Flight 93 Memorial Hijacking on Fox News

Fox News, and many other media outlets and newspapers are now reporting on the Flight 93 Memorial controversy.

Unfortunately, most media are only reporting that ‘some’ family members are tired of the controversy and simply want the design approved. They also fail to report the details of the controversy, and one source falsely reports the memorial is for 40 passengers even though four Islamic hijackers are included in the memorial.

The controversy over numerous aspects of the Flight 93 Memorial the design include it being the shape of an Islamic crescent, the crescent pointing directly toward Mecca, and including 44 glass stones – one for each passenger on the airplane. Four of the passengers however were Islamic terrorists, and hence four of those stones, are memorials for the Islamic terrorists who hijacked the plane and killed crew members while intending to crash the plane into an unknown target likely in Washington, D.C.

Previous Creeping Sharia story with links to online and paper petitions, and backstory here. The Ft. Hard Knox blog has the latest coverage and videos. JunkYardBlog is on it as well.

Christine Fraser, of New Jersey, whose sister died in the crash said, “I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.”

Seven years after the largest Islamic terrorist attack against America, and many smaller attacks, many Americans just don’t get it. And for their apathy and ignorance towards Islam and its symbolism, the United States continues to appease Muslims, submit to sharia-like laws, and relinquish our freedoms. We will even go so far as to memorialize Muslim hijackers who killed American’s in the name of Islam – because we really don’t get it.

One thought on “Flight 93 Memorial Hijacking on Fox News

  1. My personal condolences to all who were affected by either the tragedy of Flight 93 and/or this gruesome travesty of a “memorial” (it’s actually a free-standing ‘mihrab’–but who cares; it requires removal– and SOON!).

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