March 9, 1977: Hanafi Muslims take 100+ hostages in DC, kill 2

In 1977, before the Internet and some of our readers were born, a group of 12 Hanafi Muslims conducted coordinated raids on several Washington, DC buildings taking more than 100 hostages and killing two people and wounding future mayor Marion Barry.

A 2007 report from David Statter at 9NEWS NOW, Hanafi Siege: 30 Years Later:

Thirty years ago on March 9th, much of downtown Washington came to a standstill. Armed men had stormed B’nai Brith Headquarters at Scott Circle, The Islamic Center on Massachusetts Avenue and later the District Building.

More than 100 people were held hostage by 12 Hanafi Muslims. Killed in the takeover, a young radio reporter and a security guard. Wounded, with a bullet in his chest, then council member Marion Barry.

The siege was an attempt to avenge the 1973 deaths of 7 members of Hanafi leader Hamas Abdul Khalis’s family. This occurred at Khalis’s home, the Hanafi Muslim Center, on 16th Street, Northwest.

Much of the 38 hour long drama played out on television. Khalis was in contact with Channel 9 from B’nai Brith and gave his demands over the phone to anchorman Max Robinson.

Former WTOP Radio & TV reporter Alan Grip was a city spokesman at the time of the siege. WTOP Radio’s Steve Thompson talked with Grip as he was held hostage at the District Building.

Some of the reporters and anchors who contributed to our coverage in 1977 have gone on to long careers in local and network television. They include, JC Hayward, Bruce Johnson, Mike Buchanan, Gordon Peterson, Pat Collins, Susan King, Andrea Mitchell, Bob Strickland, and Steve Gendel.

A Washington Post report included this:

One of the captors told them that “if anyone does anything wrong, he’ll cut their head and throw it out of the window,” she recalled.

The group’s leader demanded that the movie “Mohammid, The Messenger” (released as The Message in English) be banned for sacrilege and blasphemy.

The primary demand of the Muslim group called for the release of several Nation of Islam members who had been convicted of brutally killing family members of the hostage taker’s leader. It is believed that the NOI convicts were to be executed upon being handed over.

The group had other demands as well, ranted about Jews, and the first building seized was B’nai B’rith International headquarters. See the original NBC4 report below (update: the link no longer works, here is the archived link).

This incident may require more analysis as it may be among the first acts of capitulation to Islamic terrorism (home grown at that) in the United States.

Back to the movie (which is on utube). Muhammid’s picture and voice were forbidden from being depicted so the story is told from Mo’s uncle’s point of view, played by Anthony Quinn. Other interesting details include the fact that the movie was banned from several Mid-East countries because Muslim leaders “didn’t like the idea of having the Prophet Mohammed’s story being made into a motion picture,” even though the movie was approved for accuracy by The University of Al-Azhar in Cairo and the High Islamic Congress of the Shiat in Lebanon. The movie was also financed by none other than Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. IMDB has details.

The siege was also captured in song by Joni Mitchell whose 1977 single “Otis and Marlena” includes several refrains of “while Muslims stick up Washington.” (tried to load mp3 but can’t do mp3s here)

Thirty (plus) years later, Muslims are still raging over movies, still taking hostages, and still sticking up Washington. Where will we be in another thirty years?

Update: More on the Hanafi Siege and the role of the media.

Part II

Note: Originally posted in April, 2008 as “Fitna Not First Movie Muslims Rage Over” (modified and updated since).

Geert Wilders’ Fitna may be a new topic to many, but it is not the first movie Muslims have raged over.

15 thoughts on “March 9, 1977: Hanafi Muslims take 100+ hostages in DC, kill 2

  1. {{{{{Thirty years later, Muslims are still raging over movies, still taking hostages, and still sticking up Washington. Where will we be in another thirty years?}}}}}}

    We are in the Nuclear Age. No luxury of time. Nuke ’em Mid-East and all those mass murderers for total elimination. But first perhaps we should nuke Mecca and Medina into a mushroom cloud, make it very very poisonous for the next 1000 years or so as a warning. If muslims who are still stubborn to follow of the mentally deranged mass murderer, paedophile, rapist MO, descendant of the CURSED Ishmael, then they should be exterminated without batting an eyelid. What does one do with vermin infected with bubonic plague. It’s us or them. Let it be them, they are expendable and dispensible . Useless masses of protoplasm that do not contribute to society, country, or earth.

  2. Of course it’s not simply the past 30 years, nor the past hundred nor the past thousand: it is the past 1,400 years of continuous jihad against dar al-Harb, the lands of war, i.e., us. And so on it will go, never-ending as it has never ended in the time since Mohammed began his criminal career. What do you do when you live in a zoo?

    Well, one thing I think I know is that the further over-the-top the rhetoric is the further one will be from ever actually doing anything at all about the cause of the problem. Were I a man with a nasty temperament I might suggest to one and all that we should think “small.” I would then suggest one think so small that the smallest act might be very large indeed; and one might try to find ways of making it smaller still. Think not of nuking Mecca, think instead of holding the solution in the palm of ones hand. But I’m not a nasty-minded guy at all.

    And thanks for the post on the film.

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  4. I’m disheartened every time I’m speaking with an Arab who assumes that because I’m white, we hold nothing in common and could never be friends…then I read bigoted posts written by people who have never bothered to diversify themselves in the slightest. Every single post along with this article comes from a completely ethnocentric point of view. Hamaas Khaalis, the leader of the Hanafi Siege in 1977 had a history of mental issues, he was nuts just like Ted Kaczynski, Timothy Mcveigh and a hand full of other home grown terrorists in the United States. Also Hamaas Khaalis was a leader in the Nation of Islam which is an extremist organization of Muslims, unlike the majority of peaceful Muslims. Whether or not you choose to agree, it’s a proven fact that the media socializes us/creates our beliefs, stereotypes and opinions of who we are and who others are. The problem is the media creates a skewed image of certain people, ranging from all races and religions, and definitely including Arab Muslims. You can prove this to yourself, how many practicing Arab Muslims do you know and have regular interaction with? I can’t answer that for you, but I’d be willing to bet that for the majority of the people who posted on here, you know very few practicing Arab Muslims. I don’t intend for this post to be an attack on anyone in this forum, rather I hope that it will help educate all of you to the reality of the situation. I’m white, 100% American, and have Christian roots, but can say that I have no problem with Arab Muslims. We see only a small percentage of Muslims in the media, and that small percentage is mostly made up of radical sects, which most Arabs reject.

    • Stan,

      Ignoring your attacks on this forum, which you level first then claim not to attempt, your defense of Islamic terrorists, be they Hanafi or NOI, sane or insane, is typical.

      Unfortunately, all your Muslim & Arab friends in the world didn’t prevent Islamic terrorists from killing the Muslim director of this film, Moustapha Akkad, and his daughter in a terrorist attack in “moderate” Jordan. He also happened to produce all the Halloween films.

      And they still consider you kufr unless you’ve converted to Islam.

  5. Actually kufr is the arabic word for disbelief, thrown around by some radical Muslims, but not very different from our Christian friends here in the States, who claim all non-believers are going to hell. Also the majority of Muslims believe that Christians and Jews are not kufr, seeing as how all three religions originated from the Torah.

    Your remark about Moustapha Akkad has no weight, no body was able to save his life, what does that have to do with the average Muslim? Your justifying intolerance of millions of Arab Muslims by using one mans death as an example.

    Lastly don’t confuse what I said in my original post as a defense on any terrorist, Muslim or otherwise. Terrorism is terrorism, only an illogical person can defend terrorism, but I do defend the millions of peaceful Muslims your generalizing as terrorists.

  6. There you go again, defending or rationalizing terrorists…because after all, no one can stop them.

    You’ve thrown around your non-existent statistics twice now yet haven’t shown your data or source. Where is the study on the majority of Muslims in the world by a reputable, impartial source?

    And when were you appointed to speak on behalf of the majority of Muslims in the world?

    Your tactic is the same one that Islamic terrorists use – that those who speak out against terrorism are against all Muslims. Yet no where on this site do we state any such thing.

    Your other false equivocation between Islam and Christianity is one you can argue on a Christian blog or with your Christian friends. There is a great book on the topic, but that detracts from the reality of Islamic ideology.

    Here’s a Sheikh in Texas who loosely throws around the term kuffar and clarifies who is…

  7. Mistaken again…not rationalizing terrorism, just trying to enlighten you and show the mistake you make by drawing connections between terrorists and Muslims.

    Also which statistics do you speak of?

    There’s also a contradiction in your last post when you say that nowhere on this site do you speak against all Muslims, just a paragraph down you speak of the “reality of Islamic ideology,” making some loosely threaded argument that Islamic ideology encourages terrorism…seems like only the dimwitted really find any continuity in your arguments.

    Just a few other things I found on the site of the Sheikh from Texas in regards to kuffar:
    “In Islam we say that there is no war against the kuffar just because they’re kuffar.”

    “When living with people especially the kuffar , the prophet advises us to handle them with kindness.”

    “I would like to know that is it ok for muslims to join hands with kuffar(pakistan with america) against their own muslim brothers.”

    It seems obvious now that you have little knowledge about actual Islamic belief after making a single reference to an insufficient source. I suggest you actually study the Qur’an before placing harsh judgments on entire religious populations, and urge the readers of this blog to take heed to the prejudices of the ill instructed bigots who write these articles.

  8. P.S. there was an earlier post made by Christopher saying it’s time to end all Muslim integration so…

    “Your tactic is the same one that Islamic terrorists use – that those who speak out against terrorism are against all Muslims. Yet no where on this site do we state any such thing.” -creeping

    Actually looking at it your tactic is similar to Islamic terrorists, brain wash the ill informed.

  9. Keep rationalizing if it makes you feel better Stan.

    We get all of our enlightenment directly from the most frequently used Islamic texts – the same ones Muslims around the world are taught from – and from Muslims themselves. You can find them in your local mosque or Islamic bookstore like we do.

    While you rationalize terrorists and a violent ideology, even the Texas imam tells his worshipers not to call Jews & Christians kafir because it is derogatory – that typifies the religion of peace.

    There’s no contradiction at all – the ideology speaks for itself – it preaches intolerance, violence against non-Muslims and even against Muslims who don’t adhere to it closely enough or choose to leave it.

    Does every Muslim in the world follow the Islamic ideology 100%? NO.

    But in Islam that renders those who do not follow strictly or leave Islam apostates and again, according to Islamic law the punishment for apostasy can be death. The ideology also approves wife beating, rape, marrying children at any age, consummating marriage with a child, taxing non-Muslims for protection, killing non-Muslims, polygamy, etc.

    We focus on those who want to spread that ideology and who act on the violent, intolerant aspects of it. Clearly that does not include all Muslims and there are plenty of posts & videos from Muslims who feel similarly.

    You choose to defend the entire ideology.

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