards.

According to local officials, a shootout erupted when Vietnamese border guards tried to turn back a group of Chinese citizens entering their country illegally.

In a statement, the Quang Ninh provincial government in Vietnam said a total of 16 Chinese nationals, including 10 men, four women and two children were detained after attempting to enter Vietnam.

While Vietnamese authorities were attempting to repatriate them, “some Chinese men in this group seized guns from Vietnamese border guards and shot at them”, the statement said.

The statement also said the firefight erupted despite efforts to calm the situation.

Details of the bloody clash remain scarce and it is unclear if the dead included Chinese women and children.

Vietnamese media has reported that the Chinese citizens were from the far Western Muslim Province of Xinjiang where human rights groups say there is persecution of local ethnic Uighurs.

The area has reported human trafficking and people smuggling cases, including the kidnapping of Vietnamese women forced to marry Chinese men and young boys being kidnapped for sale to rich childless Chinese couples.

 Safe to say that, Islam’s Religious War is with Everyone.

Jihad in China rail station – 29 killed, 143 injured

via Xi Orders Terrorism Crackdown After Deadly China Knife Rampage – Bloomberg.


“They were hacking at people like crazy, they didn’t stop to look,” Qin Gang, a 51-year-old local man who rents out his van, said from a hospital bed after being shot through the lower left arm by a police bullet. He said he joined police and security guards running after a group of assailants as they fled from the station.

Qin said he saw at least five attackers, including two women clad in long robes with only their eyes exposed. They carried knives that were as long as a man’s arm and a few inches wide, he said.

“If nobody tried to stop them a lot more would have been killed,” he said. “Hatred may explain this but is there anything personal at all between them and ordinary people?”

Violent terrorist attacks have been increasing since 2009 and have become the biggest security threat to Xinjiang, Xinhua said. Some 190 terrorist attacks were recorded in the region in 2012, increasing by “a significant margin from 2011,” it said, citing the regional public security bureau.

Tensions between the state and the Muslim Uighur minority in Xinjiang, a resource-rich autonomous region, have spilled over to other parts of the country.

In October, a sport-utility vehicle plowed into a crowd at Tiananmen Square in the center of Beijing and burst into flames, killing the three occupants and two bystanders. Meng, the top security official, said the people in the SUV had links to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a militant Uighur group blamed in the past for violence in Xinjiang.

China’s President Xi Jinping ordered a crackdown on “violent terrorist activities” after 33 people died when knife-wielding assailants rampaged through a train station in a southwestern city on March 1.

Local authority officials in Kunming said evidence at the scene showed it was a terrorist attack orchestrated by Xinjiang separatist forces, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported yesterday. A group promoting human rights for the region’s minority people, the Uighur, called for a transparent investigation.

The assault, days before the annual meeting of the legislature in Beijing, highlights growing social unrest amid widening inequality and increasing tensions between the state and some ethnic groups including the mostly Muslim Uighur minority in Xinjiang. The ruling Communist Party last November set up a state committee to better coordinate security issues as it faces dissent at home and expands its military reach.

At least 29 people killed and 143 injured.

Update: VIDEO: Cleric of Chinese Muslim (Uighur) Group Threatens Chinese And Buddhists: “Killing You… Slaughtering You… And Cutting Off Your Heads Is All Good”


Video: Muslims Murder Buddhists In Burma

via New English Review.

A woman from northwest Burma — Rakhine State — tells her own story, and recalls the “massacre of 1942″ that few outside Burma may ever have heard about

Malaysia: Muslims confiscate Bibles, police threaten arrests if non-Muslims use word “allah”

Sent from a reader:

I write to alert you to the latest development in Malaysia whereby the religious authorities of Selangor (a state closest to the capital) raided the Bible Society and confiscated 300 bibles in Malay and Iban (an indigenous language). Allah is used in Malay and other Malaysian indigenous languages – it has been used for over 100 years, even before Malaysia was formed as a country. This might be due to Arab influence on the local languages when traders came to the Malayan peninsula in the 1300s.

In this country, Allah has been used to refer to God, whereas Tuhan, which the ruling party wants Catholics/Christians to use, is a generic term which is non specific, hence the refusal by the Malay/indigenous language speaking Catholics and Christians to budge.

via Jais has no right to raid Bible Society of Malaysia premises, says council of churches

Today’s raid comes after the editor of Catholic weekly, Herald, Rev Father Lawrence Andrew said that Catholic churches in Selangor would continue to use the word “Allah” in their weekend services in Bahasa Malaysia, which are primarily attended by Sabah and Sarawak folk.

The comments came following a statement from the new director of Jais Ahmad Zaharin Mohd Saad, who said the state religious authorities would draw up a list of Selangor churches before writing to ask them to comply with the Selangor Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Among Muslims) Enactment 1988.

“We will write to all the churches in Selangor to respect the law that is in force in relation to this,” he was quoted as saying.

The enactment, which was passed by the then Barisan Nasional state government, prohibits non-Muslims in Selangor from using 35 Arabic words and phrases, including “Allah”, “Nabi” (prophet), “Injil” (gospel) and “Insya’Allah” (God willing).

No compulsion in Islam? Sharia brings equality? All Abrahamic faiths worship the same god? Commenter continues:

Father Lawrence, the editor of the Catholic Herald, who has spearheaded the issue in courts, has been accused of treason. This is just ludricrous!

via Herald editor in ‘Allah’ storm accused of treason against Selangor Sultan

Subang Umno chief Datuk Zein Isma Ismail said Lawrence’s recent statement was akin to going against the Selangor Sultan’s decree banning non-Muslims in the state from using the Arabic word.

“This is a penderhakaan (treason) towards the Sultan’s decree and we demand that the related quarter apologise,” Zein was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian.

Yesterday, all 22 Selangor Umno divisions reportedly lodged police reports against Father Lawrence Andrew, demanding that the editor of Catholic Church weekly Herald apologise for saying that Catholic churches in the state will continue to use the word “Allah” in their masses.

Prof Tan Sri Dr Abdul Shukor Hussin, the chairman of the National Fatwa Council, also expressed worry that apparent inaction over Andrew’s comments, including the use of the Sedition Act 1948, could see unrest ultimately arising from a challenge of Selangor’s religious edict banning the non-Muslims’ use of the Arabic word for God.

 …and UMNO (ruling political party) is going hold protests at all churches in the state of Selangor

via Umno Selangor threatens to protest over use of ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims

Umno Selangor is threatening to protest at all churches in the state on Sunday unless a senior Catholic priest apologises for insisting that Christians can use the word “Allah”, reported Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia today.

More via Police to act on ‘Allah’ issue if state Islamic department asks, says Zahid Hamidi – Bernama

Police will take action over the “Allah” word  issue in Selangor if its Islamic Religious Department (Jais) requests police to intervene in enforcing the ruling on the issue.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (pic) said this was because Islamic religious matters were under the jurisdiction of the state government,  and police respected its jurisdiction over the issue.

“All quarters should stop playing up this sensitive issue… those involved should adhere to the decree by the Sultan of Selangor (Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah) and the court order for (non-Muslims) not to use the ‘kalimah Allah’ (in their scriptures),” he told reporters today.

Update: As 50 Muslims protest, 900 Catholics pray for priest

Catholic priest, Father Lawrence Andrew, leads morning mass at the Church of St Anne in Port Klang, Selangor, January 5, 2013. — Picture by Choo Choy May

Catholic priest, Father Lawrence Andrew, leads morning mass at the Church of St Anne in Port Klang, Selangor, January 5, 2013. — Picture by Choo Choy May



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Tahiti: Polynesians protest – no to sharia, no to mosque, no to Islam (video)

How to save your country. via Ban Koran

As we like to say, “Better to be incorrectly called an Islamophobe today, then a dhimmi tomorrow!”

China: 2 dead, 38 injured after Muslim suicide car attack in Tiananmen Square (updated)

Updates below.

via Police focus on Muslim separatists after Tiananmen car attack – CBS News.

Chinese police were seeking information Tuesday on two ethnic Uighur suspects believed linked to an apparent suicide car attack near Tiananmen Square in the country’s capital that killed five people and injured 38.

Police released no word about a possible motive for Monday’s incident at Beijing’s Forbidden City, one of China’s most politically sensitive and heavily guarded public spaces. But investigators sent a notice to hotels in the city aimed at tracing the movements of two suspects, and possibly at uncovering any other conspirators.

It was unclear whether the two Uighurs were believed to have perished in the car or were still at large, and whether they may have been linked to militant groups in the western region of Xinjiang, where radicals have been fighting a low-intensity insurgency against Chinese rule for years.

If Monday’s incident was such an attack, it would be the first in recent history outside of Xinjiang, and the boldest and most ambitious given the high-profile target.

The sports utility vehicle veered inside a barrier separating a crowded sidewalk from a busy avenue and then plowed through pedestrians as it sped toward Tiananmen Gate, where it crashed into a stone structure near a large portrait of Mao Zedong which hangs near the entrance to the former imperial palace.

The vehicle’s three occupants were killed along with two bystanders, including a Filipino woman. The 38 injured included three other Filipinos and a Japanese man, police said.

The gate stands opposite sprawling Tiananmen Square, which was the focus of the 1989 pro-democracy movement that was violently suppressed by the military, and any incident there is highly sensitive.

If intended as a political statement, Monday’s attack could hardly have picked a more significant target. Just west of the square lies the Great Hall of the People, the seat of China’s parliament, while many of China’s top leaders live and work just a few hundred meters (yards) away in the tightly guarded Zhongnanhai compound.

In Xinjiang this year, dozens of people have been killed in clashes between security forces and Uighur militants, who the government says have been inspired by global jihadist teachings and joined al-Qaeda-inspired fighters in Syria.

China has provided little direct evidence to back up those claims. However, Xinjiang borders Afghanistan and unstable Central Asian states where militant Islamic violence is a regular occurrence and Uighurs are believed to be among the militants sheltering in Pakistan’s lawless northwestern region.

Authorities had earlier warned that extremists were planning attacks outside the Xinjiang region. A smothering security blanket has made organization difficult for the extremists, denied them safe havens, and severely limited their access to firearms and explosives.

Monday’s incident had every appearance of being deliberate, since the driver apparently jumped a curb and traveled about 400 meters (yards) to the spot where the car was said to have caught fire. Along the way, it avoided trees, street lights and at least one security checkpoint. The attackers also struck during the lunch hour when security would have likely been relatively slack.

Witnesses quoted in Chinese media said the SUV’s driver honked his horn as he drove along the sidewalk, suggesting mass murder was not the intention. Photos showed flames licking the vehicle and a huge cloud of smoke, although there was no word on whether an incendiary device had been activated or shots fired.

“The vehicle ran very fast, I could hear people screaming all the way while the vehicle ploughed through the crowds,” the Global Times newspaper quoted an unidentified female witness as saying.

Authorities moved swiftly to clear the scene of any evidence of the incident and national media provided only slight coverage of what had happened.

Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez told ABS-CBN TV in Manila that the Filipino who died was the mother of two daughters and had been vacationing in Beijing. He said her husband and one of her daughters were hospitalized with fractures, while the other daughter suffered only minor injuries.

A Japanese Embassy spokesman, speaking on the usual condition of anonymity, said the Japanese citizen remained hospitalized but his injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

Police said the other tourist killed was a Chinese man from the southern province of Guangdong.

Update: Five arrested over Tiananmen Square ‘terrorist attack,’ Chinese authorities say

Five people were arrested in relation to a fiery car crash in Beijing’s iconic Tiananmen Square that killed five people and injured 40, police said early Wednesday.

Police said the five were caught just 10 hours after the attack with help from the local government in the restive western province of Xinjiang.

Labeling it a “terrorist attack,” a police spokesman said Usmen Hasan, his mother Kuwanhan Reyim, and his wife Gulkiz Gini, drove a jeep with a Xinjiang plate into a crowd of people at noon on Monday, state news agency Xinhua reported.

The attack, which took place near the main entrance of the Forbidden City, was “carefully planned, organized and premeditated,” he said.

The five suspects arrested in connection with the attack were named as Husanjan Wuxur, Gulnar Tuhtiniyaz, Yusup Umarniyaz, Bujanat Abdukadir and Yusup Ahmat.

Police found equipment full of gasoline, two knives and steel sticks as well as a flag with extremist religious content in the light-colored SUV, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

The charred bodies found in the vehicle died after they set gasoline on fire, the police spokesman told CCTV, adding that officers also found knives and at least one “jihad” flag in the temporary residence of the five detained suspects.

Update 2:

An Islamist group calling itself the Turkestan Islamic Party said a deadly car crash in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on Oct. 28 was a “jihadi operation” by its mujahideen, or holy warriors, the SITE monitoring service said.

Boston Globe still says Ft. Hood jihadist’s motive “unknown”

Despite evidence to the contrary they must push the narrative. via courtesy of Gary Fouse


Click to enlarge.

Even the New York Times printed this, Fort Hood Gunman Told Panel That Death Would Make Him a Martyr.

Not to mention the abundance of evidence including Hasan’s own video and PowerPoint presentations on jihad. Ignored first by the U.S. Army, then the FBI and still ignored by the media and Obama.

Even the second trial judge did her best to eliminate the real motive when she struck from evidence the correspondence between Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki.

We know the motive. Jihad. For the sake of Allah. Hasan promoted it in lectures and included it on his business card, listing himself as a Soldier of Allah (SoA).

Fort Hood Shootings

Also absent from the Boston Globe’s list of “Mass US shootings” are those committed by Muslims in the U.S. Why? And why were there no calls for banning guns after any of these killings?

Here’s a table that calls out the motive when in fact it is jihad, Immigrant Mass Murder Table, 411 Killings, 153 Wounded.

Muslims say they’ll hijack Miss World Contest

Like they did the mall in Nairobi killing 60+ with 60 more still missing?

"Moderate" Muslim women stage protest against Miss World beauty pageant contest in Banda Aceh (rebuilt with American donations into a sharia haven), northern Sumatra island. Islamic radicals took to the streets in the recent weeks to protest the Miss World contest, denouncing it as "pornography" and burning effigies of the organisers. (AFP Photo)

“Moderate” Muslim women stage protest against Miss World beauty pageant contest in Banda Aceh (rebuilt with American donations into a sharia haven), northern Sumatra island. Islamic radicals took to the streets in the recent weeks to protest the Miss World contest, denouncing it as “pornography” and burning effigies of the organisers. (AFP Photo)

The real Islam via Associated Press.

Beauty queens and backstage drama may seem inevitable, but at this year’s Miss World competition, something more serious than hair-pulling and name-calling has come from host country Indonesia: Muslim hardliners have threatened to hijack the competition despite major concessions from the government and organizers.

The bikinis that have been a pageant hallmark were replaced with more conservative sarongs three months ago, after a small but vocal group complained that showing too much skin would be offensive to the world’s more populous Muslim country. But that only temporarily quieted protests over the event, which holds its internationally televised finale on Saturday.

The Islamic Defenders Front, known for angry protests and violent raids on bars and prostitution dens, began holding demonstrations weeks ago with thousands displaying signs that read: “Miss World is Whore Contest” and “Miss World Go to Hell.” More mainstream groups, including an influential Islamic body, joined in and called for the show to be banned.

Then just three weeks ago, the government announced that the final would be moved from the outskirts of the capital, Jakarta, and instead held on the Hindu-dominated resort island of Bali where earlier rounds were taking place.

The organizers were left bewildered and panicked, having just three weeks to rearrange an event that had been three years in the making. Hundreds of hotel rooms and 6,000 plane tickets had to be canceled and rebooked, and a new venue secured.

And even now, concern remains that Muslim extremists may try to disrupt the event. The British, Australian and U.S. embassies have issued warnings to citizens planning trips to Bali during the competition, saying there could be large-scale protests or even attacks.

Haidar Al-Hamid, who heads the East Java branch of the Islamic Defenders Front, said that despite tight security aimed in part at keeping protesters out of Bali, he plans to rally against the Miss World contest and has ordered all members to find a way to reach the nearby island.

The navy should neutralize them before they reach shore.

Miss World axes bikinis fearing Muslims; Muslims vow to stop entire contest

Muslim contestant in Miss World contest was an ‘imposter’

Thailand: Islamic jihad has resulted in 5,000+ dead, 9,700+ injured since 2004

No compulsion, but a lot of death and destruction in Islam. via The Grim Toll of the Jihad in Thailand – Atlas Shrugs.

Bangkok Post South death toll: 5,235,

A total of 5,235 people lost their lives and 9,704 were injured in violent incidents which took place in the insurgency-plauged southern border provinces between Jan 1, 2004-Aug 31, 2013, according to a summary report by the Region 4 Internal Security Operation Command’s forward headquarters.

Of the killed, 2,218 were Buddhists, 2,888 Muslims and 131 of unknown religions.

Of the wounded, 6,163 were Buddhists, 3,038 Muslims and 503 of unknown religions.

In the month of August 2013 alone, there were 84 insurgency-related incidents comprising 43 shootings, 36 bombings and five arsons.  Of all incidents, 33 took place in Narathiwat, 27 in Pattani, 23 in Yala, and one in Songkhla.

The incidents in August caused 36 deaths – 36 Buddhists and 20 Muslims – and 125 injured comprising 84 Buddhists and 41 Muslims.

Muslims Bombing the Buddhists

..and the Christians in Syria, black Africans in Egypt and anyone who does not submit. Islamic jihad on the Buddhists via

Political Islam // Articles // Bombing the Buddhists.

The jihadists — on this occasion the Indian Mujahadeen — are at it again. On a Sunday in July nine bombs went off in Buddhism’s most sacred place, Bodh Gaya in India. The jihadists said the bombing was in retaliation for the Buddhists resisting jihad in Myanmar. This would be the equivalent of bombing the Wailing Wall, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bethlehem or the Kabbah. But, since Buddhists are the least political of all religions, the media barely noticed.

This jihad attack may have long term consequences for jihad, due to favorable attitudes toward and perceptions of Buddhists, and who Buddhists are. Buddhism is the pet religion of the media, Leftists, Progressives and Liberals, and even those who are right of center find it hard to dislike Buddhism. Buddhism is truly the religion of peace, not like that other “religion of peace” with the jihad doctrine and 1400 years of conquest.

But the Left and Liberals are also the apologists for Islam, and one of the ways apologists deny the brutality of Islam is to attack its victims as somehow deserving of the jihadist attacks. When Christians are killed every week by jihadists, the leftist types justify it because of the Crusades and other wars by nations that are primarily Christian. When 30 Christian children are murdered in Nigeria, it is considered payback for the Crusades. (The Crusades lasted for 300 years and the last one was 800 years ago.) And any Jews killed are payback for the purported Israeli persecution of the so-called Palestinians. Put another way, the apologists for Islam figure that most of those who are killed in jihad deserve it.

So, the apologists for Islam are in a quandary. Jihad is hurting Buddhists, but it would be bigoted to complain about it. The denial machine is set to spin — those jihadists were not real Muslims or else they were just a few crazies.

A second problem for the apologists is their theory that if Muslims are treated right, they won’t be violent. This is the “treat the Palestinians right and they will do right” theory of dealing with Islam. This gets expanded to the theory that all Islamic violence is due to how the Palestinians are treated. Well, bombing Buddhists in India has no connection to Palestine.

Many Buddhists are absolute pacifists who hold to the “if you do good, good will come to you” school of politics. The problem is that such Buddhists usually cannot figure out why Muslims believe that being a Buddhist is evil. They may be ignorant of Islamic doctrine that says that the only good that can come out of a Buddhist is submission to Islam.

Buddhist doctrine holds that we need both compassion and wisdom. But the wisdom aspect does not seem to be highlighted when the Dalai Lama says that the attacks are “very sad” while noting that it could be an act of a “few individuals” and “shouldn’t be considered something serious.”

If the Dalai Lama would pick up the clue phone, he would hear this: “Hello, the Buddhism that you practice, Vajrayana Buddhism, came from the Swat Valley in Afghanistan and where is Buddhism now? It has been annihilated from Afghanistan by jihadists. That same doctrine of jihad is annihilating Buddhists in Thailand today. Is that sad enough for you?” Jihad seeks to annihilate all religions in the territory that Muslims enter. And that should be considered as something serious.

But bombing Bodh Gaya has a down side for the jihadists. A few of the usual apologists may decide that if jihad means bombing Buddhists, then maybe, just maybe, there is something fundamentally wrong with Islam. Islam’s apologists have a lot more trouble in justifying the justice of jihad against Buddhists since the jihad is against their own political alliance.

So bombing Buddhists may be a tactical victory, but it could a long-term strategic error but, only if the Buddhists and the apologists pay attention to murder of their own.

Published in American Thinker


Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam

copyright (c) CBSX, LLC,
Use as needed, just give credit and do not edit.

Related via Atlas Shrugs, Muslim force hundreds of Buddhist tribals out of Bangladesh.

Muslims continue jihad attacks day after signing Ramadan cease fire deal in Thailand

via Thai government and Muslim guerrillas sign Ramadan cease fire accord.

BANGKOK, Thailand (RNS) Buddhist-majority Thailand hopes its first “common understanding” with minority ethnic Malay Islamist guerrillas will create “a violence-free month of Ramadan” in four Southern provinces where a decade of fighting has killed more than 5,700 people.

The government says insurgents wrongly believe they can reclaim the region’s independent Islamic sultanate, which Bangkok annexed in 1909 — when Thailand was known as Siam.

The guerrillas, however, recently demanded closing all markets in the South on Fridays for religious reasons, and enforcement of some Shariah laws.

The rebels frequently attack Buddhist monks, soldiers, teachers, farmers and others.

The fight is fueled by social problems, which should involve local solutions — including greater autonomy — instead of Bangkok’s harsh, deadly control, said Southerners, international human rights groups and some Thai officials.

Desperate for peace, Bangkok is now asking rebels to prove they want a negotiated settlement.

On July 12, Thailand’s National Security Council and the Barisan Revolusi Nasional, or National Revolution Front, the separatists’ largest rebel group, signed a “common understanding,” also known as the “Ramadan Peace Initiative 2013.”

The two sides want to achieve a violence-free month of Ramadan in the Southern Thailand provinces of Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala, and five areas of the Songkhla province.

The deal is the first time both sides officially agreed to halt fighting in the South.

Despite the agreement, Thai military officials do not expect the Ramadan accord to be entirely peaceful.

Rival Islamist insurgents may continue to stage hit-and-run attacks, they said.

One day after Ramadan began, a buried bomb exploded under an army truck carrying soldiers on a Yala province road, injuring eight.

Thailand is a major non-NATO ally of the U.S., which has armed and financed its military for decades and conducts massive, joint training exercises on Thai territory each year.

“The overall long-term goal of the movement in the south remains the creation of an independent state with Islamic governance,” a U.S. Congressional Research Service report said in 2012.

Is there any nation in the world where Islam is not wreaking havoc?

China blames US for stoking Islamic violence in Uighuristan


In Syria, Obama is training future jihadists from all over the world. via Media blame US for stoking Xinjiang violence | South China Morning Post.

The United States is encouraging “terrorism” in Xinjiang, Chinese state media said on Monday, also claiming separatists in the region – which has a large Uygur minority – had fought alongside Syrian rebels.

Beijing denies the unrest in the vast region bordering Central Asia – which last week left at least 35 people dead – is due to ethnic tensions between Uygurs and China’s majority Han.

It has vowed to crack down on “terrorist groups”, ordering military exercises ahead of Friday’s anniversary of major riots in 2009 that left around 200 dead.

But rights groups for the mostly Muslim Uygurs blame unrest on economic inequality and religious repression, and Washington has raised concerns about discrimination.

The People’s Daily, a mouthpiece for the ruling Communist Party, slammed the US government and media for what it said was its role in the violence.

“For fear of a lack of chaos in China,” it said in a commentary, the US was “conspiring to direct the calamity of terrorist activities toward China”.

“America’s double standards on the issue of countering terrorism is no different than incitement and indulgence … How is this different than those who act as accomplices to terrorism?” it said.

It asked if the 9/11 attacks and Boston marathon bombings in April meant “America’s ethnic and religious policies also have problems”, while rejecting such linkages in China.

“The violent terrorist incidents in Xinjiang are not an ethnic issue or a religious issue,” it said, calling the “massacres” of officials and bystanders “inhumane”.

According to the official Xinhua news agency, “knife-wielding mobs” attacked police stations and other sites in the town of Lukqun last Wednesday before security personnel arrived and opened fire. At least 35 people were killed.

Two days later, Xinhua said, more than 100 “terrorists” provoked “riots” in the prefecture of Hotan, attacking people “after gathering at local religious venues”.

Last Friday a US State Department spokesman said it was “deeply concerned about ongoing reports of discrimination against and restrictions” on Uygurs in China.

Never a word from the U.S. State Department on Muslims killing Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Chinese, Somalis, Sudanese, Filipinos, etc.

He said the US urged a “transparent investigation” but did not want to “draw broader conclusions” about the incidents.

The Global Times accused members of the “East Turkestan” movement of being trained by Syrian opposition forces fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad before returning to Xinjiang to plot attacks.

Where is Zig Brzezinski? Is he one of the masterminds behind WWIII?

OTBR: China to join Russia for largest naval drills with foreign partner

Miss World axes bikinis fearing Muslims; Muslims vow to stop entire contest

via Miss World axes bikinis for Muslim Indonesia – FRANCE 24. h/t Europe News


Contestants at this year’s Miss World beauty pageant will not wear bikinis in the parade in a bid to avoid causing offence in Muslim-majority Indonesia, organisers confirmed Wednesday.

The 137 women taking part in the September contest will swap bikinis for more conservative attire, such as traditional sarongs, for the beach fashion section.

The contest is being held on the resort island of Bali, where foreign tourists flock in their millions and the beaches are packed with women sunbathing in skimpy swimwear.

But Miss World Organisation chairwoman Julia Morley insisted that none of the pageant’s contestants would wear a bikini.

“I don’t want to upset or get anyone in a situation where we are being disrespectful,” she told AFP from London.

“We treasure respect for all the countries that take part in the pageant,” she said, adding the final outfits had not yet been finalised.

“We discussed the beach fashion issue last year with Miss World in London before we even agreed to host the event because we knew this would be sensitive in Indonesia,” said Nana Putra from media group MNC, the official broadcaster and local organiser.

Update: Indonesian Muslim hardliners vow to stop Miss World

JAKARTA — Islamic hardliners vowed Thursday to stop the “immoral” Miss World beauty pageant taking place in Indonesia even after organizers agreed this year’s contestants would not wear bikinis.

The Hizb ut-Tahrir group slammed the show as like “selling women’s bodies” and threatened to hold demonstrations against it, while a group in the province where the final is due to take place also voiced strong opposition.

Organizers confirmed on Wednesday the contestants would not wear bikinis during the beach fashion section, to be held in Bali, and would instead wear more conservative attire such as traditional sarongs.

However, the concession was not enough for hardline groups in Indonesia, where some 90 percent of the 240 million population are Muslims.

“Supporting this event is the same as supporting the selling of women’s bodies,” said Ismail Yusanto, spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia, who also warned the group may organize protests.

“Women are lowering themselves by allowing themselves to be turned into objects, to be stared at and have their bodies measured.”

Hardline group the Islam Reformist Movement (Garis), which is affiliated with prominent radicals the Islamic Defenders Front, also said the bikini ban was not enough.

“They will still wear outfits that will encourage sex and immoral acts,” said Chep Hernawan, the head of Garis which has its base in West Java province.

So says the religion of four wives, temporary marriages and instant divorces.

Why would any pageant choose Bali as a host location? In 2002, Muslims killed 202 in Bali nightclub bombing:

Two Americans and 88 Australians were among the 202 killed and up to 300 more were injured.



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