Dutch Public Broadcaster Faked Burqa Incident – did ABC do the same?

THE HAGUE, 07/03/08 – Public broadcaster BNN deliberately misled viewers in a film clip about a woman in a burqa, the all-covering Muslim garment.In a mini-film on 101tv, BNN’s digital youth channel, a woman is seen who is helped immediately when she drops her bag of oranges. The same woman in a burqa however gets no help when the same thing happens to her. The journalist said she felt discriminated against when wearing the burqa.But Amsterdam broadcaster AT5 discovered deception. AT5 cameras that recorded the BNN filming show that many passers-by wanted to help the woman in the burqa. When they did so, the makers called out to them to walk on.

And of course they faked it in favor of Muslims. I wonder if the staged ABC taqiyya event we posted on a few days ago was faked as well. Good chance it wasn’t on the up and up. I’d love to post the video if anyone can find it on the 101tv website – not in English.

3 thoughts on “Dutch Public Broadcaster Faked Burqa Incident – did ABC do the same?

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