California: Muslim Woman at LAX Threatens to Bomb America (VIDEO)

Like Idaho, without the citizenry, there would have been no arrest. No media has investigated nor covered this terror threat in the nearly two weeks since it occurred.

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California: Two (More) Muslims Convicted of ISIS Terror Support in Anaheim

Elhuzayel and Badawi

Well-vetted of course. Source: Two O.C. men convicted of conspiring to fight with Islamic State – LA Times

A federal jury in Santa Ana convicted two men of conspiring to help Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, with one of the men trying to board a plane to the Middle East.

Nader Elhuzayel, 25, and Muhanad Badawi, 24, both residents of Anaheim, were convicted after a two-week trial that detailed their efforts to join the terrorist group, including their recorded pledges to “fight for the cause of Allah and to die in the battlefield,” according to court papers.

The jury deliberated for just over an hour before handing down the verdict.

Elhuzayel was found guilty of attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State, and Badawi was convicted of aiding and abetting the attempt to provide material support, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles.

Kate Corrigan, an attorney representing Badawi, said the case was shrouded in secrecy and showed the extremes of government surveillance, with federal agents placing three listening devices in his family’s cars. She said she could never see the warrants for the listening devices, which were filed in the highly secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The case demonstrated that “the government is listening and you better be careful what you say,” Corrigan said.

The duo were arrested May 21, 2015. Agents from a counter-terrorism task force intercepted and detained Elhuzayel at Los Angeles International Airport before he boarded a plane bound for Israel with a layover in Turkey. Badawi was arrested at an Anaheim gas station.

Agents began monitoring the men after seeing their inflammatory comments on social media. But the scrutiny of the men intensified in April and May 2015 as agents eavesdropped on their phone calls and surveillance teams tracked their movements.

On May 7, 2015, investigators watched the men as they sat together in Badawi’s car, according to an FBI agent’s affidavit filed in federal court. Later, a review of airline records showed that while they were in the car, Badawi’s debit card was used to purchase a one-way ticket for Elhuzayel to fly from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv.

U.S. Atty. Eileen Decker said there is a clear line between those who express support verbally and act upon it: “There is a difference between speech and action. These men took action,” she said.

During the trial, jurors heard evidence that Badawi encouraged others to support the Islamic State and “participate in violent jihad,” Fike said.

Among the evidence presented was that Badawi and Elhuzayel used social media to discuss the Islamic State and terrorist attacks, including their desire to die as martyrs. In recorded conversations, the duo explained “how it would be a blessing to fight for the cause of Allah.”

On Badawi’s Facebook account, he declared his intent to join the fight and support violence against non-Muslims while Elhuzayel’s Facebook account displayed the Islamic State flag as his profile picture. Badawi made a video of Elhuzayel swearing his allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, and vowed to travel to Syria to fight.

But Corrigan, the lawyer for Badawi, said her client essentially bought an airline ticket for a friend who lacked access to a credit or debit card. And she said the government’s case showed its limits at trial: “They were only able to say he might go to Syria,” Corrigan added.

Elhuzayel was also found guilty of 26 counts of bank fraud, and Badawi was convicted of one count of federal financial-aid fraud — crimes that arose from the pair’s support for the terror group.

Elhuzayel got cash through a scheme to defraud three different banks where he had deposited stolen checks into his personal checking accounts, then withdrew money at Orange County branch offices and ATMs. Badawi was convicted of using his federal financial aid to buy the plane ticket for Elhuzayel.

The government’s case against the pair mirrors many across the country in which potential foreign fighters are accused of trying to travel to Syria and join the Islamic State. Similar cases have been more common in Britain, France and other western European countries with larger populations of young, disaffected Muslim men.

Elhuzayel could face up to 30 years in prison on each bank fraud count, while Badawi faces up to five years in prison on the financial-aid fraud count. Both men each face up to 15 years in prison on each material support count.

U.S. District Judge David O. Carter is slated to sentence Elhuzayel on Sept. 19 and Badawi on Sept. 26.

Both Muslim terrorists who ‘Wanted to Die Martyrs’ were residents of Anaheim, recently named Little Arabia – apparently trying to keep pace with big Arabia.

As noted in a previous Creeping Sharia report but missing from most media reports of the conviction, one was an immigrant (refugee?) and one was the son of immigrants (refugees?): Elhuzayel’s parents are Palestinian immigrants and Badawi immigrated to the United States from Sudan when he was about 16.

Former CAIR Director, Now NYPD/NYU Muslim Chaplain Led Orlando Jihadist’s Trip to Mecca

NYPD chaplain Imam Khalid Latif [Photo by Andy Katz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images]

Source: NYU Helped Organize 2nd Saudi Arabia Trip For Orlando’s Mass Shooter Omar Mateen h/t

An Islamic center in New York has determined that in 2012, Omar Mateen traveled to Saudi Arabia during a trip which was organized by the Islamic Center at New York University. There was approximately 80 people who went on the trip with Mateen for an annual pilgrimage.

New York University spokesman John Beckman told the Wall Street Journal in a statement that people from Columbia and Yale universities also attended the trip with some members of the NYPD.

NYU claims that they learned about Mateen through the Wall Street Journal, and will work with authorities and will help assist with the investigation.

California’s Congressman Adam Schiff, top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, is demanding answers to the mass shooting. Schiff wants to know who sponsored Mateen’s trips to Saudi Arabia in which one visit Mateen stayed in a four star hotel, according to BREITBART News.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin wants to learn more about Omar Mateen’s job. Johnson also wants to know more about the security company that employed Mateen. He is also interested in what responsibilities Mateen had with the company that he worked for, according to TUCSON News.

Imam Khalid Latif, executive director of the NYU Islamic center and an NYPD chaplain, led the pilgrimage to Mecca to perform an umrah in Mecca. An umrah is considered the lesser pilgrimage compared the Hajj. Latif was appointed the first Muslim chaplain at NYU in 2005, and was selected as one of 60 NYC leaders to serve on Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Transition Team.

“Based on his blatant extremism and ties to a convicted Orlando imam known for facilitating international jihadists traveling, the strong likelihood is that these trips were not benign,” said Ryan Mauro, national security analyst for Clarion Project, a New York-based research institute that tracks global terrorism, according to FOX News.

As Creeping Sharia has noted previously, Khalid Latif was a CAIR executive as was his sister (now scrubbed from CAIR’s site but see prior posts below). He infiltrated the NYPD and he holds strong sharia beliefs giving Islamic blasphemy laws (and presumably punishments) priority of the Constitutional rights of Americans.

NYPD’s Muslim chaplain hosting unindicted co-conspirator to ’93 WTC bombing

NYPD’s Muslim chaplain keynotes fundraiser for terror-linked mosque

NYPD’s Muslim chaplain seeks new policies for Muslim cops

NYC: Incoming Democrat Mayor Appoints CAIR-linked Imam to Transition Team



CAIR Marking Americans for Murder with ‘Islamophobia’ List, Say Critics

‘…the release was delayed six days because a Muslim murdered 49 Americans in Orlando, Florida.’


One of those critics is a Muslim, another is an ex-Muslim. Source: CAIR’s ‘Islamophobia’ List Is a ‘Hit List,’ Say Critics – Breitbart

by Neil Munro

Americans are being marked for murder whenever their names appear on the annual list of so-called “Islamophobes” posted by the jihad-linked Council on American Islamic Relations, say two Americans on CAIR’s 2016 enemies list. 

“This is a hit list,” said Nonie Darwish, a former Egyptian Muslim, now living in America. CAIR “should be held legally responsible for inciting violence against us,” she said, after citing several Muslims and non-Muslims who have been personally targeted by Muslims sharing CAIR’s Islamic ideology.

“They want to shut us up by putting us in a position of fear,” said Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, which is pushing for modernization of Islam in the United States. “Not only does their list put our lives at risk, but it is full of false information [and] they’ve never called us.”

At least two of the people cited in the report have been targeted for murder by jihadis. Pam Geller, who is described by the new report as “Islamophobe Pamela Geller,” has survived two plots attempts because the Muslim attackers were successfully killed by police. Similarly, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an ex-Muslim and a former legislator in Holland, has a security detail to protect her from attacks. 

CAIR’s report “is certainly intended to be [incitement],” said David Yerushalmi, a lawyer at the American Freedom Law Center. “But it is not [punishable] incitement under First Amendment principles,” partly because judges requires an “imminent” threat to justify a charge of incitement, he said.

CAIR’s new report is titled “Confronting Fear“, and it was slated for publication June 14. But on June 12, the release was delayed six days because a Muslim murdered 49 Americans in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The report lists a series of domestic enemies of Islam, its portrays them as mentally ill phobics, and also conflates occasional attacks and vandalism against Muslim people and buildings with various forms of democratic criticism of Islam. For example, comedian Bill Maher is on the list.

The group defines “Islamophobia” as “a contrived fear or prejudice fomented by the existing Eurocentric and Orientalist global power structure.”

The problem, say Jasser and Darwish, is that CAIR’s message will reach people who believe that opponents of Islam deserve death. In fact, Pam Geller, a favorite hate-figure at the CAIR, has been the subject of at least two jihad plots. Two gunmen were killed by the first attack in May 2015. A second man, who carrying a knife, was killed by FBI officers in Boston in June 2015.

Other critics, such as Robert Spencer, who runs, has received myriad death threats from believers in Islam.

Islam’s politicized ‘sharia law’ endorses the murder of Islam’s critics and of ex-Muslims — repeatedly, endlessly, forcefully — and its recommendations are deemed divine commandments by numerous killers and would-be killers.

For example, the Koran — which observant Muslims say is a list of verbatim commands from their deity, Allah — tells Muslims to “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah [penalty tax] willingly while they are humbled.”

Islamic scriptures say that Islam’s reputed founder, Muhammad, personally ordered or supported the death of many enemies, including at 10 critics and poets, who were the pre-modern equivalent of modern journalist and writers — such as the machine-gunned cartoonists at the Paris-based Charlie Hebdo magazine. Traditionalist or orthodox Muslims says Muhammad is a perfect model of behavior and should be emulated by Muslims.

Because of this theological hostility to criticism, “I cannot go to any Islamic majority country — I would be killed on the street, and the killer would be called a hero,” said Darwish.

CAIR is extending those threats into the United States, she said. “The culture of Al Capone is the culture of Islam — when you put up a list of Islamic foes, this is a hit list,” she said. Continue reading

German Arschloch: Demolish Churches, Replace With Mosques for Muslims Invaders



Source: Architect: Demolish Churches, Replace With Mosques To Integrate Migrants

A prominent German architect has said to better integrate migrants, demolish churches and build very “visible” mosques in their place.

Interviewed in Die Tageszeitung, Joaquim Reinig said he believes Hamburg needs to build more mosques. He said mosques “actively integrate” migrants who the authorities can’t reach.

The newspaper asked the architect if he really thought mosques would help migrants integrate rather than just “perpetuate their ancestral way of life”. He replied that in order to properly integrate people in a foreign country, migrants must “have no fear”. This should be done, Mr. Reinig thinks, by building very “visible” mosques.

“The visible minaret in modern architecture is a message to the migrants: Do not fear having to lose your identity in this society,” he said.

Mr. Reinig said mosques were a sign of integration as they show Muslims they can build a life in Germany while retaining their faith. He noted that Turkish guest workers, who arrived generations ago, thought they would return to Turkey one day.

Once they had children and grandchildren in Germany, he argued, the “relatively secular” workers from Anatolia “remembered” their religion.

“The desire to become a German citizen and the activation of their faith ran parallel,” he told the co-operative owned, left-wing newspaper.  This comes after a report this month revealed that half of Turks in Germany regard Islamic law supreme over German laws and that young people are the most devout.

In the interview, Mr. Reinig noted that a 2013 report he had co-written stated an “urgent need” for mosques in the region. He said that, responding to this, Green politician Stefanie Berg called for “a mosque in every neighbourhood”.

Mr. Reinig said he and the Hamburg Senate observed 42 mosques in the region. They looked at the languages in which they preach, documented the mosques’ sizes and learned about the “community work” they engage in.

He said the Hamburg Senate worked closely with the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), which German ministers have criticised for being controlled by the Turkish government.

Mr. Reinig said there is plenty of space for mosques in Hamburg as many churches in the region “have to be abandoned”. He said this means there are “theoretically 50 locations” for mosques. He noted that around three per cent of Christians in Germany, 23,000 people, attend church in the region compared to the 17,000 Muslims who currently attend mosques in Hamburg.

Asked whether it might cause a backlash to turn churches into mosques, the architect said he thought churches should generally be demolished rather than converted. He said: “Jews, Christians and Muslims, as members of Abrahamic religions, are theologically brothers and sisters.

“They have many similarities so should have no fear.”

The newspaper asked Mr. Reinig why, as a progressive, he preferred “contemporary mosques” to secular places “free from” religion. The architect responded that secular places are “undisputed classics”, so he has spent recent years lobbying for an immigration museum in Hamburg.

“In the Veddel [district] there is already an emigration museum, but the story of immigrants, the ‘guest workers’ must be documented now, while they are still alive,” Mr. Reinig said.

The architect said he felt Islamic terror events hit Muslim communities hard but that in the mosques they are “very strong under pressure”.

“There are 42 Muslim communities in Hamburg,” Mr. Reinig told the paper, “and they lead a normal life  — they are far from terrorists.”

Earlier this month, four Syrians were arrested for plotting France-style suicide bomb attacks and mass shootings in Germany. The country’s justice ministry revealed they are currently investigating more than 180 terror suspects in Germany with links to Islamic State.

Was für ein Arschloch.

Muslim Mob Torches 80 Christian Homes in Egypt as Punishment for Wanting Church


Source: Muslim Mob Torches 80 Christian Homes in Egypt as Punishment for Wanting to Build Church

A Muslim mob torched and looted the homes of 80 Christian families in the Al-Beida village in Egypt, looking to punish them for wanting to turn one of the buildings in the village into a church so they can worship.

International Christian Concern, which reports on persecution against Christians around the world, said the violence occurred last Friday.

One witness, Christian resident Mousa Zarif, recalled the events: “On Friday afternoon, following Friday noon prayer, a great deal of fanatic Muslims gathered in the front of the new house of my cousin, Naim Aziz, during its construction because of a rumor spread in the village that this building would be turned into a church.”

Zarif added: “They were chanting slogans against us. Among these slogans were. ‘By no means shall there be a church here.'”

ICC noted that Christians in the village, a minority of the population as they are elsewhere throughout Egypt, have no churches nearby, and must travel 4 miles to find a place to worship.

The Muslim mob, after finding out about the plans to turn the Christian-owned building into a church, destroyed all constriction materials, and injured Aziz alongside his cousin, Mousa.

The mob then looted and torched all Christian homes and properties in the surrounding area, causing Christians to flee.

Fr. Karas Naser, the priest of Holy Virgin and the Archangel Michael Coptic Church who came to the village by car, was saved from serious harm by moderate Muslims who stood up to the radicals and got him out of the vehicle.

 “We are heartbroken and frustrated for the Christian community in Al-Beida and the terror they have endured. The police and government authorities in Egypt cannot allow these attacks to go unpunished because the victims come from a minority faith,” said William Stark, ICC’s regional manager for South Asia.

“It is unspeakable that the victims of these attacks were charged with crimes while the perpetrators continue to enjoy total impunity. It continues to show how Christians in Egypt are treated like second class citizens. We call on the Egyptian authorities to ensure that justice is served and that Christian communities like this be protected from further assault in Egypt.”

Christians have suffered mob violence on numerous occasions this past year. Just last month, seven Christian homes were torched and ransacked, while a Christian mother was stripped naked and humiliated by Muslims who were angry that her son had an alleged affair with a Muslim woman.

Reports said the Christian mother was dragged out of her home, after which the Muslim mob beat her and stripper her naked on the streets, chanting Allahu Akbar, or “God is great.”

Anba Makarios, Minya’s top Christian cleric, condemned the lack of police action to help the woman.

“No one did anything and the police took no pre-emptive or security measures in anticipation of the attacks,” Makarios said at the time.

The response to that attack:  Egypt’s President Tells Christian Grandma Stripped Naked by Muslim Mob ‘Not to Be Angered’

Broad consensus of Islamic theology, ‘apostate must repent or be killed’, leaving Islam is ‘treason’

This was declared on an Egyptian television program, shown daily during the month of jihad (aka Ramadan).

Source: Al-Azhar: to leave Islam is ‘treason’

To convert away from Islam is “treason” that should carry the death penalty, according to Sunni Islam’s topmost religious authority.

The penalty for an open apostate, departing from the community, is well stipulated in Sharia,” Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayyib declared on Egypt television last week.

An apostate must be pressed upon to repent within a variable period of time or be killed,” el-Tayyib stated, reiterating Islam’s traditional position during a 16 June episode of a daily TV program featuring him.

Full Al-Azhar statement — Click here

The ‘Good Imam’ is broadcast every day during the Muslim month of Ramadan, a time of fasting, intense worship and increased zeal across the Islamic world. Shown over Egypt’s state TV, it is also broadcast by several private satellite channels across the Arab world and Muslim diaspora.

Apostasy manifests itself as crime … that has to incur a disciplining punishment

“[Preaching] apostasy stems from a hatred against Islam and a premeditated desire to work against it. As such it constitutes in my belief high treason and a departure from the community and what it holds sacred,” the official portal of Al-Azhar quoted el-Tayyib as saying.

Started over a millennium ago as a centre of Shiite power, Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque has since become renowned as “Sunni Islam’s most prestigious university”. Currently, it serves as a main ideological and logistical backer of worldwide Islamic missionary work.

‘Blind at heart’

The broad consensus of Islamic theology, including the Prominent Scholars of [Sunni Islam’s] Four Schools, judge apostasy to be criminal,” el-Tayyib said. “They are all in agreement that an apostate must be pressed upon to repent within a variable period of time or be killed.

“One is to employ dialogue and debate in the hope the apostate would repent, which in itself speaks for a measure of flexibility in that an apostate is not killed outright,” el-Tayyib said, describing converts from Islam as “blind at heart” for leaving “the Religion of Original Nature”.

The overwhelming majority, almost 100%, of Muslims that Barrack Hussein Obama is bringing into the U.S. are Sunni Muslims who follow the sharia.


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