Ohio: Muslim cabbies refuse to drive cabs for gays

When Islamic supremacists exhibit homophobia no one questions it.  via Cab Controversy: Some Cleveland cabbies refusing to promote a ma – 19 Action News h/t Under the Burka

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Some local cabbies are taking a stand and refusing to promote a major event in the area.

The protest centers around signs promoting the Gay Games that are on top of airport cabs.

Some drivers, for religious reasons, are refusing to drive the cabs. And we’re told these are predominantly drivers of the Muslim faith.

19 Action News reporter Brian Duffy spoke with about 20 cabbies at the airport who are still driving and all of them confirmed there are drivers who have walked off the job on protest. Representatives of AmeriCab, one of the three cab companies on the job at the airport, also confirmed the protest but say only one of their drivers has been reassigned.

We’re told at least 16-17 drivers who work for Ace Taxi, another company working out of the airport, are no longer driving.

We went to Ace but were told they were too busy to talk to us.

Yellow Cab, a third cab company at the airport, never returned our calls.

Today, two of the three taxi cab companies (Ace and Yellow Taxi Cab) operating from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) were informed by several of their drivers they will no longer participate in the airport’s (CLE) dedicated taxi cab program. The drivers informed their respective companies their decision was based on religious reasons. The airport is committed to providing this necessary customer service to our arriving passengers seeking transportation from the airport to their final destination. An agreement has been brokered by the airport between the taxi cab stand operator, Standard Parking, and the affected taxi cab companies that will allow for the replacement of those drivers who no longer wish to participate in CLE’s taxi cab program. The affected taxi cab companies will backfill the airport’s dedicated fleet with metered taxi cabs until each company can hire permanent drivers for the airport’s taxi cab program. It is expected to take approximately two to three weeks to repopulate the airport’s Taxi fleet.

Statement by Airport Director Ricky Smith

 Muslims living in the U.S. have burned down a packed gay nightclub, kicked gays out of cabs, drove around San Fran shooting gays in the face with bb guns and videotaped it, beat gays in the street and the national media completely ignore it. They give Muslims a pass. The leftists and the politicians that profit from them ignore it as well.

Numerous examples here.


Video: Sharia and the Freedom of Speech

via Atlas Shrugs.

David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center in Cincinnati last week.

Ohio: Billboards claim “Jesus is Muslim” and “Mohammed is in the Bible” (updated)

UPDATE below icna-billboard

via Billboard that says ‘Jesus is Muslim’ upsets some groups | The Columbus Dispatch.

A group plans to protest near a North Side billboard carrying messages about the Islamic faith.

Protesters are specifically opposed to the message “Jesus is Muslim” that some recently saw on the billboard on Cleveland Avenue. The message did not appear on the billboard this afternoon, however.

The messages placed by the Ask a Muslim organization also list the group’s website.

Members of several Christian churches say they will pray, preach, sing and carry signs on Saturday to promote their belief that Jesus is the son of God who rose from the dead.

“Jesus isn’t Muslim. To insinuate that he is, is a lie, an absurdity,” said the Rev. Bill Dunfee, pastor of New Beginnings Ministries in Warsaw in Coshocton County. “Our motive is just simply to defend the church and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Muslims call Jesus a prophet and consider all prophets — including Abraham, Moses and Mohammed — to be Muslims.

“Muslims are Christians — if ‘Christian’ means someone following the teachings of Christ, so by learning about Islam, you are not disobeying Jesus,” according to the website of Ask a Muslim, based on the Northwest Side.

The billboards are a collaboration with the New Jersey-based Why Islam, where spokesman Ashfaq Parkar said the group also operates an information line seeking to “promote peaceful coexistence through dispelling misunderstanding about the faith.”

“There’s nothing wrong with having differences in terms of what to believe, and there’s nothing wrong with talking about them and getting know each other,” he said.

A billboard saying Jesus is Muslim might be “a little overboard” and could upset certain Christians, much like certain messages about Mohammed upset some Muslims, said Imran Malik, an advocate of interfaith relations and president of the board that oversees the Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Hilliard.

The center is not associated with the billboard or with Ask a Muslim.

 Another article pointed to other billboards and the curious timing of the billboards – right before Easter:

Controversial billboards in Columbus, Ohio, reading “Jesus is Muslim” and “Mohammed is in the Bible” are drawing protests from local Christians who say Muslims are “hijacking” the name of Jesus.

“During this most Holy Lenten Season we find the messages on the billboards to be insensitive, dishonest and deserving of a response from concerned Christians. We will be on the streets to proclaim Jesus is NOT Muslim but Jesus is Lord!!”

The man who created the billboard groups had this to say to Muslims about Jesus:

ICNA executive and original Director of the Why Islam campaign – Sabeel Ahmed has written:

“…showing happiness and joy on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Good Friday is like shaking hands with Satan and telling him to carry on the good work. Indeed Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr and replace them with the pillars of Islam”

“Armed with facts on Christmas and eloquent words of Islam, the door of Dawah to the Christians should be wisely open. When the Christians see us restraining from observing Christmas, they will curiously ask us for the reason. This opportunity should be used by each single Muslim to discuss Islam and invite non-Muslims to Islam…a Muslim can’t enjoin in any aspect of Christmas in the disguise that Jesus is our Prophet too.

Meanwhile, Christians Are Warned Against ‘Slandering’ Allah in Jesus’ hometown and in Africa, Muslims announced in a recent video that they “will enter churches and slaughter Christians” (to spread sharia).

Note: A reader sent in this sermon from an imam in Ohio: The crucifixion is emphatically rejected by the Qur’an.

Islam categorically refutes the idea that Jesus was killed. And, therefore, the idea of Easter is in turn rejected – it does not exist in Islam.

And then there is this: 50 Reasons Muhammad Was Not a Prophet (in Under Five Minutes)


About 100 stout hearts battled the elements to stand up for Jesus. There is a lot of good info on my Facebook page. We have posted some great moments from the rally…vids of the powerful speakers. It is worth your time to visit and read the reports. Go here.

But the bottom line is that the Muslims took down the “Jesus Is Muslim” billboard. You read that right…THEY TOOK DOWN THE SIGN!!

I don’t think you understand the significance of that statement. We are not some powerful media outlet…we used social media to draw a crowd. We didn’t ask them to take the sign down. We didn’t whine and complain about how they dishonored Jesus. We didn’t beg them to be nice.

We just showed up. That’s it. We showed up on the streets and called them liars. They took down the sign.

It didn’t take a court order. It didn’t require us burning down any building. It didn’t require months of negotiations. We simply showed up. We told them their sign was a lie. They made a weak attempt to defend it. They said “anyone who submits to God is a Muslim.” That was all they had.

We never once asked them to take the billboard down. We believe in free-speech. We made them blink. They took the sign down. Light always causes darkness to flee.

Ohio: Four Somali Muslims arrested in $670,612 food stamp fraud

They sent the money overseas, likely back to Somalia. via Feds: Four charged with $670,612 food stamp fraud. h/t RRW

Four men from Northeast Ohio were charged in a five-count indictment with engaging in a conspiracy to defraud the food stamp and Women, Infants and Children programs from a store on Detroit Avenue in Cleveland, law enforcement officials said.

Indicted are: Bashir Mohammed, 31, of Cleveland; Yusuf Maalin, 45, of Cleveland; Ali Shire Ahmed, 54, of North Olmsted, Ohio; and Farah Hasan Warsame, 27, of Cleveland.

The indictment alleges that Mohamed, Maalin, Ahmed, and Warsame conspired to illegally allow customers to redeem food stamp and WIC benefits at Bashir Market, 8401 Detroit Avenue, in exchange for cash, ineligible items, and credit towards overseas wire transfers.

Mohamed, Maalin, and Warsame allegedly worked at the market and redeemed the food stamp and WIC benefits for the cash, unauthorized items, or credit towards overseas funds transfers. The credit for overseas funds transfers was tracked on a ledger kept at the market, according to the indictment.

Mohamed or Maalin would then provide Ahmed with cash or a check that Ahmed would take to Columbus to send overseas by wire transfer.

The indictment alleges that the conspiracy involved the attempted redemption of approximately $670,612 in food stamp and WIC benefits, according to the indictment.

The conspiracy took place between 2008 and last year, according to the indictment.

In addition to the conspiracy charge, Mohamed, Maalin, Ahmed, and Warsame are also charged with counts of food stamp fraud, unlawful food stamp redemptions, and WIC fraud. Ahmed is charged with one count of money laundering.


Ohio: Muslim college professor threatened to kill female professor

via Prof threatened lives, suit says h/t Iron Burka

A harassment suit filed by an Oberlin College professor last week accuses a colleague of making death threats.

EunJung An, associate professor of French and cinema studies, is seeking at least $25,000 in damages from the college, which she said did nothing to protect her.

She filed papers in Lorain County Common Pleas Court saying fellow professor Ali Yedes crossed a line with women who work in the French and comparative literature department.

Now An fears for her safety.

The problems allegedly started in January 2006, when An said Yedes pointed his finger in her face and accused her of betraying and undermining him.

During a 45-minute tirade, Yedes told An that “in his culture, he could have had the female department chair killed because of his perceived mistreatment by her in postponing his tenure,” the lawsuit claims — and when finished yelling, he tightly hugged An.

The Oberlin College website identifies Yedes as a “Muslim religious life affiliate” with the Islamic Center of Cleveland.

The confrontation was so loud that a security officer appeared and asked if everything was all right, according to the suit.

An said she felt physically threatened and when she complained to a senior department member, she was told she “needed to develop a thicker skin.”

Yedes allegedly told another professor in August 2013 that he brought his nephew to the United States on a student visa specifically to “stab and kill someone from his department.”

When the nephew didn’t follow through with the demand, Yedes beat him and the nephew fled the country, the suit said.

The worker in whom Yedes confided reported that information to the Oberlin College dean of arts and sciences. An’s suit said the college failed to tell her of Yedes’ threat against her life.

The dean later told An the college was not aware of the threat, according to the suit.

An said she was moved to another building, then to a basement — creating a number of job burdens — to avoid more hostile interactions with Yedes. Another female worker who the suit said was harassed was moved as well.

Meanwhile, Yedes was given tenure and a larger office, An said.

The suit also accuses Yedes of calling her a whore and other defamatory words, and disrupting meetings with outbursts. His behavior has been erratic and abusive and caused turnover of five acting French chairs, the court papers said.

The suit cites other run-ins with female professors, including incidents in April 2008 and February, April, and July 2009.

One involved Yedes allegedly putting his hand in a faculty member’s face and forcing her away from him, backing her into an administrative assistant’s office.

Oberlin College was sent a summons on Monday. No further court dates have been set as of publication.

Why did the college fail to act? Could this previous post provide some clues? Ohio Colleges Partner with Hamas-Founded CAIR

Ohio: Marietta College serves halal food, seeks “housing options for Islamic students”

Dhimmitude. via An eye-opener – MariettaTimes.com. h/t Iron Burka (not pictured below)

Richard Danford, Marietta College’s vice president of diversity and inclusion agreed.

“Because of this, other people have engaged with (the Muslim students) in positive ways. This has given the students a level of confidence that they belong here,” he said.

The college has also began looking for ways to provide more food and housing options for Islamic students, said Pastoor. For example, the college started serving Halal food in its campus dining hall within the last month, he said.

If the experiences of incoming petroleum engineering student Rana Al-Homoud are any indication, the campus atmosphere has certainly changed.

Al-Homoud is from Saudi Arabia and wears an abaya-a floor-length cloak-in addition to her head covering. Despite that, she has felt no discrimination on campus, she said.

“I feel the people here are normal. Some want to learn my language or try my food,” said Al-Homoud, 19, who started at Marietta College this semester and has only been in the community for around a month.

Flashback: Jihad in Central Ohio (video)

For newer readers.

CBN News counterterrorism correspondent Erick Stakelbeck investigates the network of Islamic extremism tied to HAMAS in Central Ohio. (2007)

Sultan’s son was recently arrested in a Muslim Brotherhood crackdown.

And circa 2008 in Toledo, Ohio:

All three suspects in the Toledo terror trial have been found guilty on all counts. They were charged with conspiring to kill or maim U.S. troops overseas. Their maximum sentence is life in prison.

* 26-year-old Mohammad Amawi, a citizen of Jordan and the U.S.
* 42-year-old Marwan el-Hindi, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Jordan
* 24-year-old Wassim Mazloum, a UT student from Lebanon

Ohio: Owner of apartment building charged in arson deaths of 2 Toledo firefighters

First Seattle, now Toledo? via Owner of apartment building charged in deaths of 2 Toledo firefighters – Toledo Blade.

The owner of a North Toledo apartment building where two firefighters died Sunday in a fire was charged today with murder and arson.


Ray Abou-Arab, 61, who owns 528 Magnolia St., was charged in Toledo Municipal Court today with two counts of aggravated murder and two counts of aggravated arson in relation to the fire at that apartment building. Toledo firefighters Stephen Machcinski, 42, and James Dickman, 31, died while fighting a fire at the building.

Mr. Abou-Arab was arrested today at 2:20 p.m. and at 3:18 p.m. was booked into the Lucas County jail. According to jail records, the suspect was arrested by Toledo police at the Safety Building.

Mr. Abou-Arab, of 1311 Sierra Dr., Oregon, is accused in court documents of setting the fire. The documents state Mr. Abou-Arab entered the building’s garage and stayed there for more than a minute. He then entered a store front at the same location. Immediately after he left the garage, an occupant of the apartment adjacent to the garage noticed the wall was on fire.

The court documents state that the “origin and cause investigation” determined Mr. Abou-Arab used an ignitable liquid inside the garage to cause the fire

Investigating agencies have included Toledo fire investigators, Toledo police, the FBI, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the State Fire Marshal, and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Machcinski / Dickman

Machcinski / Dickman


Toledo Police Detective Deb Hahn also wrote, in the criminal complaint filed Friday, that a witness saw Abou-Arab “enter the garage located at 528 Magnolia where he remained for over a minute….Immediately after Abou-Arab exited the garage structure, the occupant of the rear apartment adjacent to the garage at 528 Magnolia noticed the wall of the structure was on fire.”

According to Ohio code Abou-Arab could face up to life in prison with or without the possibility of parole if convicted on a single count of aggravated murder.

The punishment, however, would depend on if the murder charges are prosecuted with the addition of one or more specifications considered aggravating circumstances. 

In addition to the pair aggravated murder charges filed, both felonies, Abou-Arab also faces two counts of aggravated arson.

The aggravated arson charges do include the specification that there was “substantial risk of serious physical harm to another person other than the suspect.”

This is not Abou-Arab’s first time facing legal action in the Toledo area. According to court records, he has also been charged with the illegal use of food stamps, telecommunications fraud and the unauthorized use of property computer equipment.

No word on where Abou-Arab is from or his immigration status.

Ohio: More Muslims Arrested in More Food Stamp Fraud

via Grove City Men Accused of Food Stamp Fraud – WSYX ABC6. h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch

GROVE CITY — State agents cracked down on a gas station shop owner and his employee, who allegedly cheated taxpayers out of hundreds of dollars in a matter of days.

Taxpayers lost $3 billion every year in food stamp fraud, according to an undercover video.

Mohammed Aqel and Ahmad Hijazi are accused of contributing to that figure by trafficking food stamp cards in Grove City.

The men were apparently accepting the cards even though their Marathon shop on Broadway is not certified to take the welfare.

Undercover agents with the Ohio Investigative Unit said they posed as customers at this Marathon more than twice in the last few weeks. They said they sold the suspects three EBT cards for more than $100 cash.

The benefits on the cards amount to five times that price.

Agents said Aqel and Hijazi spent it all. They suspect they either bought groceries for their own homes or stocked the shelves at the business.

The duo faces felony charges and risk losing their liquor license.

How much of that $3B+ has been reported here previously?

Ohio: 36 years for Pakistani Muslim doctor who admitted killing pregnant woman, then raping corpse

AP leaves out disturbing details of this case including that the Muslim immigrant doctor solicited and killed a pregnant woman and her unborn baby, then raped the corpse and did other things to the dead woman that were so despicable that the prosecutor refused to release details. via 36 Years for Ex-Ohio Doctor in Pregnant Mom Death

Calling a pregnant mother’s death the worst crime he had ever seen, a judge sentenced an ex-Ohio doctor to 36 years in prison Friday as he blasted the defendant for not trying to save the woman as she suffered respiratory distress from a heroin overdose.

Former emergency room doctor Ali Salim had faced up to 37 years in prison. He was given nearly all of that with a sentence of 36 years and four months; a few weeks are likely to be subtracted because of time he’s already served. He previously pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of Deanna Ballman and her nearly full-term child, who was to be called Mabel.

Delaware County Judge Duncan Whitney also fined Salim $70,000 and slapped the state’s toughest sex offender label on him, requiring him to report to authorities every three months for life when released. Prosecutors also say Salim, a native of Pakistan, would be eligible for deportation once he serves his sentence.

Whitney said Ballman’s character had no bearing on the case, which instead came down to a doctor who failed to revive her.

“Quite frankly, this is the worst crime this court has ever seen,” Whitney said. “You were a man of medicine, sir. To allow someone to die — you obviously were aware that they were struggling respiratorily — it’s unthinkable.”

Ballman’s mother, Lori Ballman, called Salim “a real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” who committed a despicable crime.

“You could have stopped it. You could have resuscitated her. You could have called 911. You could have at least delivered Mabel, so we could at least have her in our lives,” Ballman said, addressing Salim. “But no. No. You chose to just let them die. You watched them die.”

Ballman died of a fatal heroin overdose, which investigators say Salim administered at his house in an upscale central Ohio neighborhood. Rohrer says there is no evidence Ballman used drugs.

Ballman’s body was found the next day in the back of her car on a rural road a few miles from Salim’s house.

Much more background in our previous posts and below via Doctor Ali Salim admits he killed pregnant woman with heroin overdose | Mail Online.

A former Ohio doctor accused of killing a pregnant woman last year by injecting her with heroin after she answered a Craigslist ad pleaded guilty today for her death and that of her nearly full-term unborn child.

Salim pleaded guilty to two counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of Deanna Ballman and her unborn daughter, who was to be named Mabel Lilly.

The Ft. Hood jihadist killed a pregnant woman and her unborn baby as well yet the feds did not charge him accordingly.

Ballman, 23, was nine months pregnant when she died.

Salim also pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse, described as ‘inhumane things’.

He also entered a type of guilty plea to a charge of rape under which he maintains his innocence but acknowledges prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him.

The tampering with evidence charge alleges Salim erased photos and video of Ballman from his phone, though the images were later recovered by investigators, said Kyle Rohrer, assistant Delaware County Prosecutor.

The guilty pleas avoid any uncertainties from a trial and gave Salim the chance to take responsibility in court, Rohrer said.

Ballman’s mother and sister attended the hearing but declined to comment. The family appreciates the work of investigators and will speak at sentencing, their lawyer Greg Helser said today.

Salim remains free on house arrest on $1 million bond.

He remained free even after confessing to the double murder and rape. WTF!!!

Women who previously answered ads placed by Salim reported being accosted, sexually assaulted or asked to be alone in the house while he painted the human digestive system on their abdomens, according to police records.

Salim is also the target of a $40 million lawsuit filed by Ballman’s family earlier this year blaming him for her death.

That lawsuit, which also named Salim’s employer and Craigslist, has been on hold during the criminal case.

Assistant county prosecutor Kyle Rohrer said in February that Salim treated Ballman’s body ‘in a very inhumane way,’ but wouldn’t elaborate on how.

Ohio: Terror-linked CAIR tried to infiltrate advisory council, denied

via BMV photos worry Muslim group | Politics Extra.

The launch of Ohio’s new facial recognition system has led to violation of the religious rights of Muslim-Americans, a civil rights group says.

Some Muslim women who wear head coverings have complained that driver’s license photographers have asked them to adjust their scarves to expose their hairline and ears, features they cover for religious reasons. Sikh men and women have also been asked to remove their turbans, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Friday in a statement.

The facial recognition technology can best match the driver’s license photo with a snapshot of a person if all the person’s features are exposed in both photos, as it measures the distance between the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, for instance.

But the Bureau of Motor Vehicles allows religious head coverings in driver’s license photos. So a person who is asked to remove a scarf or turban need only tell the photographer he or she is wearing it for a religious reason, spokesman Dustin Fox said. While a woman’s scarf may not cover her forehead, it may cover her hair and ears, according to Ohio law.

Religious face coverings, however, have long been required to be removed so that the photo is usable for identifying someone if they are pulled over, Fox said.

CAIR and the American Civil Liberties Union had each asked for a seat on Attorney General Mike DeWine’s advisory group on the facial recognition system, but those requests were denied. The group has only criminal justice experts on it, but its meetings will be open to the public, DeWine’s spokeswoman said.

“The attorney general should have informed the legislature and sought public comment before implementing this new and potentially invasive technology,” CAIR-Cleveland Executive Director Julia Shearson said Friday in a statement. “Now his office has blundered again by not including privacy and civil liberties experts on the belatedly-formed commission that will help establish the guidelines after-the-fact for a program that is already up and running.”

Facial recognition is an invasive and privacy-stripping technology. The only thing worse would have been allowing CAIR on the advisory committee to exempt Muslims – who are one of the primary reasons why such technology is being deployed. Right?

3-year-old American child victim of sexual abuse in Morocco

While researching the abuses of children by Muslims in the U.S. during the last week alone, including:

We came across this news via Casablanca: A 3-year-old American child victim of sexual abuse | Morocco World News.

A few weeks ago, Moroccans were outraged after the Spanish child molester, Danial Galvan was granted the royal pardon. The outrage took varying shapes, ranging from peaceful demonstrations to relentless activism on social networks and websites.

The ultimate goal was to get Daniel Galvan back behind the bars. Daniel Galvan is now behind the bars. Unfortunately, other Daniel Galvans still roam in the dark corners of the kingdom, stripping children of their innocence.

This time the victim was an alleged 3-year-old American child in Casablanca, whose father is an allegedly renowned lecturer at Ohio University, who holds a double nationality (American-Moroccan), according to daily Al Massae.

Note: In 2010, the religious affiliation in the country was estimated by the Pew Forum as 99.9% Muslim

According to the same source, the father discovered that his son was a victim of rape in Casablanca only after he took him to a doctor. What urged him to do so was that his child had started to behave weirdly and showed gradual inclination to solitude.

The diagnosis unveiled that the 3-year-old child was the victim of sexual abuse. The child was subsequently referred to a psychiatrist.

According Najia Adib from “Matkish Waldi” (Don’t Touch my Child) association, the diagnosis was very shocking for the father, who came on a short break here in Morocco, to realize that his child was the victim of sexual abuse from a callous, still unknown individual.

The American family reportedly lodged two complaints, one addressed to the court of appeal in Casablanca and the other one to the cabinet of the Minister of Justice, Mr. Mustapha Ramid, to start investigation on the matter.

Who would have access to a 3-year old child? The list of suspects would presumably be extremely narrow, right? Have American authorities been contacted at all? There seems to be quite a bit missing from this story.

Ohio: Muslim students say chained to wall, beaten with sticks for not memorizing Koran

Another student at the madrasa “had his head stepped on for complaining of a headache.” Welcome to the new America. via Allegations Of Child Abuse At Religious School Of Mosque.

An investigation is underway after teachers at a Westerville school reported allegations of child abuse at a mosque.

Westerville police said the accusations came from children, who are 8, 9, and 10 years old.

A normal day of school at Mark Twain Elementary in Westerville took quite the turn, when several students in a class of mostly Somalis learning English, entered a discussion.

According to a Westerville Police report, the allegations were discovered after children told their teachers about the alleged actions at their religious school, which is part of the Masjid As-Salaamah mosque on Cleveland Avenue in Columbus.

According to the police report, it all started when the teacher said how impressed she was with their knowledge of the Quran.

In response, one of the students told her that, at their religious school, “if they do not learn their religious passages as they are instructed,” they are sometimes “chained to a wall by their wrists and ankles and beaten with a long stick.”

10TV spoke with a founding board member of the mosque, who said they never knew about any of the allegations until Franklin County Children Services stepped in.

“We understand the seriousness of this,” said Mahdi Warsama, Masjid As-Salaamah Board Member.

After an internal investigation involving speaking to teachers and parents, Warsama said, “we couldn’t find anything to support these allegations.”

The police report states that another student told his teacher he witnessed beatings, was “beaten with a belt on his legs,” and saw another student, who “had his head stepped on for complaining of a headache.”

“We understand that these are innocent kids. These things cannot happen in our watch,” said Warsama. “If there is any merit to these allegations, I assure you, Masjid As-Salaamah will deal with it professionally, and swiftly, and responsibly.”

Westerville School says their policy is for teachers to report any allegations of child abuse. 10TV tried to speak with those teachers, but so far they have not responded to the requests.

Westerville School released the following statement: “Given the nature of the information shared by students with their teacher, school officials were obligated to immediately file a report with the authorities, which they did. Those authorities have determined that an investigation is merited.”

Columbus police said the investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to import Muslims into the United States.

The Columbus, Ohio area is a hotbed of sharia and jihad activity.

Ohio Mom Gets Islamic Proselytizing Video Removed from 7th Grade History Class

We need millions of Jenny’s. via Ohio Mom Teams-up With TMLC to Remove Islamic Proselytizing Video from 7th Grade History Class.

The Olmsted Falls City School District, located in Olmsted Falls, Ohio has agreed to remove the video “30 Days: Muslim and America” from the 7th grade World History Curriculum. The action was taken to avoid a constitutional challenge by the Thomas More Law Center TMLC, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which filed a series of requests for public records concerning the video on behalf of Jenny McKeigue, a mother of three children who attend schools within the district.


McKeigue first became concerned about the history curriculum in 2011 when her son, then in 7th grade, was required to memorize the 5 Pillars of Islam (the requirement was later discontinued).   After a deeper look into the 7th grade history curriculum, McKeigue became concerned about the content of the “Muslims and America” video to which the school had exposed her son.   She asked the School District to remove the video from the curriculum and replace it with an objective video relevant to the history of Islam, not one that taught children how to become a Muslim. Her request was denied.  Subsequently, Mrs. McKeigue began the escalation process to the Superintendent and the School Board

After over a year and a half of denied requests for information, including requests for the class syllabus, from the School District, McKeigue reached out to the Thomas More Law Center for assistance. TMLC agreed to help.  Ohio attorney Michael S. Goldstein acted as an affiliated local counsel.

The questionable video features a Christian (Dave) agreeing to embrace the religion of Islam and the Muslim culture by living with a Muslim family for 30 days in Dearborn, Michigan.  Dave was required to live, dress and eat as a Muslim, study the Koran daily and participate in Muslim prayer. The video features several instances of Muslim prayer and even a look at a “how to pray in Islam” sheet complete with Dave practicing how to pray and reciting lines such as “I testify that there is no God other than the Almighty” and “I testify that Mohammad is the messenger of God.”

The video is also set up in a manner that portrays non-Muslims as uneducated bigots and Muslims as persecuted victims. At one point in the video, 7th grade students are told that if they hear someone say something wrong about Islam, it is their responsibility to fix it. Continue reading

Ohio State Univ Muslim Student Association President arrested in Egypt

Will he be deported from Egypt and allowed to re-enter the U.S.? via Egypt arrests US citizen son of Brotherhood figure | THE DAILY STAR.

CAIRO: Security officials say the son of an outspoken Muslim Brotherhood figure has been detained.

Mohamed Soltan’s family says he is a U.S. citizen and does not know his whereabouts. An active supporter of the Islamist group online, the 25-year-old had posted pictures of his arm after it was shot when security forces cleared out two Brotherhood sit-ins Aug. 14.

The Ohio State University graduate is the son of outspoken Muslim Brotherhood figure Salah Soltan. He was detained Monday along with four other men in the office of the pro-Brotherhood Rassd Network News service, according to security officials who spoke anonymously in line with regulations and released the information to The Associated Press late that same night.

Police said the group had plans to spread violence by inciting splits among the ranks of the army and police.

More via Puffho: U.S. Citizen Mohamed Soltan, Son Of Muslim Brotherhood Figure, Arrested In Egypt

Among those detained Monday was 25-year-old U.S. citizen Mohamed Soltan, the son of outspoken Brotherhood figure Salah Soltan, family and security officials said.

Soltan, a graduate of Ohio State University, was active online in support of the Brotherhood and had posted a picture of his arm after he was shot during the security raid on the sit-ins two weeks ago. His father is wanted by police on charges he incited violence during speeches.

Police said the group was in possession of plans to spread chaos and violence in the country by inciting splits among the ranks of the army and police and through acts of civil disobedience. Police officials said they confiscated a Thuraya satellite phone, six mobile phones, three laptops and a camera from the group.

UPDATE from a Facebook page set up for the Brotherhood kin:

Mohamed and his friends were located in Tora prison and officially interrogated last night… Mohamed and his friends are facing these charges:

• Broadcasting false news of the internal situation that disturbs public security.
• Broadcasting false news abroad that harms national security.
• Joining a banned organization.

Mohamed and his friends denied these accusations, no lawyer was present.

@CausingFitna has documented Soltan’s Muslim Brotherhood ties and affinity for Hamas:

Below you will see a recent picture of Dr. Salah Sultan, The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and Mohammed Sultan, a Ohio State University grad, and former President of the Muslim Students Association at OSU.


A closer look at Mohamed Sultan’s twitter feed may give some insight into the Ohio MSA and how his father raised him.

mohammed-sultan-ikwan-makes-islam-in-westMohamed Sultan is a Citizen of Ohio, which the last time I checked was in the UNITED STATES…… any questions?


This is without a doubt open praise of HAMAS. The so-called LION in the picture above is none other than Khaled Mashal, a Palestinian political leader. Mashal has been the main leader of the Palestinian organization Hamas since 2004.

Last week, the brother of a Florida Muslim Brotherhood leader was shot and killed in Egypt. More at Obituary for a Beloved Egyptian Terror Supporter.

Background on the Muslim Brotherhood-founded MSA here.

Update: Egyptian Arrest Warrant Issued For Salah Sultan


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