Canada: Criticism of Islam forbidden by Toronto District School Board

Criticism of kufr…not forbidden. via Blazing Cat Fur: Criticism of Islam is forbidden at the TDSB.

This is a TDSB human rights related document, available only to TDSB staff online. Note this entry; “Derision of followers of Islam (Muslims) because of any aspect of their traditions beliefs or culture.”

tdsb no criticze Islam

Related posts on the sharia-compliant TDSB here.

Canada tracking 80 Muslims who came home after waging jihad abroad

With 13o more still abroad. via CSIS tracking 80 Canadians who came home after going abroad for ‘terrorist purposes’ | h/t Jihad Watch

Intelligence officials are aware of about 80 Canadians who have returned home after going overseas for “terrorist purposes,” according to speaking notes prepared for the director of the nation’s spy agency.

The document obtained by Postmedia News does not offer explicit information about their activities, though it makes it clear that not all were involved in combat. While some individuals may have engaged in paramilitary activities, others are believed to have studied in extremist Islamic schools or provided logistical or fundraising support. Others never achieved their goals and simply returned home.

The so-called “foreign fighter” phenomenon has become a growing concern for the intelligence community, stoking fears that individuals could return to Canada more radicalized than when they left.

“Most troubling, if they participate in a foreign conflict or train with a terrorist group, they might return with certain operational skills that can be deployed themselves or taught to fellow Canadian extremists,” the Canadian Security Intelligence Service said in its annual report released earlier this year.

The 80 Canadians on CSIS’s radar were referenced in speaking notes prepared for the agency’s director, Michel Coulombe, ahead of his Feb. 3 appearance before the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence. Postmedia News obtained a copy of the notes through access-to-information legislation.

During the hearing, Coulombe testified that the agency was aware of more than 130 Canadians abroad who were believed to be supporting extremist activities. And he expressed concerns about the threat such individuals posed if they return home.

However, a review of Coulombe’s testimony shows no mention of the 80 individuals, who, according to his speaking notes, had returned to Canadian soil.

The director’s speaking notes do not indicate where they travelled or when. Coulombe did tell the committee that of the 130 Canadians who were still abroad, about 30 were in Syria. Other destinations included Somalia, Yemen and North and East Africa, according to the speaking notes.

It is not clear what specific action authorities have taken against those individuals who have returned to Canada. But Michel Juneau-Katsuya, a former senior intelligence officer with CSIS, said Sunday that the 80 individuals have to be considered “very high risk” and are likely being closely watched.

“We don’t know their state of mind. … No one goes to a war zone without being affected, especially if they were exposed to a long period of indoctrination,” he said.

CSIS spokeswoman Tahera Mufti confirmed Sunday in a statement that “CSIS is aware of Canadians who have returned to Canada after having been abroad for terrorist purposes.” She added that the agency “actively investigates such individuals and is coordinating with the RCMP in order to keep Canadians safe.”

How many Muslims residing in the U.S. have traveled abroad to wage jihad and were allowed back in the country?


Canada: Muslim Brotherhood-founded student group & college clash over prayer room

via Muslim students, Algonquin College clash over spirituality centre | Ottawa Sun. h/t Mike

A group of Muslim students at Algonquin College are upset and say they are not being given fair use of the school’s spirituality centre.

The president of the Muslim Students Association, 19-year-old Abdalrahman Naddaf, told the Sun that while the school has agreed to certain compromises, the association feels more could be done.

The debate started last week when new policies were introduced.

The policies were introduced after complaints that the Muslim students were leaving their prayer mats on the floor after using the room.

Naddaf said the policies changed drastically and without warning on March 17, the first day of Islam awareness week on the campus.

Muslim students were busy with planned activities and prayers organized at other locations throughout the school.

Muslims want control of the spirituality center and have basically turned the entire campus into their own prayer grounds.

Naddaf said this is why students were confused by the new policies, the removal of posts on their board and the sudden installation of cameras.

A day later, security informed them the centre would be closing at 6 p.m. instead of midnight. The students were asked to leave the centre immediately.

Muslims pray five times a day, and four of those prayer times happen to fall during their time spent at the college.

“We went and we prayed in front of the security office,” said Naddaf.

The location was an attempt to get the school’s attention and it worked. A meeting was called, but no agreements were made.

After the media was contacted, the hours were extended to 10 p.m.

Coercion and thuggery mastered.

More background on the Muslim Brotherhood founded Muslim Students Association (MSA) here.

Canada: Muslim Association leader gets 6 years for kidnapping 3-year old for ransom

via Point de Bascule – Leader of the Muslim Association of Canada’s Education Department convicted to six years in jail for a kidnapping for ransom in Montreal. h/t Atlas

battikh chiheb rectangle

On Friday March 21, CBC announced that Chiheb Battikh pleaded guilty to attempting to kidnap the grandson of a Quebec billionaire for ransom.

Battikh was having financial trouble and intended to demand a ransom of $500,000 from the wealthy family of the three-year-old victim. ​Battikh tried to kidnap the boy on the afternoon of Dec. 19, 2012, when his father went to pick him up from daycare. The two crossed through F.X. Garneau Park in Outremont to get home — the father pulling his son on a sled. That’s when the father, who cannot be named to protect the child’s identity, noticed they were being followed.

Battikh punched and kicked the man in the head and face, and used a stun gun to try to neutralize the boy’s father — but missed, only getting his ear and neck. Nonetheless, the father lay on the ground, pretending to be injured. Battikh snatched the three-year-old boy and ran. The father chased after them and managed to tackle Battikh. Neighbours heard screaming and called police, while one witness rushed to the father’s aid and helped him neutralize Battikh.

The attack occurred in broad daylight, around four o’clock in the afternoon. Unsure whether Battikh would be released before his trial, the toddler’s family hired bodyguards and left Montreal for the protection of their child and their own.

After his arrest, Chiheb Batikh was defended by Me Denise Fernet, a court-ordered counsel, who was rapidly replaced by Me Marc Labelle, a prominent criminal lawyer in Montreal.

Battikh’s leadership role with the Muslim Association of Canada was not mentioned by the CBC but it was referred to by Montreal La Presse after Battikh’s conviction.

Kidnappings for ransom are very rare in Montreal and in Canada in general. However, many cases of Coptic Christians being kidnapped by Islamists for ransom have been reported in Egypt in recent years.

Chiheb Battikh, a leader of the Muslim Association of Canada

2000-2002 – Financial reports submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency identify Chiheb Battikh as a Muslim Association of Canada administrator. The spelling of his name varies slightly from year to year. (200020012002)

2004-2005 – MAC’s website identifies Chiheb Battikh as a member of its executive committee responsible of the Department of institutions. MAC Executive committee is an entity different from the Board of administrators. (July 2004October 2005)

2005 – While Battikh was its treasurer, the Mississauga Jamat-E-Islahul Muslemin mosque transferred $877,393 to the Muslim Association of Canada. After moving from the Montreal area to Mississauga in the early nineties, Chiheb Battikh was a director (1997-2004) of the Mississauga mosque, then its treasurer (2004-2011). (200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011)

August 30, 2011VIDEO Chiheb Battikh identifies himself as a MAC spokesperson and invites its supporters to take part in activities organized in Laval (north of Montreal) to celebrate the end of Ramadan 2011.

November 2011-October 2012 – Chiheb Battikh is an administrator of the Muslim Le Savoir School. According to information on the Quebec Registry of enterprises, from 2007 to 2009, the name “École Le Savoir” was used by the Muslim Association of Canada. In 2008, Ecole Le Savoir got its own enterprise number in Quebec (1165169500) and has operated as an officially distinct entity from MAC since. Le Savoir School / Association treasurer and VP, Samer Majzoub, is also the vice-president and treasurer of the Canadian Muslim Forum that represents many organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood infrastructure in Quebec, including MAC.

February 15, 2012 – In a motion by MAC to the Superior Court to compel the transfer of the ownership title of a building located at 615 Belmont in Montreal, Chiheb Battikh is identified as MAC representative responsible for the purchase of the building. References are made to Chiheb Battikh in sections 22, 24, 25 and 26.

December 2012 – MAC’s Springs for Knowledge website identifies three positions occupied by Chiheb Battikh in MAC’s organization chart: head of MAC Education Department, director of the Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization (Montreal Chapter), a MAC substructure, and instructor of young Muslims enrolled in MAC’s Springs for Knowledge program.

The Muslim Association of Canada, the main Muslim Brotherhood organization in Canada

On its website, in recent years the Muslim Association of Canada has presented itself as a follower of the Muslim Brotherhood founder and vowed to implement his doctrine in Canada:

“MAC’s […] modern roots can be traced to the Islamic revival of the early twentieth century, culminating in the movement of the Muslim Brotherhood. […] MAC adopts and strives to implement Islam, […] as understood in its contemporary context by the late Imam, Hassan Albanna [1906-1949], the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. MAC regards this ideology as the best representation of Islam as delivered by Prophet Muhammad.”

Read it all and our growing list of posts on the Islamic problem in Canada.

Canada: Family fights to stop sharia law in public spaces

Stop immigration of sharia-adherents or there’s no chance of stopping this plague. via Sun News : Family fights to stop Sharia Law in public spaces.

A Halifax family is taking their fight against Sharia Law to Parliament.

They want the feds to stop giving taxpayers cash to places like schools and rec centres unless the organizations vow to stop allowing gender segregation under the guise of multiculturalism.

“This is going to get really bad before it gets better, we have to have the government stand up and say while we are a democracy and allow rights of other people, we cannot allow for the discrimination against women,” Michele Walsh told Sun News.

Two years ago sisters Sonja and Sasha Power were told not to touch, face or teach a brand new student in their martial arts class at a public rec centre in Halifax.

The man was a fundamentalist Muslim and he refused to interact with any females in the co-ed class. The instructor accomodated the newcomer.

After a few classes, the man handed out a book on Islam that gave tips on wife beating and said women not shrouded in Islamic dress are asking for it.

Mom Michele contacted the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, but says her case was rejected without explanation.

The Nova Scotia NRC is on the sixth floor of a downtown highrise.

The quasi judicial commission is barricaded behind an empty waiting room, a combination lock and ticket wicket glass.

No one provided comment to Sun News about the case.

The Power family’s member of Parliament, Gerald Keddy, presented their petition earlier this month.

Justice Minister Peter MacKay says the government could and should look at their regulations and ensure that no theocracy is permitted in public institutions.

“This is something that’s surprising that it happened, and I can very much see further investigation into program funding resulting in a policy or a stipulation that program funding would be denied should there be any evidence that sexism existed withing the organization,” MacKay told Sun News in Halifax.

The City of Halifax refuses to comment on the case.

Similar incidents have happened in Ontario. A student at York University refused to be around women and the administration caved. The cafeteria at Valley Park Middle School in Toronto is converted to a mosque every Friday – girls must sit at the back of the room, the menstruating ones are totally isolated, in keeping with Islamic custom.

Canada: Saudi Muslim on student visa tries to honor kill daughter for marrying non-Muslim

via Saudi man accused of assaulting daughter for marrying outside religion | NTV – Canada’s Superstation. h/t LUTBOI

Khalaf Alshaek

A 56-year-old man from Saudi Arabia has been charged with assault and uttering threats to kill his daughter after she married a non-Muslim man from Newfoundland. Khalaf Alshaek was arrested after allegations that he choked his daugther. He is in Canada on a student visa and is being held in custody until Monday.


It’s alleged Alshaek attacked the woman, who is around 20, at Ches’s Fish ‘n’ Chips restaurant on Freshwater Road on Thursday. He reportedly had his hands around the woman’s neck, leaving marks. He also reportedly threatened to kill the girl and her boyfriend.

A translator was called in to assist Alshaek in court.

A 56-year-old man from Saudi Arabia is allowed into Canada (family in tow) on a student visa – yet he needs a taxpayer-funded translator? How can he be studying at a university if he doesn’t speak the language? Blazing Cat Fur rightfully asks:

Who are the Fucking Lunatics running the immigration department in this country?


Update: Saudi man ordered to leave Canada after choking, threatening daughter

A Saudi man who admitted to choking and threatening his daughter has been ordered by a Newfoundland judge to leave Canada or face arrest.

Provincial Court Judge James Walsh handed down a suspended sentence with a year’s probation Tuesday on condition that 56-year-old Khalaf Alshaek leave the country immediately or otherwise face arrest.

Canada: Muslim disguised himself in burka, honor killed wife after she asked for divorce

via Hubby disguised himself in burka for honour killing | Toronto Sun.


TORONTO - A Muslim man wore a traditional woman’s burka and female shoes before he strangled his estranged wife in the company of their toddler son.

Abdul Malik Rustam admitted he donned the headdress — which disguised his face — and wedge shoes when he killed his wife, Shaher Bano Shahdady, after she asked for a divorce.

Rustam, now 30, pleaded guilty on Valentine’s Day to second-degree murder in the July 22, 2011, slaying. He will be sentenced Thursday by Justice John McMahon.

Shahdady fought for her life, leaving scratch marks on his face and neck and keeping his DNA underneath her fingernails, court heard. On the day of the murder, Rustam confessed to his brother he “finished her by the throat.”

She had lived apart from her older, jealous husband for almost two years — using a cellphone and the Internet and expanding her social network while raising their son.

When Rustam rejoined his wife and child in Canada in March 2011, tensions flared as he objected to her having a “cellphone and an online friendship with another man” in Dubai, Crown attorney Joseph Hanna said in reading an agreed statement of fact.

Within days, the acrimony rose to the point that Rustam was asked to leave the Bush Dr. home and move in with his brother in Richmond Hill, Hanna said.

In May 2011, the victim’s father returned to Canada and convinced Rustam to reunite with his wife in her parents’ home. But his wife refused to surrender her cellphone and the tensions flared again.

She then moved out from her parents’ home in early July while Rustam stayed. She broke the news to Rustam that their marriage was over.

The killing occurred only two weeks after the 21-year-old woman received social assistance and moved into an apartment at 3131 Eglinton Ave. E.

Shahdady, who emigrated from Pakistan to Canada with her family when she was a year old, returned to her homeland when she was 12 or 13.

Rustam and Shahdady were wed in an arranged marriage in their native Pakistan in 2008 when she was 17 or 18 and he was 25.

She was soon pregnant, but her family urged her to give birth in Canada. Rustam, who wasn’t a Canadian citizen, stayed in Pakistan.

Their son was born in late August 2009, but due to medical reasons the mother and baby remained in Canada while Rustam and Shahdady “had begun to drift apart,” Hanna said.

The boy now lives with his maternal grandparents.

The burka-clad Rustam, carrying gloves on a hot July day, manipulated the security camera so it couldn’t monitor his wife’s doorway as he entered shortly after 1 a.m.

Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, said the murder is an honour killing that raises two disturbing issues for him.

“This attire has become an attire of choice for various crimes, terrorists, and now this is the first time the burka has been used as an instrument to a murder,” Fatah said. “The burka is protected under the guise of religious freedom.”

He added that the burka enabled the killer “to gain access into the home.

“Had it not been for the burka, she would not have let him gain entry at 1 in the morning and would still be alive today,” he said.

“It follows the whole question of arranged marriages, for girls born or raised over here, to men overseas who simply cannot visualize or imagine their wives having professional relationships with any man,” Fatah said.

Related: Honor killing victim’s sister life is in danger, Toronto officials told


A Muslim man who wore a burka and women’s shoes before he strangled his estranged wife was sentenced Wednesday to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 17 years.

Canada: Airport turns down Muslim cabbies demands for prayer room

Sanity prevails via Airport turns down taxi drivers’ request for prayer room.

 Muhammad Ashraf, left, and Mahmood Shafqat would like to see a prayer area at the Saskatoon airport.

Muhammad Ashraf, left, and Mahmood Shafqat would like to see a prayer area at the Saskatoon airport.

Mahmood Shafqat wants the John G. Diefenbaker International Airport to open a multi-faith room so he can have a place to worship while on the job.

“Every international airport has a multi-faith room, or multi-religion. It is one place,” Shafqat said.

“You are Christian you can go there. Someone is Hindu, he can pray. Someone who is Muslim, he can pray there.”

A cab driver, Shafqat makes countless trips to the airport every day. Sometimes security guards open a room for him to pray. But he says airport officials should set up a small room that would accommodate travellers and employees alike.

The rooms are ubiquitous at major international airports. Most often they are non-denominational, multi-faith rooms that are open to every kind of religious worship.

Shafqat practises Islam and says he prays five times a day, sometimes at the airport while is waiting for passengers.

“It looks awkward if I am standing in the corner and praying,” he said.

Stephen Maybury, president and CEO of the Saskatoon Airport Authority, says despite a recent string of renovations at the airport, there is simply no room for a multi-faith space.

“In terms of our facilities we have not considered that and not designated any space. We are trying to optimize space here,” Maybury said.

While he is aware that bigger airports provide a space for people to worship, he says Saskatoon’s airport is not the same kind of airport. There are very few lengthy layovers in Saskatoon and unlike other airports, the facility is not a place where international travellers spend a lot of time, he said.

“When you get to the larger airports, they change their model so it’s a hub. People are spending the night. We are not a connection hub for international flights,” he said. Shafqat isn’t giving up on the idea. He and a small group of taxi drivers dropped off a petition to the airport authority and Shafqat has written a letter to city council. Without support from the authority, however, it is unlikely the room would be built or set aside any time soon.

Toronto: Convicted violent sex offender lures 14-year old, assaults

via Convicted violent sex offender faces child pornography charges | Toronto Star.

A convicted sex offender faces new child pornography charges after Toronto Police arrested him Tuesday, less than two years after his release from prison for a brutal beating in 1997.

Hassan Steven Jarrar, 41, allegedly lured a 14-year-old girl over the Internet between Jan. 1 and Feb. 2., Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins of the Sex Crimes Unit said at a news conference Friday morning.

She said Jarrar allegedly extorted the girl into meeting him in person and, on Sunday, he allegedly sexually assaulted her in a hotel near The Queensway and Royal York Rd.

Jarrar faces 10 charges that include sexual assault, sex interference, extortion, possession of and making of child pornography, and luring a child. He also was charged with failing to comply with the midnight to 6 a.m. curfew conditions of his release from prison.

We believe there may be further victims,” Beaven-Desjardins said. “The Internet gives people a false sense of security and allows them to do things they may not normally do. Predators know this.”

Jarrar, a former stripper, was released from prison in 2012 after he served his full 15-year sentence for assault and aggravated sexual assault on a prostitute whose “near-lifeless body was discovered in a remote area near Lake Ontario,” according to police.

The 19-year-old woman suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized for several months. A prosecutor in Jarrar’s court case told the jury the woman suffered brain damage, was in a coma for weeks and needed relearn how to walk, write and drive a car.

While in custody, Jarrar refused any treatment program or counselling.

When he was released from prison, police alerted the public, calling him a “high-risk offender.”

Canada: Muslim doctor joined group to support violent jihad

Daily stories coming out of Canada. via Accused terror suspect supported violent jihad, Crown lawyer says | CTV News. h/t Jihad Watch

OTTAWA — Federal lawyers say a doctor of pathology from London, Ont., joined a homegrown group dedicated to supporting “violent jihad” by whatever means possible.

Khurram Syed Sher, 31, is being tried by judge alone in Ontario Superior Court.

He has pleaded not guilty to a charge of conspiring to facilitate terrorism. The trial is expected to last a month.

Crown prosecutor Jason Wakely said Tuesday that Sher agreed with two others to raise money, send cash abroad, take paramilitary training, make and use explosives, and scout targets in Canada.

“These are just some of the means that they might pursue their overarching objective,” Wakely told the court.

He laid out the case against Sher, citing evidence gathered about the alleged conspiracy through wiretaps of phone calls, listening devices and intercepted emails.

Wakely then played audio recordings of a July 20, 2010, meeting at which the three discussed various plans, allegedly including Sher’s intention to arrange tactical instruction through a man he met in Pakistan who claimed to be with the Taliban.

“Sher said he asked the man to arrange training for him,” Wakely told the court.

Sher transferred money to the man in 2009 and 2010, and the very fact he would send cash to such a person is indicative of his state of mind during the period, Wakely added.

The federal lawyer also said Sher provided $1,000 in support of fighters overseas before his August 2010 arrest.

Wakely said that at one point in the investigation, police covertly entered the residence of one of Sher’s purported co-conspirators and seized 56 circuit boards that could be meant for “only one thing” — to build remote-control devices to set off bombs.

Police replaced the circuit boards with identical, non-functioning replicas, he added.

Sher, a graduate of Montreal’s McGill University, worked as an anatomical pathologist at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital in St. Thomas, Ont., south of London.

He made international headlines shortly after his arrest when it emerged he had once sung and danced on the Canadian Idol program. He has been free on bail, under strict conditions, for years.

Wakely said one of Sher’s co-conspirators travelled in March 2009 to Afghanistan, where he trained in a terrorist camp, learned to build improvised explosive devices and recorded instructions in a green notebook.

Ontario: University kicks non-Muslim out of Islamic dawah class taught by Obama prayer leader

The civilization jihad course is for Muslims only. Atlas Shrugs notes the course is taught by none other than Ingrid Mattson –  Obama’s Muslim Prayer Leader. What do they have to hide?

via Ontario university defends decision to kick non-Muslim out of course that teaches Islamic preaching | National Post.

A London, Ont., university is defending its decision to restrict access to a course that teaches Muslims how to proselytize.

The Huron College course — The Muslim Voice: Islamic Preaching, Public Speaking and Worship — was, according to the syllabus, “open to Muslim men and women who offer religious leadership and/or speak publicly about Islam on behalf of their communities.”

The school allowed a non-Muslim to enrol in the course, but then kicked him out because, they said, they didn’t want to open the course to auditors. That student, Moray Watson, is an accountant who says he is an opponent of Islamic extremism and enrolled in the course partly to test the prerequisite in the syllabus.

I’m not allowed to take the course because I’m not a Muslim

“[The school] gets $6.5-million [from the government]. Some of it is mine and I’m not allowed to take the course because I’m not a Muslim,” he said.

After he complained, the school changed the syllabus, saying the course was “open to men and women who offer religious leadership to Muslim communities and/or speak publicly about Islam on behalf of a Muslim community.” It noted: “Enrollment is limited; preference is given to matriculated students.”

While both the professor and the school have said Mr. Watson could re-enroll in the course if he were willing to take it for credit, they defended the need to restrict the class to Muslims or people who serve the Muslim community.


Canada: Ottawa Muslim charged with human trafficking

via Ottawa man charged with human trafficking. h/t The Religion of Peace

A 26-year-old Ottawa man was arrested Sunday on 12 charges related to human trafficking.

Police allege an adult woman from Ottawa is the victim in the case.

“This arrest is another step taken to make sex trade workers and the community members at large safer,” police said in a statement late Sunday.

Police said Mohamed Ahmed will appear in show cause court on Monday.

He faces two counts of human trafficking, two counts of assault, two counts of intimidation, two counts of uttering theats and causing bodily harm, one count of procure to become a prostitute, two counts of procuring and one count of assault with a weapon.

Just how big is the Muslim rape jihad and sex slavery, grooming problem in Canada?

Canada: Muslim condo complex in Thornhill sparks heated debate (updated)

As it should. via Muslim condo complex in Thornhill sparks heated debate | Toronto Star.

A proposed Muslim condo complex is sparking heated debate in Thornhill Woods, with hundreds of residents cramming a raucous community meeting Tuesday night to speak out about the development.

Both religious tensions and concerns about density have been stoked by the proposal, which would place two 17-storey residential towers, retail space and 61 townhouses in the low-density neighbourhood.

The Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat (ISIJ) has submitted a proposal to rezone and develop its 11-hectare property at 9000 Bathurst St., south of Rutherford Rd. The new Islamic community would be built around the Jaffari Centre mosque.

“This project is very important to us,” ISIJ president Shabbir Jeraj said in a news release. “It is a realization of a long-awaited dream and the vision of the members of the community, many of whom initially participated in the purchase of this property some twenty years ago.”

Inside Vaughan City Hall on Tuesday night, hundreds of concerned residents and mosque supporters were forced into overflow rooms as the council chambers were packed wall-to-wall.

More than 3,250 people have signed a petition against the proposal. In an interview, the director of the group that launched the petition said religion has nothing to do with their opposition to the project.

“This is a dispute related to zoning change and land use,” said Rom Koubi, interim chair of the Association to Preserve Thornhill Woods, who lives some 120 metres from the proposed development.

Koubi said the neighbourhood couldn’t handle any more density, with Bathurst St. already clogged with traffic and parked cars. Sewer systems and other infrastructure have also reached their limit, he said.

“Add another 1,400 people, another 500 living units, and it’s going to create chaos. The infrastructure cannot support it,” Koubi said.

1,400 people who adhere to sharia law. Muslim communities are being built in Maryland, Texas and don’t forget A Muslim Mecca in Merrillville (Indiana) – now scrubbed from the web. Muslims are getting more bold in their aspirations for a world ruled by sharia.

Update: Cleric behind mosque’s proposed condo project probed for hate crimes in 2012

The cleric of a Muslim community group behind a proposed condo and townhouse complex in a predominantly Jewish area was one of the key figures in an Islamic school that used teaching materials that disparaged Jews and encouraged boys to keep fit for jihad.

Imam Syed Mohammed Rizvi and the East End Madrassah were the targets of a hate-crimes investigation in 2012, and although charges were not laid, a York Region police report said a review of 30 school syllabus books found portions that “challenged some of Canada’s core values” and “suggested intolerance,” even if they were not criminal.

Canada: Muslim woman dies after hijab tangled in Montreal escalator

via Woman dies after hijab, hair get tangled in Montreal escalator | Canada | News | Toronto Sun. h/t Stop Khadr (as in the Canadian jihadist)

MONTREAL — A woman in her 30s is dead after her headscarf and hair became caught in a subway-station escalator.

A bystander found the woman lying at the base of the escalator at Fabre metro station in east-end Montreal around 9:15 a.m.

He alerted transit workers, who called police.

When first responders arrived, the woman was unresponsive.

“We tried to perform resuscitation on site, but we weren’t able to save her,” paramedic Bob Lamle told QMI Agency.

The exact circumstances of the woman’s death weren’t immediately clear, but Montreal police spokesman Jean-Pierre Brabant said it appeared “her headscarf and her hair got stuck in the escalator.”

“Was she strangled by her scarf or was she the victim of an illness before falling? It’s too early to say,” Brabant added.

It’s not too early. Even if she was sick and fell, if she wasn’t wearing the hijab it couldn’t have got stuck in the escalator. Or go kart.

Will her family be suing the government and escalator manufacturer? Did her husband make her wear the hijab? Inquiring minds want to know.

And just in time, World Misogyny Hijab Day is Coming February 1.

Ottawa: 8 Muslims arrested in home takeover; terror links found

The Islamic society of North America (ISNA) is coming to fruition, with what are seemingly daily arrests of Muslims for heinous crimes and jihad.  via Sun News : 8 arrested in South Ottawa home takeover. h/t AlohaSnackbar

All eight of the suspects were arrested inside the apartment and they face a long list of criminal offences. Several of the charges relate to committing crimes while they were out on bail, or parole, for other offences.

Police have not released any information about how long the men were in the apartment, or whether the victims were specifically targeted for the home takeover. Charged are:

Abdullah Adoyta, 21: Faces 16 charges including carrying a concealed weapon, possessing a firearm obtained by crime, forcible confinement, six counts of failing to comply with conditions of his release and drug possession.

Ismail Barkhadle, 23: Faces 12 charges including carrying a concealed weapon, possessing a firearm obtained by crime, forcible confinement, four counts of failing to comply with conditions of his release.

Hakim Karod, 23: Faces six charges including forcible confinement, three counts of breach of probation, possessing proceeds of crime and possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

Amin Osman-Ali, 21: Four charges including forcible confinement, possession for the purpose of trafficking and failing to comply with sentencing conditions.

Abdulaziz Al-Enzi, 26: Charged with forcible confinement, possessing proceeds of crime and drug possession.

Yonis Barkhadle, 22: Six charges including forcible confinement, possession of proceeds of crime, drug possession and trafficking, and failing to comply with release conditions.

Yaqoub Ali, 27: Charged with forcible confinement, posession of proceeds of crime, drug trafficking.

Mahad Ismail, 21: Charged with forcible confinement.

All the suspects are in custody pending a show cause hearing in Ottawa court on Friday.

More via Ottawa man arrested in apartment takeover accused of terrorist ties

One of the eight people arrested in a shocking apartment takeover is also suspected of having links to terrorism.

Sources confirmed to QMI Agency on Friday that Ismail Barkhadle, 23, is suspected of having ties to terrorist activities.

Barkhadle is suspected to know Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, who is accused of being part of a homegrown terror cell in Ottawa.

Investigators with Project Samossa alleged at the time of Alizadeh’s 2010 arrest, alongside several others, that they’d been involved in a plot to build and detonate bombs in Canada.

A top RCMP officer said at the time the men posed a “real and serious threat” to Ottawans and national security, and their arrests prevented bombs from being built and attacks carried out.

Barkhadle’s name also surfaces in a Wikileaks document suggesting he is an associate of Alizadeh, who is “strongly suspected of being an Islamic extremist who is plotting terrorist attacks in Canada.”


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