Kansas City: Pro-Hamas Muslims threaten American (video)

In every U.S. city where Muslims protest in favor of Hamas, they threaten Americans. It will only get worse as the “tiny minority” grows rapidly and more violent. via CausingFitna.

Ban immigration of Muslims. ASAP. Your children and theirs will thank you.

Update on the man who got camera shy before his henchmen came to his rescue. From Causing Fitna, There is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States……. ummm, CORRECTION:

Mohammad Albadawi, a leader with the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City, as well as a leading organizer for MAS-ICNA conventions nationwide for many years.

Mohammed Albadawi is also registered with the Secretary of State in Missouri as the registered agent for tax exempt status for the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. If he has anything to do with teaching kids, it should be no wonder we see American born Muslims like Mohamad Sultan suporting HAMAS and the Ikhwan so openly. Mohammed El-Housiny a Viva Palestina organizer also has been both a student and a leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City, so it is not surprising to see him join with George Galloway while taking money to HAMAS. A portion of a recent radio interview with Mohamad Sultan and Mohammed El-Housiny can be heard here, it should also give some insight into their views.

Update 2: Akram Dalaq, pictured here as a member of the MAS-ICNA team, is the Muslim who threatened to follow the reporter.

National media seem to be intentionally ignoring the trend of escalating Muslim violence and threats in the U.S…in the last week:

Los Angeles: 4 Muslims Arrested for Attacking Jews at Pro-Israel Rally

San Fran police allowed Muslims to attack Jews at pro-Israel demo (video)

CAIR-Hamas Leader Blames Jews in Arabic Tweets, But Not in English

Chicago Palestinians/Hamas threaten Jews with violence

NYC pro-Israel rally threatened with jihad suicide bombing

Brooklyn: Muslim arrested in “knock out” attempt on Jew

St. Louis: Muslim cabbie fights taxi wardrobe rules

The jihad is relentless. Rules for Americans and rules for Muslims. via Muslim driver ticketed for religious garb fights St. Louis taxi wardrobe rules | Fox News.

ST. LOUIS – An Islamic cab driver in St. Louis is challenging the regional taxi commission’s wardrobe rules in court after receiving dozens of tickets for wearing traditional religious clothing.

Raja Naeem, 50, is a native of Pakistan who immigrated to the United States two decades ago and now lives in the St. Louis suburb of Manchester. He says his religious beliefs require him to wear a traditional head covering known as a kufi, a billowy shirt called a kurta and loose-fitting pants rather than the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission’s mandated uniform of black slacks and a white, button-down shirt.

He sued the taxi commission in St. Louis Circuit Court, alleging harassment and retaliation based on his religious views — including an arrest at Lambert-St Louis International Airport. On Monday, the two sides squared off in a case Circuit Judge Robert Dierker Jr. took under advisement without issuing a ruling.

“I want to practice my religion as well as provide for my family,” Naeem, a father of four daughters, said in an interview after the hearing.

Attorney Neil Bruntrager, who represents the taxi commission, said the regulatory agency has tried to accommodate Naeem’s ideology while still enforcing its wardrobe rules, which he said were created to help passengers clearly identify approved taxi drivers.

Bruntrager noted that the commission offered a compromise that would have allowed Naeem to wear a kurta as long as it was white and didn’t extend below thigh length. The commission agreed that he could wear the kufi on his head but said his pants must be black rather than the white leg coverings Naeem favors in tribute to the prophet Muhammad.

“All the tickets had nothing to do with him wearing (religious) clothing,” Bruntrager said in court. “It was the color requirements … Inherent in all this is the idea of easy recognition.”

Drew Baebler, Naeem’s attorney, said the taxi commission overstepped its authority when it interviewed Naeem’s imam about his religious views in an effort to resolve the dispute. He also noted that the commission allows drivers to wear sports jerseys when teams such as the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues make the playoffs.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour shills for jailed Muslim Brother from Kansas City

via causingfitna.

Watch as CNN’s Christiane Amanpour becomes a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood and HAMAS. This will be explained in just a few simple screen captures following the video. She talks about Mohamed Soltan and his hunger strike in Egypt……..

Listen to what she has to say and compare to the tweets from Mohamed Soltan below, which are just a few of many that we saved long ago. Anyone with a brain could see what Mr. Soltan was doing…..

The Ikhwan is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Read it all at Causing Fitna and see these previous Creeping Sharia posts on Sultan.

Missouri: Brotherhood-founded MSA introduces sharia, women-only swimming at UMKC

Creeping along at universities across the U.S. and Canada. The latest victim, the University of Missiouri at Kansas City (a known Hamas hotspot). The Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Students Association states that the sharia swim event was years in the making.via Ladies-only swim night at Swinney!!. h/t Anon

Salam Ladies. It’s time for a dip in the Swinney Rec Pool- customized for the Muslim Modest woman. Female guards and all included! Come and enjoy yourself ♥ .

Make sure to wear CLEAN clothes. Also, do not wear any cotton type clothing.

Add Missouri to the list:

Missouri: Mother who helped husband ‘honor kill’ own daughter dies in prison

Back story on the 1989 Islamic honor killing in St. Louis by a Palestinian Muslim and his wife, St. Louis Honor Killing – “Die Quickly! Die My Daughter, Die”:

The seven-minute tape of the killing, on which the father is heard shouting in Arabic “Die quickly!” in answer to his daughter’s cries, chilled the jury of seven women and five men and shocked court officials who thought they had seen and heard everything.

“It’s worse than any movie, any film, anything I thought that I would ever hear in my life,” said Bob Craddick, an assistant prosecutor for seven years, who has heard the tape seven or eight times.

via Missouri woman dies in prison while serving life sentence for 1989 slaying of daughter – Seymour Tribune. h/t Iron Burka

JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri — A Missouri woman died in prison Wednesday while serving a life sentence for the 1989 slaying of her teenage daughter in a crime that was chillingly captured on an FBI surveillance tape and apparently prompted by the girl’s resistance to the family’s Islamic traditions.

Maria Isa, 70, died at a prison in Vandalia “of apparent natural causes,” the Missouri Department of Corrections said in a written statement. Isa had been in prison since 1991.

She was convicted along with her husband, Zein Isa, in the fatal stabbing of their 16-year-old daughter Palestina Isa in St. Louis. The killing was caught on a surveillance tape by the FBI, which had placed a microphone in the family’s apartment because it suspected Zein Isa of being involved with the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

The recording captured the girl’s screams for mercy and her father saying in Arabic, “Die, my daughter, die!” The FBI wasn’t monitoring the taping at the time of the killing.

Zein and Maria Isa initially were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death in 1991. While awaiting execution, Zein Isa died in prison in February 1997 after a long illness.

Maria Isa’s sentence was overturned on appeal because of questionable jury instructions and, after a new hearing, she was re-sentenced to life without parole in June 1997.

Isa was accused of holding down her daughter while her husband repeatedly stabbed her after Palestina Isa came home from her first day of work at a fast-food restaurant. Maria Isa’s attorney had asserted in 1997 that she had been trying to protect the girl.

Witnesses at the couple’s trial testified that the daughter was a popular and accomplished student who frequently clashed with her fundamentalist Muslim parents and older sisters over her boyfriend, job and time spent away from home.

The slaying of Palestina Isa was the focus of a 1995 book by St. Louis author Ellen Harris that was entitled, “Guarding the Secrets: Palestinian Terrorism and a Father’s Murder of His Too-American Daughter.”

The nonfiction book described the slaying as an Islamic “honor killing” in which a man kills a female relative for disobeying or disgracing the family. It included comments from other members of the Isa family, including the girl’s older sisters, who said Palestina had wanted to be like American teenagers against her family’s wishes.

More from the back story (note the pre-9/11 mindset compared to the fear of jurors today):

On the night of her death, Tina’s parents express anger on the tape that she was at work, then seem not to believe that she was at work at all. Then Tina’s father says: “Here, listen, my dear daughter, do you know that this is the last day. Tonight, you’re going to die?”

Tina responds: “Huh?”

Zein Isa replies: “Do you know that you are going to die tonight?”

The girl’s mother asks her questions about items in her schoolbag. In the midst of her conversation with her mother, Tina begins to shriek in fear.

“Keep still, Tina!” says her father.

“Mother, please help me!”

“Huh? What do you mean?” the mother says.

“Help! Help!”

“What help?” the mother responds.

Tina screams, and Maria says: “Are you going to listen? Are you going to listen?”

Screaming louder, Tina gasps: “Yes! Yes! Yes, I am!” then coughs and adds, “No. Please!” Six Wounds in Chest

The mother says, “Shut up!”

Tina continues to cry, but her voice is unintelligible.

“Die! Die quickly! Die quickly!” the father says.

The girl moans, seems to quiet, then screams one last time.

“Quiet, little one! Die my daughter, die!” the father says.

Tina was stabbed six times in the chest with a boning knife, which pierced her heart, one lung, and liver, investigators said.

Mr. Zein admitted on the witness stand that he put his foot on his daughter’s mouth to quiet her. His wife did not testify.

An alternate juror, Carl Smith, said he would think about the tape for the rest of his life. “I cried because I wish I could have been there to help her,” he said.

Another alternate, Jean Lloyd, said, “For him to say ‘die quickly’ and put his foot over her mouth, at some point I just wanted to stand up and scream.”

While deliberating, the jurors asked to rehear the tape of the killing. They did, over the protest of defense lawyers. Outside the courtroom, one lawyer said: “We don’t want them to play it. If they hear it again, it’ll kill us.” Cultural Rifts Remain

After the guilty verdicts, there were signs of the same cultural divisions that seemed to have caused the killing. As the findings were announced Friday, the parents looked straight ahead.

On one side of the courtroom, Tina Isa’s high school friends burst into tears; across the aisle, the Isa family and friends quietly clenched hands.

Soraia Salem, one of Tina’s sisters, said the system failed her sister. She said the family sought help from the police in the months before the murder, even asking for Tina to be placed in a foster home. But prosecutors said they found only one police report.

After the verdicts were read, an agitated family friend who would give her name only as Mrs. Abraham expressed her dismay at what she saw as the jury’s failure to acknowledge the Palestinian culture. “I feel it’s not right. We follow our religion,” said Mrs. Abraham. She said the Isas had to discipline their daughter or lose respect. “They’d be embarrassed in front of everybody in the country like somebody when they go without their clothes outside.”

How many more Mrs. Abraham’s are there in the U.S. now with the same attitudes?

But the third alternate juror had a different view. Recalling how the tape affected him, Charles Heuvelman said the parents had no right to kill their child “just because she wants to be an American teen-ager.”

 1989. Who will stand up and say the same today as Muslims kill their wives and children in the U.S. and Canada?

Kansas City: “Mohammed” arrested in highway shootings

Shades of the Beltway Sniper John Allan Muhammad? via Man charged in Kansas City highway shootings. h/t iOwnTheWorld.com

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (CNN) – The man charged with shooting at motorists on Kansas City highways apparently fired a .380 pistol from his own car before speeding away, documents released on Friday said.

Authorities identified the suspect as Mohammed Pedro Whitaker. He is 27 and lives in Grandview, south of Kansas City, reported CNN affiliate KCTV-TV. He was charged with 18 felony counts covering nine incidents and is being held under $1 million cash bond.

Probable cause statements show police connected the shootings through .380 bullets found in the vehicles. Starting in early March, motorists told police of being shot at in the I-435/I-470/Highway 71 interchanges.

In several cases, the drivers reported seeing a dark green car near them driven by a man wearing sunglasses, a dark hoodie and sometimes a black ski mask.

One break came when a witness looking for a lost cell phone beside a road found a Walmart bag containing .380 ammunition, the documents showed. Prints on the ammunition boxes matched Whitaker’s.

The shootings began March 8. Some motorists weren’t even aware shots had been fired at their vehicles.

 Kansas City has a rapidly growing Islamic problem.


Missouri: Prosecutor drops charges against 2 foreign Muslims who tried to abduct 12-year-old girl for sex

via Enticement, harassment charges dropped against foreign military officers – The Rolla Daily News – Rolla, MO.

Two foreign military officers who were training at Fort Leonard Wood and charged in October of last year with enticement of a child and harassment had their charges dropped, Pulaski County Prosecuting attorney Kevin Hillman said Friday.

“The victim’s family and I discussed the situation, and they did not want her to go through the further traumatization of two trials,” Hillman said.

The two foreign officers charged were Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh, of Jordan, and Antoine Chela, of Lebanon.

Hillman said the pair had the charges dropped as part of an agreement which required them to remain in jail for 90 days and pay for their incarceration costs, which were over $3,000 each.

“Right after the charges were dropped, the men were taken by Fort Leonard Wood officials and have to leave the country within 10 days. I expect them to be gone by Monday,” Hillman said.

“They can have no contact with minors and will not be allowed back in the country. The Department of Homeland Security will be tracking and monitoring the men until they leave the country.”

Hillman said dropping the charges was a tough call to make.

“This was a very difficult decision,” he said. “But the family did not want their daughter to be re-traumatizd, and I have to take that into consideration. If the men were convicted, the Missouri Department of Corrections could have deported them right after. It was not worth further ruining the young girl’s life.”

Hillman said Mefleh, who arrived in the U.S. in April 2013, was at the fort for the U.S. Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Captains Career Course. Chela, arriving in October, was training at the fort for the Engineering Captains Career Course.

Why are we training Jordanian Muslims in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare? Are they using them to oust Assad?

According to court records, the two men allegedly approached the young girl, 12, at a bus stop in October 2013 and asked the girl to enter their vehicle.

Later, the men later allegedly showed up at the front door of the girl’s home and asked her to unlock it.

When the men left the residence, the girl got the attention of a passing fire truck and reported what happened.

Roughly half an hour later after the girl reported the incident, Mefleh and Chela were arrested.

More detail from previous reports: Grand Jury indicts two foreign military officers for attempted child abduction

The victim told police that she was waiting for her younger sister at the bus stop when two men approached her on several occasions in an attempt to lure her into their vehicle, allegedly asking for sexual favors. Court documents state that the men asked the victim to “get into a car to go to a party and have sex,” and yelled at her to get into their vehicle.

After the victim ran into her home, according to the probable cause statement issued by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, the two men followed her to her home, banged on her door, and asked her if she “wanted to party,” and told her to unlock the door. After the men left, the victim ran outside and found a fireman in her neighbor to whom she reported the incident to.

This report was the latest of several reports over the past week of similar occurrences throughout the county in which men tried to lure girls into their vehicles.

Conclusion: Muslim immigration means sexual jihad.

St. Louis: Three Muslims indicted in food stamp fraud

via Three St. Louis-area men accused of food stamp fraud : News.

A federal grand jury here has indicted three convenience store workers for allegedly defrauding the food stamp program.

Charged with food stamp fraud are Alaa K. Jaber, 27, of Hazelwood, Rami M. Abou Amra, 35 of Troy, Ill., and Albraa K. Sabrah, 25, of Bridgeton.

Each was indicted by the jury on charges that they stole Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, referred to as food stamp benefits, while working at convenience stores in East St. Louis. The indictments allege that between 2010 and 2012 the men paid customers cash in exchange for food stamp benefits.

Jaber was charged with five counts; Amra and Sabrah were each charged in three counts. Each count carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a $10,000 fine, and up to 3 years of supervised release.

More at Refugee Resettlement Watch.

As Muslim immigration and food stamp usage (More People on Food Stamps Than Are Working Full Time) has increased in the U.S., Muslim food stamp fraud has also exploded (no pun intended).

Missouri: 2 “Middle Eastern” military trainees try to abduct 12-year-old girl for sex

Mohammed quotient of 1.


via Deputies: 2 military trainees try to abduct 12-year-old in St. Louis area | khou.com Houston.

Two men training at Fort Leonard Wood are in custody after deputies say they tried to abduct a 12-year-old girl in Pulaski County Friday afternoon.

Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh, 34, and Antoine Clela, 31, were charged with enticement of a child and harassment.

The victim told police she was playing with a sibling in her yard when Mefleh and Clela approached her several times and tried to lure her into their vehicle. She told officers they kept asking for sexual favors.

The suspects are with a foreign military in a middle eastern country and are part of a training mission at Fort Leonard Wood, just a couple miles from where the attempted abduction took place.

“There is no diplomatic immunity, they are guests and if they were diplomats it would be different, but they’re here on a training mission so we treat them like any other citizen charged with a crime,” said Sheriff Ron Long with Pulaski County.

Military officials are not yet commenting on this case although Sheriff Long said they are cooperating with investigation.

Deputies who responded to the scene located the suspects. They were arrested and remain at the Pulaski County Jail on a $200,000 bond.

More:  Men Stationed At Fort Leonard Wood Charged With Trying To Lure A Child For Sex

 A couple of men stationed at Fort Leonard Wood have been arrested and charged with trying to lure a 12-year-old into their vehicle for sex.

 The Pulaski County Sheriff says the two men are from Middle Eastern decent and are in their 30-s.

The girl says she was playing with a sibling in her front yard when the two men approached her on several occasions asking for sexual favors.

 Both men are in jail and are being held on a $200,000 bond.

Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh and Antoine Chlela had been temporarily stationed at Fort Leonard Wood for military training.

Update: Two Men Stationed at Fort Leonard Wood Charged With Harassment, Enticement

Thirty-four-year-old Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh of St. Roberts and 31-year-old Antoine Chela of Waynesville are jailed in Pulaski County on $200,000 bond on charges of harassment and enticement. No attorney is listed for either man in online court records.

The girl told police she was playing in a yard with a sibling when the men approached her several times.

A release from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department says the men are temporarily stationed at Fort Leonard Wood for military training purposes.

2 men are accused of trying to lure girl into car in Pulaski County

This report was the latest of several reports over the past week of similar occurrences throughout the county in which men tried to lure girls into their vehicles.
Sheriff Ron Long asks parents and guardians to make sure children are aware of possible dangers, and educate them on how to protect themselves from becoming targets for predators.

A reader reminds us of a similar incident now in court: Saudi sergeant arrested, admits raping 13-year old boy in Las Vegas hotel.

And there was this too 5 Iraqi immigrants arrested in Colorado gang-rape.

Conclusion: Muslim immigration means sexual jihad.

Kansas City: Muslim Gets 14 Years for Funding al-Qaida

via Missouri Man Gets 14 Years for Al-Qaida Support – ABC News.


A Kansas City businessman who swore an oath of allegiance to al-Qaida and three years ago pleaded guilty to providing financial support to the international terror group was sentenced Monday to 14 years in prison, despite a plea from his attorney for lenience because of the risk he took by becoming an informant against the organization.

Khalid Ouazzani, 35, who pleaded guilty in May 2010 to bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to support a terrorist group, was sentenced in federal court in Kansas City.

Federal prosecutors claimed Ouazzani provided more than $23,000 to al-Qaida and had pledged more, with the hope of eventually traveling to the Middle East to join the fight against the U.S.

In his guilty plea, Ouazzani admitted making false claims to borrow money for a used auto parts business and wiring the proceeds to a bank in Dubai. That money was used to purchase an apartment in Dubai that later sold for a $17,000 profit, which was given to al-Qaida. Ouazzani also admitted sending the terror group $6,500 from the sale of his business.

Ouazzani, a married father of two who became a U.S. citizen in June 2006 [a Moroccan native], admitted in his plea bargain to bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to support a terrorist group after admitting he gave money and swore an oath of allegiance to the terror network in 2008.

At Ouazzani\’s sentencing hearing Monday, his attorney, Robin Fowler, asked U.S. District Judge Howard Sachs for a five-year sentence — Ouazzani already has served roughly 42 months — because his cooperation with federal authorities had landed his two co-conspirators in jail.

That makes him a snitch and a Muslim who provided support to al-Qaida, both of which puts his life behind bars in danger, Fowler said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Casey said the government recommended 15 years — sharply reduced from the roughly 30 years he could have gotten under sentencing guidelines — for supporting the terrorist group and committing bank fraud.

Sachs noted that the charge of supporting al-Qaida is a serious crime, and despite Ouazzani\’s cooperation in the separate case he needed to be adequately punished.

\”He did cooperate, as the judge stated, but that doesn\’t erase what he did,\” U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson said after the hearing. \”A lot of damage, a lot of lives could have been lost with that $23,000.\”

Federal officials said last year that Ouazzani was part of a small terror cell with two New York men, Sabirhan Hasanoff and Wesam El-Hanafi, both of whom pleaded guilty in June 2012 to their roles in the conspiracy.

After he was arrested in February 2010 on 33 counts, Ouazzani waived his Miranda rights and told investigators about Hasanoff and El-Hanafi. When confronted by information Ouazzani provided, the two New Yorkers pleaded guilty last year, Fowler said. Without his cooperation, both might still be involved with terrorism, he said.

Ouazzani, who wrote an eight-page letter to the judge apologizing for his actions, addressed the court before Sachs handed down the sentence.

“I make no excuses for the crimes I committed,” he said. “I’m not proud of the mistakes I’ve made. I’m ashamed.”

Ouazzani’s contributions to al-Qaida went through Hasanoff, a Brooklyn accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers who moved to Dubai in 2007, according to court documents. El-Hanafi, who accepted Ouazzani’s oath of allegiance to al-Qaida, was an information security specialist in Brooklyn with Lehman Brothers before moving to Dubai around 2005.

The three met in Brooklyn in May 2008 to discuss membership in the terrorist organization, about a year after El-Hanafi had connected with two experienced terrorists in Yemen, court records show.

From a previous post after his arrest:

“It’s probably widespread, more so than we’d like to think,” said Dennis Lormel, a retired FBI agent who headed the government’s terrorist financing investigative unit after 9/11. “You can get into semantics about amounts, but this guy is not the only guy out there doing this type of thing.

Missouri: Muslim who opened fire at bus terminal killing 1 on eve of 9/11, committed

Committed to jihad and crazy like a fox?

Mohamed Dawod

This occurred two years ago and we only stumbled on it recently while researching why the Boston Globe still reports the Ft. Hood jihadist’s motive as unknown.

via Killing at Springfield, Mo., bus terminal investigated : News.

September 10, 2011 3:26 pm

Police in Springfield, Mo., were seeking a motive in the killing there on Thursday of a man waiting to board a bus for St. Louis.

Justin Hall, 32, of Mount Vernon, Ohio, was preparing to board a Greyhound bus when he was shot in the back. Mohamed H. Dawod, 25, of Glendale, Ariz., was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the shooting, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

Witnesses told police that Dawod was trying to fire more shots but that his pistol, a .22-cal. semi-automatic, jammed. Other passengers subdued Dawod and held him until police arrived.

The attack appeared to be unprovoked, according to court documents.

Hall and Dawod had been on a bus traveling from Amarillo, Texas, to St. Louis that had stopped over in Springfield. Witnesses said Hall and Dawod had not talked to each other on the bus. Continue reading

Illinois, Maine, Arizona Muslims among Kenyan Mall Massacre killers

According to a post by Jean-Patrick Grumberg at Dreuz.info, Muslims from Illinois, Maine, and Arizona were listed by al Shabaab along with the Muslims from Minnesota & Kansas City as being among the Islamic killers that perpetraded the Kenyan Mall Massacre.

We re-arranged the Dreuze.info list putting the Muslims that were living in America at the top of the list.

  • Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22 ans, de Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid. 24 ans de Minneapolis [Minnesota]
  • Gen Mustafe Noorudiin. 27 ans, de Kansas City. MO
  • Abdelkarem Ali Mohamed, 21 ans, d’Illinois
  • Abdishakur Sheikh Hassan 22 ans, du Maine
  • Shafie Die 25 ans, de Tucson Arizona


  • Abdirizak Mouled, 24 ans, d’Ontario Canada
  • Ahmed Nasir Shirdoon, 24 ans, de Londres GB
  • Sayid Nuh, 25 ans, de Kismayu, Somalie
  • Sa’d Daud 23 ans, Damas Syrie
  • Mohammed Bader 25 ans, d’Aleppo Syrie
  • Ismael Guled, 23 ans, Helsinky Finlande
  • Zaki Jama Caraale, 20 ans, d’Hargeisa, Somalie
  • Qasim Said Mussa, 22 ans, Garissa, Kenya
  • Eliko Mamedoff, 27 ans, Dagestan
  • Moulid Ahmed 24 ans, Gävleborgs Län, Sweden

He posted a screen shot from Twitter – the account now suspended – however the names of those living in the U.S. were not in the screen shot.

Please note that the source is al Shabaab and the Islamic principle of striking fear into the hearts of the unbelievers is in play. This has not been confirmed by U.S. authorities as of this posting.

Apparently not much has changed since this 2011 post, Somali-Americans from Minnesota Leave US to Wage Jihad, FBI Unaware.

Muslims from Minnesota & Kansas City Among Gunmen in Kenya Mall Attack

Death toll now up to 68. Back story here – Muslim terrorists kill 68, injure 150+ in Kenya mall attack targeting non-Muslims.

The latest via 2 Kenya attackers from Minnesota, CNN reports | kare11.com.

ATLANTA – Sources within Al Shabaab have released the names of nine of the alleged attackers in the Nairobi, Kenya shopping mall massacre, including two people from Minnesota, according to CNN.

Al Shabaab told CNN that the names are on the Shabaab twitter account. That account has now been closed down, but CNN has obtained the names.

CNN reports Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22, of St. Paul, and Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid, 24, of Minneapolis, were among the names listed.

The others, all men in their 20s, are from Missouri, Canada, London, Finland and Somolia.

According to the Associated Press, Kenyan police say they have begun a major assault to end the two-day hostage crisis at the Nairobi mall, in which 68 people have died.

A third Muslim from the U.S. is named at The PJ Tatler

Al-Shabaab is claiming that there are American gunmen among those still holed up in the Westgate mall in a standoff with Kenyan and Israeli special forces.

The Somali al-Qaeda affiliate tweeted a series of names on its latest account before Twitter against suspended the group. Al-Shabaab has been creating new accounts each time they get shut down but a movement of pro-Kenyan tweeters has been tracking down the new accounts and complaining to Twitter.

“We received permission to disclose the names of our mujahideen inside #Westgate,” their latest account tweeted.

They proceeded to tweet the names one by one, including Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22, “native” of St. Paul, Minn., Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid, 24, of Minneapolis, and Gen Mustafe Noorudiin, 27, of Kansas City, Mo.


via Twitchy, CNN reports three Kenya mall attackers are from the United States:

Sara Pratley (@cnnsara) September 22, 2013

CNN is reporting that three of the Kenya mall attackers are from the United States.

CNN has learned that two of the Kenya mall attackers are from Minnesota and one from Kansas City, Missouri.—
Stephanie Goggans (@StephGoggansCNN) September 22, 2013

NBC’s Kansas City affiliate:

#BREAKINGNEWS – Suspect in #Kenya Mall attack reported to be from KC.—
41 Action News (@41ActionNews) September 22, 2013

#BREAKING – NBC affiliate @41ActionNews reports suspect in #Kenya Mall attack reported to be from Kansas City.—
Kenny Holmes NBC (@KHOLMESlive) September 22, 2013

CNN also reports that the State Department is increasingly confident Americans were involved:

State Dept official tells Elise Labott they’re still trying to match names but becoming more confident American citizens were involved—
Steve Brusk (@stevebruskCNN) September 22, 2013

The official says they have been concerned and raising alarm bells about al-Shabaab recruitment in the Somali-American community—
Steve Brusk (@stevebruskCNN) September 22, 2013

CNN said it obtained the information from sources inside al-Shabaab. The U.S. State Department has not confirmed any of the names.

Mugshot for a 22-year old from Minnesota by same name as one of gunman, Ahmed Mohamud Isse. No confirmation yet. FBI just beginning to investigate.


Kansas City: Muslim attorney launches sharia law practice

A solution waiting for a problem? via KC attorney specializes in Shariah law | Missouri Lawyers Media. h/t @CausingFitna

Even as anti-Shariah legislation roils statehouses, including in Missouri, one Kansas City attorney has launched a new practice precisely in that field.

Ahsan Latif said that, like any good businessman, he saw a need and is now filling it.

“It’s a way of allowing Muslims to fulfill their faith commitment and also at the same time getting comfortable with lawyers and law,” Latif said.

Latif, an associate at MKL, is adding Shariah services to his practice precisely at a time when some state legislators are feverishly working at keeping it out of their borders.

The Missouri Senate on Wednesday voted to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of SB 267, the so-called “Civil Liberties Defense Act,” which would have voided any court arbitration, tribunal or administrative agency decisions that are based on foreign law, and which are “repugnant” and “inconsistent” with the state and U.S. constitutions.

The House, however, failed to muster the votes needed for an override.

The sponsor of the bill, Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington, has insisted the bill is not anti-Shariah. In an email request to discuss the bill, referring to “Shariah” law, the Senator’s executive legislative assistant, Jessica Johnson,  replied, “checked with the Senator, and he has no idea what you are talking about and has no knowledge of a Sharia law bill.” A subsequent request to discuss SB267 was met with: “I spoke with the Senator and he has no interest [in] talking with you about this.”

Few Missouri lawyers list themselves as focusing on Shariah law, but it’s a bit more common in other areas of the country with higher Muslim populations.

Quality reporting. Just how many lawyers do list themselves as focusing on sharia law? Apparently Latif isn’t the only one waiting for a sharia problem to arise in Kansas City.

Despite the controversy, Latif downplayed any fear he or other firm members may have of any negative reaction about his new practice area.

“I’m not particularly worried about any backlash,” Latif said. “The way I look at it, the best possible thing I can do is go out there and represent myself and my religion in the best way possible with my clients and in the community.”

Latif, who is Muslim and grew up in Lexington, where his father practiced medicine, said he believes the call to ban Shariah law is grounded in fear of “other,” of something different than what many in the U.S. have grown up with and are familiar with.

Latif is the vice president of crescentpeace.org and on his web page links to an area mosque – likely his own – that had posted on its website:

The Islamic Center of Johnson County, Inc., unequivocally affirms the Qur’an and the Sunnah as its eternal and ultimate constitution.

“When these issues come up, the average person in America doesn’t have the context of understanding, and it becomes much more ‘out there’ than it is,” Latif said. “And it’s sad because it’s distracting and because it gets tied up in what people are doing overseas, and it becomes something ‘other’ or ‘dangerous,’ when, in reality, it’s a difference between cultural practices.”

We bet it’s distracting to point out the evils of Islamic sharia law and how women and children are brutalized by it. Latif wants to cash in on sharia. Continue reading

Your Daily Muslim & the Muslim March on 9/11

Another episode of Your Daily Muslim…in time for the Million Muslim March on 9/11.

US Muslim convert Chris “Isa” Hodge has managed to convince himself that absolutely crazy, unbelievable crap is real. Just like every other friendless idiot who gets pulled into a cult out of a deep-seated need for acceptance and belonging, Hodge found his way to radical Islam. However, the cult Hodge ended up with takes others with them when they commit mass suicide.

Obviously, anyone who could accept Islam as being true is several stones short of a rock garden. To the stupid, pedophilic, and gullible, Islam might be appealing – it guarantees an eternity of drunken sex, a social life that consists of a bunch of men bending over together, and even the possibility of marrying your neighbor’s daughter. It is unknown exactly how many of those three categories Hodge falls into.

“Muslims have been in this country long before the white man ever touched the shore.” Uhh, no. The first European expeditions to the continent of North America, led by the Vikings, were not Islamic. Neither were the arrivals of pilgrims in the 16th and 17th centuries. It’s sad how deluded Hodge has tricked himself into being; he has convinced himself to deny facts just to try to fit in better with his braindead BFFs. Then again, Islam and rational thought are antithetical.

Hodge is involved with the Million Muslim March, a provocation against the people of the United States of America. The Muslims’ plan is to have 1 million Muslims march on Washington DC on September 11. Really? Why that day, of all days? Oh wait, it’s because the spineless leftists who bend over to appease Muslims every chance they get will allow it. Hodge has spoken out in favor of the rally, and is trying to draw support for it, claiming it is a movement of peace and unity. Really, it’s just a way for Islam to spit in the face of the USA. Hopefully the Million Muslim March is surrounded by naked lesbians having sex while drinking and covering each other with bacon.

Or two million bikers.

1237733_573360716060112_54175270_nPS: To the Union Iron Workers M. C. who is taking his crew down to the rally and left a message asking how to sign up, find contact info here.

Visit “2 Million Bikers to DC” Facebook Page.

Visit “2 Million Bikers to DC FL” Facebook Page.


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