Arab-America’s Store: Wal-Mart submits to Sharia

Wal-mart has submitted to sharia law in Dearbornistan. Can we officially refer to them as Wally Worldistan now? Here are some highlights from the Newsweek story: (notice how Newsweek sanitizes the story with Arab in the title not Muslim)

  • The Dearborn store, though, is the most extreme example of the concept [Everything involving Islam is always the most extreme, no?]
  • [Walmart] hired about 35 Arabic speakers…providing ethnic-sensitivity training to the 650 employees
  • Wal-Mart is making an extraordinary promise: it will not undercut the prices of the small local merchants (though it will still go after Kroger)[so Walmart puts American mom & pop shops out of business regularly, but sets a new standard, a separate playing field for Arab and Muslim businesses – is that legal? Collusion? Price fixing anyone?] Wal-Mart agreed to charge one dime more than local grocers for a six-pack of pita bread.
  • The insular company even agreed to be scrutinized by a “community advisory board” made up of local Arab-American leaders to ensure it isn’t harming the mom-and-pop shops [sharia governance? why so scared of the Arabs/Muslims but no one else?]
  • [Walmart decided] not to bother stocking traditional Muslim clothing, like the headscarf, or hijab…”The community told us, ‘I would not feel comfortable coming to Wal-Mart to buy my hijab’,” [buy a hijab from a kuffar like Wal-Mart…never]
  • “We’re not here to overstep our bounds.” [that from assistant store manager and infidel – sorry to say, Wal-Mart it sounds like you did that already and are now officially contributing to creeping sharia in the USA. Congratulations]

Wonder if they sell Qur’ans, wife beaters (you know, the t-shirts), stones, Molotov cocktail mix…and pork? Do they sell pork? The Three Little Pigs book? Piglet dolls? Piggy banks? I’d like to check this store out but rumor has it Dearbornistan is a no-go zone for infidels.

The new face of Wally World!


(I’ll scan your giraffe, but don’t ask me how much that bacon is…I ain’t buying my hijab from you kuffars)

FYI: We’ll need a few Sharia Alerts to cover Michigan but here is an old post from Dhimmi Watch: 81% of Detroit Muslims want Sharia in Muslim Countries – so much for moderates

Update: Walmart apologizes to Muslim woman in Utah

Obama Links Update:  On May 14, during an AFL-CIO forum in Trenton, N.J., Sen. Obama was asked about Wal-Mart. “I won’t shop there,” he said. (Finally we agree with Obama on something…but did he push for the Muslim Wal-Mart and will he shop there now?)


More: Democratic presidential rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama joined seven U.S. senators Friday to urge Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest importer, to drop opposition to a bill that would require scanning of all U.S.-bound cargo containers for terrorist nuclear bombsnow terrorists can smuggle nukes directly into Dearborn!!

15 thoughts on “Arab-America’s Store: Wal-Mart submits to Sharia

  1. I subscribe to Newsweek and read the story in my copy today.

    What most astounded me was WalMart’s agreeing not to compete with local Mustafa markets. How is this step by WalMart in keeping with its philosophy? I do note that WalMart will underbid Kroger, however.

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  3. i just would like to say this is the best thing that could happen to sister of the religions and brother of the religion ……. NSHALLAH everything will go good for everyone ……

  4. You think it’s the best thing that could happen that Wal-Mart undercuts everyplace of business except muslim stores? You don’t see anything unfair or unAmerican about that? You don’t see any possible negative repercussions, like other groups asking for special treatment, muslims asking for even more special treatment (maybe lower prices or higher pay because they have larger families to support) or the possibility of people become angry with muslims because they’re getting special treatment? You don’t see any of this as possible in the future? Maybe you need to adjust your hijab — you seem to be having vision problems.

  5. Quick question smartasses… How can a Walmart, which is a store, submit to Sharia? I mean just because it carries “MIDDLE EASTERN GROCERIES/PRODUCTS” or maybe it hires “ARAB/MUSLIM AMERICANS” doesn’t mean anything. I’m not Muslim myself but I don’t understand why people have an issue with Muslims. It’s quite sad actually. It’s usually the ignorant dumbasses that have no reason to hate Muslims that talk crap.

  6. and it’s usually ignorant dumbasses who can’t read nor know anything about fair trade, economics, not to mention jihad who don’t understand why those who do know something about it have a problem with some Muslims…

    here’s just three reasons Americans should be concerned – watch each video:

    Video: Muslims in Michigan harass, assault non-Muslims

    Video: Muslim kids in Minnesota harass, assault gay guy

    Video: Muslim kids behead Muslim man while praising Allah – parents video tape

  7. Creeping I’m surprised at how ignorant you are. I have many Muslim friends and I know that not all Muslims are like the ones you have “chosen” to post. You can not say that all Muslims are evil or that they all commit such atrocities. You can not look at a handful of people that do such acts and say all Muslims are like those handful of people. How many crimes are committed by CHRISTIANS like myself or JEWS? How about the KKK, did we forget about them? I can easily go online and find any crime where a CHRISTIAN/JEWISH individual killed their own family and label it anything I want but if it’s a Muslim commits it, it’s automatically linked to his/her religion. These crimes you post here are crimes committed by HUMAN BEINGS; religion can or can not be linked to these crimes but you will never know. Get your facts straight idiot.

    How many blogs, websites, radio stations, and etc all harrass and attack the Muslim faith and people? You guys say that these Muslims at that Michigan festival weren’t allowing free speech then why would you attack them for selling t-shirts and handing out pamphlets?

    Another thing I must add, I have read the koran and what most people do that try to attack the religion of Islam is they take excerpts or just single verses and try to show the “hatred” of Islam towards other religions. Why don’t you read the whole koran for yourself and try to understand it?

    Creeping go read some more about Islam and quit taking the bad parts of a religion and spend some more time on researching and learning about something you know so little about before going out and talking crap.

  8. Creeping something else I’d like to add… It’s people like you that cause more hatred around the world. People like you provoke muslims to get on the defensive and try to protect themselves and hatred starts building.

    Yes, I am totally against terrorists and violence but when you start labeling a whole faith as something they are not, then that is crossing the line. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when you start bending truths and pulling crap out of your ass, then you’re being ignorant.

  9. again Mike – your ignorance runs rampant – and you side with the terrorists and islamists and those muslims who want to impose sharia law on others rather than those who expose them

    where do we say all muslims are evil? please, quote us somewhere…you are just making shit up as you go along to fit your politically correct “i know some muslims” agenda

    we speak about specific acts by specific people and we link to sources – many times Islamic sources, Quran, hadith, Islamic websites, and videos of Muslims in action

    you on the other hand provide not a single reference yet you think because you have some muslim friends you are permitted to speak on behalf of the entire muslim faith…in other words you are doing exactly what you incorrectly accuse us of doing – a standard tactic we see time and time again but it doesn’t work here

    as for your assertion on christians/jews – good for you – start your own blog and write about your dislike of christians/jews – put your time/effort/money where your mouth is if you are so confident

    name calling may make you feel better but it doesn’t refute the videos and other evidence we post…

    when you convince muslims who do want to impose sharia on others, and do believe in & commit acts of terrorism in the name of islam that they should stop, then we won’t have any material to post…so you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you mike…we anxiously await you finishing it so we can move on to a more pleasant topic

  10. are you sure it isnt people like you, creeping, that is trying to impose your faith or ideals onto others? what makes christianity or judiasm better than islam? its a religion. how do you categorize someone something because they believe in something you don’t? wasn’t america based on freedoms? just let it go man, let them be. attacking them through your propaganda wont get rid of extremists lol are you joking? you are just feeding them anger!

    i am not basing my judgements of muslims again on my friends, creeping. i have told you in my previous post that i have actually researched islam and read many books on it. and personally i dont dislike christianity or judiasm or islam or any other religion for that matter. and where do you get that muslims are trying to impose their sharia on us? lol i dont see them infiltrating our neighborhoods and passing out korans… get your facts straight before spreading them around the net, creeping.

    and folks if you want to learn about islam the right way and not from people who claim they know about islam….

    check out


  11. great – so Muslims either force non-Muslims to convert to Islam and wage jihad with them; if they choose not to convert they must pay a tax (jizya) for protection; if they don’t pay the tax they can be driven off the land or killed – thanks so much for that link

    here’s a link directly from the Quran

    SHAKIR: O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

  12. mike, mike, mike – you are from Dearborn right?

    really, if you read your islamic books like you read my comments, it is pretty clear why you are so deluded…please re-read and comprehend what is written…

    your own insecurities lead you to once again falsely state that we are promoting other religions over Islam – even though Islam is not a religion per se but according to Islamic sources “a complete way of life”

    and now you clearly side with the Islamic terrorists and suggest we should leave them alone…not going to happen…we don’t categorize anything – we report on issues in the world – Muslims call it jihad, Islamic law is called sharia – we didn’t make it up…

    Did you watch the video of Muslim kids hacking off the head of another Muslim man while chanting Allah Akhbar? Did you watch it Mike? You haven’t commented on it? You want to ignore reality. Did you watch the Muslims in Minnesota harassing a guy because they thought he was gay? You ignored that too. You want us to just ignore it and leave these animals alone. Here’s two words for you. Fuck that. You can bury your head in the sand if you want, we will not.

    We provide links for everything we post – while you state your opinion and make personal attacks. Obviously you have not read much about Islam if you do not believe Muslims are seeking to convert non-Muslims to Islam…it is one of the pillars of Islam and it is called Dawah.

    CAIR – the largest Islamic group in the US just announced it would be giving 100,000 Qurans to elected officials. Their goal is to distribute 1 million. There are other groups giving away Qurans too – but again, you have your head buried deep in the sand of denial.

    CAIR to distribute 100,000 Qurans to state and local leaders –

    ICNA and CAIR also have a nationwide dawah effort advertising Islam on buses, subways, and billboards. All part of the dawah requirement for Muslims.

    As Islam grows in America, it grows bolder…here is just an example of what people like Mike want to ignore – yet rather than challenging Muslims who advocate violence against non-Muslims…he is begging us to stop exposing them

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