Washington State Univ’s ‘Journalists’ guide to Islam’ called cave-in to political correctness

via Journalists’ guide to Islam called cave-in to political correctness

A “how-to” guide published by a prominent journalism school to help reporters covering Islam-related issues is under fire from critics who say it sacrifices the First Amendment to political correctness.

“Islam for Journalists,” an online guide from Washington State University, says coverage of the Muslim world can be fair, yet inoffensive without compromising journalistic principles. Yet it pointedly condemns publication of images of Muhammed, an act which is forbidden by the Koran, and seems to equate it with violence carried out in the name of Islam.

 “Across the Muslim world extremists are wielding their swords with grisly effect, but the pen…can be just as lethal,” Lawrence Pintak, dean of the school’s Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, wrote in the introduction to the guide.

 “Many Muslim journalists simply couldn’t understand why Western news organizations would republish the offensive images just because [of a legal right]. Journalism is not supposed to be a weapon [it is meant] to inform, not inflame,” Pintak wrote.

 The guide has been endorsed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group with ties to extremists in the Middle East.

Pintak, who did not return requests for comment, vehemently defends his support of press freedom in the guide, even as he seemingly making the case for censorship.

 “A commitment to press freedom is in my blood,” he wrote before adding, “Journalism is not supposed to be a weapon.”

 The author also seemingly panders to the Muslim faith, explaining in the guide that Muhammad is off-limits because “although he is not divine, he is considered ‘the Perfect Man.’”

 “By imitating him, “Muslims hope to acquire his interior attitude—perfect surrender to God,” he added, as if such a deep knowledge of a particular religion is required of journalists.

Read it all and Click here to read “Islam for Journalists”

Elsewhere in Washington, University calls the amount of white people on campus a ‘failure,’ asks for ideas on how to have fewer.

Informant: Muslim arsonist of Seattle gay club “may be planning terrorist act”

Jihad on gays. via Friend said gay club arson suspect “may be planning terrorist act | www.kirotv.com. h/t wildninja

KIRO 7 has uncovered explosive new details in the case of the Capitol Hill arson at a popular gay nightclub.

Suspect Musab Masmari’s motive may have stemmed from his “distaste for homosexual people.”

Masmari is charged with arson for allegedly setting the fire at Neighbours nightclub shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day.

According to investigative documents filed in King County Superior Court, the 30-year old Masmari told a friend “that homosexuals should be exterminated.” That friend, a member of the local Muslim community, went straight to the FBI because he believed Masmari may have also been planning a terrorist attack. That friend became a confidential informant.

According to the documents, Masmari first met the informant at Fatima’s Cafe near the Masjid at Taqwa Mosque on Seattle’s East Union Street, shortly after the fire at Neighbours.

The informant contacted the FBI soon after meeting Masmari because he was “concerned” that Masmari “may be planning some terrorist activity” because he spoke of “something he’s planning.” The informant told investigators that Masmari told him “he had obtained a rifle.”

The unidentified informant also said that, in the numerous conversations after their first meeting, Masmari often expressed a “distaste for homosexual people,” and that Masmari “opined that homosexuals should be exterminated.”

He said Masmari asked the informant during that conversation “whether they shouldn’t be the ones taking the responsibility upon themselves.”

Prosecutors allege it was Masmari who was captured on surveillance video the night of the fire, carrying what appears to be a gas can. He’s been charged with one count of arson and remains behind bars with bail set at $1 million. But this new information could lead to federal hate crime charges.

One wonders if that Washington judge who so readily defended jihad in the video earlier today is aware of this case.

Fed Judge: PC Censorship of Seattle Anti-Terrorism Ad Trumps 1st Amendment (video)

Restated: Any ad or speech Muslims find offensive is prohibited. This my friends is the definition of “creeping sharia.” The bias and dhimmitude brought into the courtroom by this judge and displayed immediately and throughout is frightening. Federal Judge Richard A. Jones defends JIHAD!!!!

via American Freedom Law Center.

The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) has filed a notice of appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, seeking review of a lower court ruling that denied AFLC’s motion for a preliminary injunction which requested that the court order the King County transit authority to display an anti-terrorism bus advertisement that it censored.

The proposed advertisement (directly below), which was submitted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and its executive directors, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, included pictures, names, and a similar message from an earlier anti-terrorism advertisement sponsored by the U.S. State Department, which was accepted for display on King County buses.  The State Department advertisement depicted the “Faces of Global Terrorism” in an effort to “stop a terrorist” and “save lives.”  In addition, the advertisement offered an “up to $25 million reward” for helping to capture one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists.

AFDI Terrorism Ad [AFDI Advertisement]

FBI Terrorism Ad[State Department Advertisement]

Moreover, in the State Department advertisement (directly above), thirty out of the thirty-two listed terrorists had Muslim names or are wanted for terrorism related to organizations conducting terrorist acts in the name of Islam.  After complaints from a Washington State politician and two Muslim-American advocacy groups that claimed the list of wanted global terrorists appeared to include only Muslim terrorists, the federal government terminated its “Faces of Global Terrorism” advertisement campaign.   Continue reading

Seattle: Police arrest Muslim in New Year’s arson of gay nightclub

via Police arrest Neighbours arson suspect on way to airport — UPDATE | CHS Capitol Hill Seattle.

Following a month-long investigation, a suspect has been arrested in the New Year’s arson attempt at Neighbours, according to Seattle Police.

Musab Mohamed Masmari, 30, was arrested Saturday morning as police say he was on his way to the airport. Masmari, who has not been charged with the crime, was booked into King County Jail for investigation of arson, according to police.

Masmari has been a resident living near Broadway and Roy, but at a recent sentencing hearing he said he had since moved to the Eastside. His Facebook profile lists Benghazi, Libya as his hometown. He was listed as living in Lynnwood in early 2009. CHS learned Masmari has had a U.S. passport since at least 2010. Masmari has a string of assault and no contact violations in the neighborhood over the last year.

Masmari was scheduled to appear in court Monday for a hearing following his conviction and jail sentence on an assault charge stemming from an incident last summer. Municipal court officials told CHS the hearing was planned to discuss the probation office’s monitoring of Masmari while he received court-ordered mental health treatment. CHS was the only media in the courtroom in mid January when Masmari received what added up to a 30-day jail sentence. Masmari told the judge he intended to participate in a work-release program to allow him to keep his job at a gas station. He was also ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. His lawyer said he planned to appeal the decision. At the time, Masmari declined to speak with CHS under advice of his attorney.

On January 1st, a man poured gasoline over a staircase inside Neighbours and lit it on fire as the nightclub was packed with more than 700 New Years revelers.  Detectives from SPD’s Arson/Bomb Squad, along with members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, have since been investigating the case.

Masmari’s arrest comes after a month-long investigation that had frustrated some police tipsters who suspected Masmari might be the man shown in security footage. Last month detectives released surveillance images of a man seen acting unusually inside the club as the flames broke out. SPD said the man was a person of interest in the investigation, but would not confirm his identity.

Masmari has a record of Seattle assaults and arrests that increased in frequency starting last spring. Since the January 1st incident, several business owners in the north Broadway area told CHS they have had run-ins with the man.

Last April, Masmari put a cigarette out in a man’s cheek as he entered the Lookout bar, one employee told CHS. “He was trying to come in with a cigarette, and the guy just told him he couldn’t do that, so he put it out in his cheek,” said Stevie Gayle, who was bar tending at the Lookout that night.

A fight broke out outside the bar, but Gayle said Masmari fled before the police arrived.

CHS spoke with a north Broadway business owner familiar with Masmari who said he talked with police after the pictures were released and tips began coming in to SPD’s arson and bomb squad detectives. The Broadway business owner said that he and others were forced to “86″ Masmari from their venues after run-ins in recent months.

Here’s is the report on the arrest from SPD:

Seattle Police made an arrest this morning of a 30-year-old suspect wanted for the arson at Neighbours on January 1st.

This morning, Seattle Police arrested the 30-year-old man near Seattle as he was enroute to the airport. Detectives from our Arson/Bomb Squad, working along with members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), have been investigating this case since the early morning hours of January 1st. Detectives would like to thank the public for all the tips they have received on the person of interest. Following his arrest, the suspect was interviewed by detectives and later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Arson.


Masmari’s Facebook page says he is from Benghazi. Several attempts to reach the owner of Neighbours, Mona Elassiouti, via the club’s attorney were unsuccessful. Calls and an e-mail to Neighbours general manager were also not returned.

The owner’s of the bar are Egyptian although it’s not clear if they are Muslim:

Moe Elassiouti, Neighbours’ owner, was born to a poor family in a small town in Egypt.

Why is the Joint Terrorism Task Force investigating? Jihad?

A Muslim hate crime so you won’t hear about this on national news.

Debbie Schlussel reports: Muslim Arsonist of Gay Club Was Obama State Dept Arab Cultural Ambassador!

Washington Governor Speaks at Terror-Linked CAIR’s Influence Event

via Washington Governor Speaks at Islamist Event

Governor Jay Robert Inslee of Washington spoke at an event on Martin Luther King Jr. Day that was organized by the state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity.

Inslee spoke for CAIR’s Muslim Lobby Day, where the group focused on three issues: Limiting usage of drones, funding low-income housing and passing the DREAM Act to grant financial aid for students without immigration documents. About 550 people attended the event.

Aka illegal immigrants.

Governor Inslee’s legitimizing of CAIR comes shortly after Governor Quinn of Illinois addressed a major Islamist conference. These Islamist organizations use these opportunities to bolster their stature and present themselves as the voice of the Muslim-American community.

Governors Inslee and Quinn and other government officials court these CAIR chapters even as the FBI’s official policy is to shun CAIR as an outreach partner.

Read it all at clarionproject.org and background on Seattle: Terror-linked Muslim group hijacks MLK Day, renames Muslim Lobby Day.


Seattle: Terror-linked Muslim group hijacks MLK Day, renames Muslim Lobby Day

Their goal: sharia law. via 400 Washington State Muslims to Lobby 120 Lawmakers on MLK Day – CAIR.


DATE  Monday, Jan. 20, 2014 (MLK, Jr. Day)

(SEATTLE, WA, 1/6/2014) — On Monday, January 20, an estimated 400 Washington state Muslims are scheduled to meet with some 120 of their state lawmakers in Olympia as part of the annual “Washington State Muslim Lobby Day” organized by that state’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-WA), the nation’s leading Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization.

WHAT: 5th Annual Washington State Muslim Lobby Day
WHERE: Morning assembly at Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St. NW, Olympia, WA. March to Capitol, rally on Capitol steps, and legislative visits on Capitol campus.
WHEN: Monday, January 20, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Click here for a detailed schedule.

We had our state Senate pass the nation’s first religious freedom resolution! IMAGINE WHAT WE CAN DO THIS YEAR!

Why would any U.S. lawmaker listen to Hamas-linked CAIR?


Even Canadian leaders scoff at the notion:

“We will not take seriously criticism from an organization with documented ties to a terrorist organization such as Hamas” ~ Jason MacDonald, the prime minister’s director of communications

For background on terror-linked CAIR and documentary PDF’s you can send to your legislators, scroll down to the HAMAS – CAIR section with links on the left hand side of the page.

Washington: At least 8 King County pools offer sharia-compliant swims for Muslims

Three owned by the city of Seattle.

Sharia swim

What’s wrong with this picture? Sisters Faisa Farole, 33, left, and Jamila Farole, 28, want to preserve sharia compliant swim times at the Tukwila Pool.


via Women-only swim times spark emotional debate | The Seattle Times.

A 90-minute time slot on Sunday afternoons, when women can swim at a public pool in Tukwila removed from men, has led to some awkward conversations around gender and religion in one of the region’s most diverse cities.

In recent months, some Tukwila residents and City Council members have raised concerns that the women-only swims amount to gender inequality — with some going as far as to call it reminiscent of the Jim Crow era of separate accommodations.

When pool staff introduced the special swim this past summer, they also set aside swim time for men, ensuring the city would be on firm legal footing, although the male-only slot is seeing low attendance.

It all came to a head last week when about 40 people attended a sometimes emotional meeting of the Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District to urge commissioners, who are also the City Council members, to keep the gender-separate swims — even though there was no specific proposal on the table to end it.

On any given Sunday, around 30 women use the pool — their reasons ranging from body image to their religion’s mandate for modesty.

One woman told commissioners at the meeting: “I’m considered brash and forward, but when I strip down to my swimsuit, I’m not: I’m old, I’m fat and things hang.”

Another, Jamila Farole, 28, a Muslim woman who along with four of her sisters began renting the pool three years ago so they and other women could swim in privacy, said “there’s a huge demand and need for female-only swim time.” Continue reading

Seattle: Teen girls in burqas attack, rob 9-month pregnant woman

via Burqa-donning teens attack, rob pregnant woman for her cell phone

SEATTLE – A woman who was nine months pregnant was attacked and rob by two teenagers wearing burqas last Tuesday in North Seattle. Now, police are asking for help finding the attackers.

According to police, the pregnant woman was walking on Nov. 5 near the intersection of Pinehurst Way NE and NE 113th Street when two female teens dressed in all black and wearing burqas approached the woman and asked if they could use her cell phone.

The expectant mother said no, and that she would place the call for them. That’s when the girls, between the ages of 13 and 15, knocked the woman to the ground and tried to rob her before fleeing.

It is unclear if the victim suffered any injuries or needed any medical attention. Police called to the scene and police weren’t able to locate the suspects.

 The other report found online, Police: Teen girls attack, rob pregnant woman:

SEATTLE — A pair of teenage girls attacked a woman who is nine-months pregnant and stole her cellphone as she walked home last Tuesday in North Seattle, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The victim left a store on the corner of Northeast Northgate Way and Roosevelt Way Northeast shortly after 6 p.m. and noticed two girls between the ages of 13 and 15 wearing burkas follow her.

According to the police report for the incident, the girls caught up to the victim near Northeast 113th Street and Pinehurst Way Northeast and asked to use her phone.

The victim told the girls they couldn’t use her phone, but she would make a phone call for them.

When the phone call didn’t work, the girls jumped the victim, knocking her to the ground, according to the report. The victim later told officers one of the girls held her while the other pried the phone out of her hand.

The girls ran off, and officers were unable to find them when they arrived.

Is it normal for a woman who is 9-months pregnant to be out walking around at any time of day? Seems odd. And no street surveillance videos? Seattle is awash in federal/state network to track citizens every move.

Be sure if it were a Muslim woman who was attacked it would be national news and cries of an epidemic of Islamophobia sweeping the nation would be blasted on news channels across the country. Followed by law enforcement pandering and useless outreach of all type$$$$$$.

Note: Seattle has a large Somali Muslim population and no stranger to jihad and the creep of sharia. Previous posts here.

Seattle: Fed lawsuit filed after Transit Auth refuses ad for fear of offending Muslims

Home | Seattle Area Transit Authority Refuses to Run Anti-Terrorism Advertisement for Fear of Offending Muslims; Federal Lawsuit Filed | AFLC – American Freedom Law Center.

On October 7, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against King County, Washington, for refusing to run an anti-terrorism advertisement that displayed photographs of global terrorists from the FBI’s most wanted list.  The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington at Seattle on behalf of the advertisement’s sponsors, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and its co-founders, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

In June of this year, King County displayed an advertisement submitted by the federal government that depicted the “Faces of Global Terrorism” in an effort to “stop a terrorist” and “save lives.”  The advertisement offered “up to $25 million reward” for helping to capture one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists.  The advertisement appeared as follows:

The terrorists identified in the advertisement are also found on the FBI’s most wanted global terrorist list, which is posted on the FBI’s website.  This list includes pictures and “wanted posters” for thirty-two terrorists.  Not surprisingly, of the thirty-two listed terrorists, thirty are individuals with Muslim names and/or are wanted for terrorism related to organizations conducting terrorist acts in the name of Islam.

Despite these facts, the federal government decided to terminate its “Faces of Global Terrorism” advertisement campaign after receiving complaints from politicians and advocacy groups that the list of wanted global terrorists pictured in the advertisement appeared to include mostly Muslim terrorists.

Appalled at the government’s decision to pull this important message from the public square, on July 30, Geller and Spencer, on behalf of AFDI, submitted an advertisement to King County that included the same pictures, names, and message as the government’s advertisement.  The AFDI advertisement appears as follows:

David Yerushalmi, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, commented: “Our government’s incessant desire to appease Islamic terrorist apologists like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood front group operating here in the United States with impunity, is literally placing all American citizens at serious risk.  Consequently, if the government won’t identify our enemy, we will make certain our clients can.”

Despite having previously accepted the federal government’s “Faces of Global Terrorism” advertisement, on August 15, King Count rejected AFDI’s advertisement, claiming that it contains (1) “material that is or that the sponsor reasonably should have known is false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or would constitute a tort of defamation or invasion of privacy”; (2) “material that demeans or disparages an individual, group of individuals or entity”; and (3) “material that is so objectionable as to be reasonably foreseeable that it will result in harm to, disruption of or interference with the transportation system” in violation of the County’s Transit Advertising Policy.

As a result of this decision, AFLC filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against King County, alleging that the County violated the First Amendment free speech rights of AFDI, Geller, and Spencer; that the County violated the equal protection guarantee of the Fourteenth Amendment by denying AFDI, Geller, and Spencer access to a forum for their speech based on the content and viewpoint of their message; and that the County violated the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment in that the County’s speech restriction is unconstitutionally vague and it grants government officials unbridled discretion to restrict speech that they dislike.

Seattle: Transit Refuses New ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’ Ad

With friends like these?

via Seattle Transit Refuses AFDI FBI ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’ Ad.

Last month, the FBI was running a terrorism awareness campaign featuring bus ads depicting photos of sixteen of the world’s Most Wanted Terrorists. This was a publicity campaign sponsored by the Joint Terrorism Task Force for the State Department’s Rewards for Justice (RFJ) program. But then the Leftists and Islamic supremacists complained that the ads were “Islamophobic,” and they came down – and unbelievably, Seattle is refusing to allow my group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), to put them back up.

The RFJ program offers huge rewards, up to $25 million, for information that helps stop jihad terror plots. It has been very successful, helping bag the notorious jihadist Ramzi Yousef, who is now in prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center jihad bombing. This program saves lives.

However, Muslim groups and the politicians in their pockets actually succeeded in pressuring the FBI into removing the ad. As such, we decided that we had to do the FBI’s job for them, in the interest of national security. We took it upon ourselves to alert the public to the nature and magnitude of the terror threat, and submitted the same ad, with minor variations in the color scheme and design to avoid copyright issues, to Seattle Transit.

Thursday we received their response. They refused it. They refused our ad that the FBI ran last month.

It’s a spectacular submission to terror. Seattle King County is refusing our ad because they consider it disparaging to Muslims. The ad is a poster for the worst terrorists on the FBI’s most wanted list. Their refusal is devastating, and provides further proof of all that I have been warning about all these many years.

Sharron Shinbo of Seattle Transit wrote that our ad could not be accepted “based on our current advertising policy,” because it didn’t comply with three separate sections of that policy.

Shinbo’s letter explains those three sections. The first was that they claimed that they rejected the ad because it was “False or Misleading”: “Any material that is or that the sponsor reasonably should have known is false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or would constitute a tort of defamation or invasion of privacy.”

How could the ad have been true and good when the FBI submitted it but false or misleading when we submitted it? Remember, Seattle Transit took the FBI ad down because Jeff Siddiqui of American Muslims of Puget Sound claimed that the ad made Seattle-area Muslims “concerned for their safety and because Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) claimed the campaign was “offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities” and encouraged “racial and religious profiling.”

All that was nonsense, but even if it were true, it didn’t establish that the ad was false or misleading. But Seattle Transit also rejected our ad because it was “demeaning or disparaging”:

Advertising that contains material that demeans or disparages an individual, group of individuals or entity. For purposes of determining whether an advertisement contains such material, the County will determine whether a reasonably prudent person, knowledgeable of the County’s ridership and using prevailing community standards, would believe that the advertisement contains material that ridicules or mocks, is abusive or hostile to, or debases the dignity or stature of any individual, group of individuals or entity.

That comes closer to what Siddiqui and McDermott claimed, but it, too, is nonsense. The ad doesn’t mock or ridicule Muslims. Nor is it hostile to them. It asks people to be vigilant and watch for wanted terrorists. Those terrorists are Muslims through no fault of the FBI or AFDI. Moderate Muslims who claim to reject the terrorists’ understanding of Islam should be leading the opposition against those terrorists.

Seattle Transit also rejected the ad as “Harmful or Disruptive to Transit System”:

Advertising that contains material that is so objectionable as to be reasonably foreseeable that it will result in harm to, disruption of or interference with the transportation system. For purposes of determining whether an advertisement contains such material, the County will determine whether a reasonably prudent person, knowledgeable of the County’s ridership and using prevailing community standards, would believe that the material is so objectionable that it is reasonably foreseeable that it will result in harm to, disruption of or interference with the transportation system.

So, in other words, they won’t run this ad depicting the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists because those Most Wanted Terrorists might blow them up. And so Seattle bows down before the terrorists. It isn’t the first time, and won’t be the last.

We are filing suit. Our ace lawyer, David Yerushalmi of the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC), has already filed a Freedom of Information Act request asking for all communications between the FBI and Seattle Transit related to the creation and termination of the ad. We aren’t going to take this capitulation to Islamic supremacism lying down. The ads will run. Count on it.

Seattle: Muslims forced 14-year old girl into gang rape

Flashback to a story we missed in 2008 via Your Daily Muslim

Two Seattle Muslim men accused of pimping out a 14-year-old girl by threatening to kill her family if she didn’t prostitute herself have been charged with felony sex crimes.

Prosecutors assert that Yonatan Ogube and Samuel Rezene, both 20 of Somalian ethnicity, forced the girl to have sex with five men on June 28 after abducting her from a Beacon Hill park.

YDM notes:

Speaking of getting away with it, guess what? Apparently Ogube and Rezene did, as there appears to be no record of their sentencing. Rezene was out free to cause more trouble as of 2012, when he was booked again for burglary.

Group will restore anti-terror bus ad FBI pulled to appease Muslims

via Atlas Shrugs.


A New York City-based civil rights group is battling politically-correct politicians and pro-Islamist leaders in order to restore the controversial bus advertisement campaign by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the city of Seattle which was discontinued because it targeted jihad terrorism, according to officials at the American Freedom Defense Initiative on Monday.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force recently launched a publicity campaign as part of the Department of State’s Rewards for Justice (RFJ) program. The program notified Americans that up to $25 million is being offered for information that helps stop terrorism and capture jihadists, according to the AFDI leaderhip. But due to complaints from Muslim organizations, the publicity posters on city buses were removed.

“Political correctness is killing Americans. A perfect example is Maj. Nidal Hasan: his fellow officers knew he was spouting jihadi rhetoric and yet out of fear that the political-correctness orthodoxy that’s infiltrated the U.S. military would cause their personnel folders to be ‘flagged,” they remained silent until Hasan perpetrated his murder-spree at Fort Hood,” said former police detective and U.S. Marine Mike Snopes.

“Even then, the Obama administration refused to recognize the attack as terrorism and labeled it ‘workplace violence.’ Are we to deny the evidence of our own senses?” asked Snopes.

According to Pam Geller, the executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, the RFJ rewards program is already proving itself successful. The State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security has paid out more than $125 million to about 80 informants who provided genuine, actionable information resulted in jihadis being captured and acts of terrorism thwarted.

AFDI’s Pamela Geller, who’s a regular contributor to Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, explained in her statement: “If McDermott wanted the FBI to leave the Muslims off the Most Wanted Terrorists ad, he’d first have to convince Muslims to stop committing terror attacks in the name of Islam. But instead, he succeeded in getting the FBI to remove the ads. The FBI caved to this ridiculous imposition of Sharia blasphemy laws and political correctness.

And that means that we’re going to have to do their job for them. We’re taking it upon ourselves to alert the public to the nature and magnitude of the terror threat. At our own expense, we’re going to run the same ad on Seattle buses,” she said.

“The AFDI ads exactly replicate the FBI ads, and will be appearing in Seattle in the near future,” said Geller.

FBI submits to Islam, cancels ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’ bus ads (updated)


via ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’ bus ads being pulled | KING5.com Seattle.

SEATTLE  — The FBI says it’s pulling some advertisements off buses in the Seattle area, after some people complained that they stereotyped Muslims.

The ads, which began running this month in connection with a State Department program, features pictures of 16 men wanted around the globe for terrorist activities below the words: “Faces of Global Terrorism.”

Among those criticizing the ads was U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott of Seattle, who suggested they gave the impression that “terrorism only comes from one religion or one color of people,” and said the ads might increase the risk of hate crimes against Middle Eastern, South Asian and Muslim Americans.

It’s not about color since there are white terrorists in the ad. The Associated ‘with terrorists’ Press appropriately cropped the poster to include three white jihadis.

Seattle FBI Special Agent Fred Gutt says the agency agrees that the ads could be taken that way. The FBI is working swap out those ads with others promoting the State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” program.

Using the backward, Bizarro World, logic now employed by the Federal Bureau of Islam, fully backed by the Dept. of Jihad, all the FBI’s “most wanted” categories can be deemed racist – since they are over-populated with “one color of people” who are killers, rapists, kidnappers and terrorists. Ironically, the FBI website reads: Be part of the solution. Soon, they’ll take the entire website down.

bizarrocodeUpdate: Coming as no surprise, Hamas-linked CAIR and their partners at the ACLU applied the sharia pressure, State Department Withdraws Anti-Terror Ad After Pressure From ACLU, CAIR, SEIU, Others:

Congressman Jim McDermott, Seattle mayor Mike McGinn, and King county councilmember Rod Dembowski joined forces with others in the community, as well as organizations like the ACLU and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), to raise concerns about the ads.  Mayor McGinn reported at least some success in their efforts [emphasis added]:

[Arsalan] Bukhari [of the Council on American-Islamic Relations] worked with the ACLU of Washington State to convene a meeting that included Magdaleno Rose-Avila and Sahar Fathi of our Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs. After a productive meeting, the lead investigator for the State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” program, Tim Corso, acknowledged our concerns with the ad that featured the language “Global Faces of Terrorism” along with photos of men from the Philippines, Somalia, Russia, Sudan and Algeria. He has agreed to take down this particular ad and to work with community advocates in doing outreach in Seattle going forward.

The ultimate of shakedowns. Not only is the State (of Terror) Dept. and FBI pulling the ads, instead of hunting for terrorists they will now be pandering to Muslim diasporas in Washington with your tax dollars.

Seattle bus ad features ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’

Diversity…not all it’s cracked up to be…

And almost all are Muslim. via Puget Sound Joint Terrorism Taskforce starts ‘Rewards for Justice’ program in Seattle

Right on cue, Democratic senator cries raaaaaaaaaaacism!

The Seattle Weekly reports [Jim] McDermott sent a letter to the FBI requesting that the agency remove an ad that shows 16 faces of Most Wanted Terrorists, who all appear to be Muslim.

They appear to be Muslim because they are Muslim. So whose pictures should be displayed on the ad when Muslims make up 30 of 31 on FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List?

CAIR-Washington member charged with raping 12-year-old girl

via Charge: UW biology student raped 12-year-old runaway – seattlepi.com.

A University of Washington student accused of having sex with a 12-year-old girl he picked up in the University District has been charged with child rape.

Currently free after posting bond, UW Senior Omar Abdelbadie is alleged to have plied the girl with marijuana, brought her back to his apartment and had sex with her hours after they met. Abdelbadie, a 22-year-old originally from Bellevue, was described by prosecutors as a threat to community safety, despite his lack of a criminal history.Omar Abdelbadie 2

“The defendant is a danger to children given the circumstances of this crime where he met a 12 year old girl on the street, exposed her to marijuana, and took her to his home, where they had sexual intercourse,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Carol Spoor said in court papers.

Having left home that evening, the girl ended up in the U District just after midnight on June 10, according to charging papers. She told police she was about to head home – she described the crowd there as “creepy” – when she encountered Abdelbadie.

According to the girl’s account, Abdelbadie approached and struck up a conversation with her, and then asked her to smoke marijuana with him. The girl said she told him her age several times before he brought her back to his apartment, where he had sex with her after claiming she had “seduced” him.

The girl left Abdelbadie’s home the following day. Abdelbadie and a friend are alleged to have walked her home, and watched hiding behind a fence as she walked up to the house.

Abdelbadie’s friend – who met Abdelbadie when signing him up for a children’s charity — then called 911 after arguing with Abdelbadie about his conduct with a young girl. Officers responded to the area and arrested Abdelbadie.

According to charging papers, Abdelbadie told police he met the girl walking near University Avenue and claimed she was dressed “provocatively.” He is alleged to have admitted he “hooked up” with the girl, but would not say whether he knew her true age.

Abdelbadie has been charged with second-degree child rape. He likely faces 7 ½ years in prison if convicted as charged.

Answering Muslims has the CAIR link and photos, CAIR-Washington Member Omar Abdelbadie Arrested for Raping Twelve-Year-Old Girl:

Omar Abdelbadie was born in Egypt, but has lived in the United States for the past eight years. He is currently studying Neurobiology at the University of Washington. In his free time, he volunteers with CAIR-Washington, promotes interfaith unity as Vice-President of Bridges (the University of Washington’s Interfaith Council)…

Omar Abdelbadie 1


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