Sharia Law enforced in Texas!

Originally posted February 9, 2008 (Creeping Sharia blog’s first post); updates below.

It’s not scary enough that some archbishop in England has submitted to Islam and has declared that sharia law in the UK is unavoidable – right here in the USA a Court of Appeals in Texas has ruled that the Texas Islamic Court (did you know that existed?) is legit!

The parties will ask the courts to refer the cases for arbitration to Texas Islamic court within “Seven Days” from the establishment of the Texas Islamic Court panel of Arbitrators. The assignment must include ALL cases, including those filed against or on behalf of other family members related to the parties. Each party will notify the other party, Texas Islamic Court, and their respective attorneys, in writing of the assignment of all the above Cause Numbers from the above appropriate District Court to Texas Islamic Court.

Hence my motivation to start documenting this disturbing trend. Why disturbing, check back frequently and you’ll soon see why.

From the zTruth blog, Ever heard of the Texas Islamic Court?:

Islamic Court in Texas may have a role for Muslims.  An appellate court appears to have upheld sharia law in a divorce which is shocking.

Isn’t this a dangerous precedent for our democracy?  We all have to abide by the laws of our city, state and country.  Anytime, any religious law is allowed to take precedent, it should alarm you.

Critiques [sic] have been arguing that Islamists are chipping away at out laws.  This may be a great example:

1.  The Parties agree to arbitrate all existing issues among them in the above mentioned Cause Numbers in the appropriate District Court, which includes the Divorce Case, the child custody of the [sic] Noor Qaddura and Farah Qaddura, the determination of each party’s responsibilities and duties according to the Islamic rules of law by Texas Islamic Court.

2.All parties agree to sign the Texas Islamic Court required legal forms, and each party pays his required fees.

3.The panel of arbitrators of Texas Islamic Court will be formed according to the rules and regulations of Texas Islamic Court. However, the parties agree and suggest the following names for the panel:

Mujahid Bakhash, the Imam of the Islamic Association of Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Texas. .Main El-quda, the Imam of the Islamic Society of Arlington, Arlington, Texas. .Abdel Salam Abu-Nar, the Imam of Dar Assalam Islamic Center, Arlington, Texas

4.Each Party will submit all of his documents, exhibits, and evidence to Texas Islamic Court.

5.The parties agree that the Ruling of the Texas Islamic Court in the above mentioned Cause Numbers is Binding, and Final, and no party will take any appeal or future legal action of any matter afterwards.

…We reverse the trial court’s orders denying Appellants’ motions to stay litigation and to compel arbitration in these two consolidated cases. We render judgment that the Arbitration Agreement signed by the parties is valid and enforceable and covers all disputes between the parties that arose prior to the date the parties signed the Arbitration Agreement, including all matters that were the subject of the partial summary judgment previously granted by the trial court.

Texas State Court

More:  Islamic sharia court also functioning in Minnesota (surprise).

31 thoughts on “Sharia Law enforced in Texas!

  1. I don’t get it! People come here for the freedoms given under our Constitution. But it seems to be that all people are not equal under the Constitution? Some are granted a different set of laws.

    This is what has happened in U.K. Eventually the Sharia Laws permeated all-most all of their courts. It all started with just one little court set-aside for Sharia Law. Now U.K. is on the verge of a Muslim takeover.

    Having two laws in this land is unconstitutional because the Constitution covers everyone equally no exceptions. How can the people of Texas live with themselves for letting this court (which divides the Constitution) exist in their state?

    Kagan, who just got nominated to the high court, who does not know the Constitution, but taught Sharia Law at college, should tell you that our officials are being bought off. Now the Muslim world has someone sitting in the Supreme Court waiting to start ruling on Sharia Law.

    • Some people are confused, some are easily misled, and some are simply delusional.

      In any case, 1 judge out of 9 on the Supreme Court can’t change the rulings of the conservative majority nor the opinions of the liberals, so even if this delusion was not a delusion it wouldn’t mean much.

    • This is making me sick all that Rick Perry does is try to use govenment to promote christianity. I no why because he just loves that misogynistic shit in the bible that says a women is to submit and should learn in silence with all subjection.
      Perry does not give a danm about the constitution. He is just a stupid egomaniac with the mind of a mental midget….

  2. I had to sign a binding arbitration agreement to get care at the hospital. This is similar, a court enforcing a private contract, freely entered into by both parties.

    This is of course a fundamental basis of American law, the ability of individuals to enter into private contracts that may be enforced by the courts. Without it, private property rights are threatened.

    So the Texas Islamic Court is a misnomer – it’s not a court at all, it is an arbitration agency without legal standing except as granted by the contracts entered into by individuals.

    And individuals who entered into marriage with ideas about what it entails, informed by family tradition and culture, might appreciate arbitration by an agency which is aware of those traditions and understandings.

    You can stop hyperventilating now. There’s nothing to fear.

    • Jim — It’s a separate topic, but those binding arbitration agreements that hospitals and health insurance companies make you sign are also coming under scrutiny. They’re not really contracts between equal parties because you really have no choice.

      It’s the same thing here. Who is to say that the woman made a free, informed choice when she signed her rights away to the Texas Islamic Court? Considering how Islam treats women, I’d say the chances are low.

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  4. Jim,
    To your argument I would say, “The ripple across a lake starts with one small pebble.” Certainly that’s not as elegant as it was originally intended but you get my drift. Being subtle and blending in *IS* the way Islam begins its take-over. This is why it’s called “Creeping Shar’ia.” It’s a little nudge here, a little push there, a more forceful nudge, and eventually the invasion is complete.
    If they won’t live in harmony with our laws & demand Shar’ia arbitration I think it’s perfectly clear where they stand–and it’s not with American law.
    What really forced me to take hard look at Islam was finding out there is ZERO tolerance for Christians or Jews in their Muslim countries. It is forbidden to build a church or a synagogue in these countries. In fact, the penalty for worshiping any other faith is DEATH. I’ll never understand how Americans can argue that this is a religion of “peace”.

    “But whoso is averse and disbelieveth, Allah will punish him with direst punishment.” – Qur’an 88:23-24

    • wow are you misinformed. christians are acepted in islamic countries. maybe you should read their holy book and visit one of the countries before you make such an ingnorant statement.

      • wow are you misinformed. christians are acepted in islamic countries. maybe you should read their holy book and visit one of the countries before you make such an ingnorant statement.

        Christians are NOT accepted in Islamic countries, that is one of the hallmarks of the issues that are ensuing in those countries. Christians are an extreme minority that have to fight constant attacks from Muslims, their places of worship are attacked and burned, their attempts at any Christian assistance in legal terms are denied. For you to say ‘wow, you are misinformed, christians are acepted in islamic countries’ is the greatest act of denial I have seen in a long time. And to state, ‘you should read their holy book’ is to denigrate every Christian on earth, because the infidels, as Christians are referred to, have no standing to remain alive in their holy book. Do not spread your ‘love beads’ approach to kissing the hand of Islam and expect Christians of real faith to ever accept that Islam is a co-believer in the same institution of God as this country is based on. You are the misinformed and spreading misinformation, worse, you are spreading falsehoods about Islam which is punishable by death from their standpoint. Do not ever try to convince God-fearing Christians they are brothers in peace with Islam. Do not ever try to spread further your brand of misinformation to those who do not accept your form of kiss-ass diplomacy for accepting Islam and Muslims as accepting of Christian theology and ideals.

      • I have visited and lived in Arabic countries. …and you are quite delusional. yes,…there are even Christians that live there, …the christian is not accepted in Islamic countries, it is against their law and religion. Read the Koran…it is quite clear on the matter….as are the 10 commandants of the christian. It may be the village you visit that may not complain about christian but, on a whole of the entire many arabic countries, Christians are not accepted. If Christians were accepted this problem of today would not exist….so, it is you that is ignorant…..obviously a translation problem for you….

  5. This isn’t an Islamic Court. It’s a private arbitration service, that uses Islamic principles at the request of its clients. Nothing they decide can supercede US law. Both parties agree to be bound by the decisions of the Court. However, if those decisions violate US or Texas law, they are unenforceable. If the arbitrator says one party must cut off their hand, then obviously no US or Texas court will allow that to stand.

    We wouldn’t be having this fuss if this couple went to a private arbitration service called Texas Baptist Divorce Arbitration.

    • Ok Goebbels.

      Muslims just named it that for posterity? To fool the infidels? Or to fool Muslims? Next you will tell us that jihad doesn’t mean fighting against the unbelievers and that it isn’t part of Islam and Muhammad didn’t spread Islam by the sword.

      Muslims request Islamic sharia courts because they don’t want to abide by US law. Thanks for clarifying that.

      Judgments by the mob aren’t enforceable by state or federal law either but it doesn’t mean they don’t operate…the only difference is these courts operate openly under the guise of arbitration and state/fed courts are actually working WITH them.

      When the Baptists start flying planes into buildings and killing millions of people to spread the Baptist faith, as directed by their “holy book”, there would be the same reaction.

      In fact, even without any violence, the ACLU and others have been vehemently waging a cultural and legal war against Baptists and Christians of all denominations for decades.

      • I can’t understand why these damn liberals don’t understand it. See, my blind seething irrational hatred of Muslims is *totally* different than their blind, seething irrational hatred of us. Because of how Muslim they are! Get it??? Stoopid liberals.

        I think its also relevant to mention here that Muslims called my girlfriend “homely”, and called me a “feg”. And all that other stuff about the divorce court too. I hate them!!!!! Grrrrr!

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    • A controversial topic to be sure. But one that we have to face. The term ‘Texas Islamic Court’ is an oxymoron – Islam has no standing legally to establish a ‘court’. However, the way they work is similar to the way some of the fringe groups work in Montana and Wyoming, establishing their own set of rules and issuing ‘arbitration agreements’ or ‘liens and judgements’ to be filed against someone.

      You have to remember that Islam is a WAY OF LIFE. It’s a misnomer to consider it a ‘religion’ only. And that’s where every country with laws that are not Islamic comes into conflict. You cannot have Islamic law trump the law of the country – or even the local codes that apply to speeding, for example. There’s only one set of laws governing your everyday life – if your religion has a ‘code of conduct’ and you choose to follow it, do so as long as it is not in conflict with the law that has been established by the legal system in the country where you live. What has happened here is that American lawyers have found a way under US law to enforce the Islamic ‘code of conduct’ in what is viewed under US law as a contract. Shakespeare said ‘First, kill all the lawyers’ – and this may be an example of where he was correct.

      • Islam may have “no standing legally to establish a court” , however, this is the way Islami is infiltrating,and in the not too far off future, you will see worse. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  13. This service, as pointed out frequently, but to no avail, is a private arbitration service that both parties must agree to use. In addition, no ruling can go counter to Federal or State law, which supersedes any arbitration settlement. These types of services are actually quite common, particularly among Orthodox Jews, who very frequently use rabbinical courts to settle civil matters, including divorce and custody, according to Jewish law. And of course these types of arbitration services have no role in any criminal proceedings.
    Whipping fear of ‘creeping Sharia Law’ is nothing but fear-mongering for god knows what purposes. There is no place in the U.S. that is run according to Sharia law. The sky is actually not falling.

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