Muslim persecution of Hindus and Buddhists in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka

Paging Hollywood, paging Hollywood. via Ban Koran.

More detail and photos at the International Unity for Freedom and Equality website. via : Almost 100 Hindu Homes in Nagarparkar Are Torched by Muslim Extremists




1,000 Christian, Hindu girls forced to convert to Islam every year in Pakistan

Many others raped, killed and threatened regularly. via India Today.

Around 1,000 Christian and Hindu women in Pakistan are forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men every year, says a report released by Movement for Solidarity and Peace (MSP) on Monday.

The report says the estimates of the incidence of forced marriage and conversion range from 100 to 700 victim Christian girls and 300 Hindu girls every year, adding that the true scale of the problem is likely to be much greater, as a number of cases are never reported or do not progress through the law-enforcement and legal systems.

The report has categorised the concurrent incidence of forced conversions and forced marriages as a distinct crime specific to minority Christian women in Punjab.

The report says that cases of forced marriages/conversions follow a distinctive pattern. Christian girls – usually between the ages of 12 and 25 – are abducted, converted to Islam and married to the abductor or third party.

The victim’s family usually files a First Information Report (FIR) for abduction or rape with the local police station. The abductor, on behalf of the victim girl, files a counter FIR, accusing the Christian family of harassing the willfully converted and married girl, and for conspiring to convert the girl back to Christianity.

Upon production in the courts or before the magistrate, the victim girl is asked to testify whether she converted and married of her own free will or if she was abducted. In most cases, the girl remains in custody of the abductor while judicial proceedings are carried out.

Upon the girl’s pronouncement that she wilfully converted and consented to the marriage, the case is settled without relief for the family. Once in the custody of the abductor, the victim girl may be subjected to sexual violence, rape, forced prostitution, human trafficking and sale, or other domestic abuse.

In its report, MSP has included 10 illustrative cases victims who have been subjected to such patterns of violence and injustice.

Add them to the more than 5,000 honour killings reported to take place every year around the world.

More from the MSP press release:

MSP’s investigations find that cases of forced marriages/conversions follow a distinctive pattern: Christian girls — usually between the ages of 12 and 25 — are abducted, converted to Islam, and married to the abductor or third party.

The full report can be read here in PDF.

Obama, like Bush and others before him, continue to plunder billions of dollars of wages from American citizens to give to Pakistan.

Keith Ellison sponsors anti-India bill on behalf of Muslim groups

via Pro-Muslim Groups Hire Lobbyist to Push Anti-India Resolution in Congress.

The Indian American Muslim Council and the Council Against Genocide have hired a Washington, D.C. lobbying group to promote HR 417, a resolution that would deny a U.S. visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his alleged human rights violations.

Conversely, the Hindu American Foundation has launched an intensive campaign to oppose what it terms an “anti-India” measure, sponsored by Reps. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and Joe Pitts, R-Penn. The legislation has amassed 22 supporters in the House. It must pass the House Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee before coming to the full floor for a vote.

Introducing the bill in the House Nov. 18, Ellison and Pitts said India’s religious minorities have suffered numerous human rights violations, including massive riots in Gujarat in 2002, which reportedly killed 2,000 Muslims over three days. Human Rights Watch has labeled the violence a “pogrom” against Muslims.

The riots began after a train carrying Hindus on a pilgrimage was set on fire by a Muslim mob, which killed 59 Hindus.

“Modi has become a figurehead for anti-India and anti-Hindu views,” said Kalra. “Resolutions like these speak of a larger bias against India,” he said, alleging that the IAMC and CAG have links to terrorist groups in India. Kalra alleged that Ubaid was connected to the Islamic Circle of North America, which was considered a Muslim Brotherhood front organization.

 CAIR usually works to keep Indians out of the U.S. doesn’t it?

Also read Myths of Gujarat Riots.

Meanwhile, in India, Fatwas ban outsiders’ entry into Muslim villages.

Back in Obama’s lawless, Constitution-less America, Indian diplomats are Arrested and strip-searched while Homeland Security helps smuggle illegal immigrant children into the U.S.

The Obama administration is making enemies, or being played by its enemies, everywhere it goes.

Coordinated bombings at world famous Buddhist temple


via Terror strikes Bodh Gaya, serial blasts rock Mahabodhi Temple – The Times of India.

GAYA: Terror struck the temple town of Bodh Gaya in Bihar, as nine serial explosions rocked the Mahabodhi Temple complex on Sunday morning.

Two tourists, including a monk from Myanmar, have been injured in the blasts. The injured are being treated at the Anugrah Narain Magadh Medical College hospital.

Union home secretary Anil Goswami confirmed that the Bodh Gaya blasts were a terror attack.

Bihar Police suspect the involvement of Indian Mujahideen in the temple blasts.

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar strongly condemned the serial blasts in and around the temple and demanded deployment of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) to protect the world famous Buddhist shrine.

According to Gaya Police, the blasts took place in quick succession between 5.30am and 6am in the temple complex and near the Mahabodhi tree.

One of the blasts took place just under the enlightenment tree causing partial damage to the Buddha footprints in the shrine premises.

Four blasts took place inside the shrine premises, while another three blasts took place in the Tregar monastery premises. The Tregar monastery belongs to the Karmapa, the second most important spiritual leader.

One blast each took place at the great Buddha statue and a bus parked on the Sujata bypass.

Arvind Singh, a member of Mahabodhi Temple Management Commitee said two other bombs, one near the 80 feet statue and one at bus stand have been defused.

Cops have sealed the entry routes to the shrine.

The DIG said, “The sanctum sanctorum of the Mahabodhi Temple is intact. The temple premises have been sanitised.”

The secretary of the Bodh Gaya committee Dorji said, “There were four blasts inside the temple premises. Fortunately, there was no damage to the Bodhi Tree or the main temple structure.”

“In the first blast which took place near the Bodhi tree, a table was blown up because of which two persons were injured. The second blast, I think, was inside the enclosure where books were kept. The furniture was damaged but there was no damage to the monuments or statues,” he said.

Asked about the nature of explosives used, S K Bharadwaj, ADG (Law and Order) said they were low intensity time bombs.

He said, “We got information about six-seven months back that there may be a terror attack on the Mahabodhi temple. After that we had beefed up secuirty and deployed extra forces”.

Bodh Gaya Buddhist temple, around 10 km from Gaya and 100 km from capital Patna, is world famous. Lord Buddha had attained enlightenment here under the Mahabodhi tree in the temple premises.

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama makes frequent trips to Bodh Gaya and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa had visited it six months back. A total of 52 countries have established their monasteries here.

The Muslim Jihad Against Hinduism

Atlas Shrugs posted an excerpt of this piece yesterday,“The Muslim Jihad Against Hinduism” . The introduction to the article is worth posting and Americans should heed the warning as well.

In nutshell the articles says that what the Hindus of India are facing today is not terrorism. It is something much worse and sinister. It is a jihad proper, raw and gory in its medieval and macabre form, launched by Pakistan and other radical groups. The Hindu leadership must realize that today Jihad is the only fully globalized enterprise across the world with millions of shareholders and franchises in more than 60 countries, including India, who are working overtime to destroy all non-Muslim nations

Warning Hindus the article further says that in this holy war, terrorism will be used as a strategic tool. However, it has been kept under wraps by political leaders and mainstream English media to lull naïve and gullible Hindus into believing that everything is just fine.

The article runs into 12 pages. It requires a serious reading. Please save it and study it at your leisure.


Future of A Besieged Civilization

“There was a siege going on; it had been going on for a long time, but the besieged were the last to take notice of it.”

The conquest of India by Islamic invaders is a long and dreadful narrative of multiple ferocious wars between the invaders and the valiant Hindu Rajas who ruled over different parts of India during medieval times. The barbaric invaders, including Muhammad Ghauri and Babur, took morbid delight in building towers of the skulls of slaughtered ‘kaffirs’ (read Hindus), a stark fact, proudly recorded by a number of Muslim historians in great detail. Most braveheart Hindu rulers zealously defended their motherland, their subjects and above all their honor at a terrible cost; unlike the Arab conquest of the Persian empire within a short span of two decades and similar fate of Byzantine empire and smaller kingdoms of central Asia. In sharp contrast, the Islamic invaders had to fight multiple tortuous, gut-wrenching battles for centuries to subjugate the Hindus. The resistance offered by the masses to invaders and freebooters was formidable indeed. Occasionally there were some traitors, too, like Raja Jaichand of Kannauj, whose name has become synonymous with treachery.

The hostility between two kingdoms, namely the Chauhans of Rajasthan and Gahadwala Rajputs of Kannauj was a major cause of the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan in 1192. Had the armies of two gutsy Hindu rulers stood united in the battle of Tarain, the invading armies could have been defeated.

The atrocities committed by Muslim rulers on Sikhs of Punjab and Marathas in south were horrendous. Jahangir had murdered the fifth Sikh Guru Arjan Dev in a most diabolical manner. The epitome of courage Arjan Dev was made to sit on a hot plate and hot sand was poured on him to torture him to death. Later on Aurangzeb, the cruelest of all Muslim kings not only beheaded Guru Tegh Bahadur, but also murdered four gallant sons of Guru Gobind Singh. Two elder sons, Sahibzade Ajit Singh and Junjhar Singh attained martyrdom in 1704 during the battle of Chamkaur Sahib, while the younger sons Fateh Singh and Zorawar Singh were bricked alive in 1705 at Sirhind by Faujdar Wazir Khan, under orders of Aurangzeb.

Starting with the invasion of Sind by Muhammad bin Qasim in 712 A.D. the next 900 years witnessed a relentless onslaught by hordes of Muslim invaders pouring in through Khyber and Bolan passes. Among the barbaric murderers and freebooters were Mahmud Ghazanvi, Muhammad Ghauri, Babur, Ahmad Shah Abdali and Nadir Shah. In fact, Guru Nanak has given in the Babur Vani a vivid description of the atrocities committed by invaders on the hapless Hindus of Punjab and north-western India. According to the eminent historian, Will Durant, “the Mohammedan conquest of India is perhaps the bloodiest story of history”. He calls it a discouraging tale, for its only lesson was that civilization is a precarious thing, whose delicate complex of order and liberty, culture and peace could be overthrown at any time by barbarians invading from without and multiplying within.”[Source: Will Durant, The Story of Civilization, Part I, p. 459].

A detailed narrative of the tyranny and atrocities committed by Muslim invaders was given by a well known Muslim author and thinker, Rizwan Salim, who wrote in The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, on December 28, 1997, an article titled, “What the invaders really did?” justifying the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992. Rizwan Salim highlighted that the wrecking of Hindu temples went on from the early years of the eighth century to well past 1700 A.D. a period of almost 1000 years. [Source : The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, December 28, 1997]. Every Muslim ruler of Delhi (or Governor of the Province) spent most of his time fighting the Hindu kings in the north and the south, the east and west. Rizwan continues emphasizing that “savages at a very low level of civilization and no culture worth the name began entering India from the early eighth century onwards. Islamic invaders demolished Hindu temples, destroyed unaccountable sculptures and idols, plundered innumerable palaces and forts of the Hindu kings, killed vast number of Hindu men and carried off Hindu women. This story, the educated – and lot of even the illiterate Indians – know very well. The history books recount it in a remarkable detail. [Source: Ibid].

Barely 66 years after independence, India’s Hindu identity and centuries old ethos are again in grave peril. Sharply growing attacks on innocent Hindu citizens, their temples and targeting of unarmed pilgrims going to Amarnath and Vaishnodevi and repetitive attacks on Hindu festivals are clear pointers to the rising crescendo of a virulent jihad being waged against Hindus of India. Soon after Al Qaeda’s attack on twin towers on September 11, 2001, a proclamation was made on Al Jazeera Television channel in October 2001 that in addition to the Christians and Jews, henceforth the so-called ‘Hindu India’ will also be the target of Islamic jihad. Within two months of that announcement a determined and indoctrinated group of Pakistan-trained Jihadis (including Afzal Guru and several others) attacked the Indian Parliament on December 13, 2001. Thereafter thousands of terrorist attacks have been made across the country from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari. The avowed goal of jihadi warriors has been to destroy the faith of Hindu masses by terrorizing them in a bid to destroy their resolve to fight back – a strategy ordained in their scriptures and elaborately explained by a retired Pakistani Brigadier S.K. Malik in his book, The Quranic Concept of War. Unfortunately, the two most important facts that a regular jihad has been declared against Hindus of India, and that terrorism will be used as strategic tool in this holy war have been kept under wraps by political leadership and mainstream English media.

In her seminally researched tome, ‘The Politics of Communalism’, published in 1989, Zenab Banu, a Muslim scholar, had analyzed 74 cases of Hindu-Muslim riots which occurred between 1953 and 1977. She found that in 75 percent cases the rioting had been started by the Muslim community. To comprehend what causes communal violence, the National Advisory Council (NAC) and the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Chairperson are advised to read Zenab Banu’s scholarly book.

Read it all via Narain Kataria: HINDUISM FACES ECLIPSE.

The riots have not yet started in the U.S. But like India and all across Europe, as the Muslim population grows they will get bolder and initiate their jihad.


Wharton School caves to Muslims, cancels invite to Indian pol, invites Islamic bigots

via Atlas Shrugs.

More on the Wharton cancellation of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, from Seema:

Namaste everyone,
I am very disappointed after getting the news that Wharton has indeed canceled its invitation to Shri Narendra Modi. What a PR blunder! Not sure what kind of a ‘business school’ Wharton management is trying to run when it chooses to invite Islamic bigots like Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi (who have nothing to do with Economics) over a World renowned economic visionary and leader like Mr. Narendra Modi (an innocent man who has been exonerated of all allegations by the Supreme Court of India) to an ‘economic forum’. Please read to know more about real Sharia peddling face of Hinduphobic Javed Akhtar.

Irony is that a supposed ‘business school’ has ‘chickened out’ under pressure from Leftist and Muslim bigots, and canceled invitation to Mr. Narendra Modi under whose prominent leadership the economic fortunes of Gujarat and security of Gujarat’s citizens have turned around such that every commoner irrespective of religion is prospering and multinational companies like Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, Tata, Peugeot, Reliance, etc. are jumping head over heels to do business in his State.

Due to Mr. Narendra Modi’s various Civil and Human Rights related governance initiatives there has not been even a single riot since 2002, whereas Muslim-Hindu riots were a daily occurrence before Mr. Modi took charge in 2001. 2002 Gujarat riots happened after a Muslim terrorist mob roasted alive 59 Hindu devotees including women and children, who were returning from the Hindu holy city of Ayodhya, by locking them in a train compartment and lighting it on fire using gallons of petrol in Godhra city. After receiving Godhra terrorist attack news, Mr. Modi appealed for calm and peace through various National and Local news media right away and deployed Armed security forces to maintain law and order. Mr. Modi’s appeal for peace in 2002 can be viewed on the Youtube at Four times elected Chief Minister Mr. Modi is hailed to be the next Prime Minister of India and has been praised as a Powerful Global Leader by the heads of many countries including Japan, China, European Union, etal. He has been delivering amazing all round inclusive development work and peaceful minimum government maximum governance in his Indian State of Gujarat for the past 12 years. His government has come back to power again recently in Dec 2012 with a thumping majority, especially in most Muslim dominated constituencies. Contrary to the lies peddled by Muslims and Leftist lobbyists in the US, a special investigation team appointed by the Supreme Court of India has found no evidence of commission or omission against Shri Narendra Modi, and has exonerated him of all allegations in 2002 Gujarat riots case.

Can we trust the quality and ethics of supposed ‘leaders’ that such schools produce who can easily give into prejudicial pressure, who disregard jurisprudence of other democratic nations, and who cannot even a stand for basic civil liberties such as Free Speech? This violation of Free Speech Rights is solely Wharton’s students’ loss and their snub to an economic visionary like Mr. Modi is the US economy’s loss. Unfortunately a very very bad precedent has been set by short-sighted dimwit management at Wharton. Clearly they can’t take the heat. Shame on them.

Must say that students and management of Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) at Delhi University in India turned out to be much wiser, liberal, and rational than the ones at Wharton in the US. Management at SRCC did not deprive its students of free flow of ideas and knowledge by not caving into Muslim and Leftist bullying and misinformation campaign. They let Mr. Modi deliver an inspirational and mesmerizing keynote on SRCC campus in Feb 2013 despite intolerant protests by lies peddling Communist bigots. Mr. Modi’s legendary keynote at SRCC was watched Live and hailed by millions of Indians on TV and the Internet.

Wharton, on the other hand, stands bare, naked, exposed, regressed, and alone!

Following is Wharton’s foolish cop out statement: here



Meanwhile according to an unscientific poll conducted by The Wall Street Journal revealed that more than 90 per cent of the over 4,000 respondents said that Wharton was “wrong” to revoke Modi’s invitation, while only 6.3 per cent of them have justified the decision.

Trailer: The Attacks of 26/11 (video)

Trailer for a recently released movie depicting the November 26, 2008 jihad attack by Muslims on Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India that killed at least 166 and wounded nearly 400 more.

(warning: nsfc)


Actual footage of the abhorrently brutal attacks by Muslims on non-Muslims can be found online.

An Islamic Coup in India — Mughalistan

via The Noisy Room:

An Islamic Coup in India — Mughalistan

Yesterday, I received word of some horrible bombings by Islamic militants in India. 13 were killed and 70 were injured. Not a peep of this on the news. Islam is cutting a bloody swath across the planet and the media is giving us shiny things to chase after as distractions. So much for Peace be Upon Him and all that. Jihadists are murdering innocent Hindus and no one seems to care.

Then, even more comes to light as 4 are killed in Bangladesh in a violent ‘Bloggers Riot‘…

And while the world turns a blind eye to the bloody massacres in India, the Mughalistan Project takes shape. It is the Islamic Pakistan-Bangladesh plan to split India. The plan is being billed as Mughalistan — An undivided Islamic nation in the Indian Subcontinent. Pakistan and Bangladesh would be connected through a land corridor running across the Indo-Gangetic plain, the heartland of India.

In 1947, India was partitioned into two countries based on religion — India for Hindus and Pakistan for Muslims. Pakistan had two parts to it — West and East. West is now Pakistan, East is now Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 occurred and a declaration of independence was made. Muslims wanted a corridor between the two countries in 1947 to unite the country and now want it again to ensure that Bangladesh becomes Islamic. For a full explanation of this Project, read here.

Islam has totally infiltrated India. India has 29 member states and 7 union territories. Kashmir now has a population that is 97% Muslim. This has happened by highly aggressive conversions, marriages and brutal violence. Muslims now own around 100 districts in India and what they don’t own, they are now trying to take by converting owners to Islam, by using violence to drive the Hindus out or by outright theft.

In West Bengal, out of their 19 districts, 5 are now Muslim and the takeover is growing rapidly. Islam composes 40% of the population there now. In Assam, out of their 21 districts, 8 are now a Muslim majority. There are thousands of no-go areas — these are areas that only Muslims may venture into and where sharia law rules. In Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India, the Islamic population is now 25%. In Bihar, it is 20%. Kerala — 30%. And in Jammu, it is 40%. These are the most violent territories and it is spreading like wildfire. These numbers were given to me by others living in India. In the US, we are worried about Mosques and Madrassas. In India, their entire country is being invaded; converting hundreds of Hindus every day by force and the rape of Hindu women is commonplace.

According to the last census in India, the Muslim population was 13.4%. My sources tell me it is actually closer to 35%.

If Mughalistan becomes a reality (and it looks like it is well on its way to being one), it will be the largest Islamic Republic on the planet and it will take the whole of eastern, northeastern and northern India as part of its domain. Mughalistan will be an independent homeland for the Muslims of India and it will become part of the upcoming caliphate.

Read the rest at The Noisy Room and this via Make Way For Mughalistan | Gates of Vienna.

“Moghul” or “Mughal” comes from a Persian word meaning “Mongol”. It was the Persians’ description of the Central Asian conquerors of Persia, whose hordes were the descendants of Genghis Khan and Tamerlaine. The Moghuls overran Persia, adopted Islam, became Persianized, and invaded the Indian subcontinent to slaughter the infidels there in the name of Allah.

The Moghul invasion of India began early in the 16th century and advanced steadily across the subcontinent until the British arrived in the early 18th century and put a stop to the expansion. The British did not object to Islam per se — and they were shrewd at encouraging the Hindus and Muslims against each other to facilitate their own rule — but the spread of Islam in India by warfare was halted by the British presence until they left in 1947.

The successful Moghul invasion of India was the second attempt to conquer the subcontinent for Islam. The first one was undertaken by the Arabs under the Umayyad Caliphate in the early 8th century. After a quarter of a century of warfare and destruction, the Arab invaders were driven back to the west of the Indus River. In later centuries the hosts of Mohammed made sporadic attempts to conquer the Hindus, but enjoyed no lasting success until the Moghul invasion eight hundred years later. Had it not been for the arrival of the British, the whole of the Indian subcontinent would likely have been Islamized, with Hinduism eradicated within Islamic territory, just as Buddhism had been before it.

The Hindu genocide at the hands of Islam lasted more than a thousand years, and continues in a reduced fashion to this day. It is the largest genocide in recorded history, with many millions of Hindus — possibly over a hundred million — slaughtered by the Muslim invaders, and countless millions more enslaved or forcibly converted to Islam. The sheer wanton destruction wielded by the Islamic conquest staggers the mind…

A movement has recently emerged in India to restore the northern portion of the Mughal Empire in the form of an entity known as “Mughalistan” (or “Mughalstan”, depending on who is spelling it).

When India gained its independence from Britain in 1947, it was partitioned into two states, an Islamic one and a multi-religious one that was predominantly Hindu. The largest concentrations of Muslims were in East Bengal and what is now Pakistan, in Baluchistan and portions of Sindh, Kashmir, and the Punjab. These two regions, separated by a wide stretch of Hindu India, became East and West Pakistan respectively. In the early 1970s a civil war erupted between the two, resulting in the formation of Bangladesh out of what had been East Pakistan.

Before the partition of India, Indian Muslims had pushed for a corridor across northern India that would connect the two halves of the new Islamic state. However, the Muslim population in those regions was not considered sufficient to warrant its inclusion, and the corridor never materialized.

Now, more than sixty years later, the idea of an Islamic corridor has returned. In the intervening decades the Muslim portion of India, as everywhere else, has increased relative to the non-Muslim population. Devout Muslims in the subcontinent have refloated the idea of a corridor connecting Pakistan and Bangladesh. It would include heavily Muslim regions in Northern India, southern Nepal, and coastal Burma. The proposed name for resulting Islamic superstate would be “Mughalistan”, echoing the glory of the Moghul Empire before the arrival of the British.

The Mughalistan movement has a long-term goal that includes much more of India than just a northern corridor. Thanks to their fecund demographics, Muslims are now a much larger proportion of the population across swathes of central India, including the Hyderabad region where the recent terror attacks took place.

Follow the links and read our 2009 post on the topic – Pakistan-Bangladesh plan Mughalistan to split India? as well as the documentary The Bangla Crescent at the bottom of our videos page.

Chicago Muslim who plotted ‘India’s 9/11’ gets 35 years

via American who plotted ‘India’s 9/11’ gets 35 years in prison – Chicago Sun-Times.

Linda Ragsdale looked straight at David Coleman Headley Thursday and told him of the bloody destruction he helped unleash at a luxury hotel in Mumbai, leaving her with a bullet wound and “unbearable” emotional scars.

The Nashville, Tenn. woman was enjoying a meal with her meditation group when a “boy” no older than her own son sprayed The Oberoi hotel with bullets and grenades, killing a Virginia man, his teenage daughter, and countless others.

Headley on Thursday was sentenced to 35 years in prison for his role in the 2008 Mumbai attacks and a foiled plot targeting a Danish newspaper that published controversial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

Although U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber said Headley, 52, deserves life in prison, the judge said he had to take in account his extensive cooperation with U.S. authorities since pleading guilty following his 2009 arrest at O’Hare Airport.

Headley, who wore a gray sweat suit and black New Balance gym shoes, told the judge in a letter that he was “capable of change,” valued “American” ways and re-read the Islamic scriptures he said were taken out of context when he was swayed by Lashkar-e-Taiba — the Pakistan-based militant organization responsible for “India’s 9/11.”

Taken out of context? He is unrepentant.

But Leinenweber said he didn’t have “faith” that the former heroin addict had been transformed and said Headley should be “under lock and key.”

The damage that was done was “unfathomable to the people who survived. Perhaps the lucky ones were the ones who didn’t survive,” the judge said.

Ragsdale was the only victim who testified in court Thursday. She addressed Headley by his given name of Daood Gilani and “not the name he masqueraded” in as he plotted the South Asian attack.

Headley admitted acting as a scout for the Mumbai attack and the thwarted plot in Europe while posing as the emissary of Rana’s Chicago-based travel business. While on the stand, he also told tales of how he charmed the likes of extremists, members of the right wing Hindu group Shiv Sena and the son of a prominent Bollywood director while he did his scheming in India.

Though specifics of Headley’s help to U.S. and Indian investigators were detailed only in a sealed court filing, publicly available court papers state that he gave valuable information on Lakshar’s leadership, its planned future terror targets and top-ranking al-Qaida terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri, before Kashmiri’s 2011 death in a drone strike.

Headley and Rana grew up together in Pakistan and remained close, even after Rana moved to Canada and later Chicago, evidence showed.

Acting U.S. Attorney Gary Shapiro said U.S. and foreign officials hope to continually glean more from Headley so others can be prosecuted in the future. Should he refuse, the plea agreement that keeps Headley from being extradited to India would be voided, Shapiro said.

“The number of cooperators you get in terrorism cases is vanishingly small. The object of this exercise for us here in Chicago was to try to balance between the horrific nature of the crime and the future investigations we’re going to be conducting, . . .” Shapiro said.

“I don’t know whether Headley’s proclamations of remorse are sincere and quite frankly, I don’t care. What I care about is that he’s been telling us the truth, and it’s been really valuable and I hope in future cases, it’s a beacon.”

India disappointed, US refuses to extradite Chicago Muslim who planned Mumbai Massacre

via Disappointed at US refusal to extradite David Headley: Salman Khurshid |

India today expressed disappointment over the US’ refusal to extradite Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist David Headley even as it vowed to continue to pursue with its demand for bringing him here for his role in 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid also sent out a strong message to Pakistan saying there cannot be “any form of closure” to the Mumbai attacks unless all perpetrators, including LeT founder Hafiz Saeed, are brought to book.

He said India cannot “celebrate or be satisfied quickly” by some “hopeful” signs that emerged from Pakistan with regard to the case until people involved in the terror attacks on Mumbai are made accountable.

On Headley, he said India would continue with its demands though it understands that America has to adhere to its legal structure.

“Well it is disappointing, undoubtedly it is disappointing but we understand that they have a legal structure which has to be adhered to. We were anxious and we were wishing that the trial takes place here but it has taken place there (in US),” Mr Khurshid said.

He was asked to comment on US Attorney Gary S Shapiro testifying before a court yesterday ruling out extradition of Headley under a guilty plea that the Pakistani-American had entered into with the US government.

Noting that India wanted Headley to be punished for his role in the 26/11 attacks, he said the country was always firm that people involved in the attacks should be punished.

“I would imagine that the Home Minister (Sushil Kumar Shinde) would want us to continue with the demand (for extraditing Headley),” he said.

On Pakistan not acting against Saeed and whether India was disappointed with the US for not pursuing the case against the LeT chief aggressively, he hoped the US would take the issue further.

Headley was a planner of the Mumbai jihad attack:

“Headley played an essential role in the planning of a horrific terrorist attack.” He “not only worked at the direction of Lashkar-e-Taiba for years, but also with members of Al Qaeda.”

“Undeterred by the shocking images of death and destruction that came out of Mumbai in November 2008, Headley travelled to Denmark less than two months later to advance a plan to commit another terrorist attack,” he added.

Headley, 52, son of a Pakistani father and an American mother, who changed his given name of Dawood Gilani to scout targets in Mumbai without arousing suspicion, has pleaded guilty to his role in the attack that killed 160 people.

Headley could receive up to life in prison. Prosecutors had agreed not to seek the death penalty for Headley in exchange for his plea after he promised in 2010 to cooperate with US authorities.

US Attorney General Eric Holder noted at the time that he had provided extensive “valuable intelligence about terrorist activities.”

Holder never met a terrorist he didn’t like or help.

More on Headley here.

India’s Central Bank Rules Out Introduction of Islamic Banking

via RBI rules out introduction of Islamic Banking – The Times of India.

KOCHI: Reserve Bank Governor D Subbarao today ruled out introduction of Islamic banking in the country but said other methods for channelising funds based on the principles of Islamic law can be looked at.

“Islamic banking is not possible”, he said, adding the central bank could look at other vehicles based on Islamic banking principles to channelise NRI funds.

Replying to a question on the issue, Subbarao said: “There are some legal problems. We have studied the issue. We appreciate the objectives behind the request. But there are some legal problems. It can be got around not through banking, but other vehicles”.

He said that introduction of such banking was not possible in absence of a separate law for Islamic banking.

One step forward, two steps back? What are the other vehicles?

Elsewhere in India this week, the last of the known Mumbai killers was sent to allah by the infidels.

Muslim #savages set Hindu youth on fire, killed for loving Muslim girl

via Hate Jihad in Kerala: Youth Set Ablaze, Succumbs to Burns | IndiaWires. h/t @TarekFatah follow him for many informative tweets.

A Malayali youth Jithu Mohan, who was doused with petrol and set ablaze for being in love with a girl of the Muslim community succumbed to death today. The boy was invited to the girl’s relative’s house on the pretext of peaceful discussions. But he was allegedly bathed in petrol by an Inspector named Wahab, Police Officer of AR Camp and set ablaze. Jithu succumbed to death at Amrita Hospital, Ernakulam. He is the third victim of Jihadi terrorism in Kerala in short span of time, his death following that of Vishal, Chengannur and Sachin, Kannur.

The Vice Captain of Kerala Junior football with bright future, Jithu was in love with Shabana, a Muslim girl hailing from Chunakkara. On getting a whiff of the relationship, the girl’s relatives opposed it and smuggled her to another relative’s house. Following this Jithu filed a habeas corpus in the Kerala High Court, following which the girl was produced before the court. She was, however, allowed to leave the place with her relatives. The attack on Jithu took place soon after the court hearing.

The testimony of Jithu being taken forcibly to the girl’s relative’s house was given by his friends. They said that Jithu made frantic calls for help as he was being attacked. “He was forcibly taken to the house of Shabana’s sister who resides in Kodungallur by her brother in law. Also in league with is an inspector Wahab. The incident of setting Jithu afire took place in Wahab’s house,” said sources.

Hindu organisations have called for a hartal tomorrow in Kodungallur and Mavellikara. They have demanded the arrest of Wahab and the others involved in the crime.

 India has been at the tip of the jihadi spear for a very long time.

86 Muslims arrested in US consulate attack in India

via South Asia Mail.

Chennai: Eighty-six people were arrested on Friday after a group of several hundred Muslim protesters threw stones and smashed windows at the US consulate in the Indian city of Chennai, police said.

“They smashed the window panes, surveillance camera and tried to scale over the compound wall, but we dispersed them while exercising restraint,” a senior police officer said on condition of anonymity. “We made 86 arrests.”

The violence flared during a protest organised by the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, an Islamist movement, against an anti-Islam film which has triggered similar protests in large parts of the Muslim world.

The protesters also burnt an effigy of US President Barack Obama and an American flag, police said.

One group hurled stones, while others lifted iron barricades placed in front of the main gate to smash windows, police said.

“We have tightened the security and the situation is well under control,” JK Tripathy, the police commissioner in the southern city, told local reporters.

One of the organisers said that what had been planned as a peaceful protest was hijacked by militants.

“We wanted to organise a peaceful demonstration to express our dismay over the film, but the youngsters, who could not hold their nerves, ran and attacked the consulate office,” Gunangudi Hanifa told AFP.

A spokesman for the consulate, who did not give his name, said that no staff had been hurt in the attack.

“No one was injured and all the staff members are safe,” he said.

Nothing but crickets over at 1400 Pennsy Ave.

Four Muslims arrested for vandalizing Ganesha statue at Hindu festival

Mona El-Tahawy style. via Stir over ganesha stoning | Deccan Chronicle. (India)

Communal tension came to the fore again after a Vinayaka idol, being transported on Sunday night from Tirupur to be installed in the city for Vinayaka Chathurthi was attacked by four miscreants. The trunk of the Ganesha idol and its pedestal were damaged.

Hindu outfits were bringing the Vinayaka idol for installation at a temple in Edayar Street junction. After the attack, hundreds of activists belonging to various Hindu outfits resorted to a road roko.

They withdrew the protest after police held talks and promised to step up security and initiate action against the offenders.

On Monday morning, Variety Hall Road police arrested four persons: M. Salman, 22, from Oppanakkara Street, Abbas alias Kattuvasi Abbas, 32, Jafar, 25, and Ismail, 25, all from N.H. Road, for the stone-pelting incident.

“We have booked the culprits under various sections, for unlawful assembly, assault, damaging public property and creating communal tension,” said Variety Hall inspector T.H. Ganesan.

 Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus – no one is safe from the followers of Muhammad.

Alarming decrease in Hindu population in majority-Muslim Bangladesh

via Alarming decrease in Hindu population in Bangladesh :: Weekly Blitz.

In past ten years, in comparing to the growth of the total population in Bangladesh, there is an alarming decrease of Hindu population in the country. According to statistics available with the government sources, the proportionate decrease in Hindu population is around nine hundred thousand. The statistics show almost elimination of Hindu population in fifteen districts in the country. Most of the Hindu families in those districts were forced to leave the country. In 2001, the total number of Hindu population in Bangladesh was 16.83 million, while the population was expected to be 18.2 million in 2011. But the latest statistics available with the government shows the total number of Hindu population at 12.3 million, which is nine hundred thousand less than the expected rate of growth. Currently 8.5 percent of the total population of Bangladesh is Hindus, while in 2001, it was 9.2 percent. The proportion of Christian, Buddhist and other religious minority population did not see any decline in the past. Currently the total number of Muslim population in Bangladesh is 90.4 percent. The district-wise statistics of population sees “huge decline” or “almost elimination” of Hindu population in fifteen districts, though the statistics terms the decline of Hindu population as “missing population”.

Rise of Islamists as well as greed of forceful occupation of Hindu properties has compelled hundreds of Hindu families in migrating to other countries, while Islamic Missionaries engaged in converting Hindus are also liable for such decrease in Hindu population in Bangladesh. Currently more than three hundred Islamic charitable organizations are actively engaged in patronizing and funding converting Hindus into Islam. At the same time, one of the reasons behind decrease in Hindu population is lesser rate of total fertility rate. Hindus in Bangladesh started migrating to various countries, including neighboring India since the partition of British India in 1947. Muslim influential figures in various parts of Bangladesh, irrespective of their political identities have been continuing to force hundreds Hindu families in selling their properties at unbelievably cheaper price and migrate mostly to India in order to skip numerous forms of repressive actions. If any Hindu tried to protect their ancestral property and resist undue pressure of the Muslims, either their houses were set on fire or female members of those families were forcefully abducted as well as gang-raped. In most cases, law enforcing agencies, instead of standing in protecting the Hindu families, tried to defend the perpetrators, simply because of their political identity or social status. Whichever party came in power in Bangladesh, repression on Hindus never stopped, as it has become a type of social disease within the Muslim population of Bangladesh in applying repressive actions on the Hindus and other religious minority groups, thus finally compelling them in leaving the country by selling their properties only at a token price.

Secretary General of Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance, advocate Gobinda Chandra Pramanik said, “Hindu girls are becoming victim of abduction and rape on an increased frequency. That is why, most of the Hindu families in Bangladesh either send their girl children to various educational institutions in India or get them married at tinder age simply to save their religious and social dignity.”

Read it all.


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