Obamacide – Obama’s Church Reprinted Hamas Manifesto

If this isn’t Obamacide then we may have to start calling him Teflon Barry.

From BizzyBlog comes evidence that Obama’s church not only has anti-white, anti-American feelings, but may also have a pro-Hamas bias. The July 22, 2007 Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin reprinted an article written by Mousa Abu Marzook, deputy of the political bureau of Hamas. Originally printed in the LA Times as “Hamas’ stand“, Pastor Wright added a new title, “A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle”. The Times was criticized for giving a “Platform To Genocidal Terrorist.” Where does that leave Obama’s church? Marzook is a known terrorist and created an extensive Hamas network in the United States.

The smoking gun is here in Obama’s church bulletin. Was Obama there? Does he support Hamas? Expect Obama and his supporters to simply ignore this tacit if not direct support of a terrorist organizaton. tucchamascolumn072207.jpg

Hamas “covenant” here


Obama Foreign Policy Advisor Robert Malley an Avid Hamas Supporter – Father was Confidante of Yasser Arafat

Obama drops Malley over Hamas ties, keeps Brzezinski (what took so long? is Brzezinski next?)

A Hamas Problem for Obama?

Hamas Endorses Obama

48 thoughts on “Obamacide – Obama’s Church Reprinted Hamas Manifesto

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  3. This has gone far enough. Obama can not be seated in the highest office in America. 20 years and he says he knew NOTHING ? This is insane. I’m sure the MSM will never say a word about this as well.

  4. More Obamacide – pro-Palestine, anti-Israel on Obama’s campaign site:


    As feminists and people of conscience, we call for solidarity with Palestinian women in Gaza suffering due to the escalating military attacks that Israel turned into an open war on civilians.

    Just another example of how Obama’s foreign policy is leaked to the public…as soon as the public starts questioning Obama’s ethics and motives on issues like this, it will disappear from the website. Like the Cuban/Che flag, the racist church speeches, the Hamas support, etc., this is frightening.

  5. I remember when the “scandal” about a white power group (stormfront) wanting to vote for Ron Paul even though he had no affiliation and the msm ate the story like an ethiopian on a eating binge. Now, we have Obama who just baptized his children with the racist and he barely gets media mention. Can someone feel a sense of hypocrisy?

  6. Much thanks for this – heard about it from Medved and your’s was the first (and certainly satisfactory) result yielded from my search. I have posted at my site. Come on over and take a look when you have time.

    I will probably be making you a link.
    (You’ve got my email)

  7. “As feminists and people of conscience, we call for solidarity with Palestinian women in Gaza suffering due to the escalating military attacks that Israel turned into an open war on civilians.”

    And of course no mention of how women are treated in the vast majority of Muslim majority nations eh?

  8. Sad…these people are sick and its sad to see Obamas one of them only because the left(which is a big portion of the country) is in love with him.

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  10. I haven’t heard a word about this on the evening news.

    Oh, I’m not doubting this posting. Not at all! I’ve seen the story all over the web and have checked the links.

    Why aren’t the msm telling this very important information? [Bangs head on desk]

  11. Good question and the reason the blogs are growing in viewership…MSM tells you what they want you to know, as dictated by their ownership…not real subjective when your pay check is on the line…

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  13. So what if the church reprinted what the LA times published. Ignoring the content for a minute, does that automatically make the church anti Israel? When videos of Osama bin Laden are released, does that make the media anti American?

    This is truly silly season. Can there be a reasonable debate about the Middle East or is criticism of Israel nothing more than anti semitism.

  14. worldview

    1. They not only reprinted it they add a new title to it that clearly positioned the church in alignment with the palestinian “struggle” and therefore against Israel – this is the church of a presidential candidate so it should be questioned…
    2. Let’s not ignore the content…imagine if Hillary Clinton’s church reprinted an article by the KKK or Nazi’s…it’s unlikely anyone would ask to ignore the content & very likely Obama & others would call her racist, etc.
    3. The media and the church are two entirely different beasts so that comparison is illogical however the media does not add disclaimers for every bin Laden video claiming they don’t agree with the views…however when Geert Wilders movie came out the media immediately, pre-emptively added disclaimers – why don’t they do that for terrorist propaganda videos? Double standard that media.
    4. Silly season is when non-whites and Muslims are allowed to spew racial and ideological hatred and when challenged they cry discrimination…we’d love for debate but groups like Hamas are not interested in discussion they want to annihilate Israel…reasonable debate is not on their agenda…read their charter

  15. worldview: are you seriously suggesting that when someone says there should be a “fresh look” at a terrorist organization, & prints an *op-ed* piece written by one of them, it’s the same as when the news warns people about a terrorist? Are you seriously trying to suggest that Wright isn’t brainlessly anti-Israel in every mention he’s ever made of Israel??

  16. Malik,

    If anti-Islamic-terrorist sentiment is what you sense, then you may be on to something, otherwise it’s just your own subconscious guilt…

    since Islam is not a race there is no possible way that you could sense racism…typical anti-American, muslim propaganda tactics are their best…

    the real shame is that Muslims like yourself will defend to the death any muslim who supports jihad in the name of islam even when your Koran clearly outlines what you refer to as racism…’do not take the Christians and the Jews as your friends’ – seems you have quite the double standard

  17. How very pretentious of you, creeping. How did you come to the conclusion that Malik supports violence?

    As for your citation of the koran, if you take a fundamental interpretation of the christian bible, I’m certain you can pull something that has that same double standard.

    The trouble with O’Reilly or Hannity disciples is that they don’t even bother hiding their bias.

  18. Feet…

    Unless you believe that jihad is synonymous with violence then you must be a scosh pretentious yourself…of course, the word violence was not even used in response to Malik’s comments…CAIR may be calling you soon asking for your apology.

    If you are so positive in your attempt at moral equivalence, please show us in the Bible where Christians are told not to take non-Christians as friends…we’ll be waiting.

    Again your pretentiousness has gotten the best of you as this post nor this site has nothing to do with Fox News or any other news outlet.

    We are unashamedly biased against Islamic terrorists so in the future, people like you won’t be disciples to sharia law.

  19. It should be a shock that a potential president of the USA wants to talk to terrorists and those terrorists actually WANT him to win…it’s bad enough that the UN is corrupted by terrorist regimes, if Obama wins the US will openly support such terrorists

  20. How you can you persecute someone for something their church did. Blackmail only makes people look stupid. they get all excited because they think they are on to something. CONSPIRACY! YAY I FEEL SMART! How can you accuse someone of something that their church they go to. Seriously, how many people here can honestly tell me that they are so deeply rooted in their church that they know all that is going on in everyones life there. That is like making a peritioner liable for a preist raping an alter server. It doesn’t work like that. Republicans should work on tearing down Obama’s platform and not try to think of funny fantasies to pass the time.

  21. How many people write a book and title it after the pastor of their church? How many people run for President of the U.S. and claim their pastor as a personal and spiritual mentor?

    People should vote for Obama based on his platform – unfortunately that’s not the case and “hope” and “change” are not platforms – they are empty words from an empty suit with a significant amount of influence from people and groups that are undeniably un-American.

    Democrats ripped Mitt Romney for being Mormon, they ripped George Bush for his strong Christian faith, and nary a word from Dems on those issues.

    Fantasy is an unqualified, pathological liar like Obama being the Democratic nominee – it simply shows how weak and talent-less the Democratic party is and how when a party has no platform they will elect what is likely to be the most unqualified, undeserving presidential candidate in the history of American politics.

    When your church advocates terrorism and promotes terrorist groups, not to mention the congregation applauds racist, anti-American sermons without shame – it’s a pretty strong indication of what type of ideology is taught there. Obama adheres to that ideology and hence should be duly judged by it. That’s politics libby.

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  24. it’s no secret that Obama should “not” as a Pres be amicable with terrorists. He is a sharia law campaigners in 2006 the media hid that and the subsequent violence while he lied to call himself a christian. Meantime all those christians were killed. Then he never denounced the violence that was scheduled for this country if he didn’t win the elections.

    He claimed he would distance himself from Mr. Wright then a few weeks later immediately after election at the election party whom was front and center ??? you got Mr. Wright. He has never denounced SHARIA LAW either and we know what a farce that is to mislabel it as *fairness doctrine” because they think American’s are too “stupid” to look or research further than the title when voting for something.

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