Oxford Imam Calls Burqa/Niqab ‘Archaic Tribal Rag,’ Calls for Ban

via Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford. h/t iowntheworld

Following the landmark ECHR ruling upholding the French and Belgian ban on public face-masking, the UK must now follow suit. Many Muslims have been misled by propaganda from the Wahhabi-Salafi-Deobandi-Tabligh Jamati and Jamati Islami sects that the burqa/niqab is integral to Islam. It is completely untrue.

This archaic tribal rag is pre-Islamic and non-Qur’anic, and ipso facto un-Muslim. Female public anonymity is an imported Saudi-Afghan fad. It should be resisted on compelling theological, social, health, security and gender equality grounds so that Britain’s traditional character and identity is preserved. The UK must oppose this latest salvo from theological fanatics fighting for the hearts and minds of British Muslims.

As integrated British Muslims, we ask HMG to initiate a national debate in Parliament and across the country so that the public is not duped by religious zealots falsely claiming that face-masking is Islamic. If this Trojan shari’ah horse is not routed, we set a dangerous precedent that will imperil Britain’s democracy and liberty. We call upon all thinking Muslims and those of other faiths and none, to join us in getting rid of this non-Qur’anic patriarchal custom.


Video: Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs

via The Glazov Gang-’Easy Meat’ — Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs


Previous post on the report this discussion was based on.

UK: Tesco grocery allows Muslim workers to refuse to sell ham, wine during Ramadan

Sharia creeps…during the month of jihad. via Tesco apologises after Muslim worker refuses to sell ham and wine in Ramadan | Mail Online.

A Muslim cashier at a Tesco store refused to serve a customer buying ham and wine because he said it was Ramadan.

The till operator told Julie Cottle he would not touch the items as they are considered forbidden by Islam and said she should use the self- service tills instead.

When Miss Cottle, 43, from Neasden, north-west London, complained to the manager, he backed the worker’s right to refuse to serve her because it was the holy month of Ramadan and he was fasting.

But Tesco has now apologised for Monday’s incident and said the worker had been ‘spoken to’.

Miss Cottle said her treatment left her furious. ‘He pointed at the ham and wine in my basket and said “I can’t serve you that because I’m fasting”,’ she said.

‘When I told him he should be serving customers not turning them away he still refused, telling me to go to the self-service.

‘I know he has his beliefs – I’m a Christian myself – but he should be able to do his job properly. I’m disgusted. If he is refusing to do his job he shouldn’t be there.’

‘I was furious so when I got home I rang Tesco customer service to complain.

‘All they said was “that does not sound right but if it is ok with the manager that’s ok”.’

Tesco has since apologised to Miss Cottle over the incident and a spokesman said the worker had been spoken to.

‘We’re here to serve our customers the products they choose to buy,’ he said. ‘We don’t have a specific policy and take a pragmatic approach if a colleague raises concerns about a job they have been asked to do.

‘We apologise to our customer for any inconvenience on this occasion.’

From the Tesco website:

0800 50 5555
0330 123 4055
Day Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 8am to 8pm
Sunday 9am to 6pm

Customer services contact form



Muslim columnist: I Don’t Like White Men, I Want Them to Be a Lost Species

via Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: I Don’t Like White Men, I Want Them to Be a Lost Species. h/t TROP

Controversial columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is accused of making a series of racist remarks against white people, even going as far as to say she wants them to be a “lost species”. According to Rod Liddle, when asked in a TV interview what she thought of white people, she responded: “I don’t like them. I want them to be a lost species in a hundred years.”


Writing for the Sun this weekend, Liddle said: “Can you imagine what would happen if you or I said that about black men, or women? The police would get involved, pronto.”


He was writing after taking part in a heated debate against Alibhai-Brown on Channel 4 News last week, in which the columnist said she “loathed” Liddle.


Liddle writes that he attracted her ire, and that of presenter Cathy Newman, because of the subject matter of his new book Selfish, Whining Monkeys.


“… in the book I suggest that the massive influx of immigrants we’ve seen in the past ten years has made life worse for the lowest paid in society. And rather better for the well-orf [sic].”


“Oh, and also that I’m not mad on every aspect of Islam, y’know? Not hugely convinced by the general Islamic view of women and homosexuals and Jewish people and so on. So, I’m a bigot, then.”


The debate sparked further controversy after Conservative MP Michael Fabricant, who had been watching on TV, tweeted that he would want to “punch” Alibhai-Brown “in the throat” if he debated against her.


The MP apologised after causing a storm of anger on Twitter.


Liddle also mentions another example of Alihai-Brown’s hatred for the white working class. In a newspaper article in 2009, Alibhai-Brown used the words “stupid”, “vicious” and “scum” to describe white working-class people.


As Liddle points out: “It was white working-class people who fought against fascism and racism in the Second World War, and white working-class people who battled fascism and racism on the streets.”


She has previously called for the media to be “controlled” to prevent the rise UKIP, and in a televised conversation on jobs in 2008 she said: “Don’t apply. It would be great if you went away. White, middle class men. We’d just walk in, wouldn’t we?”


Challenged by the host of the show Richard Bacon, who asked, “Is that not a racist comment?” she replied, “Of course”.


Rod Liddle concludes: “Truth is, she shouldn’t be punched in the throat. Instead she should be exposed as a hysterical racist and bigot and consigned to oblivion.”


Trial begins for gang of UK Muslims who smashed American tourist’s eye socket with bottle

via Gang of men smashed American tourist’s eye socket with a bottle in Brick Lane | Mail Online.

A gang of men attacked an American student while he was drinking in the street – grabbing a glass bottle from his hands and smashing it over his head, a court was told.

Francesco Hounye, 23, from Florida, had been in Britain for just three days when he was set upon by the men while he was walking home with a friend in Shadwell, east London.

Shaleem Uddin, 20, Shadhat Hussain, 19, Kamrul Hussain, 22, and Massom Rahman, 22, targeted Mr Hounye when they saw him swigging from a bottle of Jagermeister.

Paul Casey, prosecuting, said: ‘This case involves a group attack involving all five of these men on one person, Mr Francesco Hounye.

‘The prosecution’s case, in a nutshell, is that he was caused injuries, really serious injuries – grievous bodily harm.

‘All of them were willingly involved in that attack, all of them played a part.

‘Two in particular played the most serious role, Shaleem Uddin and Samad Uddin.

As we noted back in 2013, American student attacked by Muslim gang in UK

The attack took place in an area where police say self-appointed “Muslim patrols” have been operating. The men have allegedly targeted gay Londoners, drinkers and women they consider to be dressed inappropriately.


UK: Soldiers not told they are eating halal meat

via Soldiers not told they are eating halal meat – Telegraph.

Soldiers are unwittingly being fed halal meat in military bases , the Ministry of Defence has admitted.

The MoD has confirmed that only troops who request specific meals are told the source of the meat they are eating.

Food served in MoD canteens in both UK and permanent bases abroad is not routinely labelled to indicate it has been slaughtered using religious methods to ensure it is halal or kosher.

Only military personnel who specifically request their meals are prepared in accordance with religious practice are told which dishes they can eat, a Freedom of Information request disclosed.

The MoD said it does not label halal food, in accordance with current Government guidelines which state dishes do not have to indicate the method of slaughter.

The Government has so far refused to introduce compulsory labelling and said a review of the process would only take place once a European Commission study had been completed.

The MoD confirmed food served at bases in the UK and overseas is not labelled to indicate how it had been prepared.

They said: “Troops can ask at the serving point if the food that is being served is halal.

“There is always an alternative option.”

 In other words, it’s all sharia compliant halal, but if soldiers ask to opt out, they can have some veggies.

UK: Muslim school books promote stoning; 6-year-olds taught Western women are ‘white prostitutes’

At how many schools in the U.S. (and Canada) are the same lessons being taught?

via ‘Hellfire’ Muslim teachers at ‘Trojan Horse’ school warned six-year-olds about ‘white prostitutes’ | Mail Online.

Pupils as young as six were taught to treat Western women as ‘white prostitutes’ by a school at the centre of the ‘Trojan Horse’ Islamist plot.

The shocking disclosure comes ahead of two bombshell reports into claims Muslim radicals conspired to infiltrate governing bodies of Birmingham schools.

A leaked copy of one report says teachers at Oldknow Academy told school inspectors they were alarmed by the use of terms such as ‘white prostitute’ and ‘hellfire’ in school assemblies, and that non-Muslim teachers were banned from being present.

A report by the Education Funding Agency says: ‘We were told by teachers that non-Muslim teaching staff are no longer allowed to take Friday assemblies. In separate interviews, staff told us that in Friday assemblies, occasionally words have been used such as “white prostitute” and  “hellfire” which they felt were inappropriate for young children.’

…a source said that teachers and pupils at Oldknow have referred to Christians as ‘kaffirs’, a derogatory Arabic term meaning infidels.

The source said that as part of the Islamic takeover, urinals from the boy’s toilets were removed, in accordance with Muslim custom which frowns on those who stand up to urinate.

More than 95 per cent of Oldknow’s pupils are Muslim. It holds Islamic prayers every Friday, teaches Arabic and organises trips to Mecca.

The school, which has just under 900 pupils, is said to have been taken over by extremists with an ‘Islamising agenda.’ Former head teacher Matthew Scarrott reportedly left because he opposed the change.

At Park View, it is alleged that pupils were told homosexuality is evil, given lists of Christian teachers and told to try to convert them and that staff preach ‘mind-blowing’ anti-Western propaganda in assemblies.

 Elsewhere in the U.K., Books ‘promoting stoning’ found at Olive Tree Primary School

A Muslim school found to have books suggesting stoning and lashing as appropriate punishments says it is the victim of “hostility”.

Ofsted said some of the library books at Olive Tree Primary School in Luton contained fundamentalist views which had “no place in British society”.

The education watchdog deemed Olive Tree Primary School in Bury Park Road “inadequate” following a visit in May.

Inspectors said pupils’ “contact with different cultures, faiths and traditions is too limited to promote tolerance and respect for the views, lifestyles and customs of other people”.

Senior leaders do not ensure “balanced views of the world” and some books in the school promote stoning and lashing as appropriate punishments, the report added.

“There are too few books about the world’s major religions other than Islam,” it said.

The report’s findings come on the same day the head of Ofsted Sir Michael Wilshaw delivered his findings on claims of hardline Muslim takeovers at Birmingham schools with five of the schools being placed in special measures.


Video: The Secrets Of Britain’s Sharia Councils

via Sharia Watch.

Video: Britain First Defence Force invades mosques in Bradford (updated)

Video: Britain First Defence Force invades mosques in Bradford | EuropeNews.




NYC: Muslim Cleric Abu Hamza Found Guilty of Terrorism Charges


via British Cleric Abu Hamza Found Guilty of Terrorism Charges – Law Blog – WSJ.

Abu Hamza al-Masri, an Egyptian-born British cleric, was found guilty of 11 terrorism charges on Monday by a federal jury in Manhattan.

The verdict follows less than two full days of deliberations.

The monthlong trial marks the second time this year that federal civilian prosecutors secured a swift conviction in a high-profile terrorism case. Some critics have contended that military commissions are the more suitable venue for such trials.

The verdict was delivered on the 15th floor of the Manhattan federal courthouse with the newly constructed One World Trade Center visible just a few blocks away.

The case is the second of three terrorism cases to be tried in the Southern District of New York in downtown Manhattan this year. In March, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law and former al Qaeda spokesman, was found guilty of conspiracy to kill Americans. The trial of three men accused of helping plot the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania is expected to open later this year.

Mr. al-Masri, whose real name is Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. His defense team argued that the government’s case was built primarily on a series of inflammatory statements Mr. al-Masri had made—such as comparing infidels to cows and pigs, and declaring it acceptable to behead and enslave them—during his career as a preacher.

The government’s case was bolstered by a number of cooperative witnesses who testified against Mr. al-Masri in exchange for witness protection, government stipends and leniency in their own cases.

Not enough rats in Gitmo to do the same?

Video: From Jail to Jihad

via BBC Panorama h/t Snaphanen.

The Muslim prison population in England and Wales has doubled in the past ten years to nearly one in seven inmates. This rise is five times faster than the increase in the overall jail population. Evidence shows most Muslims are not radicalised, but the prison system is also home to the UK’s greatest concentration of Islamic terrorists and extremists. Many more are converted or radicalised behind bars.

Reporter Raphael Rowe follows one radical convert as he leaves prison, interviews some convicted terrorists and extremists about their experiences inside and asks if the authorities are doing enough to prevent the increasing threat of radical Islam inside prison.


Top British universities incl Oxford and Manchester secretly serve Halal meat to unknowing students

via Top British universities including Oxford and Manchester secretly serve Halal meat to unknowing students | Mail Online.

It started with restaurants and supermarkets – now top British universities have admitted serving up Halal meat to unwitting students.

At least ten top higher education establishments – including Oxford University and the University of Manchester – are secretly serving up meat from potentially unstunned animals, it has emerged.

In Manchester, 85 per cent of all meat served is unlabelled Halal meal, while all the chicken served at Sheffield and Exeter – which is Halal – is not marked as so.

The findings were unearthed through a Freedom of Information request which was sent to 126 establisments.

But just 25 responded – meaning the problem could be more widespread than currently thought.

The news comes after it was revealed last week that leading restaurants were serving Halal meat without informing their customers.

Now – according to student newspaper The Tab – nearly half of the universities that responded to the request are serving Halal meat without making students aware.

At Kent University, 70 per cent of the meat served is unlabelled Halal while at Sheffield and Exeter, all the chicken is served Halal-style, but is not labelled as so.

Cardiff and Lincoln were also found to be among the universities serving significant quantities of the meat, without telling consumers.

Of the 35 Oxbridge colleges that responded to the Freedom of Information Act request, only two did not serve any Halal meat, according to the paper.

Subway was one leading chain which had decided to secretly swap meat for Halal products, while Pizza Express was exposed for failing to inform consumers that some food they were purchasing contained Halal.

It was also revealed that leading supermarkets are selling New Zealand lamb killed in accordance with halal ritual without providing labels.


Oxford University

University of Manchester

Cardiff University

University of Sheffield

University of Exeter

Durham University

University of Lincoln

University of Kent

Northumbria University

Birmingham University


UK: High-profile Muslim charity leader guilty of sexually abusing three girls aged under 14

via Guilty: High-profile Muslim charity chief who sexually abused three girls aged under 14 | Mail Online. h/t TROP

A high-profile Muslim charity leader has been convicted of sexually abusing three young girls in the 1970s and 1980s.

Zafar Iqbal, chief executive of Southwark Muslim Women’s Association (SMWA) in South London, was found guilty of 25 counts of historic sex abuse against three women at Woolwich Crown Court last month.

All of his victims were under the age of 14 when the historic offences were committed.

Documents seen by The Mail on Sunday detail 67-year-old Iqbal’s sickening abuse of his young victims.

They describe how he forced his tongue into their mouths as he molested and groped them.

Iqbal founded the SMWA, which is part-funded by Southwark Council, in 1979.

His work there included running a creche and educational and recreational programmes.

It is believed that his wife, Abida, also worked for the SMWA.

Just five years ago, Iqbal was feted for his ‘excellence in education’ at The Muslim News Awards for Excellence.

In the course of his work he rubbed shoulders with politicians such as Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman and was introduced to the Queen in 2010 as part of The City Bridge Trust’s 800th anniversary celebration.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said it began investigations in late 2012 after one of Iqbal’s victims came forward. Previous allegations made in 2010 were anonymous and so the force was unable to pursue them.

The SMWA was unavailable for comment.

Iqbal has been bailed until sentencing on June 9.

Islamic leader: Muslims should humiliate Christians so they’ll convert to Islam

“British Islamist Abu Waleed: Muslims Should Humiliate Christians in Order to Make Them Convert to Islam,” MEMRI, n.d.:

In a lecture posted on the Internet on January 16, 2014, British Islamist Abu Waleed called to impose humiliating laws on the Christians in order to make them want to convert to Islam. The infidel should have to wear a red belt around his neck in the street and wear two different shoes, among other things, he said. That way, everyone will want to become Muslim, explained Abu Waleed.

Following are excerpts:

Abu Waleed: How many contradictions do the Charter of the United Nations and Islam have?


We take what Abdullah Ibn Abbas said, because he was a Companion, from the greatest commentators on the Koran. He said to take the jizya poll tax from the People of the Book. This completely contradicts, my dear brothers, the articles of the United Nations [Charter].

Article 2, paragraph 1, says that the organization is based on the principle of sovereignty and equality to all of its members. Equality to all of its members – is there such a thing in Islam? Is there equality of faith?

If we look at one hadith of the Prophet on the authority of Abu Huraira, Sahih Muslim… No Sunni Muslim could really argue against Sahih Muslim or Sahih Bukhari… “The Prophet said: Don’t greet the Jews and the Christians before they greet you, and when you meet any of them on the road, force them to go on the narrower side of it.” Imam Malik said the same thing as well.

In fact, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab – about whom the Prophet Muhammad said: “If there were to be another prophet after me, it would be Omar Ibn Al-Khattab”… In his own charter – not the Charter of the United Nations – in his charter with the people of the Levant, the Christians of the Levant, [it is stated] that infidels and Muslims were not allowed to wear the same clothes as one another.

If a Muslim comes out on the day of ‘Eid and sees an infidel with nice clothes, the infidel has to take his clothes off and give them to the Muslim. When an infidel walks down the street, he has to wear a red belt around his neck, he has to have his forehead shaved, and he has to wear two shoes that are different from one another. He is not allowed to walk on the pavement. He has to walk in the middle of the road, and he has to ride on a mule.

Video at Jihad Watch.

UK: Subway removes pork from 200 stores to comply with sharia

@Subway now sells only halal meats in occupied territory. Subway, sharia way. This is how it creeps.  KFC is doing the same at more than 80 UK locations.  via Subway removes pork from stores after ‘strong demand’ from Muslims | Mail Online.


Fast food giant Subway has removed ham and bacon from almost 200 outlets, and switched to halal meat alternatives in an attempt to please its Muslim customers.

It has confirmed turkey ham and turkey rashers will be used instead in 185 of its stores, where all the meat will now be prepared according to halal rules.

The chain, which has around 1,500 outlets across the UK, explained its decision by saying it had to balance animal welfare concerns with ‘the views of religious communities’.

In the halal-only branches ham and bacon has been substituted for turkey ham and rashers.

Many animal charities condemn halal slaughter as being cruel to animals.

Traditionally in halal abattoirs the throats of the animals are cut while they are fully conscious – an act many campaigners say is inhumane and needlessly cruel.

In non-halal abattoirs, livestock are stunned before killing to prevent any unnecessary suffering.

Some halal butchers also practise pre-stunning, though it is not permitted by some Islamic scholars.

In Britain, killing an animal without prior stunning is illegal, but the law gives special exemption to Muslim and Jewish meat producers on the grounds of religion.

There are thought to be around 12 abattoirs dedicated to unstunned slaughter in the UK, while hundreds practise stunned halal slaughter.

A Subway spokeswoman told MailOnline all halal meat served in the participating branches is from animals who were stunned prior to slaughter.

She said: ‘The growing popularity of the Subway chain with the diverse multicultural population across the UK and Ireland means we have to balance the values of many religious communities with the overall aim of improving the health and welfare standards of animals.

Subway has been sneaking halal in for nearly seven years. 

‘We put a programme into place in 2007 to ensure that the population demographic is taken into account when new store openings are considered in order that we meet consumer demand in each

‘All halal Subway stores have numerous signs stating that they serve halal food.

‘These are situated on the menu panels, nutritional information and in the front window of the store.’

Animal campaigning charity PETA urged people to opt for a vegetarian diet to ensure they have the best interests of animals at heart.

A spokesman said: ‘At the best of times, meat is a product of a bloody and violent industry with no respect for other living beings who value their lives in the same way that we do and experience the same pain and terror that Subways’ customers would if they were killed for a sandwich.

‘Most religions, including Islam, preach kindness to animals, but words are one thing and practice another.


Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt
Steak and Cheese
Meatball Marinara
Subway Melt – ham, bacon, turkey breast and cheese
Italian B.M.T. – pepperoni, salami and ham
Spicy Italian – pepperoni and salami
Chicken Avocado

Breakfast subs
Mega Melt – bacon, sausage, egg and cheese
Bacon, Egg and Cheese
Sausage, Egg and Cheese

All ham and bacon is replaced by turkey ham and turkey rashers and all meat is prepared according to Islamic halal rules.

The root of the problem in the UK and elsewhere is immigration. Without it Islam could not grow.

 Subway has been covering its tracks, at least temporarily:

While the option to search for your local Subway branch offering the halal menu has not returned to the main search box, you can locate your nearest one by going to http://www.subway.co.uk/media/news/halal-stores.aspx

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