Florida: New 9/11 records suggest FBI cover up on Sarasota Saudis

via New 9/11 records offer tantalizing puzzle pieces – Florida – MiamiHerald.com.

By Dan Christensen and Anthony Summers | BrowardBulldog.org

It was Halloween night, 2001. The horrors of 9/11 were still fresh on the the minds of Americans.

At a time when everyone was on edge, the sight of a man disposing documents in a dumpster behind a Bradenton storage facility aroused suspicion. Summoned to the scene, Manatee County sheriff’s deputies confronted the man, who had a Tunisian passport.

According to FBI records, authorities searched the dumpster and found “a self-printed manual on terrorism and Jihad, a map of the inside of an unnamed airport, a rudimentary last will and testament, a weight-to-fuel ratio calculation for a Cessna 172 aircraft, flight training information from the Flight Training Center in Venice [Fla.] and printed maps of Publix shopping centers in Tampa Bay.”

The Flight Training Center is where 9/11 hijack pilot Ziad Jarrah, who was at the controls of United Airlines Flight 93 when it crashed in Shanksville, Pa., took flying lessons.

This intriguing tale and at least one other are contained in a batch of partially redacted documents released this past week as part of ongoing Freedom of Information Act litigation by the online news site BrowardBulldog.org. The suit, filed in 2012, seeks the FBI’s files from a once-secret investigation into a family of Sarasota Saudis who left the country abruptly about two weeks before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, leaving behind clothing, jewelry and cars.

The main figures in the family were Abdulaziz al-Hijji, his wife, Anoud, and her father, Esam Ghazzawi, an advisor to a Saudi prince.

The report of the Bradenton incident is in some way linked to the al-Hijjis’ saga, although precisely how is unclear. The link might be spelled out in one of the many redacted passages. Nor is it clear in the unredacted portions who the man was or whether he was detained. An FBI letter accompanying the documents says the redactions have to do with national security and other exclusions.

The documents — the fourth batch released in response to the BrowardBulldog lawsuit — were located via court-ordered text searches using the names of the al-Hijjis and Ghazzawi. U.S. District Judge William J. Zloch in Fort Lauderdale is currently reviewing more than 80,000 pages of 9/11 records.

This release suggests that the FBI has covered up information that is vitally important to public safety,” said Miami attorney Thomas Julin, who represents BrowardBulldog.org. “It’s startling that after initially denying they had any documents they continue to find new documents as the weeks and months roll by. Each new batch suggests there are many, many more documents.”

“There needs to be a full-scale explanation of what’s going on here,” Julin said.

A second FBI document released last week, dated Feb. 2, 2012, is similarly tantalizing — and similarly murky.

On that day, according to the document, FBI offices in Tampa and Charlotte, N.C., received information from Washington stamped “secret” stating that a “person of interest” in the FBI’s massive 9/11 investigation had returned to the United States.

The person, whose name is redacted, was reported to be “traveling to Texas and LA for business/tourism.” The person apparently told authorities upon entering the country that he could be reached in Charlotte. He provided a telephone number “associated with furniture manufacturers in North Carolina,” the report states.

Details about that were blanked out. But the report also states, “Tampa is notified that a person of interest to Tampa regarding the PENTTBOMB investigation has a valid visa for re-entry into the U.S.” PENTTBOMB is the FBI’s code name for its 9/11 investigation.

Whether this person was ever detained, interviewed or allowed to go about his/her business is unclear in the unredacted passages.

In all, the FBI released 11 pages. They contain statements reiterating that the al-Hijjis had departed the United States in haste shortly before 9/11 and that “further investigation” had “revealed many connections” between them and persons associated with “attacks on 9/11/2001.”

Those statements flatly contradict the FBI’s public statements that agents found no connection between the al-Hijjis and the 9/11 plot.

Yet they dovetail with the account of a counterintelligence source who has said investigators in 2001 found evidence — phone records and photographs of license plates snapped at the entrance to the al-Hijjis’ Sarasota-area neighborhood — that showed Mohamed Atta, other hijackers and former Broward resident and current al-Qaeda fugitive Adnan Shukrijumah had visited the al-Hijji home.

None of that information, or even the fact that an investigation in Sarasota took place, was disclosed by the FBI to Congress’ Joint Inquiry into the attacks or to the 9/11 Commission, according to former Florida Sen. Bob Graham. Graham co-chaired the joint inquiry.

The documents are stamped secret. The portions that were not released are supposed to be kept under wraps until 2039.

The government has asserted the classification is necessary because the censored information pertains to foreign relations or foreign activities, including confidential sources.

“This could be about information considered embarrassing to Saudi Arabia,” said Julin. Fifteen of the 19 suicide hijackers were Saudi nationals.

The report on the man and the dumpster — although the encounter happened on Halloween 2011, the document is dated April 2002 — contains additional information, though the deletions make its full meaning difficult to discern.

It says the Tampa FBI office “has determined that [blank] is an antagonist of the United States of America. [Blank] resides in Jerusalem. [Blank] allegedly has held regular and recurring meetings at his residence to denounce and criticize the United States of America and its policies. [Blank] is allegedly an international businessman with great wealth.

“In November 2001, [blank] visited the United States for the first time. He traveled to Sarasota, Florida, opened a bank account and made initial queries into the purchase of property in south central Florida. [Blank] intends to establish a Muslim compound in Central Florida. [Blank] revealed that [blank] is fearful of [blank] and fears that [blank] intends to begin offensive operations against the United States if he is able to purchase property and establish a Muslim compound in Central Florida.”

Three follow-up lines are blanked out.


Ft. Lauderdalestan: Terror-Linked CAIR Gets Public Defenders Fired for Facebook Comments


the Palestinian Authority’s official Facebook released cartoons glorifying the kidnapping, depicting the Jewish teens as rats caught on fishing hooks. 


via Assistant Public Defenders Fired Over Facebook Palestinian Remarks « CBS Miami. h/t Halalporkshop

FT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Two Broward County assistant public defenders who reportedly made disparaging remarks about Palestinians on Facebook have been fired.

Public Defender Howard Finklestein confirmed that attorneys Bruce Raticoff and Gary Sheres were terminated.

“You can’t engage innate filled speech that interferes with this office,” said Finklestein. “It sickens me. I didn’t agonize over this because we represent equal justice.”

In the Facebook posts on July 2nd, the two men reported referred to Palestinians as “filthy swine” and “cockroaches,” according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The remarks were made in response to a Facebook post which claimed Palestinians were celebrating the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens. On the post Sheres commented “They are the filthy swine. They don’t eat. Their ignorance to the world bewilders the dumbest people I have ever met.”

The comment “That’s why the Palestinian people are considered the cockroaches of the world. Reprehensible and despicable with utter disregard for civility and humanity. Burn them to the ground,” appeared a short time later next to Raticoff’s Facebook icon.

Raticoff said it wasn’t him. Raticoff says a relative is responsible but he defends her right to free speech.

“For the public defender to trample on constitutional rights. It’s outrageous,” said Raticoff.

Sheres said he was talking specifically about the Palestinians in the article: those who kill people or celebrate in the murders, according to the paper.

A day after the posts were made, the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Florida) called on Finkelstein and State Attorney Michael J Satz to launch an investigation into the hateful posts.

“We are extremely concerned that two public officials have such deep hatred for Palestinians and are appearing to advocate violence by asking people to ‘Burn them to the ground,’” said Nezar Hamze, regional operations director of CAIR-Florida, said in a statement at the time. “Somebody with that hate can’t possibly treat people equally.”

On Tuesday, representatives from CAIR met with the Public Defenders office to discuss the incident.

Assistant Public Defender Lubna Abulown, the daughter of Palestinian immigrants, told the staff she was there to out a face on the controversy.

“They were my friends so it saddened me but people feel they can write hate speech without consequences,” said Abulown. “I’m grateful I was born here.”

Just a few examples of how the Muslim savages celebrate the kidnapping and execution of the Israeli teens: USA Today: Reaction to teen murders matters

Hamas, a member of the Palestinian parliament, said those that kidnapped the Israeli teens were ‘heroes‘ and should be praised. They offered no condemnation. No sympathy. While Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas condemned the kidnappings (and the Israeli response), the Palestinian Authority’s official Facebook released cartoons glorifying the kidnapping, depicting the Jewish teens as rats caught on fishing hooks.







And who can forget this Ft. Lauderdale Muslim, see her around 3 minutes into this video:

Feds drop prosecution of convicted terrorist al Arian, clearing way for deportation

Will Obama allow this jihadist to be deported? via Feds drop Sami Al-Arian prosecution – Josh Gerstein – POLITICO.com.

The Justice Department has dropped a long-stalled second criminal prosecution of a former college professor who pleaded guilty to aiding a terrorist group following a high-profile trial in Florida that ended with a muddled verdict almost a decade ago.

Federal prosecutors in Alexandria, Va., filed a motion Friday seeking to dismiss a criminal contempt indictment brought in 2008 against former University of South Florida mechanical engineering professor Sami Al-Arian, who was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents.

In the new filing, prosecutors said they decided to give up on the contempt case after delays precipitated by U.S. District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema sitting for years on a critical motion in the case without ruling one way or another.

“In light of the passage of time without resolution, the United States has decided that the best available course of action is to move to dismiss the indictment so that action can be taken to remove the defendant from the United States,” prosecutor Gordon Kromberg wrote.

In a statement released through Al-Arian’s attorney, the 56-year-old former professor’s family hailed the dismissal of the charges.

“We are glad that the government has finally decided to drop the charges against Sami Al-Arian. It has been a long and difficult 11 years for our family in what has ultimately been shown to be a political case. We are relieved that this ordeal finally appears to be at an end,” the family members said. “We hope that today’s events bring to a conclusion the government’s pursuit of Dr. Al-Arian and that he can finally be able to resume his life with his family in freedom.”

In 2003, Al-Arian was indicted in Tampa on a wide array of charges, including racketeering, material support for terrorism and obstruction of justice. Prosecutors accused him of being the American head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and said they had been able to bring the case only because legal changes in the Patriot Act allowed them to share intelligence information with criminal investigators.

His trial (and that of three co-defendants) was repeatedly delayed. It took place over a six-month period in 2005 and ended in acquittals on eight counts and a hung jury on nine other counts.

After prosecutors threatened a re-trial, the former professor pleaded guilty to one felony count of aiding a designated terrorist group and was sentenced to 57 months in prison. He had already served most of that time in custody awaiting trial and thereafter. The plea deal also called for him to be deported from the U.S. Continue reading

Trial begins for gang of UK Muslims who smashed American tourist’s eye socket with bottle

via Gang of men smashed American tourist’s eye socket with a bottle in Brick Lane | Mail Online.

A gang of men attacked an American student while he was drinking in the street – grabbing a glass bottle from his hands and smashing it over his head, a court was told.

Francesco Hounye, 23, from Florida, had been in Britain for just three days when he was set upon by the men while he was walking home with a friend in Shadwell, east London.

Shaleem Uddin, 20, Shadhat Hussain, 19, Kamrul Hussain, 22, and Massom Rahman, 22, targeted Mr Hounye when they saw him swigging from a bottle of Jagermeister.

Paul Casey, prosecuting, said: ‘This case involves a group attack involving all five of these men on one person, Mr Francesco Hounye.

‘The prosecution’s case, in a nutshell, is that he was caused injuries, really serious injuries – grievous bodily harm.

‘All of them were willingly involved in that attack, all of them played a part.

‘Two in particular played the most serious role, Shaleem Uddin and Samad Uddin.

As we noted back in 2013, American student attacked by Muslim gang in UK

The attack took place in an area where police say self-appointed “Muslim patrols” have been operating. The men have allegedly targeted gay Londoners, drinkers and women they consider to be dressed inappropriately.


Tampa Bay (FL) jihadist guilty of plotting terror attacks on Americans

via Tampa jury deliberating in federal trial of Sami Osmakac, accused of plotting terror attack – Story | abcactionnews.com | WFTS-TV.

TAMPA – Jurors in the trial of a Pinellas County man accused of plotting a terrorist attack in the Tampa Bay area have found him guilty on both counts.

Prosecutors said Sami Osmakac was acting on his extreme religious beliefs when he tried to launch a terrorist attack in Tampa. He was arrested in January 2012.

The jury found Osmakac guilty of having an unregistered automatic weapon and trying to use a weapon of mass destruction.

The panel took less than seven hours to reach a decision.

Osmakac faces a possible life term.

Osmakac is a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Kosovo.

Agents said possible targets included night clubs in the Ybor City area, the Operations Center of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Ybor City and a business in the South Tampa area.

Osmakac was placed under surveillance after an informant told authorities he had asked for al-Qaeda flags.  In November 2011, Osmakac and the informant discussed potential targets, according to authorities.

The informant ultimately introduced Osmakac to an undercover FBI agent.

The trial lasted three weeks.

Sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 7. Osmakac lawyers plan to appeal.

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Miami: Newly renovated mega mosque on street lined with one-story homes


via Newly renovated Islamic Center of Greater Miami mosque in Miami Gardens is a striking sight – Miami-Dade – MiamiHerald.com. h/t Iron Burka

There was a time when the Islamic Center of Greater Miami could not fully accommodate the growing Muslim community.

Worshipers would overflow outside of the mosque at 4305 NW 183rd St. in Miami Gardens — the second oldest mosque in South Florida — trying to hear the sermon.

Now, with $1.9 million in renovations, the center, established in the 1980s, can handle more than 800 people.

The new upgrades to the Islamic center will make the fasting and long prayer hours more comfortable during the month of worship.

“This was long overdue,” said Mohammad Shakir, who brought his 6-year-old granddaughter to the mosque. “It’s time to rejoice.”

Starting June 28, Shakir, 63, and his family will observe Ramadan in the newly remodeled mosque.

The center, which sits on 4.23 acres, was not renovated solely to add capacity. The mosque received several aesthetic enhancements.

A copper toned dome now sits atop the once simple facility. Inside, observers will find a plush maroon and gold $25,000 carpet imported from Jordan and cushions on the floor for daily prayer. On the second floor, women have a separate prayer room furnished with televisions and windows to see the imam below.

For passersby, the imperial building is an unlikely sight on a street lined with one-story homes and a shopping plaza.

The Muslim community is growing and here to stay, said Syed Faisal, board member of Muslim Communities Association of South Florida. He estimates the South Florida Muslim population to be around 150,000.

Creeping right along.

“We believe it’s a landmark for the city of Miami Gardens,” he said.

The Muslim community donated the funds used to renovate the mosque.

Without their support, the changes like the dome would not have been possible, said Sid Khan, the mosque’s chief engineer.

“It almost did not get constructed,” Khan said. “There was a shortage in money, but a donor came through.”

A foreign donor?

The new design, Khan, said more so resembles the Islamic architecture and mosques of his home country of Pakistan.

At night, the mosque is a sight to see, said Shabbir Motorwala, a Coalition of South Florida Muslim Organizations member.

LED lights beam onto the building lighting up the dome.

“It looks fantastic,” he said. “You can see it from far away.”

In Bay Hill, Florida another mosque is being proposed in another residential neighborhood.

Florida: Suicide bomber in Syria was from Fort Pierce

via Law enforcement sources: Suicide bomber in Syria was from Fort Pierce – Breaking News – MiamiHerald.com.

The young American suicide bomber who blew up a truck he was driving in Syria last weekend previously lived in Fort Pierce, law enforcement sources told the Miami Herald on Friday.

The man, in his 20s and believed to have been the first American suicide bomber in Syria, was identified late Friday by the New York Times as Moner Mohammad Abusalha. He had previously been identified by his nom de guerre, Abu Hurayra al Ameriki, or Abu Hurayra the American. It’s unclear when he traveled to Syria or for how long before that he was in Fort Pierce, which is about 130 miles north of Miami.

Law enforcement officials were speaking Friday with the man’s family and friends — some of them elsewhere in Florida — and tracing his movements, including his online activity, in the U.S. before he left for Syria. Federal authorities are investigating whether he was recruited or radicalized online.

In photos purportedly showing Abu Hurayra in Syria, he appears smiling, with a reddish-brown beard. In one photo, he is holding a cat.

Those photos, posted on jihadi websites, seem to match photos of a Facebook profile for Moner Abusalha, pictured in one of them standing in front of a beach.

He was confirmed to have taken part in a joint suicide bombing on Sunday involving both al Qaida’s Syrian franchise, the Nusra Front, and the Islamic Front’s Suqour al Sham, according to Suqour spokesman Abu Farouk al Shami, who spoke with McClatchy via Skype.

“It was an operation between mujahedeen from both Suqour al Sham and the Nusra Front,” Abu Farouk said of the blast, which targeted a Syrian military position in Idlib Province and included at least three bombers and tons of explosives. “Abu Hurayra was well known to us in Suqour al Sham for his kindness and bravery in combat.”

Abu Farouk said that he never knew the American’s real name, explaining that foreign members of Syrian rebel groups are instructed to adopt a nickname, or Kunya, in Arabic and to never reveal their actual name for security reasons. Abu Hurayra was a companion of the Prophet Mohammed considered one of the most important figures in early Islamic history.

“Their families could be targeted by police or the CIA for coming to Syria,” he explained. “He would never share his name or show his passport, but we knew him to be American.”

In a martyrdom video released on YouTube, titled “The American Martyrdom for the Nusra Front,” the suicide bomber could be seen praying, playing with cats and preparing for his apparent mission. The video ends with a tremendous explosion that is said to have been from the bomb he detonated. Abu Farouk said the tape was authentic, but that could not be independently verified.

The NYCrimes reported:

A Facebook profile of a man with the name Moner Abusalha has pictures that appear to be of the same person shown in the photos on jihadist websites. Many images on the page have Arabic writing and quote the Quran. “Verily, with hardship there is relief,” the profile says on one page. The profile also says he likes basketball, football and Eggo waffles.

Public records databases show that Mr. Abusalha has lived in Fort Pierce and in Vero Beach. A youth league website said he played basketball with the Indian River Warriors in 2007.

The records show that at one point he shared an apartment with his brother in Fort Pierce, a city about 130 miles north of Miami. His parents have lived in Vero Beach, and his family owns several grocery stores in the region.

Reached by telephone, a woman named Michelle Abusalha, apparently his mother, hung up on a reporter. His father, Mohammad, declined to comment.

“Sorry, sorry, we can’t do that,” he said.

A Syrian fighter from the Nusra Front recalled Mr. Abusalha, whom he knew only by his alias, as an Arab-American who spoke Arabic poorly but was dedicated to the jihadist cause. “He was a generous, brave, tough man, always on the front lines in battles,” said the fighter, who identified himself by a nom de guerre, Abu Abdulrahman, and said that he was currently in Idlib Province, where Mr. Abusalha died.


Florida: Immigrant Muslim terror suspect doesn’t stand for judge, asks court to provide Arab clothing

The court being taxpayers, and Arab meaning Muslim.

via Man asks court to provide Arab clothing during Tampa trial.

TAMPA — Sami Osmakac is asking taxpayers to provide him traditional Arab clothing for him to wear when he goes on trial next week on charges he plotted a terrorist attack in Tampa.

Osmakac’s lawyer told a federal magistrate this morning that Osmakac’s family doesn’t want to pay to clothe him in a robe garment called a thobe and a head wrap known as a keffiyeh. Lawyer George Tragos said he couldn’t say why Osmakac wants to wear the clothes. U.S. Magistrate Anthony Porcelli planned to confer with District Judge Mary Scriven about what clothing might be available for Osmakac to wear.

The judge has previously given Osmakac permission not to stand when the judge or jury enters the courtroom because of his religious beliefs. Potential jurors will be asked whether they can still be fair to him, given that belief.

Osmakac was also found competent to stand trial, after a court-appointed expert concluded he is able to proceed.

Jury selection is scheduled to start Tuesday, and the trial is expected to last up to four weeks, including jury selection.

Authorities allege Osmakac plotted to blow up a popular Tampa night spot and then take hostages and demand the release of Islamic prisoners. He was arrested as part of an FBI sting.

The defense maintains Osmakac was entrapped and that he was vulnerable to influence because of his mental illness.

The defense also asserts that Osmakac was targeted by the FBI partly because of his “radical” Islamic beliefs.

Previous posts on the Muslim immigrant here

Home Depot’s Double Standard: Fires Christian, Allows Terror-linked Muslim Group to Proselytize

An update on our April post on Home Despot via Florida Family Association.

Home Depot allows CAIR to indoctrinate managers with employment practices that are Sharia compliant for Islam.  

 Click here to send your email of concern to Home Depot officials.

Home Depot fired Trevor Keezor in October 2009 for wearing a button that read “One nation under God, indivisible” when he worked for the Home Depot in Okeechobee, Florida.  Snopes.com reports in part:

 “…Home Depot management had told him the American flag button bearing the legend “One nation under God, indivisible” which he had been wearing on his work apron for over a year was an unacceptable violation of company policy, and that after he refused an order to remove it he was fired from his job.   

  • For his part, Keezor maintained that he had been wearing the button on his work apron since March 2008 without incident, but soon after he began bringing a Bible to read during his lunch break at the store in October 2009, management told him he would have to remove the button.

 Additionally, the American Family Association (not related to Florida Family Association) reported on Mr. Keezor’s firing shortly after it occurred.

 However, Home Depot did not treat Islam and the pro-Hamas, pro-Muslim Brotherhood, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) the same way they did Mr. Keezor’s Christian faith.  The CAIR Michigan web site posted an article titled “CAIR-MI Offers Cultural Awareness Training to Home Depot Employees” which has recently started receiving attention after being reported by BarenakedIslam.com.    The CAIR Michigan article states:

  • The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations yesterday provided cultural awareness training to employees at a Home Depot store in Dearborn, Mich. 
  • CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid and CAIR-MI Safe Spaces Coordinator Warda Kalim discussed issues relating to customer interactions and modesty in Islam and highlighted religious accommodations concerns of Muslim employees.
  • CAIR-MI has provided similar trainings in the past to other Home Depot locations in Southeastern Michigan.
  • “We welcome such opportunities to engage Home Depot and other business establishments to better serve their Muslim customers and accommodate the cultural competency of their Muslim employees,” said CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid.
  • CAIR has helped resolve a number of similar cases involving prayer in the workplace and offers a booklet, called “An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices,” to help corporate managers gain a better understanding of Islam and Muslims.
  • SEE: An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices

 Trevor Keezor was allegedly fired for wearing a button that proclaimed “One nation under God, indivisible.”  Snopes.com reports:  Home Depot spokesman Craig Fishel acknowledged that Mr. Keezor had indeed been fired over the issue, which the former maintained was not related to the subject matter of the pin, but rather was a clear-cut violation of the company’s specific, long-standing dress code:  This associate chose to wear a button that expressed his religious beliefs.”

 On the other hand, Home Depot allowed their managers to be indoctrinated with CAIR instructions on how Sharia code for Islamic life should be followed by Home Depot.  Some of the Islamic practices in the Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices include:

  • Employers may wish to modify dress code policies so that religiously-mandated attire is addressed as a diversity issue. For example, many corporations have a policy forbidding the wearing of “hats.” This rule may be amended to exempt items such as head scarves and skullcaps.
  • Friday is the day for congregational worship, called Jum’ah. The prayer generally takes place at a mosque during the noontime prayer and includes an address or sermon, and lasts a total of 45 to 90 minutes.
  • Performing the rituals of the pilgrimage may last five days during the second week of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. However, considerable variations exist in trip arrangements, and group travel may take 10-21 days. Muslim employees may choose to make pilgrimage using vacation time.

 Does anyone not see the contradiction between how Home Depot treated the Christian who simply wanted to wear a small button to how Home Depot treated Islamists who want to take off on Friday for an hour and a half, wear hats and scarves professing their faith and numerous other Sharia compliant activities?

 Embracing practices dictated by Sharia is offensive to millions of Americans who find provisions of the Islamic code to be antithetical to the liberties afforded to all sexes, races and religions by the United States constitution.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to communicate to Home Depot that indoctrination to Sharia compliant employment practices is offensive especially given the company’s mistreatment of Mr. Keezor and homage to the pro-Hamas, pro-Muslim Brotherhood, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

 To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

 Please click here to send your email to Home Depot officials.

 Contact information for Home Depot:

 The Home Depot Inc
2455 Paces Ferry Road Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: 1-770-433-8211


Francis Stanton Blake “Frank”


Craig A Menear
President:US Retail


Carol B Tome
Exec VP Corporate Svcs/CFO


Marvin Ellison
Executive Vice President – U.S. Stores


Brad Shaw
Vice President – Corporate Communications
& External Affairs


Florida governor OKs bill to prohibit foreign law

via Fla. Gov. OKs bill to prohibit use of foreign law – Yahoo News.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida is becoming the eighth state to outlaw the use of foreign law in the state’s courts under a bill signed by Gov. Rick Scott.

Scott signed the measure (SB 386) on Monday.

It would prohibit judges from applying from applying foreign laws in cases involving family law, including divorce, alimony, child support and child custody.

It would also prevent some judgments from foreign courts to be considered in state courts.

The measure does not single out specific religions but critics said the law is intended to target a specific form of law called Shariah that is practiced in courts in some Muslim countries.

That would be the same sharia law that Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres and other celebrities are slamming as barbaric. The same sharia that has Richard Branson boycotting a sharia-owned hotel and that the Beverly Hills City Council, in a 5-0 vote Tuesday declared “extreme and inhumane.”

So…will Hamas-CAIR take on Leno & DeGeneres and will Leno & DeGeneres and Hollywood defend or support banning sharia law in U.S. courts?

Florida: Muslim brothers jailed in jihad plot attack federal marshals

via Two Oakland Park brothers, already accused of a terrorist plot, face new charges – Sun Sentinel.

Two Oakland Park brothers, already accused of plotting to blow up famous New York landmarks, now face additional, less dramatic, charges: attacking federal marshals, a prosecutor said Friday at a hearing in Miami federal court.

The latest twist cost one of the brothers his attorney, and will indefinitely delay the trial of Sheheryar Alam Qazi and Raees Alam Qazi, which was originally set for November. It also stirred the judge to demand increased security in court.

The assault accusation resulted in the brothers, bearded and garbed in tan jumpsuits, remaining shackled at the waist while at the defense table. Heightened security was also in effect, with a dozen armed marshals standing guard in the courtroom.

“We are bringing additional charges … as a result of the incident on April 8,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Gilbert told U.S District Judge Robert Scola.

On that date, according to court documents, the brothers “allegedly assaulted two deputy United States marshals” at a secure facility in Miami-Dade County. Officials would release no further details on the accusation because a federal grand jury is investigating the matter.

Present during the episode was Ronald Chapman, the West Palm Beach attorney for Sheheryar Qazi. Because he witnessed the alleged assault, Chapman has been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury. He may also testify against his client at trial.

Forced into such an unusual position, Chapman withdrew from the case Friday.


Detroit: Muslim imam convicted of sexually abusing three of his nieces…

…whom a judge allowed to testify in full Islamic face coverings. The Muslim defendant challenged hiding behind the niqab but a Muslim prosecutor convinced a judge to permit sharia them. via The Arab American News – Muslim imam convicted of sexually abusing his nieces in Detroit. h/t halalporkshop

DETROIT — A Muslim imam was found guilty of 15 counts of criminal sexual conduct by a jury on Friday, May 2. Mohammad Masroor was convicted for sexually abusing his nieces as children, when they lived in Detroit from 2000 to 2003.

He will be sentenced on May 21 and could face up to life in prison.

A circuit court judge has allowed the three victims to testify while wearing the niqab, the Islamic face covering that conceals everything except the eyes.

Masroor’s attorney filed a motion to require the victims to reveal their faces while standing in front of the judge, in order to satisfy the defendant’s right to confront his accusers. Judge Michael Hathaway denied the motion.

The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution requires that “in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to be confronted with the witnesses against him.” But the prosecution argued that Masroor’s rights were not violated by the wearing of the niqab, because he is still afforded a face-to-face engagement with the accusers.

“Each witness will be present in the courtroom, cross-examined on the witness stand and fully exposed for all intents and purposes, except for a small fraction of her face,” stated Assistant Prosecutor Khalil Rahal in his argument to the judge. “The jurors and the defendant will see the victims’ eyes, which have long been recognized as ‘the window to the soul.’”

Rahal argued that the defense motion was meant to put pressure on the victims. “[The] defendant seeks to intimidate the victims in this case, who accuse him of sexually abusing them, by requiring them to violate their First Amendment rights to freely express their Muslim faith by making them remove their burkas and expose their faces to all in attendance,” he said

The oldest victim was 13 years old at the time. The molestation escalated to rape shortly after his arrival, she said during testimony. She was being home-schooled during that time.
How young was the youngest?
According to the prosecution, the victim later requested to go to school outside the home to avoid contact with her uncle during the day. But after a “small family meeting,” Masroor convinced her father to start home-schooling her two younger sisters instead of sending her to school, Rahal said. The suspect then became the three girls’ tutor.
The defendant abused the oldest victim while teaching her. During the day, her father would be at work, while her mother would stay upstairs to avoid contact with her brother-in-law due to the conservative nature of the household.
“[The victim] felt like what she was doing was wrong, but she didn’t know enough. All she knew is that it was her uncle. All she knew is that he was an imam,” Rahal told the jury on Tuesday.
The victim described the abuse as “uncomfortable and painful.” She said her uncle would manipulate her, threaten to attack her sisters and use his authority to intimidate her into hiding the abuse.
She added that her uncle told her that nobody would believe her and that her parents would kill her if they found out she is not a virgin.
Masroor’s sexual misconduct with the oldest victim continued even after he moved out of his brother’s house to join his wife and children in nearby Hamtramck. The abuse went on for three years until both families moved to Florida.
After moving to Florida, the oldest victim discovered that her sisters were abused as well.
All three victims reported the defendant to the authorities in 2011 after his own wife accused him of sexually abusing their biological children.
Masroor’s nieces were living in two states at the time they reported the abuse. Two of the sisters testified without their niqabs, but one of them opted to keep it on when she was questioned in court by Rahal and Masroor’s defense attorney Mitchell Forster.
The Arab American News could not reach Forster for comment. In his opening argument, Foster described the three accusers’ reporting of Masroor in 2011 as a “coordinated attack,” as the accusations were conveyed to the authorities within days of each other.
Foster urged the jury to look for signs in the victims’ testimonies that would show that they are not being truthful. He said inconsistencies, exaggerations and forgetting important events could be signs of untruthfulness.

More background on the incestuous, raping imam in these previous posts, including this detail:

Masroor was charged two years ago with sexually assaulting six people between November 2008 and July 2011. He was also charged with threatening death.

At the time of his 2011 arrest, Masroor was an imam teaching the Qur’an to children at an east-end mosque.

Florida Senate Passes Textbook Review Legislation

…to stop the stealth Islamic proselytizing of your children.

Aya Sewell, Sarasota Citizen Activist Protests

Aya Sewell, Sarasota Citizen Activist Protests

via Florida Senate Passes Textbook Review Legislation > New English Review. h/t Jerry Gordon

Last Friday in Tallahassee, April 11, 2014, the Republican controlled  Florida Senate passed SB864 sponsored by Sen. Alan Hays (R-Umatilla) by a narrow vote of 21 to 19. The measure would eliminate State Department of Education control over selection of textbooks returning that role to Florida’s 67 school districts, requiring open public hearing on texts used in courses.  The bill reflected in part concerns of conservative Groups over the Common Core Curriculum State Standards, sponsored by the National Association of Governors and Council of Chief State School Officers  seeking to impose national standards. Despite that criticism the Common Core has been adopted in Forty-four states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA).

However, SB864 was largely prompted by a different issue; objections of parental groups in several Florida counties in about the treatment of Islam and Muslim culture in world history textbooks on the Florida State Department of Education list of approved texts.  A companion bill (HB 921) is working its way  through the Florida House sponsored by Rep. Matt Gaetz of Fort Walton.  That version would provide a local option to districts to review texts; however, the selections must still meet state standards.  Gaetz  was quoted in a News Herald  editorial saying: “I think there’s an increasing frustration by parents in our state, that they don’t have a lot of say regarding the content and materials their children use in the classroom.”

Local advocates here in Florida drew attention to misrepresentations of Islam in protests in Volusia,  Brevard and Sarasota Counties. Our  Iconoclast post on the subject, “Sarasota, Florida’s biased Islam textbook problem”,  highlighted the relentless efforts of citizen activist Aya Sewell. Ms. Sewell is of Iraqi Jewish  heritage, members of her family were  subject to a 1941 pogrom against the Jewish population in Baghdad, the Farhud.  Sewell led a campaign against such texts locally in Sarasota, as well as before the Florida Department of Education.  Elsewhere in the US, Tennessee parents have also raised objections to similar course material extolling Palestinian suicide bombers.     Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) in Boston accused the Newton, Massachusetts school board and superintendent for permitting use of texts and course materials that engage in promoting false information regarding both Islam and demonization of Israel.  APT undertook content and bias analysis and promoted their findings that included placing ads in local area media and a petition campaign.

An article in the current edition of Education Week noted the debate over the pending Florida textbook legislation:

[Sen. ]Hays said the legislation was needed so that school board members will be accountable to parents and voters. He said school board members have blamed the state for the textbooks they picked.

“This bill imposes on the local school board members the responsibility and accountability to their citizens,” Hays said.

Opponents complained it would cost districts money to review textbooks. Sen. Geraldine Thompson, D-Orlando, said she was worried that some districts would wind up censoring some books, while other senators raised questions about whether districts would pick textbooks aligned to the state’s current standards.

Even Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart questioned Hays’ bill.

“From a practical standpoint it lifts a burden from us,” Stewart said. “But we heard loud and clear from districts that they rely on (the state review). They need that. They don’t have the resources to be able to do that.”


Florida Senate Approves Bill Banning Foreign Law

via Senate Approves Prohibition On Foreign Law In Court « CBS Miami.

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/News Service of Florida) – Foreign laws would be prohibited in Florida courts, under a bill the Senate sent to the House on Monday.

The Senate voted 24-14 to approve the proposal (SB 386) by Umatilla Republican Alan Hays, who has pushed various versions of the measure the past couple of years.

The current bill codifies existing law, declaring that any attempt to apply the law of a foreign country is void if it breaches the policy of Florida.

The proposal is more defined than last year’s effort, which got House support but failed to advance in the Senate.

The House companion (HB 903) has reached the floor but has yet to be scheduled as lawmakers are in the final week of the regular session.

Hays said the bill will do nothing to impede international trade, a prior concern of business groups, and won’t cast a negative message upon anyone from another country.

“For those people who want to come to America we welcome them, but when you come to America you’re going to be governed on American laws and when you come to Florida you’re going to be governed on Florida laws,” Hays said. “We dare not apologize for that, folks. This is a very good bill. It’s an all American bill.”

But the bill has been criticized as anti-Muslim and targeted at Sharia religious law followed in some Islamic countries.

Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, said she opposed the bill because foreign laws have never been implemented in Florida courts or any other state.

Florida’s elected officials are uninformed or more likely, lying as this bill has been introduced several years in a row. Shariah Cases By State including four in Florida. Not a single Democrat voted for the bill.

Sen. Geraldine Thompson, D-Orlando, added that the bill appears neutral but the perception is that it targets certain religious groups in Florida.

“There are individuals who feel this bill targets them,” Thompson said. “It has caused unnecessary polarization.”

The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations sent letters to Republican lawmakers on April 7 asking them to reject the bill they claim is intended to “marginalize” American Muslim and other minority communities.

“If you remain silent while party organizations invite Islamophobic speakers and GOP legislators support bills driven by anti-Muslim bias, your party risks alienating one of the fastest growing groups of American voters,” CAIR-FL’s Chief Executive Director Hassan Shibly wrote. “Florida now has 150,000 registered Muslim voters. The GOP cannot afford to continue to alienate a minority growing in influence, especially in a key swing state such as Florida.”

Terror-linked CAIR is silent when Muslim women in Florida are killed by their husbands and law enforcement covers it up.

The bill doesn’t mention Sharia or any other specific foreign law, which Senate staff believes strengthens the measure against legal challenges.

“As religion is not mentioned at all, the court will deem it facially neutral,” the staff review said. “A court will then apply the Lemon test (a legal test), and likely find both a secular government purpose and that the law does not facilitate excessive governmental entanglement with religion. Because of this, a court will likely uphold the law from a First Amendment challenge.”

How sad it is and how far America has fallen when a bill to ban sharia law has to be disguised as a ban on “foreign” law. That such a bill is even needed is evidence enough that we are already under the thumb of Islamic thugs and the cowards afraid to do what they were elected to do.

More details here, Florida Passes Two Landmark Bills in the 2014 Legislative Session.

Florida: Terror-linked CAIR mad stealth textbook dawah to be slowed

via CAIR protests textbook bill; says it’s rooted in anti-Muslim bigotry – BizPac Review.

A bill making its way through the Florida legislature requiring local school districts to review textbooks used in classrooms is now the target of the the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, known as CAIR.

 The group contends that the bill, SB 864: Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education, introduced by Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, would create an unfunded mandate posing an unnecessary burden on local school districts, according to its statement released Monday, which says:

SB 864 has the potential to jeopardize the entire Sunshine State school system with an unnecessary law for a problem that does not exist by:

  • Imposing a tremendous unfunded mandate on our school districts
  • Depriving school districts of the state’s “economy of scale” in textbook purchasing power
  • Reducing Florida’s influence over textbook content
  • Opening the adoption process to social and political bias
  • Threatening the constitutional requirement for a uniform system of free public schools

However, what is really at stake for the group is its claim that the bill was prompted by anti-Muslim bigotry. Hayes sponsored the bill in response to a history book that residents of Brevard County claimed in July emphasized Islam’s influence on the world while minimizing Christianity and Judaism.

 “World History,” published by Prentice-Hall, “has a 36-page chapter on Islam but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism,” Florida Rep. Ritch Workman, R-Melbourne said. “It’s remarkably one-sided.”

 The dispute eventually spilled over into Volusia County, where critics said the text “whitewashes” the history of Islam.

 The bill is nearing passage in both chambers.

 Sounds more like the stealth dawah that got Islamic propaganda into American textbooks in the first place is about to be challenged. Of course, relying on the government to do what parents should be doing anyway is never a good idea.

Do you know what your kids (grandkids) are reading in school?


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