Virginia: Lawmaker and one-time Obama admin defends his praise for 9/11 mosque

via Lawmaker defends his praise for 9/11 mosque.

Despite rebuke from counter-terrorism officials and the media, a former Obama appointee turned politician has doubled down on his controversial praise for the so-called 9/11 mosque outside the Washington suburbs, calling it “an important member of the Northern Virginia community.”

Virginia State Del. Alfonso H. Lopez, D-Arlington, earlier this month sponsored a resolution “commending” the notorious Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center “as an expression of the General Assembly’s admiration” for the center.

The resolution, which passed the full Virginia state legislature by voice vote March 7, was met with harsh criticism from terrorism experts as well as Fox News, which called it a “slap in the face of 9/11 victims.”

“What the Virginia State House has done is blatant acquiescence to America’s sworn enemies,” said terror expert Walid Shoebat. “It is treasonous, it is traitorous, it is criminal, and any state legislator who voted for it has violated the most important oaths of office.”

Former special FBI agent John Guandolo said Lopez’s resolution amounted to “public support for a terrorist organization.” He called its sponsors “criminally negligent” for not taking the time to research Dar al-Hijrah’s terrorist record.

“Is there a functioning brain cell at the state house in Richmond?” Guandolo demanded.

The large Falls Church, Va., mosque is a known breeding ground for terrorists, counting some of the Sept. 11 hijackers as well as the Fort Hood shooter as members. Late al-Qaida cleric Anwar Awlaki, moreover, once preached from Dar al-Hijrah’s pulpit.

“Almost no other mosque in the country has been linked to so many cases of alleged terrorism,” the Washington Post wrote in a long article on Dar al-Hijrah in 2011.

Still, Lopez, who is assigned to the assembly’s Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee, last week defended the mosque in a posting, dismissing its connections to terrorists as “smears” and “a right-wing media attack” while exalting Dar al-Hijrah for its charitable work.

“In 2013, the members of the center provided more than $80,000 in assistance to community members struggling to pay their rent,” said Lopez, who previously served in the Obama administration as a Small Business Administration official and is now running for U.S. Congress.

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CAIR offered cash to sheriff (bribery) to shut down briefing on jihad networks in US


via CAIR tries bribery to shut down briefing on Muslim threat.

Despite pressure tactics, threats and even a $15,000 cash bribe from the Council on American-Islamic Relations to shut down a recent counter-terrorism training program for Virginia law enforcement, the training took place as scheduled, albeit with extra security.

It was one of the rare times government officials have not backed down under the group’s pressure tactics.

Washington-based CAIR, an Islamic lobbying group shunned by the FBI due to its ties to terrorist groups, launched a weeks-long campaign to intimidate Culpepper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins into canceling the three-day program, titled “Understanding and Investigating Jihadi Networks in America.”

But Jenkins was not deterred, even after agreeing to meet with CAIR officials.

The lead trainer, former special FBI agent John Guandolo, presented some 50 Virginia law enforcement officers with evidence of the radical Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in the U.S. and their jihadi support network, along with a large amount of evidence demonstrating CAIR was created and continues to be an entity of Hamas, a U.S.-designated terror group. Former U.S. prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, former Pentagon inspector general Joseph Schmitz and former CIA case officer Clare Lopez also spoke at the seminar.

Now a counter-terrorism and homeland security consultant, Guandolo detailed for officers who attended the Feb. 25-27 seminar how this dangerous Islamic network in America radicalizes, trains and logistically supports jihadi operations in the United States and those launched from the U.S. against overseas targets.

He says CAIR, which is part of that network, was so worried about the training that it sent officials to Culpepper to lobby the sheriff to cancel the program, even offering together with a local mosque to pay for the program’s fees and related expenses.

“They were so bent on making sure this training did not take place that they offered to pay Sheriff Jenkins the entire cost of the training – including travel (expenses) – to keep it from happening,” Guandolo said.

CAIR declined comment.

Virginia: Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Host Fundraiser for #Dem Congressman

via The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

by John Rossomando

A Northern Virginia congressman will headline a fundraiser sponsored by a Muslim Brotherhood supporter whose organization, Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR), held an anti-Semitic rally in New York last month, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Participants at the EADHR rally outside the Saudi Arabian consulate in New York chanted, “Oh King of Saudi Arabia, why did you sell Egypt to the Jews?” and that the Saudis were “dirtier than the Jews.”

Now, U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., plans to attend a March 22 fundraiser to benefit his re-election campaign that is co-sponsored by EADHR co-founder Akram Elzend. The Free Beacon published a copy of the invitation, which also lists Mohamed Mohamed and Sameh Elhennawy as fundraiser hosts.

Elzend told the Free Beacon that the fundraiser has “nothing to do with the organization” he co-founded. He indicated that he considers Connolly “a great man, a great congressman, who really abides our values, our American values, and principles, and he stands up for them.”

Suggested contributions range from $150 for guest contributors to $400 for a supporter and spouse.

Elzend is an official with the Muslim American Society’s Washington, D.C. area chapter. MAS was identified by prosecutors in a 2008 case as the “overt arm” of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

In 2010, Connolly attended a fundraiser to benefit the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Va. Elzend serves as a mosque board member. The mosque’s ties to radicals has attracted repeated law enforcement attention over the years. Federal agents have described Dar al-Hijrah as the subject of “numerous investigations for financing and proving (sic) aid and comfort to bad orgs and members.”

These bad members include: American-born al-Qaida cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who served as an imam at Dar al-Hijrah before leaving the United States; two 9/11 hijackers who attended services there, Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan and terrorist financier Abdurrahman Alamoudi.

Elzend was present at a Capitol Hill briefing in December hosted by the EAHDR that was attended by Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) supporter Sami Al-Arian. An EADHR news conference last August protesting the ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi featured Abdul Magwoud Dardery, the foreign affairs spokesman for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s now banned Freedom and Justice Party.

Muslim Brotherhood symbols such as the R4BIA symbol are common at rallies sponsored by the EADHR. notes:  U.S. Congressman Compromised by Muslim Brotherhood

Had the Muslim Brotherhood been identified as a terrorist organization (even Saudi Arabia has done this) and enemy of the U.S. after the 9/11 attacks, any Congressman caught aiding or accepting money from said group would be guilty of treason.

Connolly has been on the Brotherhood’s dole since at least 2008 as noted in Gerry Connolly: The Congressman From the Muslim Brotherhood.

Virginia State House Commends Hamas

via Understanding the Threat Blog

One has to wonder if gross ignorance among elected officials of the jihadi threat to America could get any worse – then in walks the Virginia Legislature.

On Wednesday, March 5th, Virginia House Joint Resolution 484 was passed which commends Hamas’ Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. Without becoming entirely sarcastic, the question has to be asked – is there a functioning brain cell at the State House in Richmond. Has the ability to reasonably process factual information completely evaporated from numerous elected officials in the state of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?

Before we even look at the factual evidence that Dar al Hijrah is a Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas entity, we need to look no farther than the resolution itself to see the gross negligence of Virginia’s elect – at least those who voted for this resolution. The sixth of the eight total lines in the resolution reads: “WHEREAS, the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center is affiliated with the Muslim American Society, a national religious, educational, cultural, and charitable organization…”

Actually, the Muslim American Society (MAS) is a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

In the US v Sabri Benkhala terrorism case appeal (2007), the Department of Justice stated “The MAS was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.”

The Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) also acknowledges that MAS was created by the MB. Oddly enough, the Imam of the Dar al Hijrah – Shaker Elsayed – told the Chicago Tribune in a September 19, 2004 interview that “Ikhwan (MB) members founded MAS.” And not just any Ikhwan members…the General Masul (Leader) of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood was one of the three founding Directors of MAS in 1994. The other two werel two of the most prominent Muslim Brothers in North America – Jamal Badawi and Omar Soubani.

By the way, we are talking about the same Muslim American Society whose May 4, 2011 Press Release praised Osama bin Laden. “A visionary who believed in an Islamic state in Afghanistan” were the exact words MAS used to describe the Al Qaeda leader.

This is also the same MAS whose Tarbiya (training) guide for American Muslims calls for Muslims to “wage war” until Sharia is the law of the land in America (page 117).

There is much more evidence about the true nature of who MAS is, but this should be sufficient to demonstrate how unprofessional those who voted for this resolution really are.

Now, back to the Dar al Hijra, and the FACTS. The land for this Islamic Center was purchased by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) – the Muslim Brotherhood’s bank in America. The purchasing document was signed by Jamal Barzinji.

Besides being the founder and in leadership positions of numerous Muslim Brotherhood entities in the U.S., the FBI identified Barzinji as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1988, and Barzinji (page 37 para 74) is linked to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

Even simpler than this – the Dar al Hijrah’s own By-Laws state: “The Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center shall be affiliated with the following organizations: Muslim American Society (MAS), North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).”

In the Justice Department’s filing asking the court to deny ISNA and NAIT’s motion to have their names removed from the Unindicted co-conspirator list in the US v Holy Land Foundation trial – the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history – the government stated, “ISNA and NAIT…were intimately connected with the HLF and its assigned task of providing financial support to Hamas.” In the unsealed ruling on this matter, Federal Judge Jorge Solis wrote, “The Government has provided ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA, and NAIT with HLF, the Islamic Association of Palestine (“IAP”), and with Hamas.”

So easy a 3rd grader could figure it out. But not the Virginia Legislature.

The Dar al Hijrah is a Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas Islamic Center. And, according to the MB’s strategic memorandum discovered in the residence of a senior Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood official in ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA in 2004, the Muslim Brotherhood uses their Islamic Centers to prepare jihadis to wage jihad.

How about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official report dated August 28, 2002 which states the Dar al Hijrah “Is a Mosque operating as a front for Hamas operatives in U.S.”

The bad news is, these are only a few pieces of the large amount of evidence demonstrating the Dar al Hijrah is a Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas operation. As a reminder, Hamas was formed out of the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood and is a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

For the sake of the safety of Virginians, perhaps our elected officials may want to brush up on the MB’s Movement in America and note that the most prominent Islamic organizations in Virginia are a part of that Movement. The archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America were found in Virginia in 2004, after all.

So, Virginia Legislature, you “Commended” Hamas this week. Hope that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Some would call that public support for a terrorist organization. I just call it criminally negligent.

The MB probably just calls it Dhimmitude. Or, they may call it “the road to victory.”

Virginia: Terror-linked CAIR forces agency to pull accreditation for anti-jihad training

Just yesterday we gave you the bad news that Sheriff Jenkins was allowing himself to be fooled by Hamas-linked, pro-jihad, pro-sharia Muslims at CAIR – even allowing the legal jihadists to train cops. The bad news keeps coming and sharia keeps creeping.

via CAIR: Virginia Agency Pulls Accreditation for Anti-Muslim Training | MRO.

In a statement issued earlier today, the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy said:

“After careful consideration and consultation with other law enforcement agencies and academies, having firsthand knowledge of this training, the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy will no longer be offering Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services in-service training credit for the upcoming seminar “Understanding and Investigating Jihadi Networks in America.”

“The Academy has apologized to those law enforcement agencies and personnel affected by this decision and will work to ensure those officers receive the in-service training credits necessary and relevant to their positions.”

Sheriff Jenkins could have squashed this quickly and easily but he didn’t, he allowed a Hamas-linked org to spew dawah to his force.

Sheriff Scott H. Jenkins
132 W. Davis Street
Culpeper, Virginia 22701
Phone: (540) 727-7520
Fax:   (540) 727-3466
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Contact info for Rappahannockstan academy cowards.

Executive Director: Mike Harvey

Starter information:

Virginia: Sheriff won’t stop counterterrorism training at terror-linked CAIR’s request

That’s the good news.


via Culpeper sheriff: no plans to stop counterterrorism training – Roanoke Times: Virginia.

Despite the urging of local and national Islamic leaders, Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins said Friday that he has no plans to cancel a controversial three-day counterterrorism training session next week.

Jenkins met Friday with Corey Saylor of the D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic relations and Dr. Nabeel Babar, director of the Islamic Center of Culpeper, both of whom asked the sheriff to cancel the training sessions scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Germanna Community College’s Daniel Technology Center. The sessions will be led by former FBI agent John Guandolo, whom the CAIR called a “notorious anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist” in a release earlier this week.

Both Saylor and Jenkins described their meeting as positive, but Saylor said he was not pleased the seminar will apparently go on as planned.

“Sheriff Jenkins wants to hold some good counterterrorism seminars, and that is how it should be,” Saylor said, adding, “We just don’t think John Guandolo is the man to do it.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors extremist groups, has also called on Jenkins to cancel the seminars. It said Guandolo has claimed that CIA Director John Brennan is a secret Muslim agent for the Saudis.

That claim could be easily confirmed by Brennan himself. Why hasn’t anyone in the media simply asked him if he is or has ever been a Muslim?

Jenkins said Friday that he offered to hold the sessions with a disclaimer stating that his department does not necessarily agree with anything Guandolo might say in his “Jihadi Networks in America” training programs.

The bad news is Sheriff Jenkins apparently has no clue who the FBI-banned, DOJ-confirmed, unindicted as a co-conspirator in the largest Islamic terror finance conviction in U.S. history, Hamas-CAIR is. Links on left nav bar for those new to CAIR’s racket.

Jenkins said he also offered Saylor and Babar an opportunity to talk with his staff on Monday and hold a more formal educational session at some later date.

“The more information we can get the better,” Jenkins said.

Only if you believe in keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Jenkins earlier stated that he and his men were capable of separating facts from any theories offered by Guandolo.

“We’ve got sense enough not to take anything we might not agree with at face value,” he said.

Although Saylor said he was pleased with Jenkins’ bid at “addressing our concerns,” he said that he was disappointed with the sheriff’s refusal to cancel the training sessions.

CAIR sent letters to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice and the Rappahannock Regional Justice Academy on Friday afternoon asking that officers attending the seminar not be given the 40 hours of re-certification credits it now carries.

“We respectfully request that the Department of Criminal Justice Services withdraw its accreditation for this hate-filled training program,” the letter to DCJS Director Garth Wheeler stated.

According to a CAIR news release, Wheeler responded by saying he would look into the matter.

Jenkins said he assured Saylor and Babar that the seminar “was not a political stunt.” He said he also told them that some of the problems that have arisen might have been avoided “if we had talked earlier.”

“I don’t like to be prejudged,” Jenkins said.

To ensure safety for everyone, Jenkins said tight security measures will be put in place next week when Guandolo holds his seminars.

Safety of whom? From what? Muslims?

A total of 50 officers from Culpeper, various parts of Virginia and other states are expected to attend.

Hamas-linked CAIR put out a call to action to Muslims. This is a non-Muslim call to action. Sheriff Jenkins should not be negotiating with terror-linked Muslim groups. Let him know.

We’re now in discussions with the sheriff and ask that you not contact his office at this time. We’ve disabled the click-and-send letter for now. Thank you to all those who took action!

Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Scott H. Jenkins
132 W. Davis Street
Culpeper, Virginia 22701
Phone: (540) 727-7520
Fax:   (540) 727-3466
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Virginia: Taxpayer-funded library speaker has “high hopes” America soon a Muslim land

This taxpayer-funded Islamic dawah is taking place at more than 800 public libraries across the United States.

Shaykh Abdullah Nooruddin Durkee

via Muslim Leader Speaks Candidly about School and Freedom in America – The Rotunda Online. h/t DP

Adorned in simple Islamic garb, Shaykh Abdullah Nooruddeen Durkee sat stoically, cane in hand, at the back of the Greenwood Library Atrium to impart his proverbial wisdom to the students of Longwood University and community members of Farmville, many from the Islamic Center of Prince Edward County, on Wednesday, Jan. 29.

The talk, entitled “Travels in Muslim Lands,” was part of the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf Grant recently awarded to Greenwood Library by the American Library Association and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Included in the grant were twenty-five books, three DVDs and access to the Oxford Islamic Studies Online for a year.

“Salaam alaikum” Nooruddeen began with an Arabic greeting of peace, followed by his “high hopes” for America to soon become a Muslim land. A statement, he said, we ought not have been offended by.

With only an hour to speak, he then launched into his life story, beginning at his birth in “almost upstate” New York, just as World War II began. It was apparently after the war though that “the war began for me,” Nooruddeen said of an internal struggle for peace within himself after moving to the highly disorienting island of Manhattan.

It was on that busy island, though, that Nooruddeen’s expansive view of the world took shape, and his eventual path to Islam began through diverse interactions with great thinkers and theologians, who discussed the “ineffable figure” that is God, and how the values of good and evil differ in various societies.

“Unfortunately…today education almost does not exist in America,” Nooruddeen said in his first of many digressions, then going on to proclaim, “Very little education goes on in these walls;” a bold statement to make in a university setting. He cited that universities functioned primarily as a place of vocational study, despite having dropped out of high school and having never attended a university, himself.

Having written over 90 books, including a transliteration of the Qu’ran, and establishing three schools, Nooruddeen more than proves the point that education is not the end-all-be- all in acquiring knowledge and wisdom.

Junior Political Science major Tyler Ellis commented that Nooruddeen “…did seem to have sort of jaded views” concerning education, and that “…[university] is where you kind of get an understanding view of other people.”

Although, Ellis clarified, “I wouldn’t say he’s wrong. He got to where he wanted, and he’s not complaining…It’s right for him. He got exactly what he wanted and he seems happy with it. More power to him.”

After questioning the legitimacy of higher education, Nooruddeen questioned our collective belief in the American ideal of “the home of the free and the brave” by citing discrepancies he had with the legitimacy of the attacks on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, which prompted his discussion of cognitive dissonance or “loss of harmony” in the mind caused by two contradictory beliefs existing simultaneously.

Specifically, he called into question the actuality of a 747 hitting the Pentagon when taking into account the size of the hole and lack of titanium scrap at the site. Ellis felt the reference to 9/11 to be “unexpected,” and explained his, now growing interest in the matter.

“I thought it was interesting because I listen to conspiracy theories and he was pretty emphatic about it. I definitely need to go back and look now. It didn’t affect my opinion but it made me want to rethink and reevaluate the whole situation.”

“Where’s the freedom and democracy?” Nooruddeen questioned, referencing an America that would enter into wars with unprovoked countries, and close schools in order to avoid race mixing. The latter struck a particular chord in this audience, many of whom were residents of Prince Edward County, and Farmville, Virginia, which were centers of the civil rights movement and massive school closings in response to integration in the early 1960s.

Nooruddeen’s narrative pace was rather disjointed, but toward the end of the hour he made his way to his trip to India, the “Travels to Muslim Lands” in question, where he attended a Buddhist retreat, where he, in a peculiar turn of events, learned the ways of Islam.

On the whole, Ellis remarked that the talk was “really fascinating” and was glad he was able to experience such a “unique perspective” of someone “who now seems to identify more as a Muslim than an American.”

“Remember five things,” Noorudden urged the audience as the night came to a close: peace, justice, mercy, love and freedom. He then quoted Janis Joplin, saying “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,” and took a bow.

The resources provided by the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf Grant are now available for checkout at the Greenwood Library.

Fascinating? Well, fascinating to come to the realization that in deed Muslims living in the United States want to fundamentally transform this country into a Muslim land.

Virginia: Muslim Cemetery Might Be Largest In America

via VA Muslim Cemetery Might Be Largest In America.


Sacred ground lies in Fredericksburg, an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia located 49 miles south of Washington, D.C. A battle was fought here over emancipation of slaves, and now slaves of Allah emancipated from the trials of the dunya rest in what maybe the largest Muslim cemetery in the United States. Established in 1986, the first grave was dug in 1996 at the All Muslim Association of America (AMAA) Cemetery.

“[A] brother died and we had a hard time finding a place – thats how we started,” remarks Sikander Javed, the treasurer and member of the board of directors for AMAA. In the late eighties, Mohammad Younis, Zar Khan, and some other members of the community met at the home of Javed. “We didn’t have a particular area in mind; looking for an inexpensive option we picked Stafford County, but did not limit ourselves.”

For the past 30 years the home of this former financial guru for the city government of Alexandria has been the office of the AMAA. After retirement, Sikander Javed and friends have dedicated the rest of their days to the cemetery project.

Located in Northern Virginia, the cemetery serves the DC Metro and the rest of the US; people from as far away as MIchigan come here to be buried.

The original site was 7.5 acres, but when an adjacent 77 acre plot went into foreclosure, the association took a loan and brought the property. “We paid that land off early part of this year,” said Javed. “The balance of $10,000 was paid off by a Dr. Hussain who recently buried a relative.” Currently AMAA receives about 12 burial requests per month.

Association administration believes that the current 7.5 acres of land will be used by the end of 2015. To be able to continue to serve the community, the organization needs to develop and level the land and have it ready for burials by 2015. The development of this parcel of land includes surveys, county approval and construction.

Plans include a permanent restroom; presently, the cemetery has a portable restroom located next to the entrance.  A consulting firm in Fredericksburg hired to make the site plan aims to have the plan ready by January. “ [We need to] expand the current cemetery, built a new wudu facility and prayer area. Eventually we want to make a building to pray the janaza, as well as a full fledged washing area. Ultimately offer a complete burial in as little [cost] as possible,” says Javed.

How many jihadis are buried there?

The Boston Bomber was buried in a Muslim cemetery elsewhere in Virginia.

Virginia: Fed judge continues to stall case against convicted Muslim terrorist

That should lead to his deportation. via After 3-Year Freeze, Government Seeks “Prompt Resolution” of Al-Arian Case :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Federal prosecutors used a relatively innocuous defense request last week to remind a federal judge that she has held up Sami Al-Arian’s criminal contempt case for more than three years.

Al-Arian has been on house arrest since 2008 after being indicted and charged with criminal contempt. He repeatedly refused to testify before a federal grand jury investigating terrorist financing despite court-approved immunity. He claims that his 2006 plea agreement in a related case involving his support for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad meant he’d never have to cooperate with the government again.

Nothing has happened in the case since 2010, when U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema canceled a hearing on pending motions, including a motion to dismiss the case. She had all the information she needs from briefs, she wrote, “and the Court is working on an opinion which addresses all relevant issues.”

That echoed a similar written promise Brinkema wrote in April 2009: “The Court will issue a written opinion on the motion in the near future.”

No opinion was issued, however, and Al-Arian remains on house arrest. In January, Brinkema dramatically reduced the restrictions on Al-Arian’s activities in an unsolicited order.

On Friday, Al-Arian’s attorneys petitioned the court for permission to move to a new home. Prosecutors filed no response, but told the defense that they would leave the decision up to the court, repeating their view that Al-Arian should be in custody until his trial.

“Further, it is the government’s position that this motion highlights the need for a prompt resolution of the outstanding substantive motions in this case,” the defense motion says.

Brinkema granted the motion on Monday allowing Al-Arian to move, court records show. She made no reference to the government’s “prompt resolution” request.

Brinkema has not explained why she has refused to either dismiss the case, as defense attorneys want, or let it proceed to trial. Under terms of his 2006 plea, Al-Arian would face deportation if the case were dismissed. That could prove particularly problematic to carry out because he is a stateless Palestinian convicted of a terrorism support felony.

His claim about his plea agreement protecting him from testifying before the grand jury previously was rejected by the 4th Circuit and 11th Circuit courts of appeal, but those decisions came before the issue was the subject of a criminal case.

In addition, prosecutors made it clear that Al-Arian has produced no evidence to support the claim. It is not mentioned anywhere in the plea agreement and neither Al-Arian nor his attorneys mentioned it when he admitted his guilt in a 2006 hearing.

Al-Arian, meanwhile, appears to be using his legal limbo to his advantage. As the Investigative Project on Terrorism exclusively reported earlier this month, he is actively involved in a group advocating for the restoration of Muslim Brotherhood power in Egypt. That effort included his presence on Capitol Hill for a one-sided discussion of the situation in Egypt since President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster in July.

Meanwhile, Egypt officially labels Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. And al Arian is now officially lobbying for an Egyptian terrorist group.

Al-Arian Resurfaces in New American Brotherhood Campaign

Embraced by Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood is emboldened in America. via IPT EXCLUSIVE: Al-Arian Resurfaces in New American Brotherhood Campaign :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Sami Al-Arian arrives for an Egypt Freedom Foundation program in Annandale, Va., Friday night. He attended a similar Capitol Hill briefing Thursday.

A new group advocating for the restoration of Muslim Brotherhood power in Egypt held a briefing on Capitol Hill Thursday. It is part of a series of events calling for “restoring democracy to Egypt.”

But like similar efforts before it, the push by the newly-established Egypt Freedom Foundation involves people with ties to Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the United States. And, the Investigative Project on Terrorism has learned that the event also attracted Sami Al-Arian to the Cannon Office Building on Capitol Hill. Al-Arian is a convicted terrorist-supporting felon who is still under a separate indictment for criminal contempt. Both cases involve his work with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group for which Al-Arian served as a board member.

He did not speak during Thursday’s briefing, or at a follow-up event at a northern Virginia community college Friday night. But his presence, and his connections to the organizers, indicate that he may be more than a spectator.

Both events were sponsored by the Egypt Freedom Foundation, a new group incorporated in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 1, records show. The only listed officer, Ahmed Bedier, is a former Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) chapter director who still raises money for the group.

CAIR was created in 1994 as part of a Muslim Brotherhood network of Hamas-support organizations, court records show. Hamas is a Palestinian offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Arian also has acknowledged his past membership in the Muslim Brotherhood.

His contempt case has been frozen since 2009. Despite a written promise, U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema has not ruled on pending motions to dismiss the case or let it proceed to trial. Al-Arian has been on house arrest, but in January, Brinkema issued an unsolicited order which greatly reduced restrictions on Al-Arian’s activities.

If the case were allowed to go forward, Al-Arian would face prison time if convicted. If he were acquitted, or if the contempt case were dismissed, he would face deportation under terms of his 2006 plea agreement for supporting the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

“The evidence was clear in this case that you were a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” U.S. District Court Judge James Moody said during Al-Arian’s sentencing. “You were on the board of directors and an officer, the secretary. Directors control the actions of an organization, even the PIJ; and you were an active leader.”

The Capitol Hill event was promoted on Twitter and attended by Mahdi Bray, former head of the Muslim American Society’s political arm. The Muslim American Society has strong roots in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Like Al-Arian, Bray is a convicted felon. Bedier and Bray staunchly defended Al-Arian during his run-ins with the criminal justice system. Bedier testified as a character witness for Al-Arian. Bedier, as the CAIR representative in Tampa, where Al-Arian was tried in 2005, routinely appeared in the media defending him.

Virginia: Charges dropped after evidence suggests Muslim cabbie faked “hate crime” attack

h/t Atlas Shrugs who writes:

You see how this works. First, the hate crime is faked. Then, when law enforcement doesn’t pursue the faked hate crime, it’s islamophobia. The trouble is that the Department of Justice has been the de facto legal arm of Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR, so this is one to watch. Let’s see if the DoJ does the bidding of these Islamic supremacists.

Eerily similar to the DOJ’s pro-mosque zoning jihad. via Charges dropped in alleged attack on Muslim cabdriver Mohamed Salim – The Washington Post.

Charges were dropped Thursday in the case of a Fairfax County businessman accused of fracturing a Muslim cabdriver’s jaw after a profanity-laced tirade against the driver and his religion that was captured on video.

After reviewing cellphone records and other evidence in the alleged attack, which some Muslim groups termed a hate crime, prosecutors said they did not believe Mohamed A. Salim’s account.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Raymond F. Morrogh (D) said he did not condone the language Ed Dahlberg used in the encounter, which gained national attention after the recording surfaced. But Morrogh said his office concluded that the Clifton man was innocent of the misdemeanor assault charge.

“Some people took this incident and ran with it to make political points,” Morrogh said.

The altercation occurred 11 days after the Boston Marathon bombing, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations had asked prosecutors to designate it a hate crime. It said it was one of a handful that occurred after the Boston attacks. Salim told his story to The Washington Post, CNN and other news outlets.

Salim said he picked up Dahlberg at a Northern Virginia country club in April. When Salim arrived, he said, Dahlberg was holding a beer, and Salim told him that he had to finish it before getting in the cab. Soon after, Dahlberg began to complain about the time on the taxi’s meter, so Salim began filming with his cellphone as a precaution.

On the 11-minute video, a man can be heard chatting normally with Salim, but the conversation eventually takes a nasty turn. The man asserts that most Muslims are terrorists and that the Koran directs Muslims to kill nonbelievers. He answers in the affirmative when Salim asks whether he is threatening him.

Near the end, Salim is heard asking: “Why are you punching me? Sir, why are you punching me?”

The passenger replies: “You’re a [expletive] Muslim.”

Salim said that he stopped filming shortly thereafter and that Dahlberg left his cab but then returned to punch him. But Morrogh said cellphone records show that Salim placed a call to 911 “just seconds” after the filming ended, which was not enough time for an assault to occur.

Morrogh also said that Salim never mentioned the punch during the emergency call and that a defense lawyer might argue that the hairline fracture Salim pointed out was an old injury. Morrogh said he is exploring filing a charge of making a false report.

Dahlberg, who has maintained his innocence, was vindicated, his attorney said. “The defendant was trying to egg him on,” said the attorney, John Kenneth Zwerling. He added later: “This was all about money.” Dahlberg declined to comment.

Salim, an Army veteran and Somali immigrant who lives in Great Falls, said he was shaken by the charges being dropped. He said he sticks by his account and will ask federal authorities to pursue charges against Dahlberg. He said he also plans to file a civil suit.

Salim previously said he had a headache, lost hearing in one ear and had blurred vision after the alleged punch.

“This is a hate crime,” Salim said. “If this is not a hate crime — God forbid.”

This was not a hate crime and Salim and Hamas-linked CAIR should be held to account.

Virginia: Somali Muslims Sentenced to Multiple Life Sentences in Murders of 4 Americans

via FBI — Somali Pirates Sentenced to Multiple Life Sentences in Murders of Four Americans Aboard SV Quest.

NORFOLK, VA—Somali nationals Ahmed Muse Salad, a/k/a “Afmagalo,” 27, Abukar Osman Beyle, 33, and Shani Nurani Shiekh Abrar, 31, who were previously found guilty of piracy, murder within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, violence against maritime navigation, conspiracy to commit violence against maritime navigation resulting in death, kidnapping resulting in death, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, hostage taking resulting in death, conspiracy to commit hostage taking resulting in death, and multiple firearms offenses, were sentenced this week. Salad, Beyle, and Abrar were all sentenced to 21 life sentences, 19 consecutive life sentences, two concurrent life sentences, and 30 years consecutive, for their roles in the February 22, 2011 murders of four Americans aboard the sailing vessel Quest. The victims included: Scott Underwood Adam, Jean Savage Adam, Phyllis Patricia Macay, and Robert Campbell Riggle.

“These defendants, in violation of U.S. and international law, commandeered an American-flagged sailing vessel, refused to release the hostages to the Navy, and brutally murdered the four Americans on board,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Boente. “The multiple, consecutive life sentences imposed today send a clear message that piracy, hostage-taking, and murder on the high seas will not be tolerated.”

Does living the rest of your life fed halal meals, reading the Koran, group Islamic prayers and years of endless dawah to future jihadists – all at American taxpayer expense – sound like it sends a clear message? Hear the paper tiger roar!

Shame on all those involved.

US Naval Academy Instructor Now Research Director for US Muslim Brotherhood Org

via The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch.

Promotional material issued by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) indicates that US Naval Academy instructor Ermin Sinanovic is now serving as the IIIT Research Director. According to an IIIT announcement:

September 12, 2013 The 2nd MACCPAC – TFI Youth Leadership Program was held at the IIIT headquarters during the week of August 12-16, 2013. MACCPAC’s mission is to promote mutual understanding and engagement in national security, human rights, justice, peace and democracy in the public squares all across the United States, and in other Muslim countries around the world. The purpose of the Youth Leadership Program is to create opportunities for Muslim American college and high school senior students interested in civic engagement and quality career development to meet Muslims who are leaders in those fields. Students represented colleges from Yale to George Mason, as well as metro area high schools.

The program began with orientation session that was led by Aktar Hossain, MACCPAC National Director; Dr. Sulayman Nyang; Dr. Ermin Sinanovic, Research Director for IIIT; and Abrar Omeish, MACCPAC Fellow.

Students heard from many speakers on a broad range of topics. These sessions included:  ‘Responsibility of Muslim Youth in America,’ ‘Political Education in America,’ ‘Information about the Media,’ ‘College education and career development,’ and many others.

As the week went on, student feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Nouran Ghanem, an aspiring doctor, said she walked away with a firm belief on the values of mentorship, ‘If I can reach an exceptional level in my career, then it’s my obligation to help those younger than me, and especially young Muslims just as this program has done for me’.

The program also included visits to local Muslim communities at Dar al-Hijrah, ADAMS, as well as a day trip to Washington, DC, and visits to Capitol Hill, the State Department, and the White House. The program successfully concluded on August 16 with a graduation ceremony which included a graduation speech by Dr. Yaqub Mirza, and certificates award to participating students.

Both Aktar Hossein and Sulayman Nyang are both close to the US Muslim Brotherhood and Abrar Omeish is the daughter of Esam Omeish, a former leader of the Muslim American Society (MAS), a US Muslim Brotherhood organization close to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. In 2007, he resigned from the Virginia State Commission on Immigration following the pubic release of videos showing him condemning Israel and advocating “the jihad way.” In October 2012, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton presented Abrar Omeish with a Girl Scout “100th Anniversary” pin during the State Department’s observance of the first International Day of the Girl Child.

As noted when we first reported Dr. Sinanovic’s relationship with IIIT:

While there is no evidence to date suggesting any improper behavior on the part of Professor Sinanovic, the GMBDW wonders about the propriety of an instructor for the US military being so closely associated with an organization that is intimately tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood and to its putative global leader Youssef Qaradawi, a virulent anti-Semite and the head of an organization declared a terrorist entity by the US government who has called for attacks on US troops and civilians in Iraq and for the collapse of the US itself. Teaching alongside Louay Safi, depending on the state of the criminal inquiry into his activities, may also be a serious issue.

Read it all and bookmark gmbwatch.

Virginia opposes new sentencing for DC sniper, Muslim teen helped kill 10, wound 3

via Virginia opposes new sentencing for sniper Malvo, who challenges mandatory life term for teens | Fox News.

Virginia authorities are opposing an effort by convicted sniper Lee Boyd Malvo to challenge his sentence of life without parole.

Malvo was convicted in Maryland and Virginia for his role in the 2002 sniper shootings that killed 10 people and wounded three in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

He is challenging his life sentence based on a recent Supreme Court decision that outlaws mandatory life sentences without parole for juveniles. Malvo was 17 at the time of the killings.

Virginia\’s attorney general\’s office argues in papers filed Wednesday that the ruling should not be applied retroactively to Malvo. They also say that because Malvo struck plea bargains in some jurisdictions, the sentence can\’t be challenged.

A federal judge in Norfolk will decide the issue.

For the uninformed, Lee Malvo is an illegal alien and, DC snipers exposed as Muslim terrorists:

Despite his years of service in the US Army, Muhammad refused to acknowledge that he was an American, proclaiming instead that he was a Muslim and a servant of Allah. By upholding this position, he followed the lead of other African Americans who had converted to Islam.

Even more telling were the jailhouse doodling of Lee Boyd Malvo, Muhammad’s 17 year-old sidekick and lover. The violent drawings, replete with anti-American and anti-Semitic comments, showed him to be every bit as blood-thirsty as any 9/11 hijacker or Palestinian suicide bomber. Malvo’s portfolio contained these sketches:

·A detailed depiction of the White House in crosshairs of the scope of a rifle with this caption: “You will weep and moan & MORN. You will bleed to death, little by little. Your life belongs to Allah. He will deliver you to us.” To the side of the White House, another caption says, “Sept. 11 we will ensure will look like a picnic to you.”

·A self portrait of Malvo peering through the scope of a rifle while exclaiming, “Allah Akbar” and the following attempt at poetry: “Many more will have to suffer/Many more will have to die/Don’t ask me why.”

· An etching of Malvo and Muhammad together with the words: “We will kill them all. Jihad.”

·A sketch of Osama bin Laden with the caption: “Servant of Allah.”

·An image of the World Trade Center with a jet flying into it and this caption: “You were warned.”

·Drawings of such Islamic luminaries as Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Qaddafi along with this ditty: “Our minarets are our bayonets/Our mosques are our baracks (sic)/Our believers are our soldiers.”

Malvo’s drawings below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Virginia: Judge rules Bosnian Muslim war criminal eligible for extradition, Kerry to decide

via Ex-Bosnia guard in US to face war crimes charges – Latest – New Straits Times.

RICHMOND: A former Bosnian prison camp guard living in the U.S. has been certified for extradition to his native country to face war-crimes charges, pending approval by the State Department.

Almaz Nezirovic is charged with torturing Serbians at the Rabic prison camp in 1992 during the civil war in the region of the former Yugoslavia now known as Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bosnian officials charge that Nezirovic beat, humiliated and traumatized unarmed civilian prisoners.
In an opinion issued late Monday, a U.S. Magistrate judge said he found sufficient evidence supporting the allegations. He certified Nezirovic as eligible for extradition and passed the request along to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who will decide whether Nezirovic will be returned to Bosnia for trial.
“Almaz Nezirovic stands charged with horrific acts of torture by the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said. “Today’s ruling moves this matter one step closer to ultimate resolution in that country.”
According to court papers, in 1992 Nezirovic joined a paramilitary group, the HVO, and became a prison guard. The HVO, which stands for Croatian Defense Council, was formed by the Bosnian Croats as they sought to form their own breakaway republic during the war. It had no ties with Bosnia’s Muslim-dominated government.
Bosnian authorities allege that he beat civilian detainees with a baton and a rifle and forced some prisoners to crawl on the ground naked and eat grass on which others had urinated.
Nezirovic’s attorney, public defender Fay Spence, said her client has insisted he is innocent.
“He’s consistently denied doing it, and I don’t think he did it,” Spence said. She said she will encourage Nezirovic to petition a U.S. District Court judge to review the certification.
Spence had argued in court papers that the alleged offenses did not amount to “crimes against humanity” as defined by international law.
She also had argued that Nezirovic was exempt from extradition because his actions were political. Nezirovic said he joined the HVO after Serbian troops attacked his hometown of Derventa.
What actions? Didn’t she say he was innocent?
He described lying with his family on their living room floor and listening to grenades, and seeing a friend and others die from sniper fire.
Nezirovic previously testified that he joined “any army which can defend me and my family,” and claimed that he believed the prisoners housed at Rabic were soldiers who had attacked Derventa.
The judge accepted Nezerovic’s explanation for joining the HVO but rejected his bid to invoke the “political exception” rule to extradition.
Nezirovic, who immigrated to the U.S. about 15 years ago and worked as a welder, also is charged in U.S. District Court with concealing his wartime activities when applying for refugee status and naturalization in the United States.

The U.S. attorney’s office said the extradition process will take precedence over the naturalization fraud case.

Again, the average reader would have no clue this guy was a Muslim nor that the U.S. aided the Muslim atrocities against the Serbians, including former President Bill Clinton secretly giving a green light to covert Iranian arms shipments into Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1994 despite a United Nations arms embargo that the United States was pledged to uphold.


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