NYPD Dissolves Unit That Sought Out Jihadi Hotspots

Will they dissolve units that spy on drug dealers next? End spying on Italian mobsters? Russian mobsters? Not likely, only the Muslim Mafia.

Contrary to the Muslim-influenced media, a majority of city voters believe the New York Police Department has acted appropriately in anti-terrorism efforts that have focused on Muslims. The NJ Attorney General stated it was legal and a judge ruled the Associated Press, not the NYPD, harmed Muslims.

via NYPD Dissolves Unit That Spied On Muslim Communities « CBS New York.

The NYPD has disbanded a unit that drew widespread criticism for reports that it conducted broad surveillance on Muslim neighborhoods.

As CBS 2′s Tony Aiello reported, the NYPD announced Tuesday that police Commissioner Bill Bratton decided to disband the “Demographics Unit” after he took office – following a review determined that its intelligence could be gathered in other ways.

The unit was put in place by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s police commissioner, Ray Kelly, 18 months after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

According to a report The New York Times, the unit had already been largely inactive since Bratton took over Jan. 1. Its detectives have been reassigned.

While campaigning for office last fall, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would end broad spying on Muslims. He said on his watch, NYPD surveillance tactics would only be authorized to follow up on specific leads and that the police force would be under the supervision of a new inspector general

“Our administration has promised the people of New York a police force that keeps our city safe, but that is also respectful and fair,” the mayor said in a statement Tuesday. “This reform is a critical step forward in easing tensions between the police and the communities they serve, so that our cops and our citizens can help one another go after the real bad guys.”

Meanwhile, Bratton met last week with Muslim community leaders to work on improved relations.

Working with community leaders who defend jihadists and seek sharia law in the U.S.?

New York: Muslim hate preacher trial set to begin

He conspired “to set up an Al-Qaeda-style training camp in Oregon in late 1999.”  via British hate preacher goes on trial in New York – Daily News Egypt.

British hate preacher Abu Hamza goes on trial in New York on Monday, facing the rest of his life behind bars if found guilty on kidnapping and terror charges that predate the 9/11 attacks.

It is the second high-profile terror trial to be heard by a Manhattan jury since Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law and former Al-Qaeda spokesman Suleiman Abu Ghaith was convicted on March 26.

Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, better known in Britain as Abu Hamza Al-Masri, is blind in one eye and lost both arms, blown off above the elbow, in an explosion in Afghanistan years ago.

His trial will begin with jury selection on Monday and is the culmination of a 10-year legal battle.

On its second day, Tuesday, he will celebrate his 56th birthday.

Abu Hamza was first indicted in the United States in 2004 and served eight years in prison in Britain before losing his last appeal in the European Court of Human Rights against extradition.

In the US, authorities lost no time removing his trademark prosthetic hook that he wore in the place of one hand.

He is charged on 11 counts, over the 1998 kidnapping in Yemen of 16 Western tourists, of whom four were killed, and of conspiring to set up an Al-Qaeda-style training camp in Oregon in late 1999.

In the 1998 hostage-taking, he is accused of providing the kidnappers with a satellite phone, acting as an intermediary and dispensing advice by telephone from home.

Two of the kidnapped tourists were Americans.

He is also accused of providing material support to Al-Qaeda, and just days before the 9/11 attacks he allegedly discussed plans to open a computer lab for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

New York: Muslim gets 16 years for plotting jihad

aka Muhammad Yousuf. via ‘Lone wolf’ terrorist Jose Pimentel gets 16 years in prison  – NY Daily News.

“Lone Wolf” would-be bomber Jose Pimentel was sentenced to 16 years in prison Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court following his guilty plea last month to attempted criminal possession of a weapon in the first degree as a crime of terrorism.

The Al Qaeda sympathizer — who spoke to an informant about his plans to attack law enforcement, American soldiers and Jews — was in court but was glum looking as he sat before the judge at his brief sentencing.

It was a far cry from his Feb. 19 appearance when he flashed a sick grin as prosecutors read aloud his disturbing terror plans.

Pimentel quietly said “no” Tuesday when he was offered the chance to speak before he was brought back to his holding cell, on the way to serving a stiff state prison sentence.

Authorities said he had nearly completed a powerful pipe bomb when he was busted in his Harlem apartment in November 2011.

“Local law enforcement is not only uniquely situated to identify threats of terrorism — we are ready and able to stop acts of terrorism before they occur,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said in a statement.

Pimentel avoided a life sentenced by taking the plea deal. His lawyers declined to speak after the proceeding.

Reread this post: When a jihadist’s parents aren’t Muslim:

The mother of Jose Pimentel, an “al Qaeda sympathizer” who wanted to kill US military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, said she could not deal with her son after he started reading the Koran in 2001.

“I didn’t raise my son in that way,” Carmen Sosa said. “I feel bad about this situation.”

“This is a tragedy and we need the time to cope with this,” the suspect’s cousin, Giselle Rodriguez told CBS 2′s Sean Hennessey. “We’re in pieces, you know? We’re in pieces. It’s like you don’t know who you live with.”

Sosa said her son was going to change his name to Osama Hussein to celebrate his heroes Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

New York: Muslim diplomat, wife kept Bangladeshi man in slave-like conditions

via Bangladeshi man says he worked in slave-like conditions for consul general in W. 57th St. apartment: suit  – NY Daily News. h/t LOOK UNDER THE BURKA OF ISLAM

A Bangladeshi man says he was lured to the U.S. with the promise of a “good” $3,000 a month job working for his country’s counsel general — and wound up spending 18 months in their luxury Manhattan apartments in “slavery-like conditions.”

In papers filed in Manhattan Federal Court, Mashud Parves Rana says consul general Monirul Islam and his wife, Fahima Tahsina Prova, forced him to work from 6:30 am to 11 pm, seven days a week for 18 months — and never paid him a dime.

They kept the man “in forced labor in slavery-like conditions” in their sprawling, $8,000-a-month W. 57th St. apartment, the suit says, barring him “from leaving their residence under his own volition, threatening to beat him or kill him, threatening that the police will arrest him or kill him if he left their residence, physically assaulting him on at least two occasions, (and) maintaining possession over Mr. Rana’s passport and visa,” says the suit.

Rana was introduced to the high-powered diplomat by his step-father, who’d grown up with Islam and had recommended him as a domestic worker for his posting in the United States, the filing says.

He was told he’d be paid $3,000 a month for his services, would get some time off every day and the couple would help him renew his visa.

The suit says he took his first ever plane flight to come to New York in September 2012, and found out after he arrived the job was far different than advertised.

Calls and emails to the Bangladesh consulate were not immediately returned.

Rana is being represented by Dana Sussman, the same lawyer who’s representing the domestic worker who was allegedly underpaid by Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade. Khobragade was indicted for allegedly lying about the worker’s status, setting off an international firestorm.


Islam said that they found all on a sudden that Rana left their residence. “We did not find him at home one day after returning from a social gathering of the (Bangladeshi) community. I contacted all possible places, but failed to trace him. “From which I concluded he had got a shelter somewhere. I even consoled myself that if he wants to be an illegal resident, then how am I to stop him?” Islam told bdnews24.com.

 Aren’t there enough unemployed Americans to fill these positions? Or is it Americans are less willing to be enslaved?

Muslims file $5M lawsuit after prevented from making Empire State Building deck personal Islamic prayer room

via Muslims booted from Empire State Building for praying: suit | New York Post. h/t BNI

A Muslim family from Long Island slapped the owners of the Empire State Building Tuesday with a scathing $5 million lawsuit that claims they were booted from the building’s observation deck for praying.

Fahad and Amina Tirmizi of Farmingville said their civil rights were violated when they were “assaulted, battered and forcibly removed” from the famed observatory last July.

The suit, filed against Malkin Properties, security company Andrews International Inc. and others, claims that Fahad, 32, and his 30-year-old wife were unfairly targeted because they were Muslim and wearing traditional Muslim attire.

“We weren’t doing anything wrong,” Fahad said. “We just wanted to enjoy the view like everyone else.”

The couple and their two children were on the 86th-floor outside deck when they walked over to a quiet spot to recite evening prayers, the suit says.

Although Amina briefly prayed without incident, a security guard quickly confronted Fahad and “menacingly poked” him and loudly told him he was not allowed to pray on the deck.

Another guard joined the fray and told all the family members that they had to leave, and “forcibly escorted” them down to the lobby and out of the of the building, the suit says.

Fahad told The Post that he has prayed in public before and tries to be respectful.

“Earlier that same day at the Staten Island Ferry terminal, I needed to pray the afternoon prayer and wanted to make sure I’m not in the way,” ­he said.

“I confirmed with a police officer who was standing right there to make sure it was a good spot. The officer responded, ‘Go for it, it’s not illegal to pray.’ ”

The Tirmizis’ lawyer, Phil Hines, said the family outing became an experience of intolerance.

“To most, the Empire State Building is one of the great landmarks of this city, but for my client and his family, it is a building of ignorance and injustice,” Hines said.

The World Trade Centers were one of the great landmarks of the city too. Until your client’s co-religionists knocked them down killing 3,000 innocent people.

“A family trip to enjoy the cityscape was cut short after security officials threw them out of the building for exercising their religious beliefs.”

Representatives for Malkin Properties did not immediately return messages.

Empire State Building responds:

In response, an Empire State Realty Trust spokeswoman, Brandy Bergman, told CNN Wednesday, “The claims are totally without merit and we will respond to them in court.”

NYC: Will Mayor de Blasio boycott Muslim Day Parade for gays?

via De Blasio wins no fans with St. Patrick’s Day Parade boycott | New York Post.

Mayor de Blasio drew a line in the sand when he marched through Sunnyside, Queens, last week in the gay-friendly St. Pat’s for All parade. Posing for pictures with the manly Irish drag queen known as Panti Bliss, who rocked false eyelashes, lipstick and enough foundation makeup to support a three-story building, the mayor could not hide a horrified expression plastered on his face that screamed silently — “Help me!”

He needs all the help he can get.

De Blasio announced last month that he’s boycotting the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, set to run up Fifth Avenue March 17, in solidarity with homosexuals, who are prohibited from carrying banners, waving signs or wearing lapel pins that identify their sexual persuasions. Public Advocate Letitia James will be a no-show. Any City Council member who dares march won’t wave a city government sign, Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito decreed.

Guess what — no one cheered.

The mayor also angered members of the city’s Irish-Catholic community who see his boycott as no less than an expression of intolerance.

“De Blasio, he has no respect for diversity,’’ William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, told me.

“I really find this very scary. I’ve been kicked by lesbians in the street!” In the mid-1990s, Donohue said, he was physically attacked while taking pictures of lesbians assembling in front of the Mid-Manhattan Library on Fifth Avenue on the morning of the parade.

“You’re dealing with people who are fascist.”

Let me clear up one misconception. Gays are not banned from this parade. Everyone, whether Irish, Jewish, Hindu or pansexual, is welcome to attend the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the nation’s largest. The event dates to 1762, when the British still ran this country, New York was more than a century away from acquiring five boroughs, and people still friended each other in person.

All can attend — provided they don’t carry signs identifying themselves as gay.

Or straight.

Or vegan, neo-Nazi or pro-gun, to name just a few categories. Civic groups and colleges can carry signs.

So the mayor’s stubborn insistence on skipping the parade (he also did so while serving as public advocate from 2010 to 2013) has nothing to do with gay exclusion. It has everything to do with de Blasio’s lack of respect for people with whom he disagrees.

“We’re angry. Frustrated would be a better word,’’ Emmaia Gelman, an organizer for the group Irish Queers, told me.

Gelman said her outfit is considering suing the city, claiming parade rules violate city human-rights laws.

Will de Blasio (real name Warren Wilhelm) boycott or will Irish Queers protest the not-so-gay-friendly, not-for-all Muslim Day Parade? Would either dare even consider the idea?

Bronx: Muslim pharmacy robbed taxpayers of $10M in HIV drug scam

Federal aid programs are a playground for Muslim shysters. via Bronx pharmacy busted in $10M HIV drug buyback scam | New York Post. h/t Lisa

The owners of a Bronx pharmacy bilked the federal government out of nearly $10 million in the past year — by preying on cash-strapped Medicaid patients with HIV, convincing them to sell back their lifesaving drugs, officials said Tuesday.

The suspects then splurged on pricey goodies for themselves such as a Maserati, two BMWs and a Mercedes-Benz, authorities said.

“These defendants abused the fundamental trust between health-care providers and patients by putting their own greed above the health needs of the patients,” Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a written statement.

“This blatant theft and abuse of one of our state’s most important health-care programs is reprehensible and will not be tolerated.”

The owners and a pharmacist at 184th Street Pharmacy in University Heights recruited HIV-stricken patients by offering them $20 to $200 a pop for their anti-retroviral medication, officials said.

The pharmacy allegedly billed Uncle Sam for thousands of dollars for the same drugs.

The $9.8 million fraud began March 1, 2013, and involved at least eight illegal drug buybacks between October and February, officials said.

Busted on felony charges Tuesday were store owners Ahmed Hamed, 37, of Bayside, Queens, and Tarek Elsayed, 48, of Elmhurst, Queens, as well as supervising pharmacist Mohammed Hassan Ahmed, 36, of Elmhurst.

All were charged with grand larceny and scheming to defraud the government. The two owners also were charged with money-laundering.

The owners could face up to 18 years if convicted on all charges. Ahmed could get up to seven years.

NYC: Muslim pleads guilty in plot to blow up soldiers returning from battle

via ‘Lone wolf’ terror suspect Jose Pimentel pleads guilty to plot to blow up soldiers returning from battle  – NY Daily News.

A would-be [Muslim] terrorist flashed a sick grin Wednesday while pleading guilty in a plot to kill city cops and U.S. war veterans with bombs built in a Manhattan apartment.

Al Qaeda sympathizer Jose Pimentel, who discussed his deadly plans with a confidential informant posing as a cohort, copped to a count of attempted weapons possession in the first degree as a crime of terrorism in Manhattan Supreme Court.

As Assistant District Attorney Deborah Hickey discussed his “jihad mission” and plans to attack American soldiers, cops and Jews, Pimentel locked his eyes on the prosecutor and smiled.

Pimentel — wearing a bright orange Department of Correction jumpsuit and religious head garb — was otherwise expressionless as he answered the judge’s standard pre-plea questions.

He will receive a 16-year jail sentence at his Mar. 25 sentencing. Authorities described Pimentel as a “lone wolf” infuriated by the presence of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Manhattan continues to be the symbol of much that terrorists hate about the United States, so we remain a principal target for terrorist attacks, both at home and from abroad,” said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

The homegrown terrorist, born in the Dominican Republic but raised in Manhattan, was due to go on trial this coming Monday.

Pimentel, 29, was within an hour of finishing a powerful pipe bomb when the NYPD busted him inside a Harlem apartment in November 2011.

Pimentel, aka Muhammad Yousuf, admitted downloading an article called “How to Build a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom” in the Al Qaeda magazine Inspire.

The defendant then sent the piece along to the undercover cop working with him on the plans to target soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, NYPD cruisers, a police station in Bayonne, N.J., and postal facilities.

“We had engaged in conversations about committing acts of violence to influence the foreign policy of the United States,” Pimentel acknowledged in his plea agreement.

His attorneys previously argued that he was the victim of police entrapment — that he was coached into discussing plans on wiretaps.

“As Jihadi Muslims in the west, we don’t have any excuse for not to be blowing s— up,” Pimentel said in a recorded conversation from Oct. 18, 2011.

After the hearing, defense lawyer Lori Cohen said Pimentel — who already has two years of time served — saw the plea deal as his best option.

“He wanted to accept a resolution which would avoid a life sentence at the end, the possibility of a life sentence,” said Cohen.

Best option to again try and blow shit up.

The Daily News forgot to refer to Pimental by his chosen Muslim name, Muhammad Yusuf. He was going to change his name to Osama Hussein to celebrate his heroes Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

Would NYC Mayor’s Muslim Holidays Violate U.S. Constitution?

Muslim lawyer says probably does. via Would Giving NYC Students Muslim Holidays Off Violate the U.S. Constitution?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has publicly offered his support for closing public schools for two Muslim holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, and the Lunar New Year — but is his proposal to offer time off for Islamic holy days constitutional?

David French, senior counsel to the conservative American Center for Law and Justice, told TheBlaze that offering Muslim holidays off is a bit tricky.

“It’s tough to discern what are the numbers of people involved here,” he said. “New York is obviously a melting pot of a city. There are many Hindus. We know there’s a very large Christian and Jewish population.”

The central issue is why New York City officials have decided to honor specific faiths with days off.

Consider that while Muslim holidays will potentially be offered, Hindu holy days are not currently on the table. So in order to justify the Islamic accommodation, there must be a secular purpose; otherwise, every religion would need to have its revered days integrated into the school calendar.

“Discharging school for religious observances, to be constitutional, has to be done for a secular, religiously neutral reason,” he said. “It can’t be done for the purpose of ‘honoring’ one faith over another but rather because — to take one example — absenteeism may reach an unacceptable level depending on the religious makeup of the community.”

French said holidays might be treated differently in Dearborn, Mich., and Brooklyn, N.Y., depending on religious populations — all based on the religious groups that dominate each area.

Farhan Memon, co-founder of the Muslim Bar Association of New York, said in a blog post Thursday that official Muslim holidays in New York City “could be unconstitutional.”

“The separation of church and state is an important civics lesson that many of my Muslim friends on Facebook are ignoring as they celebrate Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to declare school holidays on the Muslim holy days of Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha,” Memon wrote. “By recognizing the celebrations of Christians, Jews, Muslims and the Chinese, but pointedly not Hindus, the New York Public School system has set up a hierarchy of religions that belies the equality of citizenship our children are supposed to be learning in school.”

Memon, a Muslim, said that he sympathizes with believers who have not traditionally had their holy days off, but that there must be a secular reason for religious-based school closings.

“There are times when economic realities intersect with religious practice and create valid secular reasons that do justify school closings on religious holidays like Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah,” he wrote. “The [New York] Department of Education doesn’t track the religious affiliation of teachers, but given New York’s large Jewish population and its historic involvement in the teaching professions it’s safe to say that there are thousands of Jewish professionals employed in schools.”

In providing the Jewish example, Memon noted that the district would be forced to hire substitute teachers, which would pose monumental costs if schools remained open on Jewish holidays; the same is true of Christmas celebrations among Christians.

By contrast, Memon said, “a secular purpose … does not exist when it comes to Muslims.” While there are surely Muslim teachers, Memon said the numbers likely don’t compare to the amount of Jews and Christians.

Further, he said, the state’s Department of Education could find itself embroiled in a theological debate about when Eid actually falls.

More at TheBlaze.com.

NYC: Mayor moves to close schools on Muslim holidays, but not Hindus

Warren Wilhelm Jr. aka (Red) Bill de Blasio is an Islamophile and a Hinduphobe. via New York City public school kids getting new Muslim, Lunar New Year holidays – NY Daily News.

New York City is moving to close school for two Muslim holidays and the Lunar New Year — but Mayor de Blasio isn’t so sure about the Hindu festival Diwali.

Appearing on WNYC’s “Brian Lehrer Show” on Monday, the mayor said he hadn’t taken a position on whether Diwali, the festival of lights celebrated in India and other South Asian countries, should be a day off from school.

But he said he’d move forward with closing schools for Lunar New Year and for Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, Muslim holy days.

“It is complicated in terms of logistics and school calendar and budget. But it’s something I want to get done in a reasonable time frame,” he said.

A spokesman for the Indian community appealed to the mayor to recognize the Hindu holiday.

“We are disappointed. We’ve been trying for a long time … It’s very important for the community,” said Dr. Shashi Shah of the Association of Indians in America.

Ethnic communities have pushed for all four holidays to be recognized. Former Mayor Bloomberg opposed the change, saying kids should not miss more school.

In the future, NYC schools will be closed on 9/11…to celebrate Muslim holidays should they fall on that day.

Related: NYC Dem mayoral candidate tells jihadists he’ll end NYPD spying if elected

New York: Muslim objected to wife’s behavior in Muslim community, stabbed her in neck 30 times

“Muslim woman? If she was a Muslim woman none of this (expletive) would even exist.” ~ convicted murderer Robert Williams

via Murder conviction for Albany man in wife slaying – Times Union. h/t Atlas

A jury spent roughly an hour and 10 minutes Friday to convict Robert Williams of murdering his wife in her West Hill home last spring.

The panel of nine women and three men quickly rejected the arguments of Williams’ attorney, Michael Jurena, who admitted Williams killed his wife but claimed it was first-degree manslaughter, not second-degree murder.

That charge would have brought a maximum of 25 years in prison for Williams, 41, a convicted sex offender. He now faces 25 years to life for the murder conviction at his March 7 sentencing.

Sharene Wallace, 37, known as Sakina, was stabbed more than 30 times in the neck inside 279 Sherman St. between May 26 and May 29. Her body was found stuffed in a closet. Williams, who fled to New York City before his arrest, admitted killing his new bride to friends and spoke at length to Albany police.

Chief Assistant District Attorney David Rossi said Williams believed Wallace was cheating on him, but killed his wife because he objected to her behavior in their Muslim community.

“I think it’s clear the defendant felt slighted by Sharene,” Rossi told jurors. “He may regret where he sits today. He does not regret what he did.”

He played the jury part of Williams’ videotaped interview with police. A detective showed Williams a photo of Wallace and referred to the victim as a Muslim woman. In turn, Williams responded: “Muslim woman? If she was a Muslim woman none of this (expletive) would even exist.”

Rossi said Williams took his wife’s cellphone and text-messaged naked pictures of her to all her contacts making it appear that Wallace sent out the pictures herself.

One text said: “I’m so evil I tried to contract AIDS and give it to my loving and caring husband.”

Another text said: “This is me, Sheitan,” a word for the devil.

Another text stated: “I’m sorry everyone but I pretend like I’m a Muslim when in all reality I’m a (prostitute) and I represent Satan.”

An incredulous Rossi told the jury, “We’re supposed to believe Sharene sent that herself? Really?”

Jurors began deliberating around 12:20 p.m. They reached their verdict by 2:30 p.m. And that did not include periods in which the panel was back in the courtroom of Judge Andrew Ceresia for notes. The actual time of deliberation was estimated at one hour and 10 minutes.

“This is not a ‘whodunit’ kind of case,” Jurena said. “I don’t usually agree with prosecutors that they’ve proved parts of their case. I usually disagree with everything, but in his case it’s obvious. And there is no dispute.”

But he said the killing — which he accidentally called a “murder” at one point — was not premeditated.

“He didn’t wake up one morning going over there saying, ‘Hey — I’m gonna go kill my wife.’ “

Rossi’s final words to the jury came from a videotape of Williams speaking to Albany police, saying, “This is not one of those instances where the truth will set you free.”

NYC: Muslim cabby ‘ripped off’ customers with credit-card scam

If it’s not unwanted sexual advances it’s stealing from the infidels. via Cabby ‘ripped off’ customers with credit-card scam | New York Post.

A crooked livery cabby was busted for pulling a credit-card switcheroo on his fares, often while they were drunk, and then using the stolen cards to pilfer thousands of dollars from their accounts, cops said.

The hack was nabbed earlier this month for allegedly orchestrating the simple scam, where he’d pocket passengers’ credit and debit cards and then give them back one he’d already looted.

Jawad Shabir has been linked to nine such alleged heists, but cops are investigating as many as 35 reported incidents.

He was able to pull a fast one on some of his victims because they were too sloshed to realize he’d given them someone else’s card.

“The victim usually doesn’t notice he has the wrong card until the following morning,” a police source said.

By that time, Shabir was able to pillage thousands of dollars from the victims’ accounts, cops said.

Two of the alleged victims — who told The Post they were not drunk during their rides — described how they were ripped off.

“He was charming,” said Robin Lauffer, 50, who lives in the Financial District.

“It’s all about getting your guard down. I was asking him stories about himself. He said he came from a little town in India.”

Lauffer said she hailed a livery cab in the West Village after she couldn’t get a yellow cab.

She said that Shabir would not take cash and that he explained “he had been robbed the night before, and he would only take credit or debit.”

Shabir has been charged with grand larceny, and identity theft, and is in jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.


NYC: Pakistani immigrant loses cab license over “crude and offensive” sexual advances

Preventing the taxi rape jihad. via City yanks license from lewd cabby | New York Post.

The TLC is lifting the hack license of a cabby who made an unrelenting series of sexual come-ons to a female passenger while transporting her home from La Guardia Airport.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission successfully argued that Mirza Baig, 22, was a “threat to the riding public.

“I find the respondent’s conduct unprofessional, crude and offensive and it deserves the severest punishment,” concluded Tynia Richard, an administrative law judge for the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, the agency that recommended that Baig’s hack license be revoked.

On March 17, Baig — a Pakistani native who had been on the job for seven weeks — picked up the woman at the airport and took her to Brooklyn.

During the $37 ride, Baig asked the woman “personal questions,” including whether she had a boyfriend, she told investigators.

“She lied, answering yes,” the ruling noted.

Baig then made a series of sleazy personal inquiries about his passenger’s sex life that left her feeling ­“violated,” she said.

He “asked whether she was going to her boyfriend’s house. He then asked who she would be sleeping with that night and whether she would be sleeping with her boyfriend,” the ruling states.

Baig told her they should “get together,” the decision adds.

When they got to her apartment, Smith said she gave Baig a tip of 15 to 20 percent, “wanting not to anger him” — even though he declined to help with her luggage.

“He then yelled out the window, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to, you know, come back with me?’ ” the record states.

She flipped him the bird.

As Smith “fiddled with her keys in an attempt to enter her apartment, [Baig] stared at her from the cab and ended the encounter by telling her, “You have a real nice ass, baby,’ before driving away,” the ruling explains.

Cynthia Fisher, Baig’s ­attorney, called the ordeal a misunderstanding.

“I think what happened is that he was genuinely flirting with her and meant no disrespect,” she said.

TLC spokesman Allan Fromberg said, “It is is unacceptable for a driver to cross the line of propriety with a passenger, and in the rare occasions when it happens, we are grateful to be alerted to it so we can take the appropriate actions, as we did in this instance.”

Related: Nearly half the cabbies in NYC are Muslim.

NYU Muslims Mock ‘Last Supper’ for Christmas season

As Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Christ, Muslims are busy mocking the depiction of his last meal before being crucified. via 7th Rangers

A Muslim woman by the name of Fatima Ali and her friends from the Islamic Center at NYU have crossed the line of disrespect by posing in a mocking photo of the ‘Last Supper of Christ.’

Ali told The Huffington Post, “For this year’s photo, we wanted to do something that, in its own humble way, aimed to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultural and religious norms. We looked up the painting, assigned each person a character, and meticulously tried to mimic the image, while also making it our own.”

Ali seems to be projecting her own feelings through comments attributed to “Christians”:

She said that some Christians have commented on the photo to say that “this is probably what the people sitting at the Last Supper actually looked like (brown skin, darker features, etc.) instead of the alabaster faces that are strewn across Da Vinci’s original work…”

The imam of the same Islamic Center at NYU issued veiled threats of jihad if the university displayed the Danish Mohammad Cartoons. NYU bowed down. Islamic thugs and hypocrites abound.

Muslim community honors NYPD Commish Ray Kelly

Terrorism pays. via Muslim community honors Ray Kelly | New York Post.

From left to right: Chief of Department Philip Banks III, Mr. Syed Messam Razvi, Mr. Khwaja Hassan, Imam Ahmed Dewidar, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Ms. Daisy Khan, Imam Tahir Kukiqi, Mr. Moustafa El-Shiek, Mr. Rafeek Mohamed, Imam Emir Salihou Djbay, Chief Thomas Chan.

From left to right: Chief of Department Philip Banks III, Mr. Syed Messam Razvi, Mr. Khwaja Hassan, Imam Ahmed Dewidar, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Ms. Daisy Khan, Imam Tahir Kukiqi, Mr. Moustafa El-Shiek, Mr. Rafeek Mohamed, Imam Emir Salihou Djbay, Chief Thomas Chan.

The Muslim community appears to be softening its stance toward Ray Kelly as he walks out the door.

The city’s top cop, who will be replaced by incoming Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on Jan. 1, was awarded a plaque Monday by the Muslim Advisory Council.

The group gave Kelly kudos for keeping the Arab community up to speed on a range of issues over the past 12 years, including the NYPD’s counterterrorism efforts.

And the media led by Hamas-linked CAIR and the Associated ‘with terrorists’ Press would have the world believe that Ray Kelly was waging jihad on Muslims in NYC.

Tensions had boiled over between Kelly and the Muslim community several years ago because of the NYPD’s controversial spying program in which undercover officers infiltrated mosques in the aftermath of 9/11.

The council was formed nearly two years ago to improve relations between them.

Whys is Daisy Khan (pronounced con) of the Ground Zero mosque being advised on anything counter-terror related?

In honoring Kelly, the council said the department’s outreach program should be a “model” for other cities. It specifically cited the NYPD’s youth cricket and soccer leagues and the fact that the department actively sought out Muslim recruits.


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