Christie doubles down on Muslim judge appointment to Jewish audience

Christie shut down the GW Bridge, now he’s selling one to Jews. via Christie deftly defends appointment of Muslim Judge at RJC meeting | The Daily Caller.

Speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s meeting in Las Vegas on Saturday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie responded calmly, but strongly, to a question about Sharia Law, taking the occasion to address lingering concerns about a Muslim judge he appointed in 2011.

“Sohail Mohammed knows as much about jihad as I do, being an Irish-American kid from Newark, New Jersey,” Christie said of the Indian-American judge who immigrated to America as a child.

Christie knows taqqiya. But if he knows nothing about the number one threat discussed since 9/11 (with the ’93 WTC bombing emanating in New Jersey), then he is woefully ignorant and unfit not only to run for president but to run a state that is home to large numbers of jihadists and sharia supporters.

“It is ridiculous and insulting, that because I nominated Sohail Mohammed — that people some how think that means I’m for Sharia Law. It’s crap,” he said to applause. “And I will not ever apologize for making him a judge — in fact, I’m proud of it.”

“Sharia Law won’t come into New Jersey,” Christie continued, “and to suggest otherwise is nothing more than internet blog B.S.”

It makes one wonder why Chris Christie went out of his way to submit New Jersey State Police to Islamic training. After all, it’s just internet blog B.S., right?

 We’ve got over 150 posts that suggest Chris Christie is part of the growing Islamic problem in New Jersey, including a New Jersey Muslim lawyer who admits litigating more than 100 cases involving sharia!! In New York and New Jersey alone.

Much has been made of Christie’s gaffe about “occupied territories,” but I think this exchange was probably more instructive in the long run. If Christie runs for president, this is one of the lingering questions he will have to continue to address. And his ability to defend this appointment — in what might have been a challenging environment — speaks well of his political courage and ability to communicate. The fact that Christie actually garnered some applause is indicative of his ability to do just that.

Not to mention Christie has for years been defending a known Hamas imam from being deported from New Jersey despite the imam lying on his immigration application.

Who was the lawyer for that Hamas-linked imam facing deportation? None other than Sohail Mohammed, appointed by Chris Christie.

The judge surrounds himself with those well-versed in jihad:

Mr. Mohammed is known to be one of the trustees of the American Muslim Union, categorized in a 2004 report by journalist Joel Mowbray as an organization with close to ties to the Islamic Center of Passaic (ICP).

According to the report, the ICP has had past ties to Hamas fundraising.

More: N.J.’s Christie apologizes to Adelson over ‘occupied territories’ reference.

Update: Ryan Mauro has more on Christie’s “ridiculous and insulting” statements:

If that’s true, then the Department of Homeland Security is full of anti-Muslim bigots who rely on “Internet blog B.S.” Here’s what DHS had to say about Qatanani in a 2008 court filing:

“It is certainly suspicious when a person who has been convicted of being a member of, and providing services, to Hamas, who has personal ties to a Hamas militant leader, and a Hamas fundraiser also sends undisclosed cash to the West Bank.”

A report by the N.J. Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness described the existence of a network of Hamas sympathizers in the state and only mentioned one name: Imam Mohammed Qatanani, who Christie has staunchly defended from deportation and praises as a friend.

In November 2012, the Clarion Project discovered that four Islamists with extremist track records, including Qatanani, were members of the Muslim Outreach Committee formed by the N.J. Attorney General, Jeffrey Chiesa.  Months after our report was published, Christie appointed Chiesa as an interim Senator following the death of Senator Lautenberg.

New Jersey: Top fed, state, county and local LEO’s meet with Islamic dawah group

This is to New Jersey what Obama’s failed, Muslim Brotherhood-run terror program is at a federal level. via Annual American Muslim Union brunch an opportunity for dialogue, bridge building – h/t Gary

As part of an ongoing outreach program, a few weeks ago New Jersey State Attorney General John Hoffman met with local Muslim leaders and discussed a controversial court ruling that angered many members of that community.

A federal district court judge in February had dismissed a civil rights lawsuit brought by eight Muslims over the New York Police Department’s secret surveillance of mosques and members of Islam in North Jersey, a case known as Hassan vs. City of New York.

Hoffman described some of the back and forth at the meeting on the court’s ruling when he addressed the American Muslim Union’s 17th Annual Brunch Sunday at Glenpointe Marriott in Teaneck.

“It was a very difficult discussion, a very emotional discussion, and a very charged discussion,” Hoffman said. “There were a lot of people angry over the decision.”

Nonetheless, the Attorney General’s Office – and its Muslim Outreach Committee — and New Jersey Islamic leaders weren’t sidestepping the tough issues, Hoffman said. They were having a direct dialog, were communicating and were building trust, Hoffman told the 400 attendees at the AMU event.

This year top federal, state, county and local law enforcement officials once again turned out in force for the brunch held by the AMU, a Paterson-based grass-roots organization led by President Mohamed Younes.

In the future, which of these LEO is going to question any of the Muslims or related groups he had lunch with at the mosque?

Part of the AMU’s mission is to educate the public about the Islam faith and build bridges with government agencies and elected officials.

Also known as Dawah – with the goal of converting non-Muslims to Islam.

Trust between law enforcement and Muslim Americans has been sorely tested since 9/11, with Islam groups objecting to what they consider illegal racial profiling.

What race is Islam?

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker also addressed the gathering, whose goal during the past few years has been to encourage North Jersey Muslims to vote and get involved in politics, to put up and elect candidates that will represent their community.

This year’s Sunday activities were special because about six months ago Younes asked Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli to organize a private meeting before the brunch between North Jersey county prosecutors and local Muslim leaders.

There were about 30 people at that meeting, including not only Molinelli but Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia Valdes, Morris County Acting Prosecutor Fredric Knapp, Union County Acting Prosecutor Grace Park and Essex County First Assistant Prosecutor Robert Laurino, Molinelli said. Many of them brought their chiefs of detectives, he added, all to help lay the groundwork for a relationship with Muslims.

“It can’t be a reactive thing,” Molinelli said. “You can’t wait for a crisis.”

At the actual brunch one speaker, New Jersey Director of Homeland Security and Preparedness Edward Dickson, said that his office had formed its own outreach initiative, the Interfaith Advisory Council, to build bridges with Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Coptic Orthodox groups.

Only Jewish, Sikh and Coptic groups are no threat. The only religious threat is from Islam.

The article goes on for a quite a while. You won’t find such detail on the hundreds of crimes or rampant corruption occurring daily in Jersey – including crimes committed by Muslims. But this infiltration and propaganda…this is worthy. Creeping Sharia has shown repeatedly that the crisis has already begun in New Jersey:

PS: It started when Chris Christie was US attorney and has only ramped up under his “leadership,” including the fraud: Chris Christie appoints Islamist convicted of credit card fraud to Muslim outreach committee.

Judge: Associated Press, not NYPD, caused Muslims harm

Associated with Terrorists Press.

via Judge throw out lawsuit challenging NYPD’s spying on Muslims | MSNBC.

“The police could not have monitored New Jersey for Muslim terrorist activities without monitoring the Muslim community itself,” Martini wrote. “The motive for the program was not solely to discriminate against Muslims, but rather to find Muslim terrorists hiding among ordinary, law-abiding Muslims.”

Any harm suffered by Muslims who were spied on, Martini wrote, was not the fault of the NYPD, but of the Associated Press reporters who first revealed the existence of the surveillance effort.

“Nowhere in the Complaint do Plaintiffs allege that they suffered harm prior to the unauthorized release of the documents by the Associated Press. This confirms that Plaintiffs’ alleged injuries flow from the Associated Press’s unauthorized disclosure of the documents,” Martini wrote. “The harms are not ‘fairly traceable’ to any act of surveillance.” The Associated Press declined to comment on the ruling.

In 2012 the Associated Press won a Pulitzer Prize for its series on the NYPD’s “Demographics Unit,” which engaged in blanket surveillance of American Muslims in the region beginning after Sept. 11. The NYPD made maps of local Muslim communities, spied on Muslim student organizations, and monitored Muslim businesses, all without evidence of a specific crime or intent to commit one. An NYPD official admitted in testimony under oath that despite the breadth of the program, it never resulted in a single investigation.

Shortly after the story broke, Muslim Advocates, Muslim civil rights group, and the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of a group of plaintiffs, including a Sayed Farhaj Hassan, a Shia Muslim U.S. Army veteran who discovered that his mosque had been surveilled as part of an effort to gauge a possible Iranian terrorist threat to New York City. Muslim Advocates and the CCR argued that the program “impermissibly and intentionally discriminates against Plaintiffs because of their religion.”

Martini based his decision in part on a 2009 Supreme Court decision dismissing a lawsuit against federal officials over the detention of Arab Muslim men in the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. In that case, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that “It should come as no surprise that a legitimate policy directing law enforcement to arrest and detain individuals because of their suspected link to the attacks would produce a disparate, incidental impact on Arab Muslims, even though the purpose of the policy was to target neither Arabs nor Muslims.”

Meanwhile, in LA, a Muslim cop is being accused by a black family of doing the terrorizing, Man Claims L.A. Deputies Roasted His Genitals.



Jersey: Bergen County emergency response program accommodates sharia for Muslim volunteers

Who then demand the definition of terrorism be whitewashed. via Bergen County emergency response program graduates 150 Muslim volunteers : h/t LUTBOI

MAHWAH – A county emergency response program graduated its latest class of trainees Saturday, the second in an effort by officials to recruit members of faith-based organizations for the volunteer effort.

About 150 young adults from three mosques in North Jersey collected certificates for completing basic training in the Community Emergency Response Team program. The participants belong to Nida-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Islah, both in Teaneck, and the Islamic Center of Passaic County, in Paterson.

That would be one of the most radical mosques in New Jersey, led by former Hamas member and illegal immigrant facing pending deportationMohammad Qatanani (who wants to replace the 1st Amendment to align with sharia).

Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan and Freeholder Maura DeNicola both attended the ceremony, held at the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Complex.

“What you now know is more than most of us know,” Donovan said. “So you can help in times of emergency. You can help your own community and you can help the larger Bergen County community.”

Muslim leaders approached the county about getting involved with public service and were steered to the CERT program.

During the weekend of Jan. 4, the trainees spent 10 hours each day learning first aid, CPR, fire suppression techniques and terrorism awareness, among other skills.

The training allows the county to have an organized group of volunteers that can be tapped in the even of a wide spread disaster.

At times with the latest class, the students were also educating the teachers.

For example, a discussion on terrorism had some “discrepancies,” Zillehuma Hasan said, which resulted in changes to the curriculum.

“The definition of terrorism that was used made it look like Muslim’s condone it,” she said. “There is no religion that condones violence.”

Except for at least 109 [Koranic] verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding..

The county worked with mosque leaders to address cultural considerations during training. An area was set aside for the group to have prayer breaks during classes. Male and female trainees used different mats for practicing CPR. And Muslim leaders organized their own meal catering during the training days.

In other words, the Bergen County CERT submitted to Islamic sharia demands of the worst kind: gender segregation and very likely religious segregation so non-Muslim men were not practicing CPR on Muslim women and vice versa. Can someone at the Bergen County CERT explain to us what a Muslim will do when called to an emergency and where all those needing assistance are non-Muslim?

Sabeela Zia, 29, of Old Tappan, said she learned about the CERT program through her mosque, Nida-ul-Islam.

“This is a great opportunity for the Muslim community to make a lasting positive impression on the general public,” she said…

Here’s the lasting impression anyone who reads this story will get: Muslims once again chose not to assimilate into an existing training course that normal Americans living in New Jersey have probably participated in for decades. Rather, Muslims made demands for sharia law accommodation and Bergen County CERT readily submitted. 

The county, without any research or justification at all, nullified any relevance their terror training once had (in a county hard hit by the Muslim terror attacks of 9/11) to appease some Muslims who obfuscate jihad and only seek to defend Islam, even if it means lying about it. Too easy. No elections, no votes, no shots fired.

New Jersey: Mosque lawyer demands city ignore fire officials’ concerns


via Fire officials’ worries about proposed mosque must be ignored, Bernards attorney says |

The proposal by the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, which purchased the 4.3-acre property at 124 Church St. in late 2011 for $750,000, is one of two mosques proposed in Somerset County.

The other, a plan by the AlFalah Center to convert the former Redwood Inn in Bridgewater into a house of worship, is being heard by that township’s planning board after a federal judge in September ordered a new hearing. The proposal is subject of a federal civil rights lawsuit, filed after Bridgewater in 2011 changed a zoning ordinance affecting the application.

As in Bridgewater, the proposed Bernards mosque also is facing community opposition.

Opponents faced a setback Tuesday when the Planning Board’s attorney urged the panel to reject fire officials’ concerns about traffic safety that the house of worship would create.

In memos last week to the Planning Board, Township Fire Official Janet Lake and volunteer Liberty Corner Fire Chief Peter Aprahamian said they feared that the additional traffic caused by the mosque, including “stacking” of vehicles caused by mosque visitors waiting to turn left into the property, could hinder the fire company’s ability to respond to emergencies.

To audible groans from opponents of the mosque, Planning Board attorney Jonathan Drill urged the board not to consider the fire officials’ concerns because they dealt with off-site traffic problems. Citing case law spanning more than 40 years, Drill said such an issue only can be considered by the Zoning Board. Because a house of worship is considered a permitted use in this neighborhood, the Planning Board cannot delve into neighborhood traffic problems.

Related: Video: How mosques get approved on the quick & dirty

New Jersey: Men dressed as Muslim women attempt kidnapping, leave woman in trash can

Sure is a lot of sharia craziness going on in Chris Christie’s New Jersey. via Police: Would-be abductors left woman in a trash can. h/t LUTBOI

CAMDEN – Police are searching for two men who – dressed as Muslim women – allegedly attempted to kidnapped a salon employee and left her in a trash can before fleeing in a van early Tuesday morning.

The incident, in a highly trafficked part of downtown Camden between City Hall and Camden County College, near the LEAP Academy schools, occurred around 9:30 a.m.

Camden County police said the suspects, described as two black males approximately 5\’ 10\” to 6\’0\” dressed in dark full-body robes and head coverings, entered the Zoujati Salon at 107 N. 6th Street, where the female employee was working alone.

The suspects brandished a weapon and put her into a large trash can with a lid inside the store and then left it outside on the sidewalk before fleeing in a white 2009 or newer Chevrolet Express 1500 cargo van with tinted windows. The van had stolen Pennsylvania license plates: JLJ 6784, police said.The victim was taken to Cooper University Hospital for treatment and was released.

The men drove directly to the Ben Franklin Bridge and crossed into Philadelphia.

That’s the 16th incident or burqa/niqab violent crime in the Philadelphia area.

More and more criminals are recognizing the dhimmitude forced upon American LEO’s by their leadership and that Muslim garb is the perfect disguise while committing crimes.

Since there were only 2 comments to the story, we thought we’d post them.

Posted 4:10 PM, 01/23/2014

I guess they weren’t real Muslims since they didn’t behead her or blow themselves up.

Posted 4:29 PM, 01/23/2014

they just made her feel like garbage (buh dum tsss)

Islam’s contribution to America: Snipers, Black Hawks, F-16′s, lockdowns & mass spying at Super Bowl

via Super Bowl Snipers – My9 New Jersey. h/t Drudge

East Rutherford, New Jersey (My9NJ) – Along with excited and eager fans, SWAT teams and Snipers will be attending Super Bowl XLVIII. The reason for such high precautions is because the Super Bowl is a level one national security event.

Former FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam explains how snipers work in coordination with SWAT teams to give the fans and players ultimate safety.

“If you have an active shooter or you have anyone who may have a bomb. Snipers have a better angle then anyone who is on the ground to actually hit that target. It’s an entire team that communicates. You have individuals who are at high altitudes inside the arena and then you have individuals that are on the ground moving in and around the crowd,” he explained.

via No-fly zone over MetLife Stadium

The skies above and around MetLife Stadium will be in a no-fly zone on Super Bowl Sunday.

The first level of defense will be provided by Black Hawk helicopters with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The unarmed helos will serve as the eyes in the sky.

Customs & Border protection will fly Black Hawks over the Super Bowl in New Jersey but can’t protect our borders from Mexico?

And if a hostile aircraft enters restricted air space near MetLife stadium, New Jersey Air National Guard F-16s based in Atlantic City will be scrambled.

More fear-mongering and martial law-like activities: Attack on mass transit seen as top Super Bowl security risk

Security screening will start at train stations, where fans will not be able to board stadium-bound trains or buses without tickets to the game, officials said.

Or without passing through a security checkpoint manned by TSA agents.

The stadium is located about 10 miles west of New York City, the site of the September 11, 2001, attacks. It has been locked down all week, and authorities are scanning all vehicles that go in, a practice that will continue on game day, officials said.

Bratton noted that New York police were using extensive intelligence-gathering operations developed since the World Trade Center attack to watch for possible threats.

At an undisclosed location near the stadium, officials from some 100 security agencies are monitoring feeds related to security concerns 24 hours a day, Fuentes said.

Tom Nolan, chairman of the criminal justice department at the State University of New York in Plattsburgh. “You have to accept some degree of risk and you have to accept a new level of intrusion into your privacy.”

We should never accept any level of intrusion that is neither legal nor Constitutional and certainly not from totalitarian authorities who are afraid to even utter the words Islam or jihad. The Tom Nolan’s are the real Islamophobes and the military industrial complex and psychopaths who profit from it maximize this fear to submit us all.

That said, there is a desperation in the air, Obama and team have promised “action” so beware a false flag to further strip Americans of their rights.


Thanks to Islam, purses, seat cushions, coolers banned from NFL games

Thanks to Islam, Kentucky Derby a virtual police state

All major league ballparks will require metal detector screening by 2015 season

New Jersey: Imam’s son shot dead – had lengthy criminal history

via Newark imam’s son was target of shooting that left 2 dead, sources say | h/t LOOK UNDER THE BURKA

A Newark imam’s son was the likely target of a gunman who opened fire on five people in a vehicle parked on a city street Tuesday, killing the man and a woman and wounding three others, law enforcement sources told The Star-Ledger today.

Akbar Muhammad, the 36-year-old son of Imam Abdul Akbar Muhammad of Ali. K. Muslim mosque, and Shante Spivey, 28, of East Orange, died when the vehicle they were in was sprayed with gunfire near Springfield and Fairmount avenues at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, prosecutors said.

Muhammad was in the driver’s seat and died at the scene, while Spivey succumbed a short time later at University Hospital, prosecutors said.

Muhammad was likely the target of the attack, according to two law enforcement sources, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case. They would not comment further.

Akbar Muhammad had a lengthy criminal record that included arrests for assault, weapons possession, drug offenses and robbery, according to documents obtained by The Star-Ledger. In 2011, he was charged with shooting at another man. He was released from the Essex County Correctional Facility in January 2012, according to the documents.

But recently, relatives said, the 36-year-old was trying to change his life and had become heavily involved in his father’s work in the Muslim community.

Big ups to Corey Booker, Chris Christie and Barack Hussein:

Newark recorded 111 homicides in 2013, making it the city’s deadliest year since 1990…

“Little Ramallah” aka Paterson, New Jersey (video)

More background on one of Chris Christie’s favorite Muslim enclaves. via ▶ Exploring Palestinian New Jersey: Paterson neighbourhood affectionately known as ‘Little Ramallah’ – YouTube.

This neighborhood in Paterson New Jersey is affectionately know by locals as Little Ramallah. Here in the 6th ward, Palestinians have carved out a little piece of home.

Original source here if video doesn’t play.

A food site also referred to south Paterson as “Little Damascus/Little Ramallah/Little Arabia.” It’s also been referred to as Paterstine.

Added link to the ‘Muslim Enclaves in America’ section of left side bar.

Muslims & Political Influence in (Chris Christie’s) New Jersey

A nice wrap up of everything we’ve been posting on Chris Christie since 2008. via Articles: Beyond Bridgegate: Ignoring the Elephant in the Room.

By Janet Levy

The political flap over Chris Christie’s role in “Bridgegate” has thrown a spotlight once again on the rough-hewn, plain-speaking New Jersey governor.  But the drama of the current brouhaha has drawn attention away from the governor’s more serious, ongoing missteps — namely, his cultivation of relationships with those associated with known terrorist groups.  Remarkably, New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie appears more contrite about Bridgegate than he is about these associations that threaten national security. 

New Jersey has the second-largest Muslim population of any state, after Michigan.  Paterson, the county seat of Passaic County, is home to a controversial Hamas-linked mosque, the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC), and contains the largest population of Palestinian Muslims in the United States.  The Muslim community in South Paterson is referred to as “Little Ramallah.”  

This past year, Paterson’s mayor, Jeff Jones, was the first U.S. city official to host a “Palestinian-American Day,” with a Palestinian flag hoisted over City Hall on Israeli Independence Day.  Astonishingly, the event organizer, Khader Abuassab, a convicted criminal who pled guilty to fraud and swindling, is on record telling local Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement.  Further, Abuassab served on the Paterson Board of Education, ran for City Council, and now serves on Governor Christie’s Muslim Outreach Committee.

Christie & Mohammed Qatanani

But Christie’s record of political support for Muslims dates back to his days as U.S. attorney.  It was then, in 2006, when he came to the aid of a radical Muslim imam, Mohammed Qatanani, who was on the verge of being deported from the United States for failure to disclose terrorist affiliations.

The little-known details are that Qatanani arrived in the United States in 1996 to take over the ICPC, one of the largest mosques in the state.  Housed in a former synagogue, the ICPC was founded in 1989 by Imam Mohammed El-Mezain, a convicted Hamas operative and fundraiser who publicly boasted of raising close to $2 million for the organization.  In 1996, Qatanani arrived to succeed El-Mezain.

Given the mosque’s affiliations, it’s not surprising that Qatanani also has a background littered with terrorist associations.  He was arrested and convicted in Israel in 1993 as a self-admitted member of Hamas.  As a Muslim Brotherhood operative, he had provided financial support for terrorist activities and continued to send large cash transfers to the West Bank once he arrived.

These activities raised suspicions by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which in 2006 began attempts to deport Qatanani for failure to disclose his 1993 arrest in Israel for involvement with a terrorist group.  Despite the charges for his terrorist activities and very real security concerns about the Hamas-affiliated imam, a spokesman for Qatanani, Aref Assaf, called the deportation effort “vindictive,” implying that the investigation was ill-conceived and baseless. 

Then, then-U.S. Attorney Chris Christie came to the aid of the imam.  In response to a 2008 DHS court filing, Christie defended the imam as a “man of great goodwill” and sent his assistant U.S. attorney, Charles McKenna, to court to serve as a character witness.  As a result of Christie’s efforts, Qatanani was granted legal permanent residency. 

Christie & Sohail Mohammed

In 2011, as governor, Christie aggressively endorsed and appointed Qatanani’s lawyer, Sohail Mohammed, as a New Jersey Superior Court judge.  Some speculated that the post was a payoff to Imam Qatanani for ICPC and Muslim community support for his gubernatorial campaign. 

Sohail Mohammed is a board member and general counsel of the American Muslim Union (AMU), an organization co-founded by a former executive for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim Brotherhood front and unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism funding trial in U.S. history.  Several AMU executives have held leadership positions at the Hamas-linked ICPC.  Sohail Mohammed publicly defended convicted terrorist and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leader Sami Al-Arian and criticized the U.S. government for shutting down the Holy Land Foundation for its support of Hamas. 

During the trial of the Fort Dix Six, who conspired to attack U.S. military personnel at the base, Mohammed was quoted as stating, “If these people did something, then they deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  But when the government says — ‘Islamic militants,’ it sends a message to the public that Islam and militancy are synonymous. Don’t equate actions with religion.” 

But such statements are not a reasoned plea for objectivity and independent thought; rather, they are simply subterfuge and whitewashing of Islam.  That’s because Koran-sanctioned terrorism or jihad is an integral, doctrinal part of Islam.  In the name of Islam, more than 20,000 deadly terrorist attacks have been committed worldwide since 9/11, underscoring that it is not individuals, but the essence of Islamic militant beliefs that sparks terrorism.

In other disturbing actions, Mohammed had criticized the television series 24 for depicting Muslims as terrorists.  In 2005, he called for a “bias crime” investigation of the Coptic community for its anti-Muslim sentiment following the slaying of a Coptic family in Jersey City.  As an American lawyer no doubt familiar with the Constitution and the First Amendment, Mohammed doubtless knew that his request constituted a threat to the Coptic community’s freedom of speech by attempting to muffle their vocal suspicions of Muslim involvement in the crime.

Christie & Muslim Outreach Committee

In 2012, Gov. Christie called for an investigation into the New York Police Department’s counterterrorism procedures.  He objected to their surveillance of mosques and a Muslim Brotherhood-sponsored student group, the Muslim Student Association (MSA).  When the New Jersey attorney general concluded that the NYPD had acted lawfully in pursuing terrorist activities, Christie formed the Muslim Outreach Committee, an effort to mollify the outrage expressed by local Muslims.  All the individuals chosen for the committee who were to act as liaisons between the Muslim community and state officials, including top security personnel, were associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, including the beleaguered Imam Qatanani.

Clearly, support for a known Hamas operative like Qatanani is a serious threat to national security.  According to a report by the Investigative Project for Terrorism, Qatanani publicly supported payments to families of suicide bombers and condemned Christians to “eternal hellfire.”  As a former prosecutor, Christie must have had access to this information.

That same year, Christie hosted a Ramadan dinner at the Governor’s Mansion and invited Imam Mohammed Qatanani, referring to him as a “friend,” “a force for good in his community,” and someone who has been helpful to New Jersey law enforcement.  No mention was made of the imam’s extensive terrorist ties, radical sermonizing, and law-breaking activities.

In an interview with The Blaze in 2013, Qatanani called for limits on free speech to protect Islam from criticism.  Expressing views in accordance with Islamic blasphemy laws or sharia, Qatanani stated that although Americans have freedom of speech, they “have no right to [talk about Muslim] holy issues” because to do so will incite “hatred or war among people.”   Continue reading

New Jersey: Muslim caught trespassing, stuck in pipe at water plant

via Trespasser Freed From Pipe At United Water Plant In New Jersey, Faces Criminal Charges h/t Jihad Watch and AlohaSnackbar for the vid

Officials told CBS 2 around 11:30 a.m. that 26-year-old Asef Mohamed, of Manalapan, had been freed and airlifted to an area hospital. He was 10 to 12 feet down the pipe, which was not in use, WCBS 880′s Levon Putney reported.

United Water spokesman Rich Henning said Mohamed broke into the plant that treats and pumps water for the township of Manalapan.

“This was a person that purposely climbed a six-foot fence with three or four layers of barbed wire on top,” Henning said.

United Water officials said they have no idea why Mohamed did it, but are now looking at ways to tighten up security, Putney reported.

Manalapan police announced Friday afternoon that Mohamed is being charged with fourth-degree criminal trespassing and may face additional charges as the investigation continues, CBS 2′s Steve Langford reported.

Paging Chris Christie, paging Chris Chrispy. 

Similar oddities in Mass. and Kansas.

New Jersey: When black magic failed, Muslim had wife shot dead

Update on these posts. via Email trail: Boonton murder suspect paid $4,500 for black magic to cause wife’s death | Daily Record

Suspected wife killer Kashif Parvaiz sought help from a black magic company in having his wife die in Pakistan where he believed the government was not likely to question the death of the woman, who wound up murdered on a Boonton street, according to pre-trial testimony Thursday.

Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Detective Supervisor Christopher Vanadia, a computer forensics expert, finished testifying before Superior Court Judge Robert Gilson in Morristown on the emails he recovered from Parvaiz’s personal computers after his wife, Nazish Noorani, 26, was fatally shot on Cedar Street in Boonton on Aug. 16, 2011.

Parvaiz, whose computer also turned up evidence that he was trying to buy a doctoral thesis, is accused of conspiring witparvaizh Antoinette Stephen of Billerica, Mass., to murder his wife and the mother of their two young sons. Stephen, who has admitted to the conspiracy, fatally shot Noorani and wounded Parvaiz to make it appear the couple was randomly attacked as they strolled Cedar Street during a Ramadan visit to relatives in Boonton.

County Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Troiano told the judge that Vanadia unearthed 72 emails between 2009 and 2011 that Parvaiz exchanged with four people or entities that claimed to have voodoo and black magic powers and could make individuals die or disappear. Continuing testimony that started last month about his forensic findings, Vanadia on Thursday said he discovered several emails from Parvaiz marked “urgent” and demanding answers as to why his wife was still alive.

Troiano wants the judge to declare admissible at trial the “prior bad acts” that Parvaiz allegedly engaged in before the actual death of his spouse in August 2011. The hearing will continue with more witnesses — possibly even Antoinette Stephen — on Jan. 13. Troiano said he wants to present to a jury about 25 of the emails that Vanadia uncovered.

“I want to know if you can make my wife commit suicide or die a natural death,” Parvaiz wrote to a voodoo website, Vanadia testified. “If she dies here (in Pakistan) it’s better for me because the government won’t question the death,” Parvaiz wrote.

Parvaiz wrote to four black magic or voodoo websites seeking help in getting his wife to die. In one email sent in June 2010, he wrote that he had seen no results despite paying $4,500 for services.

“Am I being scammed here or will I see results?” Parvaiz wrote to Spells at In another email to another company, he wrote, Vanadia testified: “I’m just very anxious about it and want it done ASAP. Anything you can do to boost the process, I’d appreciate it.”

No word yet from Chris Christie on the crazy sharia honor killing stuff taking place in New Jersey.

New Jersey: Muslim Brotherhood protesters brawl, cops have to remove

via Raymond Ibrahim.

…it was a meeting specifically about the new constitution in Egypt, where both Bishops Paul and David and other Egyptian leaders attended. At the back of the hall four Muslim Brotherhood protesters began to cause a disturbance, a fight broke out, one Copt was injured, and New Jersey police had to come to remove the protesters.

New Jersey has a relatively large Egyptian population, both Copts and Muslims.

Just how many Muslim Brotherhood are in New Jersey? In the U.S.?

Related from February 2013: New Jersey: Egyptian Muslim shot, beheaded, cut hands off 2 Coptic Christians

New Jersey: Jordanian arrested in convenience store synthetic marijuana bust

via Synthetic marijuana seized from Elizabeth store, apartment worth thousands of dollars | h/t halalporkshop

An Elizabeth man faces multiple drug charges after thousands of dollars’ worth of synthetic marijuana was seized from his home and the convenience store where he worked, acting Union County Prosecutor Grace H. Park announced today.

Shabib Al Ramadina, a 39-year-old Jordanian national, is charged with two second-degree drug offenses; two third-degree drug offenses; and a single count of fourth-degree possession of drug paraphernalia, Park said.

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office gave the following account:

A two-month joint investigation involving the Elizabeth Police Department and the Union County Prosecutor’s Office revealed that Al Ramadina was allegedly selling synthetic marijuana and drug paraphernalia out of Brothers Food Market, a convenience store on the 100 block of Spring Street in Elizabeth.

Earlier this week, detectives entered the store, arrested Al Ramadina and obtained permission to search the premises. The search turned up more than 160 assorted 5-gram packages of synthetic drugs and drug paraphernalia, and more than $1,100 in cash was seized.

Al Ramadina subsequently gave detectives consent to search his apartment on the 1400 block of Lexington Place in Elizabeth, where investigators recovered 150 more 5-gram packages of synthetic drugs. The total weight of the seized drugs was approximately three pounds, and the cumulative estimated street value of the drugs is more than $6,200.

Designer synthetic drugs, including some forms of synthetic marijuana, often are marketed as herbal incense, bath salts, jewelry cleaner, or plant food, and they have caused significant abuse, addiction, overdoses, and emergency room visits, according to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Out west, five Muslims arrested in halal grocery food stamp fraud.

New Jersey: Jew turned Muslim pleads guilty to using internet to support jihad attacks


via Extremist Islamic Web site founder admits to postings supporting terrorist attacks – The Washington Post.

A New Jersey man who prosecutors say used his Islamic Web site to advocate violence against those whose ideals he found offensive to his religion pleaded guilty Wednesday to using the Internet to put another in fear of death or injury, admitting that he posted material supportive of various terrorist attacks and hinted that his followers should target a Jewish organization in Brooklyn.

Yousef Mohamid al-Khattab, 45, an American-born man with dual citizenship in Israel, told a federal judge in Virginia that he wrote the posts “out of my stupidity.” Yet he vigorously disagreed with prosecutors’ assertion that he intended to incite violence.

“I never intended to physically hurt anybody,” Khattab said. “I think they could prove it, but that’s not my intention, Your Honor.”

Khattab, who court records show also used the names Joseph Cohen and Joseph Kaplan, spoke extensively during a hearing in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. The former culinary student who has a son in New York and a wife in Morocco went through his plea agreement almost line by line, questioning portions, clarifying others and saying that he signed the document because it was “the best I think I’m going to get out of this.”

“I can’t agree with every law that I have to keep, but I have to keep the law,” he said.

Khattab admitted that he helped found the “Revolution Muslim” organization in 2007 and that he wrote offensive and incendiary posts on the group’s now-defunct Web site, In a November 2009 post, for example, Khattab referred to Nidal M. Hasan — an Army psychiatrist who opened fire on dozens of soldiers at Fort Hood, Tex., killing 13 — as an “officer and a gentleman” who “was injured while partaking in a preemptive attack,” court records show.

In a January 2009 post, he told viewers to seek out leaders of Jewish Federation chapters in the United States and “deal with them directly at their homes,” court records show.

In another post that year, Khattab, who lives in Atlantic City, added a photo of the Chabad Jewish organization headquarters in Brooklyn with a link to a map, court records show. He noted that Chabad’s main temple was always full at prayer times and wrote, “Make EVERY attempt to reach these people and teach them the message of Islam or leave them a message from Islam,” court records show.

After the New York City Police Department parked a vehicle in front of the building, Khattab posted a slide show that alternated images of the police protection, a blood-stained Hebrew prayer book and dead children, court records show.

Khattab is among those charged in a crackdown against U.S. men whom federal prosecutors say tried to inspire terrorists to commit violence in the name of Islam. Jesse C. Morton, a co-founder of the Revolution Muslim organization, was sentenced last year to 111 / 2 years in prison after he admitted that he encouraged extremists to attack the writers of the “South Park” animated TV show because an episode featured the prophet Muhammad in a bear suit. Another man, Zachary A. Chesser, an Oakton High School graduate and former basketball and football player, was sentenced in 2011 to 25 years in prison in a similar case.

Khattab faces a maximum of five years in prison at his Feb. 7 sentencing, and U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady allowed him to remain free on bond until then.

Jawa Report – who frequently exposed and taunted Joey “al Khattab” Cohen, reminds us what the feds and media fail to disclose: Joseph “Yousef al Khattab” Cohen (of Revolution Muslim) Pleads Guilty in Fed Court!!!

Another little known connection between the Revolution Muslim crowd and terror is that it is very likely that Nidal Hasan himself was a reader of the website. Duane Reasoner, a confidant of Nidal Hasan in the months leading up to Ft. Hood, was a fan of Revolution Muslim who had sometimes commented on the website and on the group’s YouTube page. Evidence suggests that Hasan himself also was a registered user of the Revolution Muslim website. The screenshot above suggests just that as Nidal Hasan was known for using the “Slave of Allah” slang to describe himself in other contexts.

But these are just a few anecdotes. Just how deep were the connections between the Revolution Muslim website and homegrown terrorists and Islamists radicals in the US? A 2010 report concluded that nearly 1/3 of all domestic terror cases in the US at that time had links to al-Khattab and Revolution Muslim.

But my glee at Joey’s conviction is more than just the general one of a patriot happy that a supporter of our enemies is going to jail, it’s personal. Al-Khattab and myself have what you’d call a history. If Samir Khan — a now deceased member of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula who was also personally acquainted with Cohen — was my first online nemesis, then Joey “Yousef al-Khattab” Cohen was my second. In fact, Khattab first came to my attention because long before Samir Khan fled the US for the comfort of Anwar al-Awlaki’s car (where he was droned) he had Khattab blogrolled on his now defunct Inshallahshaheed site.

Much more at Jawa.


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