Obama sending 6 Gitmo jihadis to Uruguay


via Hagel Said to Tell Congress 6 Guantánamo Detainees Will Be Sent to Uruguay – NYTimes.com.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has secretly notified Congress that the military intends to transfer six low-level Guantánamo Bay detainees to Uruguay as early as next month, according to people with knowledge of the communication. All six have been approved for transfer for more than four years.

Mr. Hagel’s formal determination that the transfer would be in the national security interest of the United States breaks a bureaucratic paralysis over a deal that has been waiting for his approval since March, but that stalled amid the political uproar over a prisoner exchange deal that secured the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from insurgents in the Afghanistan war.

The six detainees bound for Uruguay include a Syrian man who has brought a high-profile court challenge to the Pentagon’s procedures for forcibly feeding detainees who are on a hunger strike. His transfer would most likely render that lawsuit moot, although there are several similar challenges.

“The United States is grateful to our partner, Uruguay, for this significant humanitarian gesture, and appreciates the Uruguayan government’s generous assistance as the United States continues its efforts to close the detention facility at Guantánamo,” said Ian Moss, a State Department spokesman. “We remain very appreciative of the assistance of our friends and allies who have stepped up not just to receive their own nationals but also those countries who have accepted detainees for resettlement.”

The group would be the largest to depart the prison at once since 2009, and the transfer would reduce the Guantánamo Bay inmate population to 143. That figure includes 72 prisoners who are recommended for transfer, and 71 who are not.

By giving lawmakers a congressionally mandated notice of at least 30 days before any transfer, Mr. Hagel signaled a return to normal order for Guantánamo prisoner releases.

It may be mandated, but lawless Obama (and everyone in his administration) has proven nothing is enforceable and he is above all laws and Congress, the Senate, the military nor anyone else will do a damn thing about it.

In the Bergdahl deal, the Obama administration did not give notice before transferring five high-level Taliban detainees to Qatar. Some lawmakers in both parties said that was illegal. The Obama administration insisted that providing no notice in that case was lawful, citing the risk to Sergeant Bergdahl’s life posed by any delay after the deal was struck.

Before the controversy, the Senate Armed Services Committee had reached a bipartisan deal clearing the way to transfer some detainees to a prison on domestic soil, allowing the Guantánamo prison to be closed. After the Bergdahl exchange, the Republican-led House voted, largely along party lines, for a proposal to prohibit the transfer of any detainee for any purpose.

Amid the political fallout, Mr. Hagel and his top military advisers had signaled reluctance to move forward with the Uruguay deal, along with another proposal to repatriate four low-level Afghan detainees that has been awaiting his approval since February, according to people familiar with the deliberations.

Of the six detainees President José Mujica of Uruguay has offered to resettle, four are Syrian, one is Palestinian and one is Tunisian. On June 26, lawyers for the six sent a letter to the administration urging it to act quickly while there was a window of opportunity, arguing that “these men should not be used as scapegoats in the current bout of U.S. partisan politics.” The administration is said to have notified Congress on July 9 that Mr. Hagel had approved the deal.

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Lt. Col. Myles Caggins III, a Pentagon spokesman, said he was limited in what he could say for security reasons, but added, “Although we will not discuss certain aspects of our communications with Congress, we continue to move forward in transferring Guantánamo detainees and will continue to comply with the law in notifying Congress 30 days in advance of any transfer.”

If the transfer takes place in early August, a consequence could be the dismissal, without a ruling on the merits, of a lawsuit brought by one of the men, Jihad Ahmed Mujstafa Diyab, challenging the military’s procedures for force-feeding detainees who have been on a long-term hunger strike to protest their indefinite detention without trial.

 Uruguay is near the tri-border region where Hizbollah and other Islamic terrorists thrive.

Trinidad Muslims caught training for jihad in Venezuela

Caught on camera: Cellphone images seized by SEBIN, Venezuela’s Intelligence Service, allegedly show some of the Trinidadian Muslims, now detained in a Venezuelan jail, on a firing range using high-powered weapons. Photo: Trinidad Express

U.S. authorities are apparently uninterested. After all, Obama says enforcing immigration is not smart. Viva la jihad. via Caribbean News Now!: Trinidad Muslims travel to Venezuela for jihadist training. h/t Halal Porkshop

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — Cellphone images seized by SEBIN, Venezuela’s intelligence service, allegedly show Trinidadian Muslims arrested in Venezuela engaging in what SEBIN described as “pre-jihad training” on a firing range using high-powered weapons, the Trinidad Express reported.

The images were reportedly extracted from the cellphones seized from some of the Muslims in a group that travelled to Venezuela from Trinidad and were later arrested in a raid at the Plaza Hotel in Caracas on March 19, together with women and children, who were later released.

The training resembled what takes place in the Middle East as Muslims prepare for what they term jihad, or holy war, an important religious duty for Muslims that includes armed struggle against persecution and oppression.

Intense military, arms and ammunition training is part and parcel of their routine and some of this kind of training, SEBIN alleged, was taking place in Venezuela by some of the Trinidadian Muslims.

In a top secret document prepared by SEBIN and sent to the Trinidad and Tobago government, the pictures in question were taken by three Venezuelan police officers who were later arrested. There are at least six photographs showing the men.

Eight Trinidadian Muslims are currently detained by Venezuelan authorities on suspicion of terrorist activities. The 14 women and children who were held with them at the Plaza Hotel in Caracas on March 19 were released some ten days later and sent back to Trinidad.

This followed a visit of a Trinidad and Tobago delegation headed by Rear Admiral Richard Kelshall who met with Venezuelan authorities two days prior to their release.

Out of that meeting emanated the top secret document given to the Trinidad and Tobago government, which the Trinidad Express reported exposes some alarming security concerns that the country’s security forces need to monitor closely.

The document outlines in detail the day the Trinidadian Muslims were held at the Plaza Hotel in Caracas and revelations about possible terrorist activities that can have far reaching consequences for Trinidad and Tobago.

Minister of National Security Gary Griffith spoke about the document in late April.

“A secret document has been given to me through the delegation from the Venezuelan authorities and this is obviously a sensitive document and I would not be able to actually state what is in the document, it is sensitive correspondence,” Griffith said.

In the top secret document, there are dates of the arrivals for all the Trinidadians who touched down at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Venezuela between January and March this year.

The raid on the Trinidadian Muslims at the Plaza Hotel, authorities said, was brought to the attention of SEBIN “after a prolonged stay at the hotel” and the use of “cash to cover their bills”.

Further suspicion arose, SEBIN stated, when members of the group were reclusive, as more persons continued to arrive and bills continued “to be paid exclusively in cash”.

Cleaning staff at the hotel were even barred from entering the rooms, the report revealed. Continue reading

Feds deport Pakistani who tried to smuggle Taliban into U.S.

via US deports Pak national for supporting terrorism. h/t Atlas

WASHINGTON : The US has deported a Pakistani national sentenced to three years in prison for providing material support to a foreign terrorist organisation. Zahid Yousaf, 45, was put on a Karachi-bound commercial plane on April 16th and was handed over to Pakistani law-enforcement agencies two days later, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement. Yousaf pleaded guilty to a felony count of conspiracy for providing material support to a designated foreign terrorist organisation in federal court in September 2011.

The US District Court for the District of Columbia subsequently sentenced Yousaf to 36 months in federal prison in December 2011 and ordered his removal from the country, following the completion of his sentence. The convict was taken into immigration custody on October 22, 2013 after his release from prison by the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE). “ICE will continue to focus its enforcement operations on identifying, arresting and removing dangerous criminals who pose the greatest risk to our communities,” said ICE’s Acting Field Office Director Michael W Meade. In fiscal year 2013, ICE conducted 368,644 removals nationwide.

 So what exactly did this Muslim immigrant – along with two of his co-religionists – do? Apparently you have to refer to a prior Creeping Sharia post to find out: Three Pakistani’s Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Smuggle Taliban into U.S.

“These defendants sought to smuggle someone they believed to be a member of a terrorist organization from halfway around the world into the United States,” said Assistant Attorney General Breuer. “For financial profit, they were willing to jeopardize the safety and security of the American people. Human smuggling operations pose a serious risk to our national security, and we will continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners at home and abroad to combat this dangerous threat.”

“These criminals were willing to use their human smuggling network to help a terrorist slip across our border without any regard for the consequences,” said U.S Attorney Machen. “Ten years after 9/11, this case reminds us that we must remain aggressive to stop terrorists from infiltrating our homeland and harming our nation.”

Based on the defendants’ guilty pleas to terrorism conspiracy charges, the government will dismiss at the sentencing hearing the charges of conspiracy to commit alien smuggling against the defendants.

Hezbollah operative relocates to Venezuela, supports failing Maduro

via Hezbollah in the streets of Caracas? h/t counter jihad

A man whom the US Treasury Department has designated as an operative of the terrorist organization Hezbollah has relocated from the Syria war zone to Venezuela in recent days, apparently in support the government’s violent crackdown against student demonstrators. Ghazi Atef Nassereddine was sanctioned by the US government in 2008 for providing logistical and financial support to Hezbollah.

Sources and documents substantiate Nassereddine’s role as Hezbollah’s principal representative to the Venezuelan regime and a close collaborator of President Nicolás Maduro. In recent years, his official cover has been as a diplomat assigned to Venezuela’s embassy in Damascus, where he has used his position to facilitate travel for many persons from the Middle East to Venezuela. From that post, he had extraordinary access to senior Syrian security officials who have waged war on opponents of the Assad regime.

Two witnesses also have told me that Nassereddine worked personally to obtain Maduro’s approval of Hezbollah money laundering schemes using Venezuelan entities. One plan involved the transfer of Syrian oil through a Venezuelan-operated refinery in the Caribbean to evade international sanctions. These deals would produce enormous profits for corrupt representatives of the Maduro regime as well as Hezbollah.

As part of the late Hugo Chávez’s radical, anti-US agenda, the Venezuelan regime has promoted and even funded the presence and activities of Iran and Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere. Now that regime is turning to these allies as it faces a meltdown fueled by its virtual bankruptcy, shocking rates of violent crime, spiraling inflation, widespread shortages of food and medicine, and more recently, student demonstrations against Maduro’s regime in the country’s principal cities.

One very dangerous operative who has answered this call is Ghazi Nassereddine, who was born in 1971 in the Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil, which the Israeli’s have dubbed, “The capital of Hezbollah.” Ghazi parents emigrated to Venezuela, where he acquired citizenship soon after Chávez took power. As I stated in my testimony before the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence Committee on Homeland Security on July 2011, “[Ghazi Nassereddine], along with at least two of his brothers, manages a network that raises and launders money and recruits and trains operatives to expand Hezbollah’s influence in Venezuela and throughout Latin America.” His brother, Oday, is a long-time activist in the so-called “Bolivarian Circles,” one of the activist groups that has received paramilitary training to defend Chavismo.

Ghazi Nassereddine appears to have returned to Venezuela to help the regime in its fight to hold to power and silence protesters against Nicolás Maduro’s criminal regime. He tweeted from Caracas on February 19 that he “supports the actions taken by the government [against the opposition]” and labeled the government’s actions against the opposition as “humanitarian and patient.”

Nassereddine’s return to Venezuela shows that the regime knows that it is in fight for survival and prepared to use violence.

Related obfuscation: Venezuela: Reports Arrest of Arab Mercenary in Aragua State

Maduro said Monday that authorities in the central state of Aragua had detained a “mercenary” from an unidentified Middle Eastern nation. Gov. Tareck El Aissami said on Twitter that the 34-year-old man had an armored vehicle, communications equipment from the U.S. and Colombia, an explosive device and material to build barricades.

Colombia: Hezbollah support & financing grows in Muslim immigrant communities

via MAICAO, Colombia: Hezbollah financing evolves beyond Colombia’s Muslim communities – MiamiHerald.com.

MAICAO, Colombia — Samira Hajj Ahmad flew to Maicao from Beirut in 1982 for her honeymoon. She didn’t intend to stay for 31 years. Nor did she expect Hezbollah to follow her.

During her two days of flying to Colombia, war broke out in southern Lebanon, with some of the largest troop movements in her native Beqaa Valley. Israel had invaded southern Lebanon to root out a nascent Shiite extremist group known as Hezbollah that had been using the country as a base from which to attack northern Israel. Her family encouraged her to stay in Maicao, a dusty border town with a free trade zone that is home to Colombia’s largest Muslim population.

Today, Hezbollah is the most powerful political movement in Lebanon — and its influence stretches all the way to Maicao. Each year, millions of dollars of drug money are laundered in Maicao, where some community members openly proclaim their support for Hezbollah. Recent U.S. Treasury Department actions have slowed the flow of cash to terrorist groups, but financiers have fled and new networks have reconstituted that are harder to identify. Meanwhile, the usual suspects — Lebanese descendant Colombians — are tired of taking the blame.

Hajj Ahmad, 49, occasionally reads with shock the Maicao newspaper reports of neighbors blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury Department for financing the terrorist group. Such was the case for a young woman with a pretty face and black hijab or headscarf who lived alone with her sons and tended nearby family shops.

The woman, Fatima Fadlallath Cheaitilly, was cited in a December 2011 Treasury report as a key associate in a criminal network of drug traffickers and money launderers. The family shops were fronts for money laundering, and around the time of the action, U.S. law enforcement sources believe Cheaitilly was dating Hezbollah financier Mohamad Zoubein El Khansa.

Ahmad said she had often spent time with Cheaitilly at parties and functions at the Colombian-Arab school that her children attended. “Never would you think that this woman, as fragile as she was, would be involved in something so monstrous,” she said. “When this came out and they named the people involved, we were left thinking ‘Wow, what happened there?’”

While Ahmad and many of her Sunni friends denounce Hezbollah, many of Maicao’s minority Shiite population are in favor of the organization´s political and military objectives in their homeland.

Lebanese descendant community members may support the group ideologically, while sympathizing money launderers and terrorism financiers funnel cash back to Lebanon to support the group financially.

Ali Yalili, 35, a member of the Shiite community in Maicao, said he believes they are unfairly targeted as financiers of terrorism.

“If you are Shiite, have money and your business is going well, they make your out to be a money launderer, Hezbollah supporter, terrorist and cause you problems,” Yalili said. “Here, no one comes to fight, to be a terrorist, or to kill anyone. People come in search of their daily bread to eat, to live.””

But Many Lebanese descendants also come to Maicao to launder drug money to the tune of millions of dollars per year, according to law enforcement sources. In December 2011, Treasury named five family groups of Lebanese descent and first generation Colombians whose laundering proceeds found their way back to Hezbollah.

Terrorism financing investigations are currently active in Maicao, Salazar said, in an effort by Colombia to stop drug violence and stem the activity of terrorist cells to keep Colombians safe.

They are growing even though we are trying to halt the activity,” he said of the launderers and terrorism financiers. “They have many facades and collaborate a great deal among themselves.”

Read it all and read, Hezbollah threatens Latin America

One of the challenges related to tracking Hezbollah’s involvement in illegal activities in Latin America is that the organization usually isn’t the target of investigations.

The link between local criminals and Hezbollah usually comes to light only when a U.S. court requests the extradition of a suspect, according to local authorities.

“Our investigation team, which is the Central Authority for drug trafficking matters, is oriented toward the criminal structure, not one specific group or party to which the criminals might belong,” said Luis Rojas, head of operations for Paraguay’s National Anti-Drug Secretariat (SENAD).

This explains cases such as that of the Lebanese-Paraguayan citizen Wassim el Abd Fadel, who was arrested on human- and drug-trafficking charges in Paraguay in December 2012. Since Fadel had no warrants or extradition requests, officials didn’t investigate whether he financed Hezbollah.

The same thing is happening with Hamze Barakat, the man arrested on charges of embezzlement in Brazil, who is suspected of financing the Lebanese militia.

“Brazil sees Hezbollah as a political party – not as a terrorist group,” Alfiero said. “Therefore, under Brazilian law, sending money to Hezbollah isn’t a crime. Theoretically, it would be a crime to send money to Hezbollah only if it is acquired illegally in Brazil.”

All that said, the timing of the U.S. now turning on the Saudi’s in favor of the Iranians is curious. It was preceded by this June 2013 declaration from the State Dept: No Active Al Qaeda, Hezbollah Terror Cells in Western Hemisphere. None. Nada. Zero. Someone is lying.


Hispanic Americans leaving Catholicism for Islam (video)

via BBC News – Changing faiths: Hispanic Americans leaving Catholicism for Islam.

With more than 50 million Hispanics living in the US, the Latino community is now the country’s biggest minority.

While most are brought up within the Catholic Church, a number of them are turning to Islam.

Precise figures are difficult to pin down as the US Census does not collect religious data, but estimates for the number of Latino Muslims vary between 100,000 and 200,000.

The BBC’s Katy Watson went to Union City in New Jersey – where the population is more than 80% Hispanic – to meet some converts.

A quick search online and every few years since 9/11 this same exact story pops up. Part propaganda part reality. We posted this back in January, Illegal Latina immigrants flocking to Islam, taking it south.

A reader comment reminded us to remind readers that the organization the Muslim convert in the video above works for is Why Islam. See our previous posts on them and what their spokesman promotes, Director of Islamic dawah ads in his own words:

Sabeel Ahmed is a spokesman for the ‘Why Islam’ dawah campaign, a member of ICNA, and Director of Gainpeace.

The foremost thing to realize is that Christmas is a big innovation [bidah] which is leading a big part of humanity to shirk (associating partners with God). Christianity has transgressed the limits set by Allah; therefore showing happiness and joy on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Good Friday is like shaking hands with Satan and telling him to carry on the good work.

Remember Allah commandment to us in the Quran:

“Help you one another in virtue and righteousness, but do not help one another in sin and transgression. And fear Allah, verily Allah is severe in punishment”. (Quran, 5:2)

Therefore, a Muslim can’t enjoin in any aspect of Christmas in the disguise that Jesus is our Prophet too, we are just honoring him by celebrating Christmas. We should recognize the bidah of Christmas and the Prophet’s warning that all bidah should be rejected. Therefore, accepting Christmas invitations, attending Christmas parties, buying small plastic Christmas trees to please the kids (some Muslims actually do) should be avoided.

By greeting Christians with ‘merry Christmas’ we are legitimizing Christmas, by driving out on Christmas eve to witness the decoration of houses, we are appreciating bidah with our eyes, by placing our kids on the laps of Santa in the malls we are handing them in the hands of a fiend, by closing our Islamic Schools or shops during Christmas we are giving it our silent approval, by selling Christmas items in our shops, we are strengthening the pillars of Kufr.

By purchasing for children books with Christmas themes (‘The Night before Christmas’), by watching Christmas movies and by giving holidays to our regular Islamic schools or weekend schools, we are passing them a misguided message.

Indeed Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr and replace them with the pillars of Islam.

And they’ll try to tear down the pillars of kufr in Mexico too. This just in: WhyIslam, Nouman Ali Khan Join for Mexico Da’wa Trip

While walking through the Marriott Hotel adjacent to the center, he was approached by WhyIslam NJ Administrative Assistant and National Spanish Outreach Coordinator, Nahela Morales, who handed him a flyer about her upcoming trip to Mexico to deliver Islamic material.

It was the second time Morales would be traveling to her native land for the same purpose, but this time contributions from sponsors and individuals had more than doubled. She also planned to visit five different Islamic centers in five states within Mexico.

By the time Morales was ready to leave for Mexico on June 25th, she had raised almost $30,000 in contributions through social networking, local and online fundraising, and with the support of WhyIslam. Funds came from all over the US, as well as Islamic clothing donations, books, prayer rugs, and other necessities from as far as Washington State. Maryland residents from the community of Dar-us-Salaam in College Park and the Islamic Community Center of Laurel participated by donating clothing and sponsoring Ramadan iftars for their Mexican brothers and sisters.

With the inconceivable task of touring five Islamic communities, an average of five hours distance apart, this effort also required manpower. This is where the team of dedicated volunteers came in. From New York, two Muslim men, one Pakistani and one Mexican, arranged with Morales to fly to Mexico to assist after hearing about the trip at the ICNA conference, as well. From New Jersey, two young sisters who attend the same mosque as Morales, one Egyptian, and the other Tunisian and Morales took off on their connecting flight to Houston where they were met by another female volunteer from Maryland, Malak Soussi, a Moroccan who is fluent in Spanish. From Houston, the four flew to Mexico City, where they were picked up by members of the Al Hikmah Islamic Center and joined by the brothers from New York.

Any doubt this Mexican-Muslim connection could result in a flow of illegals to the United States and establish another angle to the coming civil wars in America?


Argentine Indictment Accuses Iran of Terror Plots, Cells in Latin America

via Latin Times.

A prosecutor from Argentina, Alberto Nisman has accused Iran of planning to carry out terror attacks in various Latin American countries, BBC reports. Nisman believes Iran is sending spies to gather intelligence in order to execute terror plots in Brazil, Chile, and other countries in Latin America.

Alberto Nisman is investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community in Buenos Aires. 85 people were killed in the attack. On Wednesday, the New York Times reports that Alberto Nisman accused Iran of masterminding the attack.

“I legally accuse Iran of infiltrating several South American countries to install stations, in other words espionage bases destined to commit, encourage, and sponsor terror attacks like the one that took place against Amia,” BBC reports Nisman as saying.

The Japan Times reports that Nisman accused the former cultural attaché from Iran in Buenos Aires, Mohsen Rabbani of working to build an intelligence network over the past two decades.

These are sleeper cells,” Nisman said in an indictment. “They have activists you wouldn’t imagine. Sometimes they die having never received an order to attack.”

According to reports this past February Argentine legislators worked out an agreement with Iran to set up an international commission in order to get to the bottom of the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing.

The Argentines have issued indictments and called for the arrest of several high level officials but Iran has not turned over anyone wanted in the bombing.

That’s odd. The ever so trustworthy U.S. State Dept. just released a report declaring there were No Active Al Qaeda, Hezbollah Terror Cells in Western Hemisphere. More via the BBC:

He said the countries targeted included Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and Surinam.

Argentina has issued arrest warrants for several Iranian nationals and a Lebanese national in connection with the bombing.

Hezbollah getting passports in Belize to travel from Mexico to U.S.

Found this via an incoming search that hit our blog via Method used by Hezbollah to travel from Mexico to the U.S., connection Belize :: Latin America Current Events & News.

1. In 2012 Labboun Rafic Mohammed (Muslim cleric) with alleged links to Hezbollah was arrested in Merida Mexico. He was also a fugitive from U.S. justice.

2. He arrived in Yucatan and apparently used a network of Lebanese government officials. These officials colluded with parties in Belize who provided a fake passport from Belize.

3. Labboun’s fake passport was in the name of Wilhelm Dyck. Dyck was a deceased Mennonite child. Labboun also possessed a drivers license in the same name.

4. Razur Antonio Elias – Director of the Mexican Drug Observatory indicated in a report that Islamist organizations are linked to Mexican drug traffickers on the Yucatan Peninsula. Traffickers are providing passports, birth certificates, and drivers licenses from Belize. COST REPORTED $25,000.

5. The network is also providing transfers of Hezbollah members with forged paperwork to pass through Mexico to the United States. Merida Mexico appears to be the Nexus of this operation.

Read Article

More at channel5belize.com, Who helped Hezbollah terrorist get Belizean passport and IDs?

We have been able to establish that that very same day, a person posing to be Wilhelm Dyck made an application for a Belizean passport at the Passport Office in Belize City; that’s on the twenty-ninth of August, 2012 and that he paid a hundred dollars to expedite the process for the express issuance of the passport. And we’ve also been able to establish that the following day, a passport was indeed issued; that is the thirtieth of August, 2012, in the name of Wilhelm Dyck.

“The information in the computer also had a photograph of the person purporting to e Wilhelm Dyck. And immediately upon pulling up the photograph, the senior immigration officer without any prompting from the police authorities said that that person looks like a Lebanese national. Which raised the question; which has to be asked to the relevant persons who accepted the application and processed the application: if there weren’t some alarms that went off in their head when they saw a person looking like he did appearing before them claiming to be Wilhelm Dyck. As you know, when you now apply for a passport, you have to physically go to the office and have your photo be taken. In the past, there was system where you would bring a photograph already taken, the J.P. would just sign the photograph and the birth certificate and would certify you as being the person who appears on the photograph and someone who they have known for a period of time. This instance, there is a Justice of the Peace that has now been detained and is being interviewed by police authorities. That person incidentally was the same person who had their home burnt down over the holidays and so she could not be immediately found yesterday. She has since been found and is now being interviewed.”

That was several months ago. No news since on what appears to be infiltration in Belize.

Related: California Muslim Arrested in Mexican Hezbollah Bust

Muslim group: Illegal Latina immigrants flocking to Islam, taking it south

via Latina Immigrants: The New Ambassadors of Islam – New America Media.

SOMERSET, N.J. — Tucked away in a quiet rural neighborhood in Somerset, New Jersey is an old brownstone that houses the New Jersey Chapter of the Islamic Center of North America’s (ICNA) WhyIslam Project. Within its confines, in a second floor office decorated with rose-colored walls, sits the administrative assistant and only female employee of the department, Nahela Morales.

In a long black garment and gray headscarf, Morales sits in front of a computer entering notes and taking phone calls from the program’s hotline, 1-877-WhyIslam, a resource for individuals hoping to learn more about the religion. A Mexican immigrant and recent convert, Morales is the national Spanish-language outreach coordinator for the program, part of ICNA’s mission to disseminate information about Islam nationwide.

But Morales’ efforts go beyond U.S. borders: the 37-year-old recently led a trip to bring Islamic literature, food and clothing to her native Mexico.

Morales, who was born in Mexico City but later moved to California and then New York, is part of a growing population of immigrant Muslim converts from Latin America – many of them women — now helping to bring the religion back to their home countries.

“Many immigrants are here by themselves,” says Morales, noting that Latina immigrant women are drawn to Islam because of the sense of “belonging” they find within the Muslim community. “When they come into the mosque and see smiling faces, they feel welcome.”

According to WhyIslam’s 2012 annual report, 19 percent of the some 3,000 converts it assisted in 2011 were Latinos, and more than half of those (55 percent) were women. The 2011 U.S. Mosque Survey, which interviewed leaders at 524 mosques across the country, found the number of new female converts to Islam had increased 8 percent since 2000, and that Latinos accounted for 12 percent of all new converts in the United States in 2011.

Experts attribute the phenomenon to recent migration trends.

Morales found her own place in Islam after a turbulent past.

In 1979, Morales’ mother risked crossing the border into the United States illegally and alone, leaving her infant daughter behind in Mexico under her grandmother’s care. When Morales was 5 years old, she was finally reunited with her mother, who by that time had settled in Los Angeles. Mother and daughter gained amnesty under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. However, even as a U.S. citizen, Morales recalls feeling out of place.

During one of her visits to the NHIEC mosque in 2009, a WhyIslam worker overheard Morales speaking Spanish and asked if she would be interested in a bilingual position with the company.

“I asked [God] to please send me a job where I would be able to worship and wear my veil. I knew right then my prayer was being answered,” recalls Morales.

She has now been working with NHIEC for more than three years, and recently led a campaign to deliver Islamic literature and audio, clothing, and toiletries to a needy Muslim community in Mexico City.

During that trip Morales met with her own family members in Mexico, who are mostly Catholic. She says that initially they were not accepting of her decision to practice Islam or of her modest style of dress. They accused her of turning her back on her culture. But on her most recent trip to her hometown of Cuernavaca, she took the opportunity to talk to them more about her religion.

“It is obvious that Islam is still very strange in Mexico,” admits Morales, who says that since her last visit her own family has become more receptive. “But it is also very clear that people want to learn about it.”

“I felt that Muslims in the states are already part of the fabric of the society,” Anaya explains. “But here [in Colombia], we are in the baby steps. If I want something, I have to create it. If I want Islamic classes for my children, I have to create them.”

Anaya and her husband are now in the process of establishing an Islamic school for the Muslims of Barranquilla. Both say that given their commitment to the work, return to the United States is unlikely.

 Lot’s more propaganda from the Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. newspaper (Muslim Link). Oh, and as we’ve posted many times:

ICNA was named in a May 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memorandum as one of the Brotherhood’s likeminded “organizations of our friends” who shared the common goal of destroying America and turning it into a Muslim nation.

On numerous occasions, ICNA has explicitly excluded non-Muslims from its public gatherings. In September 2004, for example, ICNA sparked widespread controversy when, in cooperation with the management of the Great Adventure Theme Park in New Jersey, it organized a “Great Muslim Adventure Day” that barred non-Muslims from the park on that day. This annual tradition is still observed. Source

Previous posts on the continuous stream of Islamic dawah infiltrating the United States including this info:

ICNA executive and original Director of the Why Islam campaign – Sabeel Ahmed has written:

“…showing happiness and joy on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Good Friday is like shaking hands with Satan and telling him to carry on the good work. Indeed Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr and replace them with the pillars of Islam”

Iran’s Revulotionary Guard push into Peru

via The IRGC’s push into Peru. h/t Jawas

The Islamic Republic of Iran, represented by elements and individuals linked to the IRGC and answering to Ayatollah Khamenei, are building on their success elsewhere in Latin American, with a move into Peru. This has been going on for two or three years, and involves known IRGC operatives, local recruits, training/indoctrination trips to Qom, the bank rolling of local political organizations, and the establishment of an Iran-Peru “cultural” mission. All this activity is enabled by ascendent socialists of the Bolivarian type, both civilians and in the military. Recruitment activities are largely focused on, and conducted under the cover of, organizing and aiding indigenous people who self-identify as Incan (mostly Quechua). Last December – February saw the first group of recruits travel to Iran for two months. As of September 2012 efforts were being made to organize a second trip.

The Peruvian front man for this effort was a walk-in. He reached out to the IRGC’s recruiter in Latin American, converted to Shia Islam, and was sent to Iran for training.


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Vargas is a classic ‘red hot’, a newly-minted radical activist with lots of energy and many projects and ambitions. He is credited by the IRI’s point man with recruiting/converting at least 60 people so far. He also travels throughout Latin America, attending various socialist, youth, and first people’s conferences, and has documented the various regional leaders he has met:

Continue reading at The IRGC’s push into Peru.for much more detail and images of Vargas with leading Latin American leaders.

California Muslim Arrested in Mexican Hezbollah Bust

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via Hezbollah Suspected Terrorist Arrested in Merida – The Yucatan Times. h/t Gateway Pundit

The American citizen of Arab origin Rafic Mohammad Labboun Allaboun, a suspected member of the terrorist network Hezbollah, was arrested Saturday night in Merida through an operation conducted by the National Migration Institute (INM) and the State Police.

Labboun Allaboun was arrested in a house located in the street 41-B, between 56 and 5 of the colony Francisco de Montejo in the west part of the city. At the moment of the arrest, the suspect identified himself with a fake passport from the government of Belize.

Eyewitnesses from the colony, where the operative took place, recalled that close to 9 PM vehicles from the INM and the SSP parked front of the premises, several officers heavily armed got out, and in a very quick and effective operation arrested three men. The suspects were taken, apparently, to a security complex located on the loop highway escorted by a high security convoy.

In the same operation, George Abdalah Elders and Justin Yasser Safa were also arrested; both Belizeans citizens with valid migratory forms (FM1) issued by the INM.

Official sources stated that intelligence agencies from the United States were tracking down this group, allegedly part of the terrorist network of Hezbollah, this cell operates in Mexico and Central America.

After the arrest, information leaked that somehow Labboun Allaboun is linked to the 911 attack of the Twin Towers in New York, the data has not yet been fully confirmed.

Allegedly the group arrested were participating in financing activities in an attempt to bail out incarcerated Hezbollah members jailed in the United States.

However, Mohammed Labboun was deported to the U.S. a few hours after his arrest, Sunday very early in the morning. The head of the INM in Yucatan, Benito Rosell Isaac declared that there is a warrant against Labboun from Houston, Texas.

What was the warrant for?

Connecting this guy to 9/11, which by almost all historical accounts was funded and perpetrated by Saudi’s – despite a recent court attempt to pin it on Iran, would seem tenuous at best. The timing, a day before the 9/11 anniversary and with hawks calling for war with Iran, is also curious. We anxiously await that evidence but until then remain skeptical.

Reporter Lee Kaplan has more on this Californian, Saba Islamic Center Imam Nabbed with Hezbollah Cell in Mexico: Continue reading

Sharia food expo in Chile

Creeping along South America.

Some of you might be wandering what “halal” is. Watch the video below. Not suitable for children. Continue reading

Guyana: Muslim scholar in boy-sex scandal re-arrested after more victims come forward

via Muslim scholar in boy-sex scandal re-arrested after more victims come forward | Latest.

The Muslim scholar was Tuesday re-arrested after five more boys alleged that he sexually assaulted them, police said.

East Coast Demerara Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine confirmed that a total of nine boys including four brothers have leveled the accusations against the Mufti.

“The eminent scholar has been arrested after five more boys came forward and made allegations against him,” he told Demerara Waves Online News (www.demwaves.com).

Earlier Tuesday, Police Chief of Criminal Investigations, Assistant Commissioner, Seelall Persaud had confirmed that medical examinations conducted on one of two boys at that time had confirmed that he was anally sexed.

Up to late Tuesday, police did not divulge details about whether the three others were similarly sexually assaulted.

The scandal broke last week when the mother of four sons was approached by an official of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CPA) and told of the allegations against the Mufti.

The alleged instances of sexual assault took place at a Mosque based in Section D, Turkeyen between December 2011 and January 2012.

Prior to the Mufti’s arrest, he had been placed on GUY$150,000 station bail and asked to report periodically.

He has been sent on leave pending the outcome of the investigation and prosecution.

Police are yet to dispatch a file to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice. Authorities have 45 days within which to compile evidence before seeking a committal before a magistrate.

Earlier Tuesday, the rights organisation- Red Thread- picketed the Ministry of Human Services, urging that swift action be taken against the accused. The organisation is worried that the man could tamper with the victims, their parents or other associates.

Update: Excellent observation by reader Juniper, who notes that Guyana and Suriname have joined the ranks the enemy Organization of Islamic Countries (now Conference) – aka the Ummah.


Islamic University of North America aka Sharia Academy

Now that people are waking up to sharia and the term rightfully carries a negative connotation, this madrassa has undergone a name change from Sharia Academy to the nondescript Mishkah. The organization caught our attention with it’s dawah on Twitter. After a quick search, it’s clear they are all about sharia and spreading Islam.

Sharia Academy is now Mishkah University!

Mishkah – A new name for new beginnings. Our name change is symbolic of many transformations within your university intended to make your learning experience more enriching and fulfilling. It also marks the formal merger between Sharia Academy and International University of Latin America.

The Sharia Academy is marketing itself as an “accredited university” in North America but it appears the only accreditation it has is through it’s merger with the International University of Latin America. The reason it merged with IULA, based in Panama, was to spread Islam and sharia to South and Central America.

Thus our decision to establish the main center of learning in the Republic o f Panama was due to its strategic location in between Central and South America…

They are however based out of the US and Egypt (home of the Muslim Brotherhood), and have branches in Houston, Detroit and Montreal:

USA Office
4111 Central Avenue NE Suite 207, Columbia Heights MN 55421-2955 USA
Phone: 813-322-3722
Fax: 866-263-5782

Egypt Office
1 Zaker Hussein Street, 3rd floor, Nasr City, Cairo Egypt
Phone: 202-2270-1069
Fax: 202-2275-7006

Most of the “faculty” are from Egypt’s Al-Azhar University. That should set off alarm bells for anyone worried about the infiltration of Islamic sharia law – that is what these people are teaching with a goal getting it established in the Americas.

If any of you have time for some open source analysis on the faculty, staff and board – as well as those running the IULA feel free to post your results or post on your blogs and we’ll link in.

Muslim guilty in US of drug-running for Qaeda, FARC

via AFP: Malian guilty in US of drug-running for Qaeda, FARC. h/t Shariah Finance Watch

NEW YORK — A Malian man faces up to 15 years in jail after pleading guilty to trafficking cocaine to fund the activities of Al-Qaeda and FARC guerrilla fighters in Colombia, US prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Oumar Issa, who was arrested in Ghana in December 2009 at the request of the United States, and subsequently transported to New York, admitted one count of “conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.”

Why did Obama and Holder bring this guy onto U.S. soil? Now he’s locked up at taxpayer expense, but what happens when he is freed on U.S. soil?

Court papers said he agreed to move cocaine through West and North Africa to support the drug-trafficking activities of Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

From September 2009 through December 2009, Issa and two other Malians agreed to provide the FARC with “logistical assistance and secure transportation for a shipment of cocaine across Africa, (and) false identification documents,” despite knowing the FARC “was engaged in terrorist activity,” prosecutors said.

“The defendants also agreed to provide material support and resources, including property, and currency and monetary instruments to Al-Qaeda and AQIM, knowing that these groups were engaged in terrorist activities,” they added.

Issa is scheduled to be sentenced by US District Judge Richard Holwell on February 15, 2012. Cases against his two conspirators are ongoing.

Preet Bharara, US Attorney for the southern district of New York, said narcotics trafficking provided vital cash to terrorist organizations, and Issa’s guilty plea underscored prosecutors commitment to catching wrongdoers.


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