American Muslim group praises bomber who killed 2 as “a great community member”

via American Muslims for Palestine’s Telling Choice of Heroes.

In the American civil rights movement, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King were among those who set the moral tone. They were champions of non-violence who believed in civil disobedience to generate change by casting light on unjust laws.

If Saturday’s fundraising dinner for the group American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is any indication, role models for their cause include an unrepentant killer, a woman directly responsible for two people’s deaths in a grocery store bombing. Prosecutors say she is in America only because she kept that crime a secret from immigration officials.

In addition to its praise for Rasmieh Odeh, the dinner at a banquet hall outside of Chicago offered further insight into AMP’s radical ideology. Other speakers included a man identified as a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Jordan who previously led a Hamas-propaganda arm in America and a man listed as a member of the Palestine Committee, the Muslim Brotherhood’s umbrella organization of American-based Hamas-support groups.

And it is especially relevant if claims that AMP is working with the U.S. Department of Education and is developing a curriculum about the Palestinian cause for high school students prove to be true. While AMP members have a right to their beliefs, public officials should be wary of the group’s consistent support for terrorists.

As we reported previously, AMP does not advocate for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rather, it openly endorses “resistance,” a euphemism for violence, and speakers demand rejecting Israel’s legitimacy.

It is in that context that Odeh received a hero’s welcome. She was singled out as “a great community member, a great member for the Palestinian cause” by master of ceremonies Rami Bleibel.

Odeh was indicted in October and charged with naturalization fraud. She failed to disclose her arrest, and 10 years in an Israeli prison, for her role in 1969 bombings by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Two people were killed when one of the bombs went off in a grocery store.

The AMP is no fringe outlier among Islamist groups. It is a founding member of the new U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, joining the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

Read it all.

Celebrating jihadists is what Palestinian Muslims do: PA journalist who glorifies terrorist murderers receives Palestinian Women Media Award for 2014.

Illinois: Convicted Palestinian Terrorist Worked as Obamacare Navigator

via Convicted Terrorist Worked as Obamacare Navigator in Illinois

A terrorist from Jordan briefly worked as an Obamacare navigator in Illinois while authorities remained unaware of her conviction for involvement in a deadly grocery store bombing and two other attacks.

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh was convicted in Israel for her role in several bombings, including the 1969 attack on an upscale Shufersol grocery store, which killed two Hebrew University students who had stopped in to buy groceries for a hiking trip in the Jerusalem hills. Leon Kanner and Eddie Joffe were killed by a bomb hidden in a candy box tucked on a shelf, which also injured nine or 10 others, according to a website maintained by the Israeli government to commemorate terror victims.

The Illinois Department of Insurance quietly revoked Odeh’s certification as a Navigator In-Person Counselor on November 24, explaining in a disciplinary report that the decision was “based on an investigation which revealed that she had been convicted in Israel for her role in the bombings of a supermarket and the British Consulate in Jerusalem and failed to reveal the conviction on her application.”

The Illinois DOI conducts background checks on navigators. National Review Online obtained the comprehensive Federal Bureau of Investigation background report for Odeh, which does not note any past criminal offenses.

According to the director of insurance’s Oct. 25, 2013, revocation letter, the Department of Insurance found out about Odeh’s history after the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Michigan, notified the public about her prior convictions.

Odeh, who has as many as nine aliases, was indicted in October for allegedly lying on her U.S. immigration and naturalization application papers. On Dec. 9, 2004, she had been sworn in as a U.S. citizen in a district court in Michigan, the same state where bombing victim Kanner had spent six months studying English. If Odeh is convicted, she could lose her U.S. citizenship and serve up to 10 years in prison. Separately, the Illinois Insurance Code permits civil penalties to be levied after a hearing on any Obamacare navigator whose certificate has been denied, suspended or revoked.

Read it all at National Review Online

Previously: Chicago: Muslim Charged with Immigration Fraud for Failing to Disclose Terrorist Bombing Conviction

Chicago: Judge rules defense in jihad case can see secret docs

First the back story, Muslim teen arrested in plot to car bomb Chicago bar. Yes he thought he was killing Americans. Now the update, via Judge: Defense in terror case can see secret docs –

The government can’t keep secret its request to conduct clandestine surveillance of an accused attempted terrorist, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday in a potentially far-reaching decision that gives defense attorneys unprecedented access to records filed with a secret intelligence court.

The ruling is the first time defendant’s lawyers will be given access to an application prosecutors submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISA, which was established in 1978 to monitor spying within in the United States, U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman said.

Judge Coleman’s decision Wednesday is a rare win for the defense, which has pressed for the government to shed more light on how investigators might have employed the kind of phone and Internet spying revealed by ex-government contractor Edward Snowden.

Her pretrial ruling is in the case of 20-year-old Adel Daoud, a U.S. citizen from suburban Chicago. He denies allegations he took a phony car bomb from an undercover FBI agent in 2012, parked it by a downtown Chicago bar and pressed a trigger.

The decision means defense attorneys should be able to challenge prosecutors on the substance of the application, though not in public. Prosecutors had wanted the judge to follow established practice and view the secret application herself behind closed doors — with prosecutors there, too, but with the defense locked out on security grounds. Continue reading

Florida: Muslim arrested after runaway Illinois teen found – pregnant & committed to Islam

via Man arrested after Illinois runaway teen is found in Wesley Chapel | Tampa Bay Times. h/t Under the Burka

They met at the mall in her small central Illinois hometown. He came from Turkey and ran a kiosk in Bloomington. It was either June or July last year, detectives say.

She was 16. He was 39.

Tiffany kept her relationship with Sezer Gok a secret from her parents, authorities said. She began working for him. He named a new kiosk for her: Tiffany’s Balloons.

Gok had been working days, if not weeks, in advance to close down each of his kiosks. She left high school and family behind.

Before anyone even knew, they were gone.

“By the time we caught up with them leaving,” Rena said, “we were about 10 steps behind them.”

Tiffany was reported missing Nov. 12. Evidence showed she left willingly with Gok, Rena said.

At some point they were married in a Muslim religious ceremony, a Pasco sheriff’s report states. They first stopped in Pittsburgh. There, the report states, Gok read a news story alleging he abducted Tiffany. He got nervous and took her to Tampa.

Tiffany never told her parents where she was, Rena said. During the two months she was missing, she called them once, just before Christmas.

Back in Bloomington, Rena worked with U.S. marshals to track Gok’s location.

The couple moved to Glenwood Mobile Home Park on Habersham Lane east of Tampa. Then on Jan. 12, they rented a house at 5909 Azure Drive in Wesley Chapel.

Rena would not reveal investigative techniques, but marshals located Gok. Authorities went to the home at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and arrested him.

Investigators interviewed Tiffany, now 17, who told them she was seven weeks pregnant with Gok’s child and that she was “fully committed to Muslim faith,” said sheriff’s spokeswoman Melanie Snow.


Tiffany was taken into child custody. Her father has since picked her up, Rena said.

Gok, now 40, remained in the Land O’Lakes jail Wednesday on charges of interfering with custody and sheltering a runaway. More charges are pending against him in Illinois.

U.S. Immigration and Customs had placed a hold on his release.

That means he’s an immigrant. It also means somewhere in the U.S. an imam married them – probably at a mosque. Where? And what state was the marriage consummated in? Legal age?

American jihadi from Chicago returning to U.S. from Syria tomorrow?

According to his account he is. Background via American ISIS Member From Chicago Active On Twitter And Facebook: ‘Internet, Restaurants, Cars, iPhones… Allah Has Made… Jihad In Sham [Syria] So Easy’.

A.T., who traveled to Syria to join a jihad organization, states on his Twitter account that he is 25, from Chicago, and has joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He is yet another of the growing number of foreign fighters in Syria using social media – in his case, in addition to Twitter, he is active on Facebook and – to chronicle experiences, to communicate with fellow jihadis in Syria and in the West, and to answer questions about joining the jihad in Syria. His first tweet, on December 21, 2013, was: “Internet, Restaurants, Cars, iPhones… Allah has made Hijra and Jihad in Sham [Syria] so easy… why are we still clinging to the Earth and hesitating?”

According to his Facebook account, created December 18, 2013, A.T. first arrived in Syria a year and a half ago, and joined Ahrar Al-Sham. He says on it that he left Syria temporarily due to an injury and returned to Aleppo on September 4, 2013; since then, according to his “About” section, he has been serving as a cook for ISIS. He also states that he speaks English, Classical Arabic, Syrian Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, and Pashto. His profile photo is of a young man, from chin to torso. As of this writing, his page was last updated December 27.

His Facebook page includes photos of Osama bin Laden and a dead jihadi, ISIS posters, and an ISIS video. It also links to other Facebook accounts – one of which reports on a Muslim convert jihadi from Ontario, Canada killed in Syria. On his account, he states that he is American: “American ‘Jihadi’ or wtever they are calling it..inshAllah may Allah allow more and more [M]uslims to make hijra [refering in this case to emigration to a jihad front] and jihad in his path!” His Twitter account also links to his account.

The full text of this report is available to MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor Subscribers.

His Twitter accounts is @abu_muhajir1


His account is @abumuhajir1. He claims to be returning to the U.S. tomorrow. Are U.S. officials are aware? Will they interrogate or arrest this jihadi? What mosque does he attend? How many like-minded Muslims has he recruited from the U.S.?


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Addresses Terror-linked Islamic Conference

via Illinois Governor Addresses Islamist Conference

The annual joint conference of the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim American Society brings together Islamist preachers and devotees from around the country. This year’s event had a special keynote speaker: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

ICNA and MAS posted video of Quinn’s address. The speaker recalled how Quinn visited the Hamas/Brotherhood-linked Mosque Foundation and said, “This is the kind of governor that we support and we like.”

Quinn shared the stage with numerous Islamists like Imam Siraj Wahhaj of Masjid At-Taqwa; Jamal Badawi, Yasir Qadhi and Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Quinn was also praised for establishing a Muslim American Advisory Council in 2011. Among the chosen members were Ahmed Rehab, leader of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Safaa Zarzour, former secretary-general of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

Both CAIR and ISNA were branded unindicted co-conspirators in a terrorism-financing trial. The U.S. government has said they are both U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities.

Read it all at Clarion Project.

There’s another Islamo-conference coming up too: California: Hilton Anaheim hosting unindicted co-conspirator ISNA’s forum on Islamizing education



Illinois: Mosque takes over former Wheaton church

Like mass Muslim immigration, a growing trend. via Mosque takes over former Wheaton church – h/t TROP

A mosque recently moved into a former church building on the northeast side of Wheaton, becoming what is believed to be the city’s first Islamic institution.

In late August, the Islamic Center of Wheaton bought and moved into the 26,193-square-foot former First Assembly of God Church at 900 E. Geneva Road, at the southwest corner of Geneva Road and President Street. Records show that, through a bank trust, the Islamic Center of Wheaton paid $3.15 million for the church and its 7.08-acre property.

Mosque spokesman Abraham Antar said he and his fellow congregants are excited about their new home, which he said is Wheaton’s first Muslim community.

“Wheaton is a city of faith, and we’re very privileged to be able to establish an Islamic community for Wheaton and especially for the western suburbs,” he said. “There are a lot of Muslims in Wheaton and the surrounding towns. It’s unfortunate for the (First Assembly of God) church that they lost their opportunity to stay there.”

Antar also said Islamic Center of Wheaton leaders are looking forward to getting to know other religious institutions in the area.

“This is a beautiful location, and one of the great attractions is that it gives us an opportunity as an Islamic organization to really connect with other churches,” he said. “It really presents us with an opportunity to really bridge the relationship with all congregations within the area. We haven’t really started yet, but we would like to.”

Antar said about 700 to 800 men and women have been worshiping at the mosque each Friday.

If 700-800 can attend on Friday, when most people are working, how did they afford the $3.15 million to buy it? That’s nearly $4,000 per person.


Chicago: Muslim Charged with Immigration Fraud for Failing to Disclose Terrorist Bombing Conviction

It only took U.S. officials 18 years to vet a jihadist killer who had been admitted to the U.S. and given U.S. citizenship. Better late than never. Feel safe? via FBI — Naturalized U.S. Citizen Charged with Immigration Fraud for Failing to Disclose Terrorism Conviction.

A naturalized United States citizen who was convicted in Israel for participating in a terrorist bombing was charged with immigration fraud, U.S. Attorney Barbara L. McQuade announced today.

Joining McQuade in the announcement was William Hayes, Acting Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations.

Special agents arrested Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, 66, at a Chicago-area residence after the unsealing of an indictment filed in federal court in Detroit. The indictment charges procurement of citizenship unlawfully. The indictment alleges that Odeh was convicted in Israel for her role in the 1969 bombings of a supermarket and the British Consulate in Jerusalem, which were carried out on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a designated terrorist organization.

According to the indictment, Odeh and others placed multiple bombs at the British Consulate and in a supermarket. One of the bombs placed at the supermarket detonated, killing two and injuring others. A bomb placed at the Consulate caused structural damage to the facility. Odeh was sentenced by Israeli military authorities to life imprisonment but was released after 10 years as part of a prisoner exchange, and she then returned to the West Bank.

The indictment alleges that in 1995, she immigrated to the United States and naturalized as a citizen in 2004. In her immigration documents filed in the United States, the indictment alleges, Odeh omitted her arrest, conviction, and imprisonment overseas, which were material facts for the United States government in determining whether to grant her citizenship.

“The United States will never be a safe haven for individuals seeking to distance themselves from their pasts,” said William Hayes, acting special agent in charge for HSI Detroit. “When individuals lie on immigration documents, the system is severely undermined and the security of our nation is put at risk.”

Bullshit. An imam in New Jersey was jailed for being part of Hamas and omitted it from his citizenship documentation but Chris Christie and other law enforcement officials have themselves undermined the system and fought aggressively to keep the Hamas member in the United States.

“An individual convicted of a terrorist bombing would not be admitted to the United States if that information was known at the time of arrival,” McQuade said. “Upon discovery that someone convicted of a terrorist attack is in the United States illegally, we will seek to use our criminal justice system to remove that individual.”

If convicted of the charge, Odeh will be stripped of her United States citizenship. She also faces a maximum sentence of 10 years for naturalization fraud.

Not to be confused with Yousseff Odeh, the Palestinian arrested in NYC selling cigarettes to fund jihad.

More here: Convicted Palestinian terrorist found living in Evergreen Park

Friends say Odeh had been active in Palestinian causes and protests, and worked at the Arab American Action Network. They question why she was targeted, suggesting it may be her connection to people involved with the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

3 years ago, 23 people in Chicago and Minneapolis had their homes raided by the FBI as part of an investigation into alleged support and funding of terrorist organizations in Palestine.

Hatem Abudayyah was among those and is Odeh’s boss.

“It’s ridiculous and we are very very angry, not only her colleagues, at the organization, but people across the city are already texting and calling and asking what they can do,” Abudayyah says.

Odeh left court with two nephews. Her attorney and friend say she has no other family here and was never married.

“She’s one of the nicest people,” says attorney Jim Fennerty. “She comes to my house on Christmas Eve, and spends time with my family, she’s just a wonderful person, she’s always caring. She always put yourself out to help people in the community, she’s not a threat to anybody.”

And the Palestinian terrorist has Ties to Obama.

NY: US citizen gets 25 years in Taliban weapons sale plot

POURYAN and ORBACH, at different times, agreed to arrange the sale of weapons to the CS for the Taliban’s use against U.S. military forces in Afghanistan…

via US citizen arrested in Romania gets 25-year prison sentence in NY Taliban case | Fox News.

A U.S. citizen convicted of conspiring to provide material support to the Taliban and acquire anti-aircraft missiles has been sentenced in New York to 25 years in prison.

Alwar Pouryan (AH’-wahr per-AHN’) was sentenced Wednesday to the mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years for the anti-aircraft missile count but was spared a life sentence. Pouryan and a co-defendant were convicted last month.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement afterward that Pouryan was “an American who was all too willing to do business with the Taliban.” He called the sentence “just and appropriate for an individual who so callously sold out his country.”

Pouryan was arrested in Bucharest, Romania, last February.

Authorities say the men were approached by U.S. government witnesses posing as representatives of the Taliban.

Unclear if he worshiped Allah, but he was arrested with several Muslims not mentioned here. More: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Convictions Of Two U.S. Citizens For Conspiring To Aid The Taliban

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara stated: “By agreeing to sell arms to a source they believed represented the Taliban, Alwar Pouryan and Oded Orbach betrayed their country, and all the U.S. citizens they were willing to put in harm’s way. Now they stand convicted and will pay the price for their crimes and their betrayal. Continue reading

Illinois, Maine, Arizona Muslims among Kenyan Mall Massacre killers

According to a post by Jean-Patrick Grumberg at, Muslims from Illinois, Maine, and Arizona were listed by al Shabaab along with the Muslims from Minnesota & Kansas City as being among the Islamic killers that perpetraded the Kenyan Mall Massacre.

We re-arranged the list putting the Muslims that were living in America at the top of the list.

  • Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22 ans, de Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid. 24 ans de Minneapolis [Minnesota]
  • Gen Mustafe Noorudiin. 27 ans, de Kansas City. MO
  • Abdelkarem Ali Mohamed, 21 ans, d’Illinois
  • Abdishakur Sheikh Hassan 22 ans, du Maine
  • Shafie Die 25 ans, de Tucson Arizona


  • Abdirizak Mouled, 24 ans, d’Ontario Canada
  • Ahmed Nasir Shirdoon, 24 ans, de Londres GB
  • Sayid Nuh, 25 ans, de Kismayu, Somalie
  • Sa’d Daud 23 ans, Damas Syrie
  • Mohammed Bader 25 ans, d’Aleppo Syrie
  • Ismael Guled, 23 ans, Helsinky Finlande
  • Zaki Jama Caraale, 20 ans, d’Hargeisa, Somalie
  • Qasim Said Mussa, 22 ans, Garissa, Kenya
  • Eliko Mamedoff, 27 ans, Dagestan
  • Moulid Ahmed 24 ans, Gävleborgs Län, Sweden

He posted a screen shot from Twitter – the account now suspended – however the names of those living in the U.S. were not in the screen shot.

Please note that the source is al Shabaab and the Islamic principle of striking fear into the hearts of the unbelievers is in play. This has not been confirmed by U.S. authorities as of this posting.

Apparently not much has changed since this 2011 post, Somali-Americans from Minnesota Leave US to Wage Jihad, FBI Unaware.

Illinois: Muslim dawah at library greeted with…infidels

What happens when taxpayers are forced to pay for and tolerate Islamic indoctrination not only from all levels of federal government but even at local libraries?

First, you get Islamophilic “reporters” covering the story who portray the Muslims as victims and those who oppose sharia law and dawah as disrespectful.

via Muslim forum at Orland Park Library sparks heated debate. –

Muslim panelists calmly explain beliefs amid outbursts from some audience members


What a southwest suburban library had promoted as an educational forum this week on Muslim life in America quickly turned into a contentious debate about Islam.

The tone for the Thursday evening event was set while the three panelists at the Orland Park Library were still introducing themselves. In the first of many interruptions, a half-dozen audience members stood up and demanded that everyone recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Library Director Mary Weimar denied their request. She explained that it wasn’t standard practice to recite the pledge at library events and requested that the attendees show more respect for the panelists.

So began a tense and often heated 90-minute debate — punctuated with frequent yelling and finger-pointing from audience members — over the practice of Shariah law, the meaning of jihad and the intersection of Islamic and American culture.

While some audience members expressed disdain for Islam and its followers, the Muslim panelists remained calm in attempting to explain their beliefs.

“Despite the anger that a lot of people brought, I think it’s good to talk about these issues,” said Thomas Maguire, associate director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago. “I raised some of those issues myself because I wanted to be able to have those discussions.”

As one of the three panelists, Maguire was joined by Amir Toft, a doctoral student in Near Eastern languages and civilizations at the University of Chicago, and Iman Sedique, a doctoral student in sociology at Northwestern University.

Together they repeatedly asked the audience to maintain an open mind about Islam. In return, they were peppered with questions about Muslim extremists and the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Joseph Figliulo, a Frankfort resident and member of Act! For America, a national organization of people concerned about “the threat of radical Islam,” called Shariah “a totalitarian ideology along the lines of communism and fascism.”

Nearly a dozen audience members appeared to side with Figliulo. They often clapped and cheered for one another as they took turns explaining their distrust of Muslims.

Others in the 60-person crowd took offense at the frequent outbursts and told those responsible to “shut up or leave.”

Library officials called police after an audience member accused the panelists of being complacent in the face of terrorism overseas. The remark led to a burst of outrage from audience members who said the panelists were avoiding the topic.

“I can’t explain irrational things,” Toft said in response. “I have no justification for it. There is no justification for it from an Islamic perspective.”

Lies or ignorance?

YUSUFALI: Say to the Unbelievers, if (now) they desist (from Unbelief), their past would be forgiven them; but if they persist, the punishment of those before them is already (a matter of warning for them).
YUSUFALI: And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere; but if they cease, verily Allah doth see all that they do.
YUSUFALI: If they refuse, be sure that Allah is your Protector – the best to protect and the best to help.

YUSUFALI: O Prophet! rouse the Believers to the fight. If there are twenty amongst you, patient and persevering, they will vanquish two hundred: if a hundred, they will vanquish a thousand of the Unbelievers: for these are a people without understanding.

YUSUFALI: Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! fight the unbelievers who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you: and know that Allah is with those who fear Him.

Does the Koran qualify as Islamic justification?

Thursday’s event, titled “Muslims Today,” was part of a monthlong series the library organized to explore Islamic life and culture. The entire series, “The Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys,” is sponsored by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

What no one seems to be asking is why is the library promoting any discussion on Islam? There are plenty of mosques in Chicago with new ones being forced on citizens regularly with help from the DOJ. They can promote it all they want. Why should taxpayers have to pay for it and be expected to keep silent during dawah to unsuspected library patrons? This federal dawah campaign is going on NATIONWIDE!

Illinois: Police call off anti-terror training after terror-linked Muslim group complains


via Local police training on terrorism canceled amid concerns from Muslim group – Chicago Tribune.

Police training officials have called off a local anti-terrorism class for officers after protests from a Muslim civil liberties group called the course’s instructor “notorious(ly) anti-Muslim.”

Officers from various local departments had been scheduled to attend instructor Sam Kharoba’s class, “Islamic Awareness as a Counter-Terrorist Strategy,” Monday at Lombard Village Hall. But late last week the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called for the training’s cancellation.

The course was scratched Friday after the head of the state’s police training agency asked the local training agency, North East Multi-Regional Training, not to use the instructor until the state evaluates his curriculum. According to the local organization’s director, Phil Brankin, the executive director of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, Kevin McClain, said the trainer would not be used statewide until the inquiry concludes. McClain could not be reached.

The Muslim civil liberties group said in a news release that Kharoba’s training materials are “riddled with inaccuracies, sweeping generalizations and stereotypes.” The group cited Kharoba’s training materials, arguing that he portrays Islam as inherently violent.

Kharoba could not be reached for comment. The instructor has attracted controversy in the past. Last year, CAIR and other Muslim groups asked Florida law enforcement officials to stop hiring him to teach.

On the North East Multi-Regional Training group’s website, Kharoba is described as a Jordanian-born “nationally-recognized presenter … noted for his knowledge in Arabic name construction, symbols and colors” who has conducted training for more than 13,000 law enforcement officials. The course, according to the site, aims to provide “insight into the mindset of Islamic militants” and teach ways to “differentiate between moderate and radical persons.”

Brankin said he had examined Kharoba’s work and believed his conclusions were based on credible research, even if CAIR finds his message offensive. Brankin added that he recently invited CAIR to develop and offer its own training through his agency.

“I’m confident that (the state agency’s) review will find nothing wrong with the curriculum or the instructor,” he said.

Illinois: City rejects zoning change for mosque, Muslims promise legal jihad

Threats of legal jihad to enforce the zoning jihad. via Des Plaines rejects Muslim group’s request – h/t Islamist Watch

Despite the threat of a lawsuit, the Des Plaines City Council Monday night rejected a Bosnian Muslim group’s request to allow a religious center in a part of town zoned for manufacturing.

The American Islamic Center’s proposal to convert two connected one-story office buildings at 1645 Birchwood Ave. into a prayer hall/community center with classrooms, areas for performing arts, offices and eating space was denied last month by the city’s community development committee despite the plan commission’s earlier recommendation of approval.

The Des Plaines location would have been the sixth Bosnian Islamic center in the region, with other centers located in Northbrook, two in Chicago, and one in the Southwest suburbs.

The city would have had to change the existing zoning of the 1.8-acre property from general manufacturing to institutional zoning where places of worship are permitted. The site was previously occupied by an insurance company but has remained vacant for more than two years.

Tony Peraica, a Chicago attorney representing the American Islamic Center, implored aldermen to reconsider their earlier vote, saying any protracted litigation would cost the city a substantial amount of money.

Peraica said recent lawsuits by religious groups denied zoning changes to allow their institutions and places of worship in DuPage County have not gone favorably for the government.

Actually they’ve gone exceptionally well for the government, the federal government which almost exclusively defends and promotes Islam.

DuPage County recently was ordered to pay $445,000 and approve the zoning application of Irshad Learning Center, while in a separate case the county entered into a consent decree granting the Islamic Center of Western Suburbs’ zoning map amendment application.

Peraica promised legal action after the vote.

A promise of legal jihad.

“A lawsuit will be filed, soon,” Peraica said.

He wants to work with the terror-linked group that the federal government has declared an unindicted co-conspirator to the largest terror financing conviction in U.S. history.

He said he would like to work with the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights group that has successfully fought similar cases of zoning denial for Islamic institutions in DuPage County.

Aldermen previously expressed concern over the loss of property tax revenue from the parcel if it were zoned for a religious purpose. The property generated $95,000 in property taxes in 2013, according to the city.

Chicago: Muslim surgery center drops “sharia-compliant” reference in bid for approval

Remember, banning sharia law is just a solution in search of a problem. via Surgery center for Muslims drops religious label – Health Care News – Crain’s Chicago Business.

A Chicago doctor who proposed opening the state’s first “Shariah-compliant” surgery center is dropping references to Islamic law, a bid to reduce confusion — and controversy — about the plan.

Dr. Naser Rustom’s original proposal for a $5.5 million medical facility in southwest suburban Orland Park that would adhere to the tenets of Islam was issued a preliminary denial in May by the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board. The proposal was a sign of the growing population of Arab-Americans and other Muslims in the Chicago area.

But by catering to conservative Muslims, the center raised thorny issues because some interpretations of Shariah would require strict segregation of the sexes. Dr. Rustom, who also owns the Alhambra Palace restaurant on West Randolph Street, didn’t intend to follow that practice because he said it would violate federal and state law.

Now, he has revised his application, “removing all references to Shariah law,” according to a letter to the facilities board staff from his lawyer.

“The intent of the change is to simplify and clarify the special health needs of Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans,” according to a letter from Joseph Hylak-Reinholtz of the Chicago office of law firm Holland & Knight LLP.

“There are hundreds of different interpretations of what Shariah is,” Mr. Hylak-Reinholtz said in an interview. “It’s better to avoid mentioning it.”

The project still would focus on meeting the heath care needs of Muslim and Arab-American patients, by offering areas for prayer and ritual washing, and some employees will speak both Arabic and English, he said.


The term “Shariah” needlessly complicated the proposal, said Robert Vischer, dean of the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, who has written about the intersection of Islam, health care and the law.

Needlessly? Huh? The entire premise of the facility is sharia law. That doesn’t needlessly complicate – that contradicts state and U.S. federal law.

“ ‘Shariah’ has become a hot-button term in America that signals a theocratic takeover of American law,” he said.

Apparently it’s a hot-button term in Egypt too, where millions of Muslims rose up and kicked the Muslim Brotherhood out of office.

Despite fine-tuning the pitch, Dr. Rustom still faces obstacles showing there is a need for the surgery center. The facilities board reviews health care construction projects to avoid duplication of services. More than 60 percent of hospitals and surgery centers in the area around the site are underused, according to the staff report on the original application.

The board vote, which was 8-0 against the plan, was taken after the facilities board staff found there was no evidence that the project would actually improve health care for Muslims and Arab-Americans in the southwest suburbs.

The revised application asks the staff to reconsider that finding, citing as many as 30 letters from individuals and organizations expected to be filed in support of the project.

The new plan includes some other modifications to its basic layout and operation. The attention the project has received has attracted new doctors to the facility, so Dr. Rustom wants to add two new surgical specialties: obstetrics/gynecology and podiatry, the July 12 filing says. He also will reduce the number of treatment rooms from five to four.

The board could take up the project as soon as its September meeting.

If he loses, will Eric Holder step in on behalf of Obama and the Muslim community to force a sharia-compliant hospital in an area where 60% of the facilities are currently underused?

Non-Muslim women: Avoid this joint like the plague.

From our May 2013 post Chicago: Muslim doctor opening surgery center he says will follow sharia law:

We recognize that a health care facility that is fully compliant with Shariah law would likely violate a number of state and federal laws,” Ms. Fina says in an email.

Muslims rally for Muslim Brotherhood in D.C. and Chicago

via Pro-Morsi Rally in D.C. A Grand Deception by Frank Spano IPT News

A rally outside the White House Friday offered a clear example of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Grand Deception” in action in America. To a casual observer, it appeared that a few dozen people came out to support ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Protesters shouted his name and spoke passionately about democracy and how they think it was violated in Cairo.

Signs like “We love Morsi” and “Egyptian Americans Support Democracy” made it seem Morsi was a beloved and unifying figure. In Egypt, opposition to his rule triggered massive street demonstrations considered among the largest in history.

Nobody at the White House rally mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Morsi emerged a year ago to become president. No one referred to Morsi’s attempts to monopolize power for the Brotherhood via edicts and appointments – moves that fueled widespread discontent and drove millions of protesters to the streets of Egypt.

But an examination of the rally’s organizers and speakers shows deep connections to the Brotherhood, an 80-year-old religious and political movement that seeks to establish a global Islamic Caliphate governed by Shari’ah, or Islamic law. Its motto: “Allah is our goal, the Quran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, struggle [jihad] is our way, and death in the service of God is the loftiest of our wishes.”

The July 5 rally was organized by the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center of Falls Church, Va. mosque that has been home to some notable Islamic extremists. Law enforcement records obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism in 2010 show it has served as “a front for Hamas operatives in U.S.,” and “has been linked to numerous individuals linked to terrorism financing.”

It was home to the late American-born terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki before he left the United States.

9/11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Hani Hanjour attended the mosque, as well as Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan.

Dar al-Hijrah also has a long history of supporting both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. One of the mosque’s founders and former imams, Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Adam el-Sheikh, also founded the Brotherhood-related Muslim American Society (MAS) along with former Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Mahdi Akef. (Reports claim that Akef was among the Muslim Brotherhood leaders arrested during the July 4 roundup.)

MAS and Dar al-Hijrah have shared several leaders. For example, former MAS President Esam Omeish served on the mosque’s board of directors. Omeish had to resign from a Virginia immigration board in 2007 after he was seen on videotape praising Palestinians who chose “the jihad way” to liberation. And Imam Shaker Elsayed is a former MAS secretary-general. In a 2004 profile of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, Elsayed praised Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Banna, saying that his ideas are “the closest reflection of how Islam should be in this life.” Earlier this year, Elsayed told an Ethiopian group that Muslim men should be “the first in jihad line.”

Read the rest at The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the U.S. also rallied in Chicago this week, via The Chicago Tribune – After Egypt coup, hundreds of Morsi supporters rally in Chicago.


Meanwhile, Stakelbeck on Terror found a true small minority of U.S. Muslims who Warn about the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Video wouldn’t embed so click link to view.

Tellingly, the pro-Muslim Brotherhood protestors far outnumber the anti-jihad, anti-sharia, anti-Muslim Brotherhood Muslims in the U.S.


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