Houston: Mosque protests plans for new bar


Houston, we have a problem…with sharia. The Islamic Society of Greater Houston wants sharia to take precedent over local zoning laws. Also note how dhimmi Nicole Appelby titled the article, via Ramadan ruined? Mosque and neighbors protest plans for new Houston bar – CultureMap Houston. h/t LOOK UNDER THE BURKA

A proposed new Little Woodrow’s location — the seventh Houston patio bar in the growing chain — is drawing opposition from neighborhood residents on an eclectic Upper Kirby street that includes a mosque, farmers market, office buildings and expensive townhomes.

Over the weekend, customers at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market noticed a sign stating that the chain has made a request to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for a permit for a Little Woodrow’s Kirby Ice House. The sign is posted on a vacant lot on Eastside Street between the farmers market and the Bammel Park townhome subdivision and across the street from the headquarters of Dress for Success and the Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

Plans include a rustic 5,000 square-foot-building with a 2,000 square-foot outdoor patio centered around a large oak tree on the property, Little Woodrow’s owner Danny Evans revealed to CultureMap. “We are a well-known neighborhood style bar. I’ve always put the locations in the upscale, prime areas of Houston that have the need for a neighborhood gathering place,” Evans said.

Evans argues there is a need for a “really nice” neighborhood bar in the densely populated area with lots of professionals within a radius of a few blocks. “I am sure there are going to be people who wish that this bar wasn’t going to be there but their options are either us or a high rise office building. It’s a great piece of property, and it is what it is,” he said.

But officials for Dress for Success, located almost directly across the street from the proposed bar, say they are concerned with security problems. Leaders of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, located just a little over 300 feet from the proposed bar, are worried that the rowdy atmosphere will upset the spiritual nature of the mosque where hundreds pray. And the head of the Bammel Park Homeowners Association, located next door to the lot where the bar may be built, is troubled about the possibility of excessive noise in the quiet neighborhood.

The Islamic Society of Greater Houston, which has been located on Eastside Street for over 30 years, is concerned that the bar will endanger the spiritual nature of the oldest and most centrally-located mosque in Houston. “Having a bar across the street would threaten the sacredness of our services,”  said a mosque spokesman who asked not to be identified.

Officials are also concerned about parking and security issues as worshippers come to the mosque at night for meals (the mosque serves over 200 meals a night to families this month during Ramadan) and other social services. They are worried that worshippers could potentially be verbally harassed as they walk past the bar from the bus stop on Richmond Avenue to the mosque.

Mosque officials believe the new bar is violating the spirit if not the letter of the law as TABC regulations prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages “within 300 feet of a public or private school, church and/or public hospital.” They believe that Little Woodrow’s moved their front door around to the side to meet the requirement. Little Woodrow’s owner Evans said no such changes were made. “This was never an issue and the entrance was always more than 300 feet away,” he said.

The mosque did not hear about the plans of the bar to open until Steve Bolton, president of the Bammel Park Homeowners Association, sent out an email to the entire neighborhood. Bolton believes the bar will drive down property values and increase the noise level. The upscale townhome complex is only a few feet away from the proposed Little Woodrow’s property line.

Parking is also a major issue, Bolton said. “If the bar were to open, students from Lamar High School (who park in the area) will be parking right across the street from a bar,” he said.

Evans said the bar will have more than 300 parking spaces and the big live oak tree in the backyard will remain, creating a park-like feel with a lot of outdoor space. He said that a fence will be raised to eight feet at neighbors’ suggestions and other landscaping accommodations will be made.

The bar also plans to feature over 60 beers on tap with state of the art televisions and audio system. Evans said this location will have high-end furnishings with the same rustic Texas ranch decor from all of the other locations.

“We are aware of our surroundings and we are taking that into consideration with our design. Little Woodrow’s is not a loud place,” he said.

Parking spaces, noise, housing prices – sounds very much like those who oppose mosques in their neighborhoods yet always lose.

They’re crossing the borders illegally and imposing sharia once they establish fortresses in the host nation.

Miami: Newly renovated mega mosque on street lined with one-story homes


via Newly renovated Islamic Center of Greater Miami mosque in Miami Gardens is a striking sight – Miami-Dade – MiamiHerald.com. h/t Iron Burka

There was a time when the Islamic Center of Greater Miami could not fully accommodate the growing Muslim community.

Worshipers would overflow outside of the mosque at 4305 NW 183rd St. in Miami Gardens — the second oldest mosque in South Florida — trying to hear the sermon.

Now, with $1.9 million in renovations, the center, established in the 1980s, can handle more than 800 people.

The new upgrades to the Islamic center will make the fasting and long prayer hours more comfortable during the month of worship.

“This was long overdue,” said Mohammad Shakir, who brought his 6-year-old granddaughter to the mosque. “It’s time to rejoice.”

Starting June 28, Shakir, 63, and his family will observe Ramadan in the newly remodeled mosque.

The center, which sits on 4.23 acres, was not renovated solely to add capacity. The mosque received several aesthetic enhancements.

A copper toned dome now sits atop the once simple facility. Inside, observers will find a plush maroon and gold $25,000 carpet imported from Jordan and cushions on the floor for daily prayer. On the second floor, women have a separate prayer room furnished with televisions and windows to see the imam below.

For passersby, the imperial building is an unlikely sight on a street lined with one-story homes and a shopping plaza.

The Muslim community is growing and here to stay, said Syed Faisal, board member of Muslim Communities Association of South Florida. He estimates the South Florida Muslim population to be around 150,000.

Creeping right along.

“We believe it’s a landmark for the city of Miami Gardens,” he said.

The Muslim community donated the funds used to renovate the mosque.

Without their support, the changes like the dome would not have been possible, said Sid Khan, the mosque’s chief engineer.

“It almost did not get constructed,” Khan said. “There was a shortage in money, but a donor came through.”

A foreign donor?

The new design, Khan, said more so resembles the Islamic architecture and mosques of his home country of Pakistan.

At night, the mosque is a sight to see, said Shabbir Motorwala, a Coalition of South Florida Muslim Organizations member.

LED lights beam onto the building lighting up the dome.

“It looks fantastic,” he said. “You can see it from far away.”

In Bay Hill, Florida another mosque is being proposed in another residential neighborhood.

Michigan: CAIR Terrorizes Private Citizens Who Opposed Mosque Construction


via American Freedom Law Center – CAIR Targets Private Citizens in Michigan for Opposing Construction of Islamic Center

The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) is representing seven private citizens who were issued harassing subpoenas by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) because they publicly expressed their opposition to the construction of an Islamic center in their neighborhood in Pittsfield Township, Michigan.

In 2012, the Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor (MCA) requested that the Township rezone a parcel of land to build an Islamic School and community center. The Township denied the request, citing infrastructure and traffic concerns. Nevertheless, CAIR, which bills itself as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization,” filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Township on behalf of the MCA, alleging that the denial of the MCA’s rezoning application violated the Islamic group’s constitutional and statutory rights.

The MCA’s rezoning request was opposed by a group of Township residents who live in the neighborhood of the proposed construction. The residents expressed concerns about the traffic congestion that would be caused by the construction of a school and community center in their neighborhood. Pursuant to their rights protected by the First Amendment, these private citizens circulated and submitted to their elected Township officials a petition expressing their opposition to the rezoning and several of them spoke out at public hearings held by the Township to discuss the matter. As a result, CAIR served harassing subpoenas on a number of these citizens, demanding that they produce private emails and other documents, and in some cases, appear for a deposition.

Indeed, AFLC is representing a husband and wife who came home one day to find several papers jammed in the crack of the front door of their home. The papers included subpoenas demanding the production of personal emails and other documents and a subpoena commanding the wife to appear at a deposition.

In response to CAIR’s discovery requests, AFLC filed a motion to “quash” and for a protective order in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, arguing that CAIR’s discovery demands were harassing, irrelevant, and oppressive. As stated in AFLC’s memorandum in support of its motion:

As a private citizen and resident of the Township, [AFLC’s client] has a fundamental right to publicly express to her elected officials her opposition to Plaintiff’s proposal, which will personally impact her by increasing traffic in her neighborhood. [AFLC’s client] had no authority whatsoever to either grant or deny Plaintiff’s rezoning application—she is a private citizen, not a public official. Her personal views, whether expressed to the Township, Township officials, or her neighbors, are not remotely relevant in this litigation.

Robert Muise, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, commented:

“There is no doubt that CAIR – a sharia-adherent Islamist group that notoriously uses the legal system to silence any opposition to its nefarious agenda – is abusing the discovery process to retaliate against and intimidate private citizens who dared to publicly express their opposition to the Islamic center. AFLC is quite familiar with CAIR’s bullying tactics, which is why it is important that we defend these private citizens’ constitutional rights.”

David Yerushalmi, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, commented:

“CAIR’s discovery demands plainly infringe upon precious First Amendment liberties and the paramount right of a private citizen to publicly express her opinions to elected representatives on matters that affect her and her community. On a broader level, CAIR’s decision to browbeat these ordinary Americans clearly shows the pervasiveness of sharia-adherent Islam and its ‘civilizational jihad’ within our borders. Needless to say, if CAIR wishes to persecute Americans through the legal system, they’ll have to contend with us.”

CAIR, a self-described Muslim public interest law firm, was previously named as a Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the federal criminal trial and conviction of a terrorist funding cell organized around one of the largest Muslim charities, the Holy Land Foundation (HLF). HLF raised funds for violent jihad on behalf of Hamas, and top CAIR officials were part of the conspiracy. As a result, the FBI publicly announced that it has terminated any outreach activities with the national organization.


Syracuse: Muslims buy Catholic church, neighbors shocked mosque will remove crosses

The more they learn about Islam, the more shocked they will be.

Yusuf Soule, volunteer director of the North Side Learning Center (why’s he so happy?)

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to post this story. The first thought that comes to mind is – when you sell a church to Muslims, what do you expect? Of course they will remove all Christian symbols. Two points of interest however.

First, many of the early articles only mentioned the name of the group that bought the church as “The North Side Learning Center.” Why would they convert a church to a mosque? Well, it’s an Islamic group – or a group run almost entirely by and for Muslim immigrants as noted in the article.

Second, the subtly pro-Islam/bigoted-Americans article below by Marnie Eisenstadt claims the Muslim-run group didn’t want the church and had no intention of converting it to a mosque…but were forced to buy the church to get the school building on the property. We call bullshit. It is very likely they had every intention of buying the church and one day converting the church it o a mosque. Quotes in the article suggest they were in fact looking for a mosque for the rapidly growing Muslim population in the area.

Here’s the group’s mission statement:

The mission of North Side Learning Center is to aid in adult and youth literacy development, and to be instrumental in teaching self-sufficiency and self actualization to newcomers in our community.

Here’s a photo from the same page:

nslc-about No mention of Islam in the group’s description or mission, so why would they need a mosque?

Muslims are a stealthy bunch, subverting zoning laws and getting deals done quietly and below market value. Check our archives (search ‘mosque’ or ‘zoning jihad’). They will tarnish anyone who tries to stop them with the full backing of the DOJ when necessary.

But when you abandon a church and your diocese sells it to a Muslim group – not to mention related Catholic organizations continue to bring tens of thousands of Muslims into the United States for no apparent purpose other than profit – expect many more churches to have their crosses removed. This is a self-inflicted wound.

via Plans to turn a church into a mosque bring pain and hope to changing neighborhood | syracuse.com.

Patty Poole’s great grandparents raised money to build Holy Trinity in 1904. Her great-grandfather, Frederick Schneider, dug up one of the first shovelfuls of dirt for the church. It was to be a new spiritual and educational home for the German immigrants who settled the North Side, she said.

For her entire life, the crosses peeking over the hill were always a sign that she was home, Poole said. The Catholic diocese’s decision to close the church still stings for her and the others now opposed to cutting off the crosses.

They fought to keep the church open, Poole said. And, when there were plans to sell the stained glass windows to a church in Louisiana, they fought and won that battle.

Poole and the others opposed to tearing off the crosses didn’t hear about it from the North Side Learning Center or the city. Instead, word spread on Facebook. That did not sit well.

Neither did plans for a fence around the church yard.

“My feeling is they fear us and they don’t even know us,” said Katie Scott, a former Holy Trinity parishioner. Scott was speaking directly to board members of North Side Learning Center at a coffee hour the group hosted last week to try to address community concerns.

No one at the meeting said they minded the church being used for a mosque. But the families who worshipped at Holy Trinity for decades don’t want their landmark to look different.

And they are still worried that the massive stained glass windows might be removed next. They depict scenes from the life of Christ.

Yusuf Soule, executive director of the North Side Learning Center, estimated there are about 5,000 Muslims who would be served by the mosque.

The population of Muslims in Onondaga County more than doubled in the last decade. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of worshiping Muslims in the county rose from 3,109 to 6,566. The county’s total population is more than 450,000.

Consistent with the population in the U.S. doubling since the 9/11 jihad attacks.

A walk through the North Side shows the change: Many of the women on the sidewalks and in the parks wear traditional Islamic headcoverings.

“I’m so happy someone wants to maintain the building,” said Tom Schultz, whose family celebrated many milestones at Trinity. But he wondered out loud if there was a way to keep the crosses and the windows without violating the faith of the new worshippers.

The answer on the crosses was clear. They cannot stay atop a mosque, Soule said.

So much for the Learning Center’s core values of Neighborly Love and Respect, and Compassion. Loyalty is only to Islam.

Accidental mosque

The North Side Learning Center bought Holy Trinity Church in December from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse for $150,000. The nonprofit group, which teaches English to adults and children on the North Side, wanted the school building on the church grounds for a permanent home. At the time, the group, whose board is primarily Muslim, had no plans for a mosque.

Odd, in a separate article at the Troy Record, Soule told a different story:

Yusuf Soule, director of the non-profit literacy learning center, says an Islamic group wants to lease the church and use it for a mosque.

So which is it? A non-profit bought it for $15o,000 or a Muslim group wants to lease it? Someone is not being honest. One thing is clear however, Muslims want all kufr symbols gone.

But when the learning center board members were told they had to take the church and rectory, too, the idea for a mosque was born, said Mark Cass, chairman of the center’s board.

The diocese, which closed the church in 2010 because of declining attendance, does not oppose removing the crosses, said spokeswoman Danielle Cummings.

Neither should anyone else if no zoning or other laws were broken. They should oppose the Catholic Diocese and the myriad of Muslim importers that disguise themselves as non-profit refugee resettlement groups responsible for the Islamization of the U.S.

Tennessee: Mega mosque gets judge removed from zoning appeal

Muslim thuggery in plain view. via Murfreesboro mosque hearing gets heated in courthouse hallway – WSMV Channel 4. (video at link)

MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) – The battle over a cemetery being planned at a Murfreesboro mosque didn’t end when Monday’s hearing did. Afterwards, a heated confrontation erupted in a courthouse hallway involving supporters and opponents.

The board of zoning appeals approved the cemetery in January, but opponents were seeking an injunction Monday, hoping to stop the cemetery at the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro from moving forward. They claim there is standing water at the site and traffic concerns.

But the shocker came when a motion asking Judge Robert Corlew III to recuse himself was granted.

“We’ll go to another judge because the Islamic center didn’t think Judge Corlew could give them a fair trial. I think it was sad today for all the people took off work to be here,” said mosque opponent Lou Ann Zelenick.

If the judges name sounds familiar that is because Robert Corlew previously ruled that construction approval for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was void…that there was not sufficient public notice of the meeting where construction had been approved two years earlier.

Emotions were high following the hearing, as mosque opponents claimed a student journalist from the University of Maryland was secretly recording even though she had been right alongside other members of the media in the public courthouse.

“You’re really inciting work. It’s scary what you’re doing,” Zelenick said.

“The level of emotion in this case has been high throughout, and I think that spilled over after the judge decided to step down,” said attorney John Green, who is representing the mosque.

The plaintiffs have 15 days to appeal the judge’s ruling or can wait on the clerk of the court to appoint a new judge.

 At least ten death threats by Muslims on Zelenick’s life yet no arrests. Religion of peace?

Background: The Murfreesboro Mosque: Built on a Foundation of Lies

And what goes on in Tennessee mosques? Spreading jihad.

Canada: Muslim condo complex in Thornhill sparks heated debate (updated)

As it should. via Muslim condo complex in Thornhill sparks heated debate | Toronto Star.

A proposed Muslim condo complex is sparking heated debate in Thornhill Woods, with hundreds of residents cramming a raucous community meeting Tuesday night to speak out about the development.

Both religious tensions and concerns about density have been stoked by the proposal, which would place two 17-storey residential towers, retail space and 61 townhouses in the low-density neighbourhood.

The Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat (ISIJ) has submitted a proposal to rezone and develop its 11-hectare property at 9000 Bathurst St., south of Rutherford Rd. The new Islamic community would be built around the Jaffari Centre mosque.

“This project is very important to us,” ISIJ president Shabbir Jeraj said in a news release. “It is a realization of a long-awaited dream and the vision of the members of the community, many of whom initially participated in the purchase of this property some twenty years ago.”

Inside Vaughan City Hall on Tuesday night, hundreds of concerned residents and mosque supporters were forced into overflow rooms as the council chambers were packed wall-to-wall.

More than 3,250 people have signed a petition against the proposal. In an interview, the director of the group that launched the petition said religion has nothing to do with their opposition to the project.

“This is a dispute related to zoning change and land use,” said Rom Koubi, interim chair of the Association to Preserve Thornhill Woods, who lives some 120 metres from the proposed development.

Koubi said the neighbourhood couldn’t handle any more density, with Bathurst St. already clogged with traffic and parked cars. Sewer systems and other infrastructure have also reached their limit, he said.

“Add another 1,400 people, another 500 living units, and it’s going to create chaos. The infrastructure cannot support it,” Koubi said.

1,400 people who adhere to sharia law. Muslim communities are being built in Maryland, Texas and don’t forget A Muslim Mecca in Merrillville (Indiana) – now scrubbed from the web. Muslims are getting more bold in their aspirations for a world ruled by sharia.

Update: Cleric behind mosque’s proposed condo project probed for hate crimes in 2012

The cleric of a Muslim community group behind a proposed condo and townhouse complex in a predominantly Jewish area was one of the key figures in an Islamic school that used teaching materials that disparaged Jews and encouraged boys to keep fit for jihad.

Imam Syed Mohammed Rizvi and the East End Madrassah were the targets of a hate-crimes investigation in 2012, and although charges were not laid, a York Region police report said a review of 30 school syllabus books found portions that “challenged some of Canada’s core values” and “suggested intolerance,” even if they were not criminal.

Iowa: Bosnian mosque, cemetery plans move forward in Waterloo


via City Council moving forward with new Waterloo mosque – KWWL

Waterloo is one step closer to getting a new community center.

Monday night, the city council voted in favor of reserving a location for the construction of a new Mosque and cemetery. Plans show it will be located south of Marigold Drive and North of Memory Lane. The center will also include a soccer field and recreational facility.

Organizers say they’re just excited to have a place to call their own.

“We need to have something that belongs to us, that we have to take care of it.” Said Senad Kapic, with the Bosnian Islamic Association of Waterloo. “That’s the way that we do in our country or any Muslim communication that they actually built and take care of their own. So that’s the major thing that we want, to have everything in our hands and take care of it. “

Senad is not sure when the next step in getting this facility will begin but he hopes to see some progress this year.

via Board of Adjustment OKs Islamic mosque, cemetery plans.

WATERLOO | A planned Islamic mosque, cemetery and soccer field on the city’s southeast side has cleared another zoning hurdle.

Members of the Board of Adjustment voted 3-0 Tuesday to approve a special permit for a conceptual site plan for the Bosnian Islamic Association of Waterloo’s development near the Cedar Knoll and Southview Estates mobile home parks.

Board members also unanimously granted a key variance to the city’s required cemetery size.

Planning and Zoning staff had recommended denying the variance because the proposed cemetery would be only five acres while the ordinance requires at least 30 acres for a cemetery. The entire site, including the mosque and soccer field, is only 15 acres.

New York: Mosque seeks to skirt zoning laws in Muslim enclave of Lackawanna

Zoning jihad in full effect. Laws for Americans and laws for Muslims living in America.

“The math formula that is used is only set to Christian standards,” he said. “Church and mosque are two different settings.”

Very different. Starting with Islamic apartheid against women. via 2nd mosque is point of contention in Lackawanna as variance is sought – City & Region – The Buffalo News.

Lackawanna’s 1st Ward has long been considered the Muslim part of town – home of a bustling mosque and school, Arab-owned corner stores and the first native of Yemen to serve on the City Council.


But increasingly, Muslims are dispersing across all of Lackawanna.

In a sign of the continued growth, they want to establish another place to pray. And this time, they’re looking clear across to the other side of the city, to a busy commercial stretch of Abbott Road in the 3rd Ward.

A group affiliated with the Lackawanna Islamic Mosque wants to create a second prayer center inside a former office building at 1446 Abbott Road, and it could face fierce opposition from residents in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Members of the group appeared Thursday evening at a meeting of the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals to request a variance because they don’t have enough parking space on the property, according to city code.

Most meetings of the Zoning Board draw a handful of spectators, or fewer. But a spillover, standing-room-only crowd of more than 100 people jammed into Council Chambers to hear more about the mosque plan.

“We’re a bigger community than the 1st Ward. We should have another place to worship in the city we live in, the city we love and want to grow in,” said Michael Algawani, who requested the variance.

Ultimately, the board voted, 3-1, to table the request for further consideration.

The variance request for the mosque was the only item on the board’s agenda, but the meeting lasted more than an hour and percolated throughout with a palpable tension from 3rd Ward residents opposed to the idea of a mosque in their neighborhood.

At one point, board member Anthony J. Nicometo urged people to refrain from pitting themselves against one another.

Three Lackawanna police officers stood inside Council Chambers during the proceedings.

The Lackawanna Islamic Mosque bought the brick building in 2012 for $45,000. It was once the home of a New York State unemployment office. It also has been the site of a pool hall and a collections agency.

Drawings by F.J. Wailand Associates filed with the city show the 8,400-square-foot brick building subdivided into separate prayer spaces for 125 men and 44 women, along with an office for the imam, or prayer leader; restrooms; and a small meeting space.

However, on Thursday, Algawani said the prayer spaces would accommodate just 75 men and 24 women.

The group is seeking a variance because the building’s parking lot has 43 parking spaces, and city code requires at least 82, based on the square footage of the building.

Code enforcement officer Steven J. Bremer said he calculated the need for 82 parking spaces based on a seating capacity of about 400 people for the building.

Bremer said he used a state standard of an allotment of 15 square feet per person – applied only to the prayer space – to determine the capacity.

The city’s zoning law requires one parking space for every five people.

But Algawani argued that the standard Bremer used isn’t applicable to a mosque.

“The math formula that is used is only set to Christian standards,” he said. “Church and mosque are two different settings.” Continue reading

Tennessee: Muslim cemetery approved at (illegally approved) mosque

via Murfreesboro mosque cemetery approved | The Tennessean | tennessean.com.

MURFREESBORO — The Rutherford County Board of Zoning Appeals approved the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro cemetery request Wednesday night.

“We have a cemetery,” ICM Imam Ossama Bahloul said after the 3-2 vote while many members of his congregation and supporters exchanged hugs.

“Now we can die,” ICM board Chairman and founder Essam Fathy quipped following the BZA debating the public hearing issue for more than two hours.

The past month, the board deferred a decision in a 3-2 vote following a long public hearing and asked the ICM to seek third-party studies to see if burials without casket and vaults are safe for ground water. The Islamic Center was also asked to study whether the Veals Road entrance and nearby Veals and Bradyville Pike intersection could handle funeral traffic.

Murfreesboro attorney John Green on behalf of the ICM insisted that past studies show ample soils exist for the burials. He also said having a funeral and burial at the center will cause less traffic impact than a burial elsewhere.

Board member Joe Meshotto, who had voted to defer before, called for approval with five conditions:

1.the ICM keep records of where the burials are located;

2. the 1.5-acre cemetery is limited to 1,500 burials;

3. the grave markers be limited to being a foot in height, which the ICM has proposed;

4. permit ends should the property be sold for a nonreligious use;

5. the graves be at least 5-foot deep.

“We don’t have a lot of laws that govern cemeteries,” Meshotto said. Continue reading

Canada: Mega mosque divides Mississauga community

via A not so little Mississauga mosque divides a community | CanIndia NEWS. h/t The Beat Man


Controversy is brewing in Ward 9 where a proposed 20,000 square foot mosque complete with a soaring 88 foot minaret is set to go up by the middle of next year. Last week Mississauga’s Ward 9 Councillor Pat Saito held a preliminary consultation with area residents who expressed outrage, fear and apprehension over how this development would impact the area’s demographics, property value, traffic congestion and even light

The proposed site is situated on Winston Churchill Blvd opposite the Meadowvale Town Centre. According to Tahir Qureshi, trustee of the Meadowvale Islamic Centre which owns the property, the City of Mississauga has approved the re-zoning as a place of worship. “Ten years ago we had bought a plot with a house on it, but to have a place of worship, we had to make parking provisions, so two years ago, we bought the adjacent property where we plan to have a 114 car parking lot,” he said.

The plot was earlier zoned as an office complex but was later re-zoned as a place of worship.

Envisaging just the kind of opposition they would encounter once residents got wind of the project, the trustees of MIC hired veteran Glen Broll a partner at Glen Schnarr and Associates Inc, known for their experience as public and private sector planners. They’ve prepared exhaustive reports based on traffic studies and have ensured the project meets building codes and other bylaws. If all goes according to plan, ground will be broken by the middle of next year. According to the bylaw, the application has to be submitted and circulated to all departments to get their technical comments. “We have taken no chances and have prepared 8 reports which will be submitted to Council in February 2014,” says Mr Qureshi.

But judging from the concerns raised by long-time area residents and articulated by Councillor Pat Saito, there will be a few more hurdles to cross. “I share a lot of the concerns of my constituents- this is a busy intersection with the mall situated opposite the mosque. Although there are 114 parking spots, the congregation will grow in the future, where will they park?” said Councillor Saito in an interview with Can-India.

Following last week’s meeting, Councillor Saito received an email from a resident about real estate agents going door-to-door soliciting business and preying on fears about the proposed mosque and the effect it will have on the value of their homes. “Some real estate agents known to profit from fear mongering are telling residents that if they move now they could get a better deal,” she said. If that is the only thing residents are concerned about, Mr Qureshi predicts if anything ‘prices of homes will increase by atleast $50,000 once the construction of the mosque begins.’ He claims to be receiving calls from potential buyers interested in properties in and around the area of Ward 9 and 10. Because such a centre will take care of the spiritual needs of their families as well as give congregants the opportunity to provide social service to the less fortunate. “Residents should be happy that the mosque will increase their property values,” he said.

While that may be welcome news to those with plans on selling anyway in the next few years, it is cold comfort to other long-term residents who’ve lived in the area since the sub-division went up more than 30 years ago and until recently had no plans on moving. “My children grew up here and I like the area because it is convenient, if I sell, where will I go?” said a sixty-plus retiree who lives on a quiet street behind the proposed mosque. He declined to be named for this article.

According to rough estimates there are about 1500 Muslim families in Ward 9 and the area has a perfect demographic mix-White, Black, Latino, South Asian and Asian. Privately many residents have voiced their fear about the mosque tilting the demographics of the area as a predicted exodus of residents take flight and are replaced by residents drawn by the presence of the mosque. “I have told residents that that is not a concern I will deal with, I am more concerned with the impact it will have on other aspects like traffic,” said Ms Saito.

Mr Qureshi points out that Ward 9 has approximately 35 churches belonging to different Christian denominations but not a single mosque. “We are renting the St.Francis of Assisi Anglican Church for our Friday prayers. The closest is the Masjid Al-Farooq at Eglinton and Mavis road which is quite far away. We need a centre to run programs for our community. These meetings are all politically motivated and the objections have no merit if the application is in accordance with the bylaws,” he says.

If Council disapproves, Mr Qureshi says MIC will approach the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) which can overrule the decision of the Council if our application is in compliance with codes. “We have spent thousands of dollars to get these studies done and the city needs to have a good reason to ignore bylaws. We want to live in harmony with the community. If they were presented all the studies they would not have been raising these objections,” says Mr Qureshi.

Meanwhile whether or not the mosque wins the vote of approval many area residents are planning on voting with their feet.

Tennessee: Murfreesboro mega-mosque wants to expand already

This time it’s the cemetery (where they bury Muslims without a casket and at least one has been buried already…seemingly illegally).

The mosque was Built on a Foundation of Lies. It was illegally approved and forced on citizens by Obama’s Dept of inJustice. The precedence has been set. What’s next? Loudspeakers and the call to prayer? 

via Murfreesboro mosque wants to expand cemetery.

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro wants permission to expand a cemetery on its 15-acre property.

Mosque representatives are scheduled to attend the Rutherford County Board of Zoning Appeals meeting Dec. 11. The 4:30 p.m. meeting will take place in the second-floor courtroom of the Rutherford County Courthouse on the public square in Murfreesboro.

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro secured permission to build its mosque on Veals Road off Bradyville Pike from the county’s Regional Planning Commission in May 2010. Before the meeting, County Planning Director Doug Demosi approved the congregation’s request to bury one member on the property but informed the mosque it would have to seek board of zoning appeals approval to expand the cemetery.

Approval? A Judge ruled Murfreesboro mosque construction must stop. And a Judge blocked the occupancy permit for Murfreesboro mosque. Many more truths can be found in our archives.

After hearing about the government approvals, many people complained and filed a lawsuit about the county approving a larger mosque that included long-term plans for the cemetery without giving enough public notice about it.

 Or no notice at all.

The mosque recently Hosted a Prominent Muslim Brotherhood Leader.

Connecticut: Mega mosque controversy becomes campaign issue

This question isn’t just for Muslims, it should be asked of politicians at all levels: When The Jihad Comes, Whose Side Will You Be On?


The cost of Muslim immigration is enormous. Nevermind the billions in security bureaucracy and inconveniences in travel of all sorts, but the constant legal and zoning jihad being waged by Muslims in every city in every state in the U.S. 

In this case, Muslims seeking a mega mosque failed to have zoning laws changed in their favor and as usual ran to Obama’s DOJ. The Muslims not only are willing to sabotage the city they live in and want to build their mosque in (ie, takeover), they get high profile New York City lawyers…pro bono. Taxpayer-funded DOJ dhimmis and pro-bono lawyers are forcing a mosque on local residents and local politicians want to rollover. Their idea of a “settlement” is to give the Muslims $100,000 cash and let them build the mosque. They couldn’t care less about the people they are supposed to represent.  

via Mosque controversy re-ignites in heat of fall campaign – Norwalk Citizen.

A Republican campaign flier circulated around West Norwalk has re-ignited controversy over a mosque proposed for Fillow Street weeks before the Nov. 5 municipal election.

The flier, left on doorsteps by Common Councilman David McCarthy, R-District E, and Zoning Commission Chairwoman Emily Wilson, a Republican council candidate, has prompted calls for an apology and cries of outrage from Norwalk Democrats. It’s being called misleading and inaccurate “dirty politics” by Democrats, who say the flier gives Al Madany Islamic Center evidence to support its claim of religious persecution and could potentially cost the city a significant amount of litigation costs because of a lawsuit filed against the proposal’s denial.

But McCarthy and Wilson have refused to apologize for the flier, which promises residents of District E that Republican Mayor Richard Moccia will fight the lawsuit, while implying that Democratic mayoral candidate Harry Rilling will not.

Adding to the controversy is the fact that Rilling’s campaign has accepted a $250 donation from long-time Norwalk resident Farhan Memom, a spokesman for the Islamic center.

That is being portrayed by some as a “donation from the mosque.” Rilling supporters point out that Moccia’s campaign donors include developers and contractors who have projects pending before the city, including two who have given $1,000 each — the maximum allowed — and a husband and wife who have each given $500.

“I promised to run a positive campaign based on the issues,” Rilling said in an email when questioned about the issue. “We have done that since day one and will continue to do that. It is disappointing that others are not doing the same.”

Rilling has refused to comment on the mosque lawsuit, saying that, as a zoning commissioner, he cannot. He was not on the panel when the proposal was voted on.

The application for a special permit to build a mosque and community center at 127 Fillow St. was turned down by the Zoning Commission in June 2012. Al Madany later sued in federal court, alleging discrimination based on religious preference, a violation of the Religious Land Use Institutionalized Persons Act.

“Mayor Moccia is pressing the legal fight to defend the city against this group’s lawsuit,” the GOP campaign flier said in bold type. Continue reading

Minnesota: Islamic center withdraws mosque proposal before final vote

via St. Cloud Islamic Center withdraws mosque proposal before final City Council vote | Minnesota Public Radio News.

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — The Islamic Center of St. Cloud withdrew its application for a mosque development after hours of City Council discussion at a heated meeting that drew 500 people.

As council member comments made it clear there was not support for the zoning change that would allow the project, mosque supporters pulled the proposal before the final vote.

Islamic Center of St. Cloud President Abdulrashid Salad said afterward that he realized during the hearing that revising the proposal could increase its chances of passage.

“We have to show an example of [compromise], and that will at least satisfy some of the neighbors,” Salad said. “Our hope is not to just win something — we can all be winners.”

The 9.5 acre project would have included a mosque, classrooms for students and a gymnasium, which would have been built in phases on a patch of vacant land on Clearwater Road. It would serve about 600 people, according to the planning documents.

Although the project initially included a proposal for commercial businesses at the new location, the Islamic Center of St. Cloud dropped those plans after the city planning commission temporarily tabled the proposal in August. The city planning commission signed off on the scaled back plans last month.

City staff said any new proposal from the Islamic center would need to start the city approval process again from the very beginning.

In other words, the mosque complex will be approved eventually and if not,  Muslims will run to Obama/Holder and a federal lawsuit will ensue. And then the shakedown begins. Just like happened to the school district: Terror-linked CAIR uses DOJ to shake down St. Cloud, MN school district.

New Jersey: Fed judge forcing mosque on local residential neighborhood

Back in April 2011 we questioned how long it would take the feds to would jump into this local matter. Now, a federal judge is poised to force another mosque in a quiet, upscale residential neighborhood.

via US judge: NJ town most reconsider mosque plan – My9 New Jersey.

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (AP) – A federal judge has ordered a central New Jersey town to consider an application to build a mosque without applying restrictive new zoning rules passed two months after the project was proposed.

Lawyers for the Al Falah Center said Friday the decision is a cautionary tale for municipalities like Bridgewater that face public pressure to block mosques.

U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp in Trenton noted in his ruling this week that the community response to the mosque application in January 2011 was “at a minimum, hostile.”

Attorneys for the Al Falah Center say the mosque application in Bridgewater met all house of worship requirements until new rules were adopted in March 2011.

The president of the Bridgewater Township Council tells the Courier News the judge’s decision will be reviewed in a closed session Monday.

It’s one of several mega-mosques being forced on residents in that area.

Georgia: Alpharetta ignores residents & zoning, approves mega mosque

via City of Alpharetta approves mosque expansion – CBS Atlanta

Alpharetta City Council Monday night unanimously voted to approve a proposal to expand a mosque.

The Islamic Center of North Fulton, located at 1265 Rucker Road, has been fighting to expand their mosque since 2011.

The city of Alpharetta voted not to change zoning laws that would allow that expansion back in 2011. Since that time, members of the mosque said they have worked with the surrounding neighborhoods and the city to approve their new proposal.

The mosque had 25 members in 1998, and now that number is close to 600 members.

Supporters said the mosque needs to expand to support its growing congregation.

“The mosque should be expanded to accommodate the growth of the community,” said Yusuf Mohamed, a mosque member.

Opponents complained a bigger mosque would create bigger problems.

They have prayer calls. That’s a disturbance. It’s a noise issue, and the traffic, of course,” said Silk Walker, a resident who lives near the mosque.

“We are literally shoulder to shoulder,” Moiz Mumtaz said.

Mumtaz is the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Islamic Center of North Fulton.

“We have no space. We make rows and have to kneel down and bow and get up again. That is the tiny space we are in right now,” Mumtaz said.

The center wants the city to change one rezoning condition imposed in 2004, which would allow the center to build two new buildings: a main, 6,300-square-foot building and a 1,600-square-foot communing hall.

The Alpharetta Planning Commission earlier this month voted 6 to 1 to recommend approval.

“Everybody is a winner here,” Mumtaz said.

One of the biggest problems, according to Mumtaz, was the size of the original proposal. Mumtaz said the new design is roughly 6,000-square-feet smaller than what they wanted to build in 2011.

“We are all making compromises,” Mumtaz said. “I think the city was more careful about what they were doing and heard those concerns, and we also want to forge forward rather than get stuck in one place.”

Unfortunately, compromise is not an Islamic term and to Muslims it simply means we’ll get what we want later. And if we don’t we’ll have the DOJ threaten another lawsuit.

What CBS and other media aren’t telling readers is what really happened. Sources who attended the meeting report this:

The news grossly has characterized what went down.

ALL voting members of the council gave summations that included that the reason they were voting for this was because of the pressure of the federal lawsuit pursued by the mosque and represented by mosque zoning lawyer and specialist Doug Dillard. Dillard is responsible for the forced mega-mosque in Lilburn, GA as well.

The Muslims in attendance were 99% male and over half of them did NOT raise their hand for the pledge of allegiance.

The people of Alpharetta fought a good fight with excellent points about the minaret, zoning restrictions thwarted, past agreements disregarded etc. The Muslims had no such strong arguments and relied heavily of talk of multiculturalism, and the greatness of diversity, and extended talk of the dreadful building (they have chosen) to be in up to now.

They have NO source of funding cited for their construction and expansion.

Councilman Kennedy noted that he had records of the Muslim board meeting in 1998 before they got the zoning permit in which the board member urged restraint in asking for the original two residential buildings. He said that they would wait till the time was right to ask for expansions and larger structures, contrary to what they told Fulton County in 1998 and to the neighborhood in 2004.

The news media have assaulted what really happened in the city hall last night. We spoke well. We had all the key points about their breaking of agreements and laws. But our city folded like a deck of cards.

And unfortunately the city of Alpharetta will never be the same and will only become more Islamic.

As we noted here, Georgia: “Compromise” reached after Feds intimidate city that denied mosque expansion:

Is it really a compromise when the community overwhelmingly does not want the expansion, when the city ruled against it and a court upheld the ruling only to have Obama/Holder step in (likely after being contacted by Muslims) and force the mosque on residents?

It is not. And there’s only one winner. The Muslims.


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