U.S. military personnel told to not to eat, drink in front of Muslims…in Maryland

Enforcing the sharia. via Troops told to refrain from eating, drinking in front of Muslims | Todd Starnes

Do not eat or drink in front of Muslims, and learn more about their religion.

That’s the directive that has gone out to active duty military personnel at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, a Department of Defense medical and graduate school in Bethesda, Md.

The brigade commander sent an email to military personnel at the facility last month – just before the start of Ramadan – advising them to show respect to Muslim colleagues.

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“This is a period of great personal restraint and commitment in addition to renewed focus on worship,” Brigade Commander Col. Kevin Glasz wrote. “I’d like to encourage you to learn just a little more about this religion, but more importantly, I’m asking you to be considerate and do not consume food or drink in front of our Muslim colleagues; it is a simple, yet respectful action.”

During the month-long period known as Ramadan, Muslims refrain from eating or drinking during daylight hours.

The brigade commander also provided a link to a website about Islam, and specifically Ramadan.

Now that raised the ire of some of the officers and doctors training at the USU, and several of them reached out to me with their concerns – provided I not disclose their names.

“I respect the intention behind this email, but note that there is no similar call honoring other faiths,” one Marine told me. “There is no similar invitation for non-Jewish colleagues to refrain from eating leavened products during Passover, or non-Christian colleagues to refrain from eating meat during Lent.”

The entire incident smells of political correctness, the Marine told me.

“Our veterans have sacrificed too much blood, sweat and tears to have their own rights and freedoms be sacrificed on the altar of progressive political correctness,” the Marine said.

I contacted USU about the email. I wanted to understand the brigade commander’s intent. I gave them 20 days to respond, but no one returned my calls or emails.

Another individual who studies at USU was concerned about the wording of the email.

“It could be construed as an order and one that violates the First Amendment freedom of everyone who received it,” my source said. “This is an appalling violation, especially coming on the heels of so many instances where those of conservative Christian faith in the military are vilified.”

Read it all.



Maryland: Muslim pleads guilty in multi-million dollar cigarette smuggling racket

A predominantly Muslim cigarette smuggling racket…that funded? via Ramadan brother pleads guilty in 2013 cigarette smuggling case | Coastal Point. h/t UNDER THE BURKA

One of the West Ocean City, Md., brothers indicted last year in a multi-million-dollar cigarette smuggling ring that stored some of its contraband in a Dagsboro location pleaded guilty June 27 to enterprise corruption.

Samer Ramadan, 40, pleaded guilty to the charge, the most serious one against him, was scheduled to be sentenced to two to six years in a New York state prison on Monday, July 7.

As treasurer, Ramadan was second-in-charge in the smuggling operation that he told Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Foley was run by his brother, Basel, 43, who continues to be held without bond, according to the New York Attorney General’s Office. Basel Ramadan’s trial is expected to take place in October, but his next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 12.

When Homeland Security officers and New York authorities raided Basel Ramadan’s Oyster Harbor residence in May 2013, they found approximately $1.4 million in cash, some of which was in black trash bags. Many items, including three handguns, were removed from the house and vehicles and taken away. The vehicles were also taken away from the property.

The 303-page indictment gave details of the smuggling operation that involved purchasing cartons of cigarettes in Virginia, ostensibly to sell at Virginia businesses. That ruse permitted them to buy the cigarettes at a tax rate of 30 cents per pack. The cartons of cigarettes would be taken to storage facilities in Delaware. One of the storage facilities was in Dagsboro.

Several other people were allegedly involved in the lucrative cigarette smuggling enterprise. Adel Abuzahrieh, 43, of Brooklyn, N.Y., was the alleged transporter who drove several times weekly from Brooklyn to Dagsboro, where he exchanged tens of thousands of dollars in cash for cartons of cigarettes. Then he would take the cigarettes — approximately 20,000 cartons per week — north to New Jersey, where he would hand them over to distributors, who would take them to storage facilities in New York City.

Four additional men, called “resellers” by the New York Attorney General’s Office, would deliver the cartons to Arab markets and grocery stores in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island and Queens, where they would sell them for huge profits. Some of the cartons were sold in Schenectady and Albany.

In addition to the Ramadan brothers, 14 other alleged participants in the cigarette smuggling enterprise were indicted. Ahmad Abdelaziz, also of Brooklyn, pleaded guilty June 25 to enterprise corruption and will be sentenced to one to three years in prison Aug. 12.

Yousef Odeh, one of the alleged distributors, 53, allegedly had ties with Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind Muslim cleric now serving a life sentence for a conspiracy to blow up New York City landmarks.

One of the alleged resellers, Muaffaq Askar, was suspected of providing weapons to Rashid Baz, who was convicted of shooting at a van carrying Yeshiva students as it crossed the Brooklyn Bridge in 1994. One student was killed in that attack.

New York Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said last year that the association of some of the suspects in the cigarette smuggling ring with terrorists was cause for concern. Similar schemes had been used in the past to help fund terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

According to a 2013 press release from the Attorney General’s Office, the Ramadans allegedly deposited “more than $55 million from their untaxed cigarette sales into small financial institutions in and around Ocean City.” Then they would allegedly use that money to purchase more cigarettes to sell in their illegal enterprise. The press release stated that they generated more than $10 million in profits in the smuggling operation.

During the year-long investigation by the Attorney General’s Organized Crime Task Force and the New York City Police Department, with assistance of Homeland Security Investigations, law enforcement seized 65,000 forged New York tax stamps that had not yet been affixed to packs of cigarettes, as well as nearly 20,000 cartons of untaxed cigarettes and more than $200,000, from suspects in New York City.

All of the suspects were charged with enterprise corruption, money laundering and related tax crimes.

Basel Ramadan and Youssef Odeh of Staten Island were also indicted in October 2013 in connection with an alleged murder-for-hire plot. They were allegedly conspiring from behind bars to murder witnesses against them in the cigarette smuggling case.

“These defendants sought to kill individuals they believed to be witnesses to their crimes,” New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman stated in a press release. “This behavior is intolerable, and we are going to prosecute them to the full extent of the law. These two individuals cheated New York taxpayers out of millions of dollars in tax revenue and then tried to cover up their dangerous and lucrative smuggling operations, which hurt New York businesses, by committing the ultimate crime.”

Odeh pleaded guilty June 25 to enterprise corruption and conspiracy in the second degree (conspiracy to commit murder) and he faced sentences of two to six years in prison when he was sentenced Monday, July 7, according to the New York Attorney General’s Office.

Previously, Muaffaq Askar pleaded guilty to New York tax law 1814(a)(i), attempt to evade cigarette tax, and was sentenced to a conditional discharge, according to the Attorney General’s Office.


Maryland: Islamic enclave grows in Hagerstown

via Even Out West, the Masajid Are Expanding.

The community in Hagerstown, MD broke ground on the expansion of the 100 year old stone structure that houses their masjid. Dr. Abdul Waheed, a resident of the area since the early 1980s, says that it is a project ten years in the making. Less than 5 minutes off Interstate 70 Exit 32 B brings travelers to the Islamic Society of Western Maryland.

The site was purchased by the community in 1991. The community has evolved from the 6 families of doctors, who moved to Hagerstown to find a safe haven from big city life, to more than 200 families. Over the years, Bosnian refugees and South Asian, Arab, African immigrants have made Hagerstown their home. Muslim families from bordering states, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, also call the masjid their spiritual home.

Funding had held up the project, but the community has now raised the money from within and the ground is being prepared for construction. The contract signed for $1.1 million is just shy of the final amount.

Representatives of the board expressed their appreciation for the local authorities who have been ‘very helpful and cooperative.”

The Islamic Society of Western Maryland is located at 2036 Day Rd Hagerstown, MD 21740 and online at http://www.iswmd.org.


Maryland: Muslim immigrant gets five years in jihad plot on cartoonist

Why isn’t he being deported?


via Maryland Man Receives Five-Year Prison Sentence for European Terror Plot

A federal judge sentenced an Ellicott City man to five years in prison for aiding a group of people who were planning terror attacks in Europe, a less severe sentence than prosecutors had sought.

Mohammad Hassan Khalid, a Pakistani immigrant from Ellicott City who graduated from Mt. Hebron High School in 2011, pleaded guilty to providing material support to terrorists in federal court in Philadelphia in May 2012. He was arrested when he was 17 on charges of providing material support to terrorism; prosecutors had asked that he receive a 10-year prison sentence.

Khalid, 20, admitted in court to aiding the would-be terrorist nicknamed “Jihad Jane” and apologized to his parents as he was sentenced to five years in a U.S. prison, reports the Military.com website. He cried during parts of the sentencing hearing Thursday in Philadelphia, while his parents, brother and sisters wept.

Khalid’s time in prison is likely to be short because he gets credit for almost three years incarceration since his arrest, but he is likely to be deported to Pakistan once he completes his sentence.

At the time of his arrest, he was about to enter Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore on a full scholarship, the website says.

Once again obliterating the myth that jihadists are poor and uneducated. Quite the contrary, read Queen Mary Univ: Radicals More Likely to be Well-Off, Educated.

“I stand before your honor humiliated,” he told the judge. “Nothing I say today can excuse the mistakes of my past.”

Court documents state Khalid helped a Pennsylvania woman, Colleen LaRose, remove incriminating postings from an online message board and created posts seeking money for LaRose’s group in Europe. LaRose, who is called “JihadJane” after her online name, was sentenced to 10 years in prison this winter for her involvement in the terror plot.

LaRose was plotting with others in Europe to kill a Swedish artist over a cartoon that offended Muslims, according to an Associated Press report.

An attorney for Khalid told the Baltimore Sun that associating with the group “was like a video game to him” and that a 10-year sentence would be “ridiculous.”

Since being arrested, prosecutors said that Khalid cooperated with the FBI, helping with terrorist investigations and that he “may have learned respect for the law.”

Khalid was living in the United States legally.

 Again we ask, why isn’t he being deported?

Maryland: Hamas-linked CAIR applauds radio station’s removal of article on Islamic totalitarian ideology


If terror-linked CAIR is applauding, it’s because they executed the shakedown. via CAIR-MD Welcome Article Removal Decision.

The Maryland office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MD) welcomed the decision of officials at Baltimore talk radio station WCBM AM 680 to remove an anti-Muslim article that was re-published on its website.

The article by an anti-Muslim blogger read in part: “The ideology of Islam (a totalitarian system cloaked in the burqa of religion) views itself as above all other religions and systems … Everywhere it invades and conquers, its sole purpose is to convert by force or by numbers. No other religion/culture is equal or tolerated as such. They come to a country and isolate their community … because the Quran demands they do not mix with infidels.”

“The bigoted generalizations in this article are inappropriate for use by a mainstream media outlet and should be rejected for the hatred and intolerance they promote,” said CAIR-MD President Zainab Chaudry. “We welcome the station’s prompt and appropriate response to community concerns.”

CONTACT: CAIR-MD Spokeswoman Zainab Chaudry, (410) 971-6062, zchaudry@cair.com; CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, (202) 744-7726, ihooper@cair.com

What community? Radio station contact info here.

The original article, we believe, is here, for all to read and share:

Islam: The Only Religion That Tells Everyone On EARTH What To Do

The beauty, and envy, of our great nation has always been that it was a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. The beauty of blending and sharing of cultural traditions. People who loved America and desired to be Americans came here. Not because they were trying to transplant their nation…but to add their traditions to the great melting pot.

New York City was always a perfect example of this phenomenon. Daniel Greenfield (a recent guest on my radio show) states:

In Chinatown, Buddhist temples and protestant churches sit side by side and in Latino neighborhoods, Adventist storefront churches and massive Catholic edifices co-exist; along with them can be found synagogues, Hindu and Zoroastrian temples and the whole dizzying array of religious diversity of a port city defined by its swells and tides of immigrants.

These cultures share their traditions with each other as a gesture of friendship… seeing each one as equal under our Constitution. There’s only one that can’t “coexist” …

This has never happened and could NEVER happen in an Islamic country or community.

Wherever Islam goes, everything goes Islam.

The ideology of Islam (a totalitarian system cloaked in the Burqa of religion) views itself as above all other religions and systems. Everywhere it invades and “conquers”, its sole purpose is to convert by force or by numbers. No other religion/culture is equal or tolerated as such. They come to a country and isolate their community… because the Quran demands that they do not mix with infidels (“Dar al Harb” or “House of War”, which is ALL non-Muslims).

But isolation is just the first step…

This subjugated brotherhood insists upon special considerations for their “religion”… far above and beyond any in the host nation. From the mantle of “victim”, they are able to subdue the “victimizers” through paltering and deceit (Taqiyyah) utilizing false guilt/shame (false claim of Islamophobia).

And so they have become the only religion that tells everyone else on the earth what to do. If you question this, simply look at Muslim regimes, ruled by Sharia Islamic Law. Their self-proclaimed superiority, inequity or shrinking of other religions, and their exorbitant tax for NOT being Muslim…not to mention their barbaric treatment of women and children.

With all our foibles due to our impiety as humans…if anyone on this globe loves the freedom given to them by the Judeo-Christian God…and protected by its patriots…then DON’T give a foothold to Islam.

Because once they get their foot in the door…they will crush you with it!

That includes banning the truth about Islam.

Update: The radio station contacted us seeking an opportunity to “explain why this story has some confusion to it.” They have asked us to take the story down however we simply posted what the Muslim Brotherhood-linked group is disseminating worldwide. CAIR contact info added above. Official statement from WCMB pending.

Baltimore Sun CAIRs Too Much to Detail Islamic Extremism Ties


via CAMERA: Baltimore Sun CAIRs Too Much to Detail Islamic Extremism Ties. h/t Iron Burka

The axiom that “once is an accident, twice a coincidence, but three times is a pattern” needs an extension when it comes to Baltimore Sun whitewashing the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Four times since Nov. 20, 2012, The Sun has published Op-Ed columns authored or co-authored by Zainab Chaudry, a founder and representative of CAIR’s Maryland chapter. Once during the period it also gave her additional space to spin extremism and castigate critics in a letter to the editor. The i.d. lines for Chaudry identify her group as “a civil rights and advocacy organization.”

In none of Chaudry’s five offerings does The Sun tell readers that CAIR has been exposed in trials and out-of-court settlements as:

* A Muslim Brotherhood spin-off;

* A group founded by Hamas members;

* Unindicted co-conspirator in the country’s largest terrorism funding case;

* An organization from which at least five former staff or lay leaders have been indicted, arrested or deported on weapons and terrorism-related charges; and

* A group with which the FBI ceased official cooperation.

Does that sound like the American Muslim equivalent of the National Association for Colored People or the Anti-Defamation League? It does on Sun opinion pages.

After Chaudry’s Op-Eds, CAMERA submitted letters to the editor of its own. They pointed out evasions, falsifications and omissions in the commentaries and their attached identifications of CAIR as an “advocacy and civil rights organization.” None of letters appeared in print editions of The Sun.

For Baltimore Sun readers, a serious question is how to designate the newspaper’s avoidance of full disclosure, or disclosure of virtually any sort, regarding CAIR? An accident, coincidence, pattern or outright journalistic failure?

 Read it all.

Drop the Baltimore Sun a line here or publicly via Twitter @baltimoresun.

A Tale of Two Mustafa’s in America

via Best Buy commercial points way to greater Muslim acceptance | Religion News Service.

Viewers watching the American Football Conference championship game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots earlier this month may have seen a Best Buy commercial for a Sharp 60-inch television that seemed ordinary, but in one way was extraordinary.

The ad shows a young, clean-shaven salesman named Mustafa talking about the television, advising customers and relaxing at home watching movies and football with his friends.

“I’m never going to get these guys out of here,” he jokes to his girlfriend at the end. [note the scarf suggesting the girlfriend is a pious Muslim]

While the commercial never identifies Mustafa as a Muslim, many might assume that given his name, a diminutive for Muhammad. For viewers used to seeing negative images of Muslims on television, the commercial was a rare exception.

“He has all the right stuff,” said Timothy de Waal Malefyt, a longtime advertising executive who now teaches at Fordham University in New York. “He has a girlfriend. He has Anglo friends. And he’s watching ‘Despicable Me’ and football. It’s very American.”

Muslims in commercials are still rare, but that could be changing as the acceptance of Muslims accelerates across America.

Is Best Buy being influenced or advised by terror-linked Muslim groups? Keep in mind that Best Buy sponsored Hamas-linked CAIR’s annual banquet. When questioned about it, Best Buy Affirmed its Support for the Hamas front group. The terror-linked group even went so far as to threaten a survey website for hosting a petition against Best Buy but their legal jihad failed when the facts were proven true. One has to wonder if Mustafa supports CAIR, Hamas or other terror groups.

And now another Mustafa – one you probably won’t hear about in the regressive media outside Baltimore, via Bare Naked Islam: Suspect arrested for a brutal brick attack that fractured the skull of Baltimore Sun editor

Mustafa is the primary transliteration of the Arabic given name, Arabic: مصطفى‎, Muṣṭafā. The name is an epithet of Muhammad that means, The Chosen One. It is a very common male given name, throughout the Muslim world.


DC: State Dept has a Muslim cleric on payroll

Did you know the State Dept. wastes uses your tax dollars to pay a Muslim cleric? To visit Muslim countries? And teach them how to influence Americans about Islam? How many others are there? via State Dept. Muslim cleric confronts questions of loyalty, identity

With his trim, gray-flecked beard, crisply ironed clothes and genteel demeanor, Mohamad Bashar Arafat hardly cuts a controversial figure.

Yet his public appearances draw visceral reactions – from hearty welcomes to sneering disdain – depending on how the audience views a Muslim cleric who for a decade has worked with the U.S. State Department as a quiet, informal envoy to the Islamic world.

Through public diplomacy programs, Arafat has traveled to at least 26 countries in a role he sees as his patriotic duty as an American and his religious duty as a Muslim imam. His roots in Damascus, where he was born and studied before emigrating in 1989, make for a third facet to that role now as diplomats, congregants and friends ask him, “What should the U.S. do about Syria?”

Detractors, on the other hand, would prefer he keep his answers to himself. They regard him as, at best, a token and, at worst, a sellout – an apologist for the invasions, occupations and drone strikes that define recent U.S. policy in the Muslim world. At nearly every public event, in the United States and abroad, there are whispers and sometimes even chants: “FBI imam!” “Spy!”

At some mosques he’s been told, point-blank, “You’re not welcome here.”

The State Department sent him to Tanzania in 2007 – at the height of bloodshed in Iraq – but canceled a first appearance when an angry mob blocked his car from driving up to the mosque where he’d been invited to lead prayers. The next day, with a Tanzanian police cordon outside, Arafat appeared at another event and again was greeted with boos when he arrived. This time, he took the stage and launched into his signature response to Muslims who charge that he’s being used by the U.S. government to detract from bad policy.

His counterargument comprises verses from the Quran, parables from the life of the Prophet Muhammad and pop-culture references – all delivered in the friendly, even tones of a preacher who’s out to convince audiences the world over that the most effective way to work for improved U.S. relations with the Muslim world is through dialogue between policymakers and the public.

“You have to understand that being an American doesn’t mean I have to agree with every aspect of my country’s foreign policy,” Arafat told the crowd in Tanzania, he recalled one recent day. “But we can talk and we can express our views in a civil way, a democratic way. And that’s how we make a change.”

What type of change is Arafat suggesting? A change toward a more Islamic way of life?

“Fighting terrorism requires also discussion with hard-liners on the ground, to have these debates. You cannot fight terrorism only by drones and by killing. You have to have discussion and you have to have dialogue, and that’s something that requires funding,” Arafat said. “I said once in Washington – it was 2003 – if you can spare the money of one F-16 and spend it on these public diplomacy programs, you will have way more results than only fighting.”

How’s that working out in Syria now?

The second part of Arafat’s post-9/11 strategy – combating extremism from within the community – is proving trickier. The problem is that he’s a reformist, and the stodgy, rarefied world of Islamic scholarship is resistant to change. He calls for new curriculums in Islamic seminaries, where, he complains, the teaching of jurisprudence has barely changed “in hundreds of years.” He wants Muslims to travel widely, learn different languages and move beyond superficial contact with the West.

Does he want to change the Koran? The sharia?

“Come inside America and hold forums with churches, with synagogues, with mosques, on a grass-roots level, because those are the people who are going to call their congressman and those are the ones that are going to bring those issues to Washington,” Arafat said. “This has been our weak point throughout our recent history. Our politicians in the Arab world always come to Washington, but they don’t have programs on the grass-roots level to educate the average American.”

That sounds eerily similar to An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America:

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Proecess” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.

Back to your taxpayer funded imam:

…after Arafat had immigrated to the United States, where he was hired as an imam for the Islamic Society of Baltimore and became a U.S. citizen. In the 1990s and early 2000s, he founded or co-founded mosques and Islamic centers in Maryland.

Is he linked to ISNA or NAIT?

His close partner in this work is his American wife, Kimberly, with whom he has four children. He has another three children from a previous marriage that ended in divorce.


Maryland: Muslim Pulls BB Machine Gun on Wal-Mart Worker Over Return

via Police: Laurel Man Points BB Gun At Wal-Mart Worker Who Denied Requests To Return Items « CBS Baltimore. h/t LOOK UNDER THE BURKA

LAUREL, Md. (WJZ)— A customer pointed a machine gun at a Wal-Mart employee after he was told he could not return items without a receipt.

The gun turned out to be a CO2 powered BB gun.

Shahzad M. Iqbal, 41, faces attempted robbery, attempted first-degree assault and possession of CDS charges.

It happened Monday just before 11 p.m. at the Wal-Mart located in the 3500-block of Russett Green East in Laurel.

A woman working at the customer service counter told police Iqbal approached the counter and attempted to return a used electronic tablet device, but his request was refused as he was unable to provide a receipt. He then took a pair of headphones off of his head and requested to return them as well. His request was again denied because he didn’t have a receipt.

That’s when things turned worse.

Police say Iqbal placed a backpack on the counter, took out a black sub-compact machine gun, later identified as the BB gun, and pointed it at the employee. He demanded that money be returned to him. When the Wal-Mart employee yelled, Iqbal fled through the front door without getting any money.

Patrol officers found him on the side of the Wal-Mart walking away from the store. He was taken into custody without incident and positively identified by Wal-Mart employees as the person who attempted the robbery.

The BB gun was recovered in the suspect’s backpack.

Muslims and bb guns. Where have we heard that before? Oh, it was right here:

San Fran: Muslims shoot gay man in face with BB gun, 3 arrested

Cali: Muslims who shot gay w/ BB gun re-arrested, 11 more attacks videotaped

Muslims videotaped themselves shooting at San Fran gays get just 6 months jail

Maryland: Two More Muslims Arrested in $1.5M Food Stamp Fraud

via FBI — Two More Retailers Arrested for Food Stamp Fraud. h/t RRW

BALTIMORE—Abdulmalik Abdulla, age 37, and Ahmed Mohssen, age 53, both of Baltimore, were arrested today on federal charges of conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud and wire fraud in connection with a scheme to illegally redeem food stamp benefits in exchange for cash. The criminal complaint filed today alleges that the defendants, who operate Sam’s NY grocery store on North Milton Street in Baltimore, received more than $1.5 million in federal payments for transactions in which they did not provide any food but instead split the proceeds with food stamp recipients. Federal agents arrested the defendants and executed search warrants at the store and related locations today. In separate cases, 10 defendants were charged with food stamp fraud in September 2013; four of those defendants have pleaded guilty, and the others are awaiting trial.

The criminal complaint alleges that the defendants exchanged EBT benefits for cash, typically paying half the value of the EBT benefits in cash. As a result of unlawful cash transactions, the defendants allegedly obtained more than $1.5 million in EBT deposits for transactions in which the store did not provide food.

The defendants face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for each count of wire fraud and a maximum of five years in prison for conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud. The defendants are expected to have initial appearances at 3:45 p.m. today in U.S. District Court in Baltimore.

War booty? Or just a propensity for defrauding Americans?

Maryland: 7 years for ex-soldier who tried to join al-Shabaab terror group

Craig Baxam

via Seven-year sentence for Laurel man who tried to join up with al-Shabaab terrorist group – The Washington Post.

A 26-year-old Laurel man was sentenced Monday to seven years in prison after he admitted traveling to Africa to try to join the terrorist group al-Shabab and trashing his home computer so federal investigators could not track him, authorities said.

Craig Baxam was arrested by Kenyan authorities in December 2011, and he soon told FBI agents of his haphazard plan to elude them and connect with al-Shabab because he wanted to live somewhere that rigorously adhered to sharia, or Islamic, law, court papers say. He pleaded guilty to a charge of destroying records that might be used in a terrorism investigation and received the seven-year sentence as part of an agreement with federal prosecutors, authorities said.

Federal investigators have long worked to root out so-called homegrown terror suspects, and Special Agent Stephen E. Vogt, who heads the FBI’s Baltimore division, said in a statement that Baxam’s case “highlights the FBI’s highest investigative priority, the prevention of terrorist acts.” But the resolution of the case seems to demonstrate that Baxam did not precisely fit the bill of a would-be terrorist.

Baxam was not convicted of the initial charge of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization, and his attorney, Linda Moreno, said he never advocated specific violence, nor did he procure weapons or attend any terrorist training camps.

A 2005 graduate of Laurel High School who was born in Takoma Park, Baxam had experience in the Army and admitted to investigators that he was willing to commit violence, according to the criminal complaint against him. But he said that he felt offensive jihad was questionable, and his main use for violence would be to defend al-Shabab’s Somali territories from potential invaders, according to the complaint.

Moreno said that the violence he spoke of was only hypothetical, “based on interviews with the FBI where the FBI asked him what if this happened, what if that happened, what if the following.”

“Craig wanted to live and practice his religion in a country where he felt that Muslims were not oppressed,” Moreno said. “This was not a terrorism case.”

Linda Moreno is a jihadist tool. Her client wanted to join Al Shabaab – the group that even the like-minded Huffington Post reported Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility For Mall Attack In Nairobi, Kenya. That attack alone – on people shopping in a mall – killed at least 62 and injured more than 175, targeting non-Muslims.

Somalia ain’t where Muslims go to simply live a sharia-compliant life…unless it includes waging jihad. Moreno knows that.

Maryland: Ex-Army soldier turned Muslim facing terror charge to plead guilty

craigBaxanvia Ex-soldier facing terrorism charge to plead guilty – The Washington Post.

A former Army soldier accused of trying to provide support to a terrorist organization in Somalia after he left the military intends to plead guilty in connection with the case, court documents show.

Craig Baxam of Laurel, Md., was arrested in Kenya in late 2011, and prosecutors said he was on his way to neighboring Somalia to join the terrorist group al-Shabab. Baxam was ultimately charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to the group. Baxam’s trial in federal court in Greenbelt, Md., was set to begin Monday, but this week prosecutors filed a court document signaling his intention to plead guilty in the case.

The 1-page document, called an “information,” suggests Baxam will plead guilty to obstruction of justice, destroying records “in contemplation of a federal investigation.” Baxam, 26, destroyed his computer before leaving from Africa and, according to a court document, told FBI agents that he did so because he “did not want anything on his record and it would help him to keep a low profile.”

The information says Baxam destroyed computer records “with the intent to obstruct, influence and impede a terrorism investigation” he believed would be conducted after he left for Somalia. The document does not say what will happen with the terrorism charge, though it will likely be dismissed at a hearing Monday.

Baxam’s lawyer, Linda Moreno, confirmed the document’s filing but said she could not comment on what will happen in court. She said it was not her client’s intent to support terrorism and said what her client did was “a long way from material support” of a terrorist group.

“It’s a different universe,” Moreno said.

Court documents say Baxam served in the Army from 2007 to 2011 and received intelligence training before serving in Iraq and Korea. He converted to Islam shortly before leaving the Army. Months later, he cashed out his savings and left for Africa. He told FBI agents who interviewed him in Kenya that he set out with $600 and $700 and planned to give the money to al-Shabab. Asked what he thought his role would be with al-Shabab, he told FBI agents “he would just be another body there.” He also allegedly said he was “looking for dying with a gun in my hand.”

Baxam’s attorney, however, previously argued in court papers that he was traveling to Somalia because he wanted to go live in a place governed by Islamic law. She argued that the charge against him should be dismissed for a number of reasons, including that he never contacted or attempted to contact al-Shabab. A judge allowed the case to go forward.

Are cases like this why sting operations are needed?

Backposts here.

Maryland: Another bank robbed by woman in pink burka (video)

In early December a black woman dressed in Muslim head gear Robbed a Capital One Bank in Maryland. She struck again in late December. h/t GroundZeroMosque

Maybe she’s from this Islamic enclave in Maryland, where “professional Muslims live and worship together.”

Baltimore: Mosque to sound call to prayer in area targeted “to make Islamic community”

Another no-go zone emerges.

“…establishing Islam within the borders of the Gwynn Oaks area of Baltimore City, in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah”

Baltimore City’s First Masjid Built from the Ground Up to Serve Existing Muslim Neighborhood

via Build It, Because They’ve Already Come.

 He shovels the fresh snow, and sprinkles salt on the driveway. It is the first snow of the season and Mustafa Sharif is getting ready for the Gwynn Oak Islamic Community (GIC) Masjid’s Open house.

 Driving past suburban roads, past Liberty Heights Avenue, past the under construction Shoprite and serene Gwynn Oaks Park, past friendly neighbors helping each other park stalled cars on the icy roads, the cream and teal building is a magnificent sight in the snowfall.

A welcoming community in Baltimore City; a model community with a model masjid which resonates with the call to prayer. Centrally located near the beltway, there is optimistic talk of growth in the brand new masjid, of the school district making the high school into a magnet school, of quiet streets, historic homes, open green spaces, and convenient commute to the city without the congestion.

 Of the ShopRite opening at the corner of Liberty Heights and Gwynn Oak Avenues. The grocery store will have a whole aisle of Halal meat, says the president of Howard Civic Association, Shadid Tamir Abdul-Rahim. He announces that the congregation should submit suggestions for grocery items so that they can be stocked at the store. The community looks forward to more development in the area.

“Seeing 40 houses on a 1/4 acre plots of land for $40,000 to $50,000 dollars, we targeted this area to make an Islamic community,” he conveys.  3500-4000 sq ft homes at extraordinary prices 13 years ago -now a brand new, renovated home costs $200,000.

 $40,000 can still buy you a home, according to Cason, if you are ready to renovate.

 He is the nephew of John (Yahya) Cason, the man behind much of the redevelopment activity. His father and uncle spearhead many of the civic initiatives in the area. Conservatively fifty Muslim families live in the area, he says, who are involved with the Gwynn Oak Islamic Community, but there are a lot more.

Down the street is the Maine Avenue, otherwise known as Islamic Way. “It’s not completely Islamic, but there is a concentration of Muslims on this street. Wholesome is the word that you will often here to describe the lifestyle Muslims have brought to the area,” said Mercedes Eugene, a former president of the civic association in a Baltimore magazine article- copies of which were handed out to visitors at the masjid.

 Former drug houses were bought and renovated. There used to be a liquor store at the corner of Gwynn Oak and Rogers Ave. When it became a hub for drug dealers, Yahya Cason purchased the building and refused to rent it to the liquor store. The builder of the new supermarket evicted another liquor store, and New York Fried Chicken stands where the third liquor store used to sit.

Sharia in action.

 After 4 years, the masjid is near completion. The community has raised over 1.3 million dollars; GIC must raise $40,000 more to complete the masjid construction. A fundraiser is scheduled on the first Saturday of January, 2014.

Three stories high, the masjid is American suburban, with a salute to an Islamic aesthetic with teal arches over the entrance. An elevator leads up to the third floor, which will house the gym and youth rec area. A commercial kitchen, 3 classrooms on the first floor, a musallah on the second and “a lot of attention paid to the bathroom and wudu areas.”

 It’s not a huge building but it fits the immediate needs to the community. To bring Islamic life for their future generations, the community bought a house and expanded it into a masjid. After it was condemned, and to comply with current zoning laws, they decided to raze the house and build a new masjid from the ground up– a first for Baltimore City–symbolic of the new community.

 “We want to raise men who are worthy of our daughters and daughters who are worthy of being mothers of our sons,” says Presley Cason, “as we grow we could easily be the majority in the area.” Working class and professional Muslims live and worship together.

 A homeschooling co-op, a small Islamic school and Al Rahmah School are all options for children’s education.

Hand in hand, the Gwynn Oak Islamic Community is establishing Islam within the borders of the Gwynn Oaks area of Baltimore City, in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah, “where the character of [people of other faiths] is being influenced by our children’s upright characters.” Engaged civically and politically, these indigenous converts are raising generations of born Muslim children and asking others to join them.

 And so it goes. Influenced by foreign Muslims and gone abroad to learn the true meaning of jihad and sharia. Now they are converting American neighborhoods into sharia-compliant Islamic enclaves. In the years to come, when the area is “completely Islamic”, non-Muslims who venture into the area will be accosted just as the author of this piece states blacks were in the ’50’s.

Maryland: Capital One Bank Robbed by Thief in Pink Burka

Burka robberies (and burqa) are a growing trend in the U.S. The ‘perfect disguise’. via Woman Dressed in All Pink Wanted for Prince George’s Bank Robbery « CBS DC.

A women dressed in all pink is suspected of robbing a bank in Prince George’s County on Monday.

Police say the woman robbed the Capital One Bank in the 6200 block of Annapolis Road in Landover just after 5 p.m. She passed a note to the bank teller demanding cash and made away with an undisclosed amount of money.

The suspect is a black female in her late 20s, between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 11 inches tall. She was wearing a pink head wrap and pink coat while carrying a pink cell phone with her at the time of the robbery.

Police have released a surveillance image of the suspect at the bank and are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call the CID Robbery Unit at 301-772-4905. Callers can remain anonymous by calling Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477). People may also text “PGPD plus your tips” to CRIMES (274637) on their cell phone or go to http://www.pgpolice.org and submit a tip online.


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