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The hottest Christmas gift this year!

Lars Vilks calendar with 13 wonderful drawings!

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The Vilks Calendar
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Each: USD 58:- Print: Color
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A little pricey but for a great cause and a anti-jihadist collector’s item for sure. More at the link above and see some of Vilk’s works on our Mo’toon page or previous posts on Vilks.

Charlie Hebdo publishes second “Life of Muhammad” comic


No jihad yet? More at Atlas Shrugs
couv-mahomet_2_ momo2_1 momopagePrevious posts on Charlie Hebdo here and on our Toons page here, including Charlie Hebdo Editor: “I live under French law; I don’t live under Koranic law.”

Family Guy converts to Islam (video)

Full episode on Fox and Hulu.

French paper Charlie Hebdo publishes comic book life of Mohammed


via French paper Charlie Hebdo to publish comic book life of Mohammed – Hindustan Times.

A French weekly known for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to the ire of conservative Muslims said Sunday it plans to release a comic book biography of Islam’s founder that will be researched and educational.

From the Charlie Hebdo website, via google translate:

Since the publication of the Danish cartoons of Muhammad in Charlie Hebdo in 2006, the media await the slightest hair beard of the prophet who could appear in the newspaper. They watch the scandal. Is it outrageous to represent Muhammad? Abdennour Bidar, philosopher, scholar of Islam, answers this question when tiring out the newsstand Muhammad’s life in comics.

Charlie Hebdo: When was the prohibition of depicting Muhammad Sunni Muslims and how they justify it?

Abdennour Bidar: Firstly, it should be noted that there is not in the Koran itself passing an explicit prohibition on images, unlike the Bible – in Exodus, including the second of Ten Commandments prohibits “graven image.” The reason for this prohibition is not to be found in the letter of the text, and essentially no more in this fatwa (decision jurists-theologians) at such time. The reason is metaphysical Islam wants to assert transcendence – God, the Koran, the Prophet – with such radical as any depiction of Muhammad is charged in advance to set up an “idol”, that is to say an image representation that purports to substitute a “physical”, “sensitive” to an individual who is installed by faith “beyond” everything you can imagine it … Mohammed, Mohammed or rather, is somehow too holy to be embodied in an image, which could only “devalue” its spiritual reality … The difference with Christianity, which instead represents the transcendence of the Father in the Son – “multi-represented” on the Cross throughout history.

Following the interview is to read in the 1072 Charlie Hebdo, on newsstands from Wednesday, January 2, 2013, and the Special Edition is now available on our online store .


Quick Overview

Who owns Muhammad? At all. He is the prophet of Muslims, of course, but for others it is a historical figure or a caption. Can caricature drawing Muhammad as Jesus or Napoleon Zorro.

When Muhammad cartoon in Charlie, we caricature above is the idea that makes the extremists, or are used to oppose Muhammad Muslim radicals. In all cases, it is the vision of God’s fools that determines the way we think Muhammad. We must tell the truth you do not know Muhammad. In the West, everybody can quote episodes from the life of Jesus, but include an episode from the life of Muhammad? Is this normal in a country like France, where Islam is presented as a second religion?

We imaged the life of Muhammad as the chroniclers have told Muslims. No humor added. If the form will appear blasphemous to some, the bottom is perfectly halal …

For you to see.


Forgot to mention that the last time Charlie Hebdo featured Mohammid on a cover, those peaceful Muslims firebombed the magazine’s office building.

Muslims firebomb French magazine office over Mohammid cover (video) and TIME, Facebook sided with firebombing terrorists.

Update: A quick browse around to see which sites adhere to sharia law and didn’t publish the picture. Huffpo, Independent UK, France 24,…some chose to run this image:


Stumbled across Blazing Catfur who had a look inside the first comic book.

02_charlie  02_charlie2


Charlie Brown: A Jihad Christmas (video)

Figured we’d post this before Obama’s blasphemy czar arrests Dennis Leary or whomever made the video.

Win a free copy of The Burqa Master

Free paperback or e-book editions of The Burqa Master are available to Creeping Sharia reader’s. Find out how to get one from the author below the fold.

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Guest Post: The Burqa Master

Guest post from reader and author @CidAndrenelli.

Freedom to be irreverent about Islam and laugh out loud!

A satirical look at Sharia versus Humanity and how to make use of a burqa.

With irony and humour a fundamentalist Koran thumper comes face to face with the devil when his son-in-law converts to Buddhism and becomes a vegetarian.

How can he justify the stray dog that has wormed its way into his affections? And what to do with a son who’s an unrepentant adulterer? In the end he has to face his own hypocrisy and past crimes, which ends in religious anarchy.

The Burqa master is a paradoxical drama and comedy following the lives of an Iranian father and son exiled in London. The old man, a diabetic sugar addict is lost between the mosque and Turkish delight. He shoots up insulin passing from stupor and self-pity to holy fervour, crashing about, shouting sermons and dropping syringes around the house. His son Hamid, living the Muslim paradise here and now, tries to humour his father by working in the family shop and taking part in the dawn prayers accompanied by Muezzin chants on the ghetto blaster.

But Hamid also has a secret life recruiting female shop clients to sex sessions.

Disguised as a widow in a burqa he gives ‘English lessons’ to these Muslim housewives in the privacy of their bedrooms, while their husbands happily pay.

The precarious harmony between father and son is destroyed by a series of accidents which are farcical yet tragic, causing the old man to relive a dark secret buried in his faded memories as he relives his own public flogging for a crime he’d commit again given the chance.


The old man jumps out from behind the door. “There you are!” A slap and a heavy thud as Hamid falls against the wall. “You filthy pig!”

Hamid scrambles backwards along the corridor.

The old man charges after him. “I had a visitor today…. Jamshid Mohammed! What the hell are you playing at?”

Hamid stands cornered in the corridor with a black eye, a shopping bag and his plastic magic charm bracelet on his wrist. He’s wearing a tight pink T-shirt that exposes his fat stomach, a pair of women’s green leggings and rubber flip-flops all borrowed from Patty. Bewildered, he peers at the old man like a son laying eyes on his father for the first time in years. He is dead drunk from Patty’s whisky.

“I’ve been earning some extra cash teaching English, but I was brought down by a bad woman.” (Shocked by his own confession Hamid falls to his knees. “Dad, I’m a useless sack of shit! To think I fell for a woman who beats up her midget mother-in-law! Sorry Dad.”

“Sorry! You’re sorry? He strides towards Hamid and pokes him in the chest with his walking stick. “Do I care about midgets and mother in laws? Get your arse up!”

Hamid doesn’t move, if he tries to stand he knows he’ll fall. The old man jerks him to his feet by his T-shirt. His shiny, tiny eyes bore into his son’s pissed stare for as long at it takes for him to swipe Hamid in the guts with his stick. There’s a loud crash as the bikes fall down in the hall.

“Give me that bag!”

“Leave it Dad; it’s just some stuff.”

“You think I’m a fool? Yes I am a fool! I went to your dead mother’s wardrobe and do you know what I found gone? Not gone but stolen!” Spit sprays from his mouth. “Guess what is missing?” Hamid twists away. “Dad it’s late.” The old man lunges for the bag. “Dad let it alone….”

Abbas steps out the bedroom door, squeezing his eyes against the glare of neon light. He watches Hamid and the old man pouring sweat, like two oily djins fighting over a treasure, a magic lamp, an old plastic shopping bag. The old man tears it from Hamid’s grasp and pulls out his wife’s old black burqa; it smells musty and sad.

“Where did you get it? It’s your mother’s! Isn’t it? . . . You swine!”

“I borrowed it to teach English.”

“Teach my arse!” He cackles. “Take you out and shoot you that’s what I say! Teach my arse!”

If you’d like to read inside

The ebook

The paperback


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