MTV Partners With CAIR Despite Terror Links

via MTV Partners With CAIR Despite Islamist Agenda | Clarion Project.

MTV is including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity with a history of radicalism, in its “world-class coalition of expert partners” for a campaign to combat discrimination and inequality. CAIR has a history of tarring its opponents by calling them “anti-Muslim” or “Islamophobes.”

The multi-year “Look Different” campaign will use celebrity activism, television shows and social media to influence the over 500 million households that MTV is available in. While well-intentioned, MTV unfortunately chose to include CAIR, an organization with an extremist history that tars every opponent as an anti-Muslim bigot.

The Justice Department designated CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism-financing trial in U.S. history. The government listed CAIR as an entity of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, specifically its secret Palestine Committee; a body set up to covertly support the Hamas terrorist group.

On May 19, the Clarion Project contacted MTV to inform the network of CAIR’s history and its false labeling of any and all critics as anti-Muslim “Islamophobes” with bigoted agendas. We requested a statement in response. MTV did not respond.

MTV has seriously erred by choosing CAIR as an “expert partner” in combating intolerance and discrimination. The well-meaning campaign runs the risk of becoming a platform for CAIR to assault the integrity of its opponents.

You can read the Clarion Project’s fully-documented profile of CAIR here.

More via FFA:

Click here to send your email of concern to MTV and Viacom (parent) officials. It only takes a few seconds.

Katy Perry scrubs music video to appease Muslim fanatics

via Katy Perry ‘Dark Horse’ video scrubbed after petition by Muslim critic surfaces

An Islamic symbol has been removed from the online version of the Katy Perry music video for ‘Dark Horse’ after an online petition claimed it was offensive to the Muslim religion.

“At 01.15 into the video a man is shown being burned, whilst wearing a pendant (also burned) forming the word ‘Allah’ which is the Arabic word for God,” wrote Shazad Iqbal in a petition calling for the video to be removed from YouTube. “Such goes to show, that blasphemy is clearly conveyed in the video, since Katy Perry (who appears to be representing an opposition of God) engulfs the believer and the word God in flames.”

katy perry dark horse circles

Over 60,000 people signed Iqbal’s petition, and apparently someone involved with the video listened. While the video has not been taken down, as the petition called for, the pendant Iqbal mentioned has now been erased.

Some say the move is off base, and that the controversy over Perry’s video spotlights a double-standard, as artists like Lady Gaga and Madonna repeatedly use Christian symbols in music videos in ways that offend some Christians.

“The image of the pendant goes by so fast it’s almost impossible to even notice. YouTube isn’t perfect, but this is ridiculous,” said Dan Gainor, VP of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center. “Just as Muslims were outraged by portrayals in ‘South Park,’ they are outraged by this. Meanwhile, Christians are criticized, abused, parodied, persecuted and worse on a daily basis in the news and entertainment media.”

Sociologist Dr. Hilary Levey Friedman agreed “the pendant worn is only briefly” and told us that “pulling this video in response to the petition would be a problematic standard of censorship by YouTube.”

Reps for Perry and YouTube, which is owned by Google, did not return a request for comment.

Atlas Shrugs writes: Coward Katy Perry Punks Out

She is constantly wrapping herself in the American flag but she doesn’t defend it. She ought to wrap herself in a burka. Because that is  exactly what she has done.

Today was a sad day for freedom ….. Google was being ordered to remove the Muhammad video that became Obama’s go-to lie for all of his failures, and now Katy Perry’s viral hit “Dark Horse” was just changed to appease Muslim rage and totalitarianism.

Things are really bad when Bob Beckel is the most sensible person on the show.

Update: There’s a counter-petition…

Jihad-Supporting Syrian Imam Raised Millions on U.S. Fundraising Tour

Who let him into the U.S. and why?

via IPT Exclusive: Jihad-Supporting Imam Raised Millions on U.S. Fundraising Tour :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

by John Rossomando and Ravi Kumar

A Syrian Sunni sheik who raised at least $3.6 million during a U.S. fundraising tour last April has blessed a new coalition of Syrian jihadist groups aiming to replace the Assad regime with an Islamic state.

Sheik Osama al-Rifai, who raised the money for the Franklin, Mich.-based Syrian Sunrise Foundation, endorsed the creation of the Islamic Front in a Nov. 22 YouTube video. The front represents a merger of seven jihadist groups fighting Bashar al-Assad’s forces. Many of them have ties to al-Qaida.

“The unification of these great Islamist and jihadist groups is not a normal piece of news, but is a great event that brings the happiness and thrill to every Muslim, not only in Syria but in the whole Islamic world,” al-Rifai said in remarks translated by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. “I congratulate this brilliant news; I congratulate the brothers who formed it. I cannot say that we bless this group because it is they who should be blessed by them.”

Al-Rifai visited mosques and Islamic community centers in cities across America. He spoke at fundraising dinners on Sunrise Foundation’s behalf in Tampa, Miami, the Chicago area, Dallas, Crown Point, Ind., Los Angeles, a Detroit suburb called Novi and Meadowlands, N.J.

In Dallas, he said that anyone who works to raise awareness about what is happening in Syria was “a jihadist for Allah.”

“Those who are subjecting themselves to martyrdom for the sake of god and who defend themselves and their families, not only them who are performing the jihad, but every single Muslim, Arab, and Syrian who has sympathy toward what happens in Syria,” Al-Rifai said. “Every single one of you who give any kind of effort to help his brothers in Syria is a jihadist for Allah, every single one of you who spread the word to raise the awareness among the others about what’s happening in Syria is a jihadist for Allah.

“I would love to address my brothers who are in charge of the organizations here like Shaam Relief, and Syrian Sunrise Foundation, you must be very aware that you are too performing jihad just like your brothers in Syria.”

Calls seeking comment from the Investigative Project to the Syrian Sunrise Foundation and its President Ahmad Alabas were not returned.

The Syrian Sunrise Foundation’s Facebook page states that al-Rifai helped raise $1.5 million in Tampa, $280,000 in Miami, $320,000 in Indiana, and $1.5 million in the Detroit area.

Much more at IPT News.

Stevie Wonder to record gospel song in Arabic

Reverse dawah? via Stevie Wonder Working on New Albums | Music News | Rolling Stone.

Stevie Wonder was on hand Saturday night at opening night of the new Hollywood Bowl season to induct his friend John Legend into the venue’s Hall of Fame. It was a lively night: the Aerosmith songwriting team of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, as well as Patti Austin, were also inducted. Wonder performed “Ordinary People” with Legend, but his main duties were as presenter.

However, Wonder says he would be open to coming back to the venue next year as a headliner to support When the World Began, a new album that has him teaming with producer David Foster and a symphony orchestra. The album, he says, will feature both new songs and remakes of some of his classics, such as “Isn’t She Lovely.”

Between sharing the stage with Legend and taking in Tyler and Perry’s performance from backstage, Wonder spoke with Rolling Stone about the three new projects he’s working on (including paying tribute to his mother with a gospel album), why he came out to support Legend and his continued advocacy for gun control, which he addressed with us in December.

[SW] We’re going to do some traditional gospel stuff, but I’m thinking about doing a gospel song in Arabic. I’m going to twist it all up in different ways, because I think everyone needs to hear the word of the gospel. The word of gospel really is love and it really is about people following the word, whether they read the Quran, the Torah or the Bible, whatever they read. At the end of the day, whatever you read, you know the god you believe in talking about people loving one another. It’s talking about we don’t need millions of handguns to make an understanding clear. It’s not about the religion – it’s about the relationship that you have with the one you serve and you worship.

Falsehoods aside, good luck with that.

Clever title in The Japan Times, Wonder: ‘I Just Called to Say Insh’Allah’?

Aerosmith Concert Canceled, Bieber Attacked

Just another day in Dar al Islam. via Aerosmith Cancels Indonesia Concert Over Security Fears | Billboard.

An Aerosmith concert promoter says the band has canceled next week’s show in Indonesia over security concerns, one day after news surfaced about an alleged bomb plot at the Myanmar Embassy.

Helmi Sugara, event organizer spokesman, said Sunday that the legendary American rockers were scheduled to perform May 11 before a nearly sold-out crowd of 15,000 in the capital, Jakarta.

He said the band canceled Saturday, a day after Indonesia announced it had arrested two suspected militants with bombs.

Meanwhile, all Justin Bieber’s pandering to Muslims didn’t prevent a Muslim from jumping on stage and attacking him in Dubai:

A crazed fan stormed onstage and grabbed singer Justin Bieber from behind on Sunday in Dubai during the middle of a piano performance.

The 19-year-old Canadian pop star was performing one of his last songs, Believe, when a youth in a white shirt and jeans blindsided the unsuspecting singer.

Bieber managed to free himself and dashed to the side of the stage.

Bieber also performed on Saturday in Dubai as part of his international Believe Tour and pulled a song out of respect for the country’s Muslim culture.

Bieber skipped the song One Less Lonely Girl because the state religion of Islam frowns upon men touching women who are not their relatives.

Frowns upon? They kill.

The singer typically recruits a young female fan to join him during the song to flirt with onstage.

The respectful move followed another thoughtful incident on his international Believe Tour that occurred recently in Turkey.

The Boyfriend singer paused his show multiple times on Thursday to allow fans to step away for the Muslim call to prayer.

A show in Oman reportedly was cancelled because the nation deemed his act ‘too sexy.’

Atlanta Liberty Fest to Feature Islamic Advocates for Sharia Law

via Twitter / FFRJim: Atlanta Liberty Fest To Feature ….

This event is to be held in Atlanta, Georgia April 6, 2013, at the Center Stage Theater!


Read more at the link above and background on the Muslim involved who infiltrated numerous Tea Party groups here.

RIP: Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around

Legendary Jazz Musician Donald Byrd Dies at 80

Byrd was born in Detroit in 1932, and joined Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers in 1956, performing on over 50 recordings by the likes of John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Kenny Burrell, Jackie McLean and Hank Mobley, before leading his own group in 1958.

Perhaps best known for his Mizell Brothers-produced 1973 LP Black Byrd, which at one point was Blue Note’s highest-selling LP of all time, Byrd went on to score major hits with his R&B fusion group the Blackbyrds, including dance-floor favorite “Rock Creek Park” and “Walking in Rhythm.”

Byrd’s work spanned decades of jazz and funk, from bebop and soul to R&B, inspiring acid jazz and fusion, always progressive, always testing his limits.

When his output began to wind down, Byrd’s music became even more relevant: He became an essential part of hip-hop’s canon, sampled by everybody from De La Soul, Ice Cube and Tupac to house legend Armand Van Helden, and his sphere of influence became vaster still.


Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year (video)

Merry Christmas!

R&B singer Chris Brown’s jihadi Halloween

If Obama had a son? via Chris Brown dressed as Taliban for Halloween –

Did Chris Brown Google “people with similar popularity ratings to Chris Brown” for Halloween costume ideas last night? That’s the only explanation for why America’s most unsavory R&B singer decided to dress up as a Taliban fighter for Rihanna’s Halloween party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood.

Brown, most recently under fire for getting a tattoo that eerily resembled the bloodied face of onetime girlfriend Rihanna, donned a full headscarf, robe, fake beard and bullet chain with a crew of similarly attired peers for the party.

To announce one charming group photo of his posse holding fake guns aloft in the parking lot, he tweeted, “Ain’t nobody [messing] wit my clique!!!!”

It’s hard to muster much fresh outrage at new stories of Chris Brown doing something to imply violence and jaw-dropping misogyny. But he sure is making a spirited go at it.

Chris Brown jihadi wannabe on Halloween 2012. (TMZ / Twitter)

He’s got the wife beating part down.

Saturday Night Musical Interlude: “We ain’t got no hope”

The actual title of this Eddie Kendricks classic is “Going Up in Smoke.”

…going up in smoke
going up in smoke
we ain`t got no hope
cuz we`re going up in smoke…

Could this be the unofficial theme song for the 2012 DNC? Full lyrics would surely outrage them!

Acclaimed Turkish pianist charged with insulting Muslim values on Twitter

via Turkish pianist charged with insulting Muslim values –

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – An internationally acclaimed Turkish classical pianist is to stand trial on charges of insulting Muslim religious values in comments posted on Twitter, an Istanbul court ruled on Friday.

Fazil Say has performed with the New York Philharmonic, Berliner Symphoniker, Israel Philharmonic, Orchestre National de France and Tokyo Symphony Orchestra and has served as a cultural ambassador to the European Union.

The 42-year-old pianist quoted a well-known poem by the 11th Century Persian poet Omar Khayyam that ridiculed the hypocrisy of people who pretend to be pious.

State-run Anatolian news agency reported that the court “accepted an indictment against Say for allegations of explicitly insulting religious values.” If convicted, the pianist could face 18 months in prison.

Religious conservatives in mostly Muslim Turkey have become more assertive since Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) swept to power a decade ago, arousing fears among opponents that the republic’s secular traditions are being eroded.

Khayyam’s poem is in the form of a questions to believers: “You say rivers of wine flow in heaven, is heaven a tavern to you? You say two houris await each believer there, is heaven a brothel to you?”

In a separate tweet, Say poked fun at a muezzin, someone who makes the Muslim call to prayer.

“The muezzin finished the evening prayers in 22 seconds … Why are you in such hurry? A lover? A raki table?” he asked, referring to the aniseed-flavored spirit popular in Turkey.

Happy Mother’s Day (video)

Sour note: That’s a Kenny Gamble (& Huff) production…before he converted and began establishing a Muslim enclave in Philadelphia.

RIP MCA: Sabotage (video)

RIP Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, 47 years young.

“Listen all of ya’ll it’s a sabotage…”

Malaysian newspaper suspends editors over Erykah Badu ‘Allah’ pics

via Malaysian daily suspends editors over Erykah Badu ‘Allah’ pics | Asian Correspondent.

Two editors of a prominent Malaysian English-language newspaper were suspended for approving a photo of American singer Erykah Badu with ‘Allah’ tattoos that was published on the paper.

The Star confirmed that it had suspended the two editors – senior editor Lim Cheng Hoe and deputy editor Daryl Goh – “with immediate effect and indefinitely” after the photo was criticized for touching ‘Muslim sensitivities’.  The Home Ministry subsequently canceled Badu’s concert in Malaysia.

The English daily also announced that two associate editors, Rozaid Abdul Rahman and Shaf A. Dadameah, have assumed extra duties of overseeing and guiding the newspaper on issues pertaining to Muslim sensitivities.

According to Malaysian Insider, three top editors from The Star were hauled up by the Home Ministry on Monday, after a photo of Badu with two tattoos with the Arabic word for ‘Allah’ appeared on the paper’s entertainment section. The image was supplied by Badu’s official record label, Universal Music, in the run-up to the concert.

Badu’s concert was banned after a government committee decided that she had ‘offended religious sensitivities’ of Muslims by posing with the tattoos. Her concert was supposed to be held on Wednesday.

Badu, who was already in Malaysia when the ban occurred, held a press conference Wednesday. The singer explained that the body art was inspired by a character called “The Painted Lady” from a movie called The Holy Mountain that was directed by her favorite film maker Alejandro Jodorowsky. “I think the reason he (the director) did this was to show that we are all one and there is only one God and one truth and one religion,” she said here.

In the past, several international musicians performing in the country – such as Beyonce Knowles, Gwen Stefani and Mariah Carey – have been asked to cover up if they wanted to perform.

Badu’s photo on The Star has created a brouhaha among several conservative Muslim and political groups that have since filed police reports and demanded that the government to revoke the paper’s license over the issue.

Despite an apology by The Star that was published on Wednesday, the paper was given a show-cause letter by the Home Ministry. The show-cause letter has been criticised by the Centre for Independent Journalism Malaysia that viewed the Home Ministry’s intervention as “unnecessary and detrimental to media freedom”.

Didn’t Badu tweet a while back that her father taught her about jihad?

Malaysia bans Erykah Badu show over Allah tattoos, demand newspaper suspension

Will she submit and cover up?

Muslim-majority Malaysia has banned a planned concert by Erykah Badu after a photograph appeared showing the Grammy-winning singer with the Arabic word for Allah written on her body.

The American R&B singer was scheduled to perform today in Kuala Lumpur, but some Muslim groups said Badu was an unsuitable role model for young Malaysians after seeing a publicity photo of her with what appeared to be temporary tattoos of the word Allah on her bare shoulders.

A government committee that includes police and Islamic policy officials decided to forbid Badu’s show because the body art was “an insult to Islam and a very serious offence”, Information Minister Rais Yatim said in a statement on Tuesday.

The photo of Badu had “triggered public criticism that could jeopardise national security and cause a negative impact to the government’s image”, the statement added.

The 41-year-old, Dallas-born singer had already arrived in Malaysia. She can stay as a tourist but will not be allowed to perform, an Information Ministry official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to make public statements.

Razman Razali, managing director of the show’s Malaysian organiser, Pineapple Concerts, said his company hopes the ban will be reversed.

Badu is “worried and dismayed”, Razman said. She was slated to perform in an auditorium that can hold about 3000 spectators.

It was the first concert by a Western performer to be banned in Malaysia in recent years. Several other stars, including Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne, were told to dress modestly while performing.

The photograph of Badu, which also appears on her official fan website, attracted attention after Malaysia’s most widely read English-language daily, The Star, published it Monday.

Yesterday, the newspaper apologised to Muslims for what it called an “oversight”, saying it deeply regretted any offence sparked by the photo, which was “inadvertently published”. The Home Ministry summoned The Star’s editors to explain the photograph, which caused some Muslim activists to demand the newspaper’s suspension.


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