Atlanta: Hamas-supporting Muslim threatens American (video)

via Atlas Shrugs.

The jihadists and their supporters are emboldened, aggressive and taking their war to our streets.

Ban immigration of Muslims. ASAP. Your children and theirs will thank you.

Georgia: Muslim murder suspect pens threat-filled letters to area judges

via Murder suspect Fakhir pens threat-filled, rambling letters to area judges – Douglas County Sentinel. h/t Iron Burka

The woman accused of killing Jerry Wheeler last June 18 is still at a state mental health facility in Milledgeville being evaluated and will not have a competency hearing that had been set for Monday in Douglas County Superior Court.

But judging from comments made in two letters written by 33-year-old Sahara Fakhir to area judges, the professionals who will issue a report on her competency have their hands full.

The Sentinel has obtained the hand-written letters, one dated Aug. 5, 2013, to Judge David Emerson and another to Judge William “Beau” McClain dated March 11, 2014, in which Fakhir does everything from apologize, make wild claims and calls judges every name in the book.

Fakhir was arrested and charged with the murder of Wheeler, a 66-year-old local businessman, inside his home on June 18. In preliminary hearings, testimony indicated that Fakhir was seen walking away from the victim’s home on the night of his attack, left her bloody footprints inside the home and had a knife stashed under her mattress that had the victim’s blood inside the handle.

Fakhir threatened to bring destruction to the courthouse and to Douglas County when she made her initial court appearance. in her letters, she said that some of her claims are coming to pass. She even took credit for District Attorney David McDade’s health problems.

McDade endured five surgical procedures and more than a month of intensive care after circulation issues were found on Dec. 5 when he was seeking to get clearance for back surgery. An ultrasound found almost total blockage. Doctors thought for a time that they would have to amputate his lower right leg and possibly the same on his left. He said it was those health issues that led him to the decision to retire at the end of April.

Fakhir wrote: “You think David McDade’s sickness is a coincidence? Did I not tell you that Allah said for me to tell you that he was ‘fed up with the Douglas County GA Judicial system and that he will again visit Douglasville with another unrelenting chastisement.’”

Fakhir calls McClain a “filthy, nasty, low-down, law-breaking pathetic, scum dog rat,” a “snake,” “you criminal in a black cape,” and threatens a type of holy war. She tells McClain that she will not work with her court-appointed attorneys Wesley Wolverton and Jim Kiger because they are “atheists.”

Fakhir in a court appearance claimed that Allah would serve as her attorney. In letters, she said Allah would provide “destruction of a courthouse by the power of a violent, turbulent windstorm,” and she threatened a judge’s freedom and his life at Allah’s hands.

Allah is planning on killing you with his own hands – his own unique, unconquerable strength and yet you dare challenge his authority by oppressing me in violation of my religion and the Miranda Rights law, and in addition to that, you are planning to take my life?” Fakhir wrote in a letter to Judge McClain. “Allah will end up destroying you before you can do it.”

Do the letters point to religious fanaticism, mental illness or someone trying to beat the system?

Here’s a better question: Why are so many Muslims criminal, insane or both? Convert or otherwise.

Previously: Murder suspect tells court Allah representing her, will take vengeance on judge

Georgia: Iranian grad student dies after blowing up his apartment

Cops & school authorities assure everyone it had nothing to do with terrorism…but have no idea why he had explosives in his apartment. via Burned Georgia Tech student dies from injuries |

The Georgia Tech graduate student burned over 90 percent of his body last month died Thursday, the Institute said.

Saamer Akhshabi was burned in a Feb. 4 explosion inside his apartment, where investigators found a suspected Molotov cocktail and several plastic bottles filled with gasoline and kerosene. Akhshabi, 26, was transported in critical condition to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he died early Thursday, Georgia Tech shared with the campus.

Akhshabi was studying in the College of Computing at Tech, where he had attended since 2009, according to his web page. He was scheduled to graduate in May. Prior to moving to Atlanta, Akhshabi completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Tehran in Iran, his native country.

“We have worked closely with other law enforcement agencies during the investigation of this tragic incident,” Robert Connolly, interim police chief for Georgia Tech, said in an emailed statement. “The FBI has relayed that, to date, they have not developed any information or evidence indicating criminal intent in this investigation.”

Investigators determined that Akhshabi was not a threat to the Georgia Tech community, Connolly said. But no information was released regarding why Akhshabi had the explosive materials.

So he was just building Molotov cocktails in his university apartment with peaceful intents?

Iranians with no terror ties show up in the darnedest of places – Iranian Traveling on Stolen Passport on Malaysia Airlines Flight Had No Terror Ties, Officials Say.


Georgia Tech grad student from Iran blows self up with Molotov cocktail

via Georgia Tech grad student from Iran injured by Molotov cocktail – CBS Atlanta News. h/t Lisa

ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) – We now know who was hurt at a midtown Atlanta apartment building Tuesday in an explosion caused by what law enforcement called a “Molotov cocktail.”

Saamer Akshabi is a graduate student from Iran, studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Computing in Atlanta.

The fire happened at about 4 p.m. Tuesday at the apartment located about a mile from Georgia Tech’s campus at 275 10th Street near Piedmont Park.

Akhshabi suffered severe burns on his hands, arms, chest and face, authorities said. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with third-degree burns over 90 percent of his body.

Atlanta Fire Rescue noticed what appeared to be a Molotov cocktail along with several other plastic bottles filled with liquid. AFR cleared the apartment and Homeland Security was notified.

SWAT cleared the apartment of any explosives and examined the liquid, identifying it as gasoline and kerosene.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force was on the scene, along with the Atlanta Police Department’s bomb squad. ATF and FBI agents also were at the scene.

Georgia Tech released the following statement Tuesday night:

“Georgia Tech is working with law enforcement to notify the victim’s family. Until that notification is made the Institute is not able to release the victim’s information. We are able to confirm a Georgia Tech graduate student was involved in an incident involving a fire in a building off of 10th street this evening. Our primary concern is to provide appropriate assistance to the victim and for his family as well as his classmates. We continue to cooperate with the investigation of incident.”

Georgia Tech has since confirmed Saamer Akshabi is the man hurt in the explosion

Law enforcement continues to investigate.

Jawa notes, Terrorist “Workplace Accident” at …. Georgia Tech?

…this would-be bomber is also a big, big fan of Obamacare. He also loves himself some gun control.

Gun control, yes: Molotov cocktail control, hell no!

He wouldn’t be the first jihadist from Georgia Tech.

Atlanta: Shia Muslims beat themselves bloody (videos)

Another reason you didn’t want that mosque in your neighborhood and why all immigration is not good for America. via Arbaeen @Dar e Abbas, Atlanta Zanjeer Zani 2013-14 – YouTube. h/t Martin

More videos, thanks to Martin who notes, in Houston, Texas – “don’t miss the girls at 12 min 40.”

In Dearborn, Michigan.

Aren’t these the same people chanting “Death to America” in Iran and other countries?



Nation of Islam Receives U.S. Taxpayer Subsidies

via National Review Online. h/t Atlas

Over $100,000 in farm subsidies between 2008 and 2011 went [to] a charity arm of the Nation of Islam, according to a new report from a watchdog group.

The group, Open the Books, traces the money to the Three Year Economic Savings Program, a NOI charity whose headquarters are listed at Louis Farrakhan’s home address. According to the NOI website, contributions from the charity were used to purchase farmland in Georgia now known as Muhammad Farms. “In 1995 we planted and harvested 76.3 acres of land, including watermelons, cantaloupes, sweet corn, snap beans, okra, yellow squash, zucchini, butternut squash, peas and greens,” the site says.

The Three Year Economic Savings Program is listed as “Not in Good Standing” on the Illinois Secretary of State’s website. Over the three-year period, it received $103,529 in 19 payments ranging from about $3,000 to nearly $28,000. The Three Year Economic Savings Program was also granted a $26,367 commodity loan in the final months of George W. Bush’s presidency.

The report, “Farm Subsidies and the Big Dogs,” is based on data released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as well as information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

The State Department Spent $150,000 of your taxpayer funds for a Saudi Art Exhibition.

But hey, a plunder budget deal has been reached.

Georgia: Scholastic Book Fair selling book on Islam to grade-schoolers

Do you know what your kids are picking up at the school book fair? via The Marietta Daily Journal – Children s book on Islam triggered intolerance in Cobb.

…a picture book called “Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns,” kids learn about Muslim customs as told by a child living in an Islamic country.

It’s a charming little book, beautifully written and illustrated, in which the narrator tells children about her religion through the vibrant colors found in her homeland.

“It’s an indoctrination of Muslim culture,” the father of a McDowell Elementary School pupil told the Cobb County Board of Education recently. His wife purchased the book for his kindergarten daughter at the Scholastic Book Fair held at the school.

One could question how a book about Islam got into the Scholastic lineup, but it was his own wife who bought the book.

My book is intended to indoctrinate children with the values of respect, tolerance, and curiosity about different traditions,” countered the book’s author Hena Khan in an unpublished letter to the Marietta Daily Journal.

“It might fill their heads with the notion that we are all more similar than we think, even if we have different customs and beliefs,” Khan adds. “And if I’m successful, it might convince them that their Muslim neighbor or schoolmate isn’t a ‘fanatical’ to be feared or hated, but part of a vibrant and diverse American society that should be celebrated.”

Should we celebrate the Muslim women who want to swim alone away from Americans?

Should we celebrate Muslim cab drivers who refuse to allow guide dogs or gays into their cabs?

Should we celebrate Muslims who file frivolous lawsuits non-stop to enforce sharia on us?

Should we celebrate the Muslims who come to America and beat themselves bloody?

Should we allow our children to be lied to about a religion and culture whose holy book teaches them not to take us as friends?

Should we respect and tolerate the intolerant?

Islamic dawah billboards across US: “Find Jesus in the Quran”

60 of them. via hobotzcarandco

The reporter – who pronounces Koran with an accent – fails to inform viewers that one of the leaders of the notorious group ICNA is currently on trial for war crimes and one of their U.S. leaders – and founder of the Why Islam dawah campaign – had this to say about Jesus:

ICNA executive and original Director of the Why Islam campaign – Sabeel Ahmed has written:

“…showing happiness and joy on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Good Friday is like shaking hands with Satan and telling him to carry on the good work. Indeed Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr and replace them with the pillars of Islam”

“Armed with facts on Christmas and eloquent words of Islam, the door of Dawah to the Christians should be wisely open. When the Christians see us restraining from observing Christmas, they will curiously ask us for the reason. This opportunity should be used by each single Muslim to discuss Islam and invite non-Muslims to Islam…a Muslim can’t enjoin in any aspect of Christmas in the disguise that Jesus is our Prophet too.

And this:

ICNA was named in a May 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memorandum as one of the Brotherhood’s likeminded “organizations of our friends” who shared the common goal of destroying America and turning it into a Muslim nation.

On numerous occasions, ICNA has explicitly excluded non-Muslims from its public gatherings. In September 2004, for example, ICNA sparked widespread controversy when, in cooperation with the management of the Great Adventure Theme Park in New Jersey, it organized a “Great Muslim Adventure Day” that barred non-Muslims from the park on that day. This annual tradition is still observed. Source

Read this post - Questions to ask every Muslim then call the dawah hotline.

Fousesquawk adds:

…it would be more instructive to find “Christians” (and Jews) in the Koran and see how they are referred to-especially in the verses recorded during Mohammad’s latter Medina period (when he was a warrior).

We’ll start and end with this quote:

Quran 5:051: “O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.”

More on the ICNA:

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Imam Facing War Crimes Indictment

War Crimes Trial for ‘Imams of America’ President Proceeds in Bangladesh

ICNA’s “Shariah For America” Campaign Hides Extremist Beliefs

Georgia: Alpharetta ignores residents & zoning, approves mega mosque

via City of Alpharetta approves mosque expansion – CBS Atlanta

Alpharetta City Council Monday night unanimously voted to approve a proposal to expand a mosque.

The Islamic Center of North Fulton, located at 1265 Rucker Road, has been fighting to expand their mosque since 2011.

The city of Alpharetta voted not to change zoning laws that would allow that expansion back in 2011. Since that time, members of the mosque said they have worked with the surrounding neighborhoods and the city to approve their new proposal.

The mosque had 25 members in 1998, and now that number is close to 600 members.

Supporters said the mosque needs to expand to support its growing congregation.

“The mosque should be expanded to accommodate the growth of the community,” said Yusuf Mohamed, a mosque member.

Opponents complained a bigger mosque would create bigger problems.

They have prayer calls. That’s a disturbance. It’s a noise issue, and the traffic, of course,” said Silk Walker, a resident who lives near the mosque.

“We are literally shoulder to shoulder,” Moiz Mumtaz said.

Mumtaz is the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Islamic Center of North Fulton.

“We have no space. We make rows and have to kneel down and bow and get up again. That is the tiny space we are in right now,” Mumtaz said.

The center wants the city to change one rezoning condition imposed in 2004, which would allow the center to build two new buildings: a main, 6,300-square-foot building and a 1,600-square-foot communing hall.

The Alpharetta Planning Commission earlier this month voted 6 to 1 to recommend approval.

“Everybody is a winner here,” Mumtaz said.

One of the biggest problems, according to Mumtaz, was the size of the original proposal. Mumtaz said the new design is roughly 6,000-square-feet smaller than what they wanted to build in 2011.

“We are all making compromises,” Mumtaz said. “I think the city was more careful about what they were doing and heard those concerns, and we also want to forge forward rather than get stuck in one place.”

Unfortunately, compromise is not an Islamic term and to Muslims it simply means we’ll get what we want later. And if we don’t we’ll have the DOJ threaten another lawsuit.

What CBS and other media aren’t telling readers is what really happened. Sources who attended the meeting report this:

The news grossly has characterized what went down.

ALL voting members of the council gave summations that included that the reason they were voting for this was because of the pressure of the federal lawsuit pursued by the mosque and represented by mosque zoning lawyer and specialist Doug Dillard. Dillard is responsible for the forced mega-mosque in Lilburn, GA as well.

The Muslims in attendance were 99% male and over half of them did NOT raise their hand for the pledge of allegiance.

The people of Alpharetta fought a good fight with excellent points about the minaret, zoning restrictions thwarted, past agreements disregarded etc. The Muslims had no such strong arguments and relied heavily of talk of multiculturalism, and the greatness of diversity, and extended talk of the dreadful building (they have chosen) to be in up to now.

They have NO source of funding cited for their construction and expansion.

Councilman Kennedy noted that he had records of the Muslim board meeting in 1998 before they got the zoning permit in which the board member urged restraint in asking for the original two residential buildings. He said that they would wait till the time was right to ask for expansions and larger structures, contrary to what they told Fulton County in 1998 and to the neighborhood in 2004.

The news media have assaulted what really happened in the city hall last night. We spoke well. We had all the key points about their breaking of agreements and laws. But our city folded like a deck of cards.

And unfortunately the city of Alpharetta will never be the same and will only become more Islamic.

As we noted here, Georgia: “Compromise” reached after Feds intimidate city that denied mosque expansion:

Is it really a compromise when the community overwhelmingly does not want the expansion, when the city ruled against it and a court upheld the ruling only to have Obama/Holder step in (likely after being contacted by Muslims) and force the mosque on residents?

It is not. And there’s only one winner. The Muslims.

Georgia: “Compromise” reached after Feds intimidate city that denied mosque expansion

Is it really a compromise when the community overwhelmingly does not want the expansion, when the city ruled against it and a court upheld the ruling only to have Obama/Holder step in (likely after being contacted by Muslims) and force the mosque on residents?


via Compromise reached on Rucker Road mosque

The City of Alpharetta and the Islamic Center of North Fulton have reached a compromise in their three year battle. This story was first reported by WSB-TV’s Mike Petchenik but thus far has not been covered by local media.

ICNF 2013 front elevationThe ICNF operates a small mosque on Rucker Road in Alpharetta. In the Spring of 2010 they petitioned the city to expand their facility. Local opposition was immense, overflowing public meetings. Neighbors claimed that ICNF broke a promise made years earlier to not expand. Alpharetta’s Council unanimously rejected the mosque’s request.

ICNF sued the city, going straight to federal district court. This court ruled in favor of the city in a summary judgement. The case was then appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Department of Justice took an interest in the case, as did the Jewish Anti-Defamation League who sided with the ICNF.

Arguments were heard in February and the two sides were sent to mediation this Spring. A compromise appears to have been reached from that mediation. The result comes in the form of a second request from the ICNF sent to Alpharetta’s Community Development Department. This proposal calls for a facility smaller than the one sought in 2010. It will measure in at 7,900 square feet (down from 15,000 square feet) and would contain their mosque and community hall. The buildings will feature brick construction rather than the more modern look of the 2010 plan.

Alpharetta’s Planning Commission will hold a rare executive session this week, presumably to discuss this matter. It will then be voted on by this group followed by City Council.

The City Council should follow their zoning regulations and the will of the people, not cave in to Muslims who wield the DOJ like an Islamic scimitar in their legal jihad.

A little tidbit from our previous post:

The Islamic Center of North Fulton has been on Rucker road for 12 years. Since people began worshiping there, the membership has grown from 25 to 600. At the heart of the matter is expansion and growth of the center. In the beginning, the center said they had no intent to expand past 25 members.

And the original vote was unanimous:

The Alpharetta City Council voted 6-0 in May 2010 to reject plans by the center to tear down its 2,500-square-foot worship house and construct two buildings: a 1,900-square-foot multipurpose facility and a 12,000-square-foot, two-story structure to serve as its main building. Council members said they were concerned that the worship center was backing out of previous agreements not to expand, made before Alpharetta annexed the property from Fulton County in 2005.

Previous posts on Alpharetta here and all of Georgia at the link below.

Georgia: Murder suspect tells court Allah representing her, will take vengeance on judge

via Murder suspect: Allah will take vengeance on judge | Georgia News – WYFF Home.

A Georgia woman accused in her neighbor’s stabbing death appeared in court, threatened a judge and demanded to be released from jail.

Sahara Tabriz Fakhir, 32, is charged with murder in the death of Jerry Wheeler, 66. Fakhir appeared in court Thursday morning.

When a judge asked if Fakhir planned to get an attorney, she said Allah was representing her and would seek vengeance if the judge didn’t release her from jail.

Wheeler, who owned an auto shop, was found dead June 19 when his son came to check on him. Authorities have not disclosed a motive in the homicide.

Jail records show Fakhir is being held without bond on a murder charge. She is charged with giving a false name, birthdate or address.

More via [Muslim] Woman arrested in murder of Jerry Wheeler

Investigators have arrested a woman they say killed a local businessman on June 18.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Stan Copeland confirmed Wednesday that Sahara Tabriz Fakhir, 32, of River Run Drive in Douglasville was arrested by investigators with the Major Case Unit in connection with the brutal attack and murder of 66-year-old Jerry Wheeler in his Chattahoochee Drive home.

“We were able to tie her to the scene through forensic evidence,” Copeland said. “In fact., there is a search warrant being executed right now at her home and we will see what that nets.”

At the time of the incident, Copeland called the attack a very violent altercation. The fact that a woman is believed to be thee killer may be a surprise. But Fakhir is a large woman, standing 6-2 and weight in excess of 400 pounds, according to Copeland.

Atlanta: Gulen school defaults on $19M loan, related Turkish group snaps up property for $3.2M

via Money Jihad (who left an update in the comments too), Backroom deal suspected as Turkish agent buys foreclosed Gulen school property

In 2012, the Atlanta-area Fulton Science Academy (FSA) borrowed $19 million to buy land to expand their campus.  FSA quickly defaulted, and Wells Fargo sued them.  On Feb. 5, the land was sold at a foreclosure auction for $3.2 million according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The winning bidder?  A recently incorporated company called “TruGlobe,” with three Turkish officers, who were somehow able to come up with over $3 million on the day of the foreclosure sale, at which cash or cashier’s checks are normally required as immediate payment.

Both the Fulton Science Academy and TruGlobe have addresses in Alpharetta, Georgia.  The similarities between the entities indicate probable collusion between the Gulen charter school and the winning bidder prior to the sale.  It is worth noting that bid rigging at foreclosure auctions is a growth area for criminal activity.

The website Roots in Alpharetta was the first to expose the “amazing coincidence” of the buyer’s Turkish identity:

Did a Fulton Science Academy benefactor purchase their land?

Indeed, the registered agent and chief financial officer of TruGlobe is listed as Ahmed Vehbi Ugur, a young man who describes himself as a board member of the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast.  Ugur is also registered as the CEO of the Maress Corporation, a Turkish kitchen appliance business with an Atlanta office.

The Fulton Science Academy belongs to a network of troublesome charter schools under the direction of Fethullah Gulen, an activist who seeks to replace the formally secular government in Turkey with a sharia-dominated Islamic caliphate.  Gulen schools have undertaken an influence peddling and crony contract scheme in Texas, improper financial activities in Georgia, were denied a charter in Virginia, and are currently under an FBI investigation for kickbacks.

Fulton Science Academy appears to have gotten away with stiffing the bank and the Alpharetta Development Authority for $16 million while enabling its TruGlobe associate to purchase the same property at 15 percent of the original price.  FSA’s misrepresentation of their ability to repay the loan and conspiring with a straw buyer to purchase it on their behalf is clearly unethical, and although it would be nearly impossible to prove, these activities could constitute a possible mortgage fraud case.

Read the full details at MoneyJihad and check them out on Twitter @MoneyJihad.

FBI doles out awards to Muslims

via FBI — FBI Presents Director’s Community Leadership Awards.

The Best and Brightest

FBI Presents Director’s Community Leadership Awards


Throughout the year, dedicated and selfless individuals and organizations make extraordinary contributions to their communities across the United States. And every year, the FBI honors the very best among them with its Director’s Community Leadership Award.

Each FBI field office selects one individual or organization for the award, and each award recipient is publicly recognized at the local level. At a later date, all winners are brought to FBI Headquarters to be presented with their award by the FBI Director. And that’s just what happened today, when the nearly 60 Director’s Community Leadership Award recipients from 2012 were presented with their award by Director Robert Mueller during a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Here are just a few examples of how one individual or organization can make a difference within their community:

  • In Atlanta, Soumaya Khalifa founded the Islamic Speakers Bureau to educate those unfamiliar with the Islamic faith and provide insight into how Muslim Americans live their daily lives. She often presents training to students, business executives, and military and law enforcement personnel.
  • In Washington, D.C., Humera Khan, a dedicated advocate for American Muslims, is the founder of Mueflehun, a research organization that promotes service-minded communities and justice. Khan’s organization offers recommendations to multiple government agencies about countering homegrown terrorism and violent extremism.

So of all the potential candidates in the United States the FBI presented seven examples and of those two were Muslims who promote Islam and sharia law. Muslims only make up 1% of the U.S. population.

There’s likely many others too like this one just a few months ago, Somali Group ‘Ka Joog’ Earns FBI Honor. Just watch the video – it’s much more about protecting Islam than preventing anything else.

Muslims got more than 10% of the awards handed out based on a quick perusal of the winners here. We didn’t check every state so it could be even higher.

Albany-500 Atlanta-500 Minneapolis-500 New-York-500 Sacramento-500 Washington Field-500

Atlanta Liberty Fest to Feature Islamic Advocates for Sharia Law

via Twitter / FFRJim: Atlanta Liberty Fest To Feature ….

This event is to be held in Atlanta, Georgia April 6, 2013, at the Center Stage Theater!


Read more at the link above and background on the Muslim involved who infiltrated numerous Tea Party groups here.

Video: Bloody Muslim Ashura Ritual in Atlanta, Georgia


It was just last week we told you Islam is creeping in Georgia.


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