Obama Pal Ayers Supports NYC Madrassa

In “How Many Clicks from KGIA to Obama,” Boker tov blog recaps the KGIA muslim madrassa story and finds that Barack Obama pal, and Weather Underground terrorist, William Ayers signed a letter in support of the school. Ayers brother, the Huffington Post contributer, also signed the letter.

No surprise that an unrepentant, homegrown terrorist would support a school whose original principal defended the promotion of Intifada NYC t-shirts. Stop the Madrassa has more on Ayers.

posthumous luger has more on the other radical educators who signed the open letter to Mayor Bloomberg in Teachers For a Broader Definition of “Intifada.”

What are the chances all those who support the Brooklyn madrassa support Obama as well?

update: video from Atlas Shrugs – Obama’s Real Bill Ayers Problem

4 thoughts on “Obama Pal Ayers Supports NYC Madrassa

  1. There is alot we still don’t know about Obama. I think you turn into the same type people you hang with. Obama has been hanging with some dandy people. :)

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