Sharia Alerts: Utah

Continuing in the “Creeping Sharia” series of ‘Sharia Alerts’, this episodes focus shifts to Utah. Primarily Caucasian (95%) and Mormon (60%+), could it be parts of the original Mormon ideology that attract Muslims to Utah (alcohol limits and polygamy to name two)? Consisting of less than 1% of the population (15,000 according to a Utah Muslim group), Muslims are having a significant impact in the area.

The Mosques of Utah – 9 and counting

Unindicted co conspirator linked to WTC bombing Siraj Wahaj to speak at Muslim Student’s Association Conference 2008 at The University of Utah!

Islamic Center of Utah promoting litigation jihad law school

Saudis Visit Utah, Extol ‘True’ Islam; ‘All Americans would become Muslims’

Muslim cab drivers turn break room into mosque at SLC airport

KSL stories with photos here, here, and here and while one reporter states she wouldn’t call the man who exposed the Muslim prayer room a hero (BUT he was right), those who have been intimidated by Muslims in Salt Lake City surely will

Utah Muslims Protect Violent Imam And Wife Abuser – same imam working with mayor on airport mosque prayer room; local Islamic Center may have flown him out of U.S.

Sudden Jihad Syndrome in Salt Lake City and more here –Utah killings was Jihad, report

Salt Lake cops refuse jihad concept – killer given Islamic burial in Bosnia

Breaking down barriers – i.e., converting Ute’s to Islam – videos

Utah State ignores jihad and Islamic doctrinepreach Islam to middle schoolers

Utah PhD leads Islamic Sharia training – who also reports that under sharia borrowing is permissible if it “needs to prepare an army able to carry on the responsibility of Jihad…in the lands of the unbelievers” (Instruments of Public Debt, p. 32)

Weber State hosts Utah Islamic Community web site

Utah links

Muslims require separate Girl Scouts in Utah

Salt Lake American Muslim – supporting Muslim refugees

Salt Lake City’s Bosnian Muslim community is an artificial construct

Muslims perpetrate fake hate crime, arson in Utah

5 arrested, links to terrorism and Utahrelated to al-qaeda suspect

Family of Utah Muslim Marine apologizes to Islamic world

Refugees arrested importing several hundred pounds of khat in Salt Lake

Utah politicians support Muslim sharia law – issues resolution

Utah Republicans urged to trash the Patriot Act – something or someone to hide in Utah?

Utah Woman Boasted of Saudi Freedoms To Bush Brother Before Arrest at Starbucks

Utah’s Muslim Community Has a New House of Worship New mosque serves south valley Muslims

Ricin – From Vegas to Utah?

Al-Qaeda City: Sandy, Utah Spits On Soldiers’ Christmas Tree – video

Wal-Mart Apologizes to Muslim Woman

That’s a lot of action from less than 1% of the population, and this list goes on and on.

7 thoughts on “Sharia Alerts: Utah

  1. I think this is a god damn joke.

    When are we as Americans going to stop redrawing the lines…the lines that these Islamist fanatics keep crossing.

    Has anyone read the US Constitution…you know, the one that says this is teh SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND?

    The same Constitution that Americans gave their lives for to ratify in 1789….yeah that one. Why are we letting these Sharia law nut jobs trample on that.

    Take a stand for God’s sake and let these people know that there is a point beyond which they must not advance!

    Someone get me Ronald Reagan….and Jack Bauer while you are at it!

  2. We really need immediate action regarding this situation. It is snow-balling so fast that no one is getting a handle on it.

    1. We need to form a not-for-profit organization called something like Americans Against the implmentation of Sharia Law in Public Forums

    2. We need to hold a national convention in DC and develop a strategic plan that we can and will take to Congress and state law makers.

    Thirty-five years ago, I chaired a committee that wrote the licensure laws for my profession. We developed the model on the national level, and then took the legislation to each state legislature to have it passed into law. Most states adopted this licensure with slight modifications and my entire profession went from a non-licensed profession to an almost entirely licensed profession.

    Such a similar approach would only require about 1000 supporters to begin with, 20 truly-committed individuals from each state (hopefully both Dems and GOPs–bipartisian effort)

    All of our e-mails and alerts to one another are great and helping us stay up all night in great worry, but until we develop effective, agressive and sustainable actions that become laws THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, we will not impact the situation.

    Their goal is to develop parallel Sharia legal systems in our country until they are poised and strong enough to substitute those systems for our Constitutional Democracy. This is what is happening here once we have given them everything and the kitchen sink.

  3. Bev,

    It sounds like you have experience in this area which we certainly do not. Our goal is to raise awareness but we’re all for aligning resources to address creeping sharia in the U.S.

    The Network Solutions ban might start to wake the general public from slumber, but not likely.

    One organization that may be trying to do exactly what you suggest is the American Congress for Truth. Check out their web site and see if it aligns with your ideas. If not let us know – there are quite a few blogs writing on the topic.

  4. Dear Patriots,

    We don’t need to rely on large numbers of people to make immediate impact on this cultural Jihad. History has proven that great impacts were made in many cases by one or a few people. I have learned that the larger impacts we hope to make must FIRST start within your local cities, then your counties, then your state, then your country.

    We need people to start communicating to School Board members in every school district, we need to touch base with your assemblymen and county supervisors, we need to learn which public officials are involved with the state board of education. We need to educate them, we need to let them know the grass roots movement exists, is growing and is monitoring, we need to let them know our expectations, we need to foster relationships AND WE need to run for these public offices.

    The GREATEST mistake is to concern yourself with numbers. One can be an army if they can raise a compelling case. We need to just do it!


  5. Kahf is not a professor at the University of Utah, as can easily be found out by checking their employee directory. He simply recieved a degree in economics from the University of Utah. Less hysteria and more fact checking, please.

  6. Thanks for pointing that out Richard – you are correct he was not a professor, he was merely a teaching assistant and earned his PhD from Univ of Utah.

    After fact checking his background in more detail as you suggest, his writings don’t bode well for Americans…more hysteria? Well, he clarifies that under sharia law Islamic governments can borrow money to finance jihad in the land of the unbelievers…right now the US would be included in the “land of the unbelievers”…

    He is also a former member of ISNA – a spinoff of the banned Muslim Brotherhood

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