Chicago: Burqa bank robbing trend continues, this time at Chase

At least one thief called it the ‘perfect disguise’. Another contribution Muslims have made in America – the perfect disguise to rob banks. A hot trend in Philly (18 incidents in 7 years), Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, California and now Chicago, via Man disguised in burqa attempts to rob La Grange bank: reports |

LA GRANGE – Federal agents stopped a bank robber’s plan to steal nearly $168,000 in cash early Thursday morning at a La Grange Chase Bank, according to media reports.

Gildardo Lopez Jr., 31, of Chicago and suspected getaway driver Douglas Pineda, 31, of Chicago were both arrested after Lopez allegedly exited the bank disguised in a Muslim woman’s garment, reports said.

Lopez reportedly was an ATM technician at the bank and had a key to access the bank at 14 S. La Grange Road. Pineda worked as a Transportation Security Administration airport screener, according to reports.

A judge on Friday placed both men on house arrest. If convicted, they could each face up to 10 years in prison.

Philadelphia: Another Bank Robbery In Muslim Garb

via Male In Muslim Garb Attempts To Rob Northeast Philly Bank « CBS Philly. h/t Islamist Watch


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police are searching for a male who attempted to rob a Northeast Philadelphia bank while wearing Muslim garb.

The incident happened Wednesday at the Wells Fargo Bank branch on Castor Avenue in the city’s Oxford Circle section.

According to investigators, the male suspect, dressed in Muslim garb, entered the bank and presented a teller with a threatening demand note.

After failing to obtain any money, the suspect ran out of the bank and was last seen on Magee Avenue.

There were no reports of any injuries.

The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5’6” tall with a thin build. He was wearing Muslim garb.

Anyone with information on the suspect is urged to call 911 or 215.686.TIPS (8477).

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Philadelphia: Afghan Muslim busted, lied about jihad links on immigration app

How many more are there? via Feds: Applicant for U.S. citizenship failed to disclose ties to terrorist group. h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch

A convenience store clerk was charged today in federal court with immigration fraud for failing to disclose his ties to a terrorist group on an application for U.S. citizenship.

Hayatullah Dawari, 62, is an Afghan citizen who has lived in Northeast Philadelphia since 2008.

Dawari allegedly has a connection to Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin (HIG), an anti-Western insurgent group active in Afghanistan and Pakistan, said federal prosecutors. HIG, which is closely associated with al-Qaeda and the Taliban, took credit for a 2008 assassination attempt on Afghan President Hamid Karzai and has advocated for the establishment of a fundamentalist Islamic state, according to published reports.

In May 2013, a spokesman for HIG announced the group planned to step up its campaign of violent jihad to include more suicide attacks, according to the federal indictment.

Dawari, a permanent legal resident of the U.S., applied for citizenship in November 2013. On a required questionnaire, Dawari checked a “no” box when asked if he had ever been “a member of or associated with any organization, association, fund, foundation, party, club, society or similar group in the United States or in any other place?” The question requires the applicant to note any and all affiliations with professional, non-professional or religious organizations.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the extent of Dawari’s involvement with HIG

 Wow, just like the Hamas imam that N.J. governor Chris Christie has been protecting for years. More: via

Afghan doctor in Phila. passed coded messages, U.S. says

A 62-year-old Afghan doctor detained in Philadelphia this week on immigration fraud charges received and passed along coded messages from an anti-Western terror group with ties to al-Qaeda, federal prosecutors said.

At a court hearing Friday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams said FBI agents discovered the documents written in Pashto and hidden between glued pages of religious tracts mailed to Hayatullah Dawari’s Northeast Philadelphia home.

The package, intercepted during a January raid, came from Pakistan and included instructions to forward several books inside to various people across the United States.

A later search uncovered a coded message similar to that found in Dawari’s possession at the home of another associate in Philadelphia.

“The note, when translated from Pashto to English, appears to contain a message directing some urgent action,” Williams said.

She would not describe the content of the messages, citing national security concerns, but quoted excerpts in court filings Friday.

“Please, utilize the sentence number [#] for the time being,” one read, according to a government motion, which did not include the number mentioned in the cipher. Another instructed, “please, wait to receive other books for sentences number [#]“

Those snippets came as part of a government motion seeking Dawari’s detention pending trial on charges that he lied about his association with Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin on an application for U.S. citizenship in November.

Prosecutors say that when asked on the form whether he had ever been a member of an organization, political party, club, or foundation, he answered no, despite a long-standing relationship to the group, which Williams described Friday as “a virulently anti-Western insurgent group active in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

The governments of the United States, the European Union, and Canada have classified Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin as a terrorist group. Its founder, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, has repeatedly called for jihad on U.S. troops in Afghanistan and been designated a “global terrorist” by the Treasury Department.

Though Dawari has not been charged with terrorist activity, he has continued to communicate with members of the group, Williams said, most recently in a conversation this year in which he spoke to a Pakistani contact about the shipment of books.

“That is incorrect,” Dawari said at a court hearing Friday, in which he was ordered detained until trial. “I am absolutely not guilty.”

Even if they kick this Muslim out the front door, thousands more are walking in the back door across the southern border courtesy of Obama.

Philadelphia: Mayor Nutter Praises Hamas-linked CAIR at Airport Exhibit

Mayor Nutter, again partnering with the Hamas-linked CAIR.

via Mayor Of Philadelphia Praises CAIR At Airport Exhibit Which Includes Photo Of ‘CAIR In Action’ – Militant Islam Monitor – Militant Islam Monitor.

Opening of Airport Exhibit

Last week, Katera Moore, CAIR-Philadelphia Executive Committee Member, and I had the honor to be invited guests at the official opening of an exhibit at the Philadelphia International Airport called “Civil Rights in Philadelphia” that includes a photograph of a CAIR-Philadelphia action.

Moore & Bender are Hamas-CAIR representatives

The opening of this exhibit, in the airport’s Terminal AE, marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson, with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in attendance at the White House Ceremony.

Mayor Nutter, in his remarks, spoke movingly about how this law changed the face of American society and lead directly to the election of African Americans to public office.

And I was thrilled as well when the Mayor specifically mentioned CAIR-Philadelphia and great work we do protecting the civil rights of Muslim Americans.

MIM: Given the fact that CAIR is a defendent in a lawsuit claiming their complicity in the 9/11 attacks it is an outrage that any of their members should be allowed in the vicinity of an airport let alone have their organisation lauded and included in a picture exhibition on civil rights.

“A class action lawsuit in the name of John P. O’Neill, Sr., stemming from the 9/11 atrocity, has named the Council on American-Islamic Relations as a defendant. (For those confused about the multiple 9/11 court cases, there is help on the way at Here are the paragraphs of Estate of John P. O’Neill, Sr. et al. vs. Al Baraka Investment and Development Corporation dealing with CAIR’s role in the events of September 11, 2001, from the second amended class action complaint, filed today:

86. Council on American Islamic Relations and CAIR Canada (collectively, CAIR), have aided, abetted, and materially sponsored and al Qaeda and international terrorism. CAIR is an outgrowth of the Hamas front group the Islamic Association of Palestine. The FBI’s former associate director in charge of Investigative and Counter-Intelligence Operations described the Islamic Association of Palestine as an organization that has directly supported Hamas military goals and is a front organization for Hamas that engages in propaganda for Islamic militants. It has produced videotapes that are very hate-filled, full of vehement propaganda. It is an organization that has supported direct confrontation.

87. CAIR and CAIR-Canada have, since their inception, been part of the criminal conspiracy of radical Islamic terrorism. These organizations play a unique role in the terrorist network. They emanate from the notorious HAMAS terrorist organization and like so many of the terrorism facilitating charities named and indicted by the United States government they are engaged in fund raising under the guise of assisting humanitarian causes they are, in reality, a key player in international terrorism. The unique role played by CAIR and CAIR-Canada is to manipulate the legal systems of the United States and Canada in a manner that allows them to silence critics, analysts, commentators, media organizations, and government officials by leveling false charges of discrimination, libel, slander and defamation. In addition, both organizations have actively sought to hamper governmental anti-terrorism efforts by direct propaganda activities aimed at police, first-responders, and intelligence agencies through so-called sensitivity training. Their goal is to create as much self-doubt, hesitation, fear of name-calling, and litigation within police departments and intelligence agencies as possible so as to render such authorities ineffective in pursuing international and domestic terrorist entities.

88. The role of CAIR and CAIR-Canada is to wage PSYOPS (psychological warfare) and disinformation activities on behalf of Whabbi-based [Wahhabi-based, DP] Islamic terrorists throughout North America. They are the intellectual “shock troops” of Islamic terrorism. In the years and months leading up to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 these organizations were very effective in helping to ensure that North American law enforcement and intelligence officials were sufficiently deaf, dumb, and blind to help pave the way for the attacks on the United States. The role played by these entities is an absolutely essential part of the mix of forces arrayed against the United States as they help soften-up targeted countries so as to facilitate and enhance the likelihood for a successful attack…”

Philadelphia: City Hall turns into mosque for taxpayer-funded Iftar service

via Iftar service in City Hall a success.

The City of Philadelphia held its 2nd annual Iftar, in recognition of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, on July 15 at the Mayor’s Reception Hall.

Roughly 200 people, including Muslim community leaders, business professionals and elected officials attended the Iftar, which is the “nightly meal eaten by Muslims who have fasted during the day as an observation of Ramadan.”

“The most outstanding thing is the opportunity for unity in the Islamic community,” said Salima Suswell, an event spokesperson. She added that “like many religions” the different congregations within Islam “don’t get to share time with each other because they are so busy working in their respective communities. The Iftar is an opportunity for them to get together and celebrate the month of Ramadan.”

The ceremony featured youth presentations, a Maghrib prayer, spoken word and remarks from Mayor Michael Nutter; Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. and Ryan N. Boyer, business manager for the Laborers District Council, who hosted the Iftar; Katera Y. Moore, of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); and Khalid Blankinship. Ph.D., who gave the keynote address.

“Philadelphia is a city founded on the principles of religious freedom and tolerance [and] I have tremendous respect for the many, many members of the Muslim community,” Nutter said.

“And we all would do well to better understand the many religions practiced in our city, across the country and around the world. The people in Philadelphia who practice the faith of Islam are people who worship regularly, look after their children, are actively engaged in their community and are peace loving, law abiding citizens of Philadelphia.”

Is this how they look after their children?  5-Year-Old Muslim Girl Abducted from Philly School by Niqab-clad Woman (video)

Philadelphia: Mosque leaders applying sharia law, try to cut off suspected thief’s hand

The City of Burka-ly Robberies is now stepping up it’s Islamic contributions to America with sharia amputations. via Police: Suspected thief almost gets his hand cut off


Masjid Ar-Razaqq Ul-Karim mosque on 63rd Street (Google Maps)

A leader at a West Philadelphia mosque was arrested for allegedly trying to chop off the hand of a member accused of stealing money from prayer jars, police said Friday.

Merv Mitchell, 37, was arrested Thursday night when police executed a search warrant at Masjid Ar-Razaqq Ul-Karim in the 1100 block of North 63d Street, said Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives.

The attack happened after a prayer service Monday morning. Mitchell, also known as Mabul Shoatz, accused the 46-year-old mosque member of the theft.

The accused immediately denied it, but to no avail. Mitchell and the mosque’s imam carried the accused down a flight of stairs to the backyard of the mosque, a converted house, where Mitchell also lives, Walker said.

They put the victim’s wrist on a log, and Mitchell “swung at his wrist, cut through his skin, and cut his tendons, but didn’t make it all the way” because the blade was dull, Walker said.

The victim was treated at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital and will require reconstructive surgery.

Mitchell was charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, and related offenses. Police found the machete during the search.

More via Philadelphia mosque leaders try to cut off man’s hand -police | Reuters.

Credit: Reuters/Philadelphia Police Dept/Handout

Credit: Reuters/Philadelphia Police Dept/Handout

Two men described as leaders of a Philadelphia mosque were accused of trying to cut off the hand of a suspected thief, whose wrist was sliced so deeply it required hospital treatment, police said on Friday.

The 46-year-old victim said two officials in the mosque accused him of stealing jars of money from the house of worship after morning prayers on Monday.

The officials, described in police reports as the mosque’s imam and amir, dragged the victim to the rear of the mosque, and attempted to chop off his hand with a machete, according to a police statement.

He sustained a severe laceration to his right wrist, and was transported to a nearby hospital by medics.

Officers served a search warrant on Thursday on the mosque, located in a house in the city’s Overbrook section, where they arrested Merv Mitchell, also known as Mabul Shoatz. They recovered a 2-foot-long machete from the scene.

The mosque’s imam, an unidentified 35-year-old male, has not yet been located, police said.

Mitchell was charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and related offenses.

Philly: Burka-clad robbers strike again

Dressing like a Muslim woman is the perfect disguise for a criminal. via Video: Man, cross-dresser rob North Philly dollar store. h/t UNDER THE BURKA

Police are looking for two men, one of them dressed in women’s clothing, who were caught on surveillance camera Sunday night robbing a Family Dollar store in the Glenwood section of North Philadelphia.

Both suspects were initially in the store at 1925 W. Allegheny Ave. around 9 p.m., acting as though they were shopping, according to investigators.

One man, dressed in women’s Muslim garb, suddenly walked up to the checkout counter and leveled a handgun at the employees, police said.

He grabbed a clerk by the back of her neck and forced her to open the cash registers and store safe. All the while, his alleged accomplice stood at the front of the counter, acting as a lookout, police said.

The suspects allegedly stole $4,500, then forced the store employees and customers into a stock room before fleeing on foot. The men were last seen running east on Allegheny Avenue, according to investigators.

Both suspects are described as thin black males of about 20 years of age and standing between 6 feet 1 inch and 6 feet 2 inches tall.

One suspect has a mustache and was last seen wearing dark-colored female Muslim attire with a black-and-white shirt underneath, black running pants with a white stripe, and dark-colored shoes.

The second suspect has a light beard and was last seen wearing dark sunglasses, a dark jacket with a horizontal white stripe, blue jeans, and a dark-colored Jeff cap.

Anyone with information on the suspects or crime is asked to contact the Northwest Detective Division at 215-686-3353 or 3354, or to submit an anonymous tip by dialing 215-686-TIPS (8477) or texting PPD TIP (773847).


Philly: Muslim strangled pregnant girlfriend to death for not wearing hijab

Both mother and unborn baby were killed. via Trial underway for Germantown man accused of strangling his pregnant wife — NewsWorks. h/t LUTBOI

Jury selection started Monday morning in the case of a 28-year-old man who allegedly strangled his pregnant girlfriend inside a one-bedroom efficiency apartment near Chelten and Chew avenues in East Germantown.

Roysce “Yusef” Haynes is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the Sept. 2012 of Atiya Majah Perry.

Opening arguments in the case are expected to commence on Tuesday morning.

 via first-degree murder charges in pregnant wife’s death

Haynes’ statement makes mention of having met Perry in March and getting married in July. He claimed that her family was “telling her not to wear her [Muslim] garb,” and this caused problems in their relationship.

Perry’s family did not want to talk immediately after the hearing, but her mother thanked NewsWorks for covering the story. There were a dozen supporters there, some wearing RIP Atiya T-shirts.

In August, Perry went to Albert Einstein Medical Center to seek treatment for what she thought was a concussion suffered when she fell onto the floor after Haynes threw her onto their bed during a scuffle, the suspect’s statement maintained.

The next month, Perry told him she was pregnant. He told detectives that “I didn’t believe she was,” so they got into another altercation when he accompanied her to a pre-natal appointment that had never been scheduled.

Two days later, Perry would be dead. According to Haynes statement, he unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate her. He did not call for medical assistance, however.

In arguing to get first-degree murder charges reduced to third-degree, and the unborn-child homicide dismissed, defense attorney Wendy Ramos unsuccessfully argued that it wasn’t premediated, and he did not know that his wife was pregnant at the time.

“He basically flipped,” she said.

Who flipped? Wendy Ramos is defending a serial wife beater! The war on women is being defended…by women.

The agents were checking on Haynes in relation to a 2011 case in which he pleaded guilty to simple assault and was given 18 months probation, according to court records that stated aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person charges were withdrawn.

Seven years earlier, he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced to up to 23 months incarceration and two years probation.

Philly: DOJ sues school district for bearded Muslim

Dept. of Jihad is on it. via U.S. Justice Dept. sues Philly school district over beard-length rule. h/t Islamist Watch

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the School District of Philadelphia, claiming a rule regulating the length of employees’ beards constitutes religious discrimination.

According to the suit filed Wednesday, the district in October 2010 instituted a new grooming policy preventing school police officers and security guards from having beards longer than a quarter of an inch.

School police officer Siddiq Abu-Bakr maintained an untrimmed beard for the 27 years he worked at the district, the suit states. Abu-Bakr is a member of the Islamic faith, which he says requires that he not cut his beard.

When Abu-Bakr notified his supervisor his religious beliefs precluded him from complying with the new policy, he was allegedly issued a written reprimand cautioning that continued violation of the rule would result in “further disciplinary action.”

Though, according to the suit, Abu-Bakr provided district officials with a letter from his imam confirming his religion prohibited him from trimming his beard, the district allegedly responded his request was outweighed by “the integrity of the policy.”

The lawsuit claims the district failed to consider Abu-Bakr’s request for “reasonable accommodation” to its grooming policy. The district instead denied the request without showing that complying would cause undue hardship, according to the suit.

Prosecutors said Abu-Bakr filed a religious discrimination charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which referred the matter to the Justice Department after determining there was reasonable cause to support the allegation.

Through the suit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the United States is seeking that the district be required to create new grooming policies that don’t discriminate against employees. The lawsuit is also seeking monetary damages for Abu-Bakr and others who are similarly situated.

“No employee should be forced to violate his religious beliefs in order to earn a living,” Spencer Lewis Jr., district director of the EEOC’s Philadelphia District Office, said in a statement. “Modifying a dress or grooming code is a reasonable accommodation that enables employees to keep working without posing an undue hardship on the employer.”

Except when it means serving cakes to homosexuals or being forced to use your earnings to pay for abortions and birth control. Then it’s ok to violate religious beliefs.

Not the first time the DOJ has sued to force sharia law on American institutions.

Pennsylvania: Shippensburg Univ provides segregated mini-mosque for Muslim women

And it only took four days to get it. via The Slate Online :: Muslim women find a place for prayer on campus. h/t LUTBOI

Muslim women at Shippensburg University used to pray between rows of books in the library, empty lounges in the CUB or wherever they could find a quiet space.

The diversity committee of Student Senate and some of the CUB staff joined together this past week to address the needs of Muslim students looking for a place to pray during the day. Practicing Muslims pray five times a day facing Mecca, and Muslim women are not supposed to pray around men.

In a mosque, women and men can pray together, as long as women are in the back. This arrangement is for the sake of modesty, so the women do not need to bend over in front of men.

Muslim women and men can pray together…as long as they are segregated.

As a result, the female students of Islamic faith were in need of a private place to pray on campus.

Didn’t they just tell us they could pray together?

Four days later, the 16 women seeking a place to pray were given a room of their own.

“We were so happy with it, so thankful to them… because they said they were going make this their priority and it didn’t take much time,” Bouhmam said of Student Senate.

The women keep a small Quran, prayer rugs and a garment to cover themselves within the room — in addition to a few desks and chairs supplied by the CUB.

Hamas-linked CAIR reps leading UPenn Sharia Law Conference

Universities have been infiltrated by terror-linked organizations and terrorist defenders. Sent from a reader via Penn Law Calendar of Events / February 22, 2014.

Eighth Annual Muslim Law Students Conference

Time: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: University of Pennsylvania Law School, 3501 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA

Eighth Annual Muslim Law Students Conference:
Muslim Obligations in Promoting Justice

Sponsored by:

The Penn Muslim Law Students Association and National Muslim Law Students Association invite all students, academics, and professionals to join us for this exciting event!

Our Conference will feature stimulating discussions from renowned speakers, offering a great opportunity for attendees to inform themselves of pressing legal issues.  As the implementation of justice becomes increasingly difficult, the obligations of Muslim professionals evolve in nature and complexity.  We hope to provide insight on how Muslim professionals can better prepare to meet these obligations and impact our local and global society.

The Conference will also feature a networking reception for attendees to meet and mingle with other professionals.  Penn MLSA is proud to continue the tradition of fostering important connections between professionals from around the country!

Register Below!

Registration online is FREE (includes hor d’oeuvres, dinner, and refreshments)

Registration at the door is $10

CLE Credit:

This program has been approved for 1.5 substantive law credits and 1.5 ethics credits for Pennsylvania lawyers.  CLE credit may be available in other jurisdictions as well.  Attendees seeking CLE credit must bring separate payment in the amount of $30.00 cash or check payable to “The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania.”


Faisal Kutty

Assistant Professor of Law, Valparaiso University School of Law

Mr. Faisal Kutty is a Canadian lawyer, academic,writer, and human rights activist.  Professor Kutty has been a vocal spokesperson and advocate on human rights and the excesses of anti-terror legislation and policies.  He co-founded the Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association in 1994, for which he currently serves as general counsel.  He is also a former vice chair of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN).  He has been included in The 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World for the years 2010-2013. 

Amara Chaudhry-Kravitz

Of Counsel, CAIR Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Chapter

Visiting Professor, Villanova University

Mrs. Amara Chaudhry-Kravitz has devoted her entire professional career to the representation of historically marginalized populations in both criminal and civil proceedings.  Ms. Chaudhry-Kravitz has represented the indigent accused, low income persons, persons of color, juveniles, the mentally ill, and members of the LGBT community.  She has demonstrated her leadership in the emerging field of “Muslim civil rights law” through her most recent publications – “Is Brown the New Black?: American Muslims, Inherent Propensity for Violence, and America’s Racial History” & “The New Facially Neutral ‘Anti-Shariah’ Bills: A Constitutional Analysis.”

Ramzi Kassem

Associate Professor of Law, City University of New York

Mr. Ramzi Kassem represents prisoners of various nationalities presently or formerly held at American facilities at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, at so-called “Black Sites,” and at other detention sites worldwide.

Another sharia-teaching event in Canada at the University of Alberta Law School (

Pennsylvania: American ‘Jihad Jane’ gets 10-years

…to study the Koran and spread Islam amongst other women. via


‘Jihad Jane’ gets 10-year term.

The Montgomery County woman whose support for violent jihadists led her to Amsterdam with plans to assassinate a Swedish cartoonist, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison Monday.

While acknowledging the woman’s crimes were “gravely serious” U.S. District Judge Petrese B. Tucker noted that Colleen Larose, better known by the online screen name “JihadJane,” had cooperated extensively with U.S. counterterrorism investigators since her 2009 arrest and struggled with a troubled past that left her vulnerable to manipulation by men.

The sentence was a significant variation from the potential life sentence LaRose faced and the decades in prison sought by federal prosecutors, who said she still remained a danger.

For her own part, LaRose, dressed in a green prison jump suit and dark headscarf, insisted to Tucker that she remained a devout Muslim but no longer supported violence.

She’s either lying to the judge or she is lying to herself about being a devout Muslim who no longer supports the violent Holy Koran.

“I don’t want to be into jihad no more,” she said, in a deep Texas twang. “I don’t think like I used to think.”

LaRose’s case made international headlines after her 2009 arrest as much for the audaciousness of the assassination plot as for the way it changed people’s vision of the homegrown terrorism threat.

With her blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin, LaRose could not have appeared more different from the Arab and South Asian men typically brought to U.S. courts on terrorism charges.

But that, said prosecutors Monday, is what made her such an attractive candidate to Ali Charaf Damache, a Ireland-based terrorist cell leader accused of recruiting LaRose through the Internet.

“As an American woman, she could do tremendous things for violent jihad,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams said in court Monday. “She really did change what people thought of as a violent jihadist.”


Philly: Prosecutors say ‘Jihad Jane’ deserves lengthy sentence


Aka Colleen LaRat. via Prosecutors say ‘JihadJane’ deserves lengthy sentence –

Despite her “very significant” cooperation in terrorism investigations in the United States and abroad, a Montgomery County woman arrested in 2009 for working with terrorists under the moniker “JihadJane” remains a danger and should spend several decades behind bars, federal prosecutors say.

In documents filed before a sentencing hearing scheduled for Monday, government lawyers described Colleen LaRose, 50, as an “aggressive, hardworking” force in the online extremist community.

Her sentencing provides an opportunity to “send a strong message to other lonely, vulnerable people who might be enticed by online extremists promising fame and honor,” Jennifer Arbittier Williams and Matthew F. Blue wrote.

In their filings, the lawyers cited prison letters from as recently as 2012 in which LaRose referred to Americans as “filthy kafir pigs,” and described her assignment to kill a Swedish cartoonist whose work offended some Muslims as an honor.

“LaRose’s sincere efforts at cooperation do not erase the harm that she has caused, nor the government’s grave concern that she remains a danger,” they wrote. “The world is watching, and this sentencing presents an important opportunity to send a strong message.”

LaRose’s attorney, Mark Wilson, did not return calls for comment Thursday. His client faces up to a life sentence after pleading guilty in 2011 to providing material support to terrorists.

With LaRose’s blond hair, green eyes, and deep southern twang, the case garnered international attention and changed U.S. officials’ expectations of what to fear from homegrown extremist threats, prosecutors said.

In online forums, she spewed violent anti-American vitriol and recruited other extremists for training in South Asia. She boasted of the ability her American background and looks gave her to fly beneath the radar of counterterrorism investigators.

She was arrested in Philadelphia soon after returning to the United States in frustration over the slow pace of the conspirators’ progress.

Almost immediately, LaRose began cooperating “diligently, candidly, and tirelessly” with federal counterterrorism investigators, prosecutors said in their court filings this week. Her testimony before a grand jury in 2011 led to charges against Ali Charaf Damache, her alleged handler in Ireland, and others.

Damache remains imprisoned in Ireland, fighting extradition to the United States.

Throughout, though, she has rarely appeared remorseful, Williams wrote.

“LaRose seemed to take pleasure and even pride recounting her glory days as ‘the hunter,’ ” she said. “Her demeanor continued to grow wistful – despite the passage of time – when speaking with government agents about some of her coconspirators and their plans.”

Two of LaRose’s convicted codefendants also face possible sentencing next week, including Jamie Paulin Ramirez, a Colorado mother who uprooted her young son and moved to Ireland to join LaRose’s cause, and Mohammad Hassan Khalid, an 19-year-old Maryland teen who in 2012 became the youngest person ever convicted on a U.S. terrorism charges.

Prosecutors are seeking sentences of less than 10 years for both. Their lawyers have indicated they intend to cite the troubled psychological histories of their clients as mitigating factors.

Philly: Another burka robbery

Burkas are all the rage in America, particularly among the criminal.

via Teens in Muslim burkas try to rob Delco gun shop.

Most teenagers do dumb things. But not trying-to-rob-Joe-Galiano dumb.

Who is Joe Galiano? He’s the owner of Suburban Armory, the gun shop on MacDade Boulevard in Collingdale Borough, Delaware County. He is surrounded by guns, including the one on his hip. Like his .45-caliber pistol. Can’t miss it.

Despite this fact, police say two teenagers dressed in burkas walked into his store this afternoon, pulled a gun on Galiano and tried to stick him up. Galiano, less than thrilled about having a man in female Muslim garb pointing a silver handgun at him inside his own store, decided not to comply, but instead to make use of his own gun.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” Chief Robert Adams said of the attempted robbery. “He carries a gun and it’s right out there in the open.”

Cops say Galiano fired one shot at the teens, ages 15 and 17. Neither was struck, but they apparently saw the error of their ways and fled the store. One hopped onto a SEPTA bus and tried unsuccessfully to hide in the back, the other was apprehended behind a trolley stop. Muslim clothing and other evidence was found between the scene and the trolley stop, police said.

The teens’ parents are at the police station right now, Adams said. He is not releasing their identities at this point because they are juveniles. Charges pending include robbery, possession of an instrument of crime and drug possession.

This actually isn’t the first time juveniles have targeted the Suburban Armory. In 2008, five people, including an 11-year-old boy, broke in overnight and stole 14 semiautomatic weapons and 250 rounds of ammunition. Adams said the 11-year-old’s mom thought he was home asleep in their Philadelphia home at the time.

Philly: Afraid of ‘bridenapping’ by Muslims, apostate woman seeks asylum in U.S.

Islam – the real war on women – championed by Obama and the media.


via Afraid of ‘bridenapping,’ Kyrgyzstan woman seeks asylum –

IF ALBINA Kurmanbekova returns home, she has many prospects for marriage.

Not marriage as we understand it, however. More than a dozen Muslim men have threatened her with “bridenapping,” forcible marriage that is indistinguishable from kidnapping, rape and slavery.

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, where “bridenapping,” a gross violation of human rights, is the national sport played by men and endured by women.

That’s not what Albina wants, that’s what she fears – and that’s why she has filed for asylum in the U.S. She’s living with the family of her aunt Mira Kasymkulova on a quiet Holmesburg street. Kasymkulova has been in the U.S. for 15 years and translated for Albina, whose English is weak.

Bridenapping occurs in scattered parts of the world, usually in patriarchal societies. Even where it is against the law, as it is in Kyrgyzstan, enforcement is nonexistent, said Kurmanbekova, something I verified. Where bridenapping exists, it is usually a tribal “tradition.”

I asked the aunt if a bridenapped young woman wouldn’t get help from her father.

She laughed. No, because most likely the father was a bridenapper himself. In Kyrgyzstan, a stunning 50 to 75 percent of marriages follow bridenapping. Suicide has been reported among some of those bridenapped.

In Albina’s case, there is an overlay that makes it more terrifying: She is a Christian.

Albina arrived in the United States in June on a work-and-travel visa, and when that became known, 13 Muslim men, posting on Russian Facebook, threatened to bridenap her if she ever returned, one of them vowing to snatch her right at the airport.

Albina decided never to return, even if that meant not seeing her parents and three younger sisters again. In America, she had seen a way of life in which women are not chattel.

She also saw another freedom here: freedom of worship.

Kyrgyzstan is a largely rural nation in central Asia with a population of 5 million, about 80 percent Muslim. Although Albina was born Muslim, after she visited a Christian church with her grandmother, something took hold of her heart.

She saw something in Christianity she had not seen in Islam and was the first in her family to convert, in 2003.

“I saw how Christian families were different; I had friends who were Christian and they were different,” said Albina, who turns 21 on Thursday. “In Muslim, the man does not put his family first. He makes the decisions on his own; a woman isn’t as important as a man.”

As her family migrated toward Christianity, a local mullah visited her father and lectured him against it. “The mullah said he had to go to the mosque,” Albina said. “My father told him he believed in Jesus.”

Soon after, her father was struck by a car and left for dead. An accident?

The family moved to another part of Bishkek, the capital, and later moved to a rural area where there are no nearby neighbors and no one knows they are Christian. The area is so remote that there is no Internet access, so Albina can reach her family only by telephone.

She may never see them again, because returning would be too dangerous. The threats against her are real.

She sought an extension of her visa and applied for asylum in the United States, where she wants to complete her university education. She finished three years in Kyrgyzstan.

Albina’s plea for asylum was heard by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which will decide her fate in about a week.

I can’t believe that USCIS would send her back to the disgusting hell of a “tradition” that awaits her.

Believe it. She left the favored and joined the persecuted. Like the home-schooling family fighting deportation, Obama would have no qualms sending her back to teach a lesson to her and all Muslims who might seek freedom rather than submission.


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