Newsweek Editor Declares America #2

In the “a picture is worth a thousand words” category, Newsweek has apparently tried to take disrespect for America a few steps further than TIME magazine did a few weeks ago. In doing so, Newsweek uses a rear view of the Statue of Liberty as well as a “USA #2” image to signify their view of America’s decline.

In the latest edition of Newsweek, Fareed Zakaria writes, “The world has shifted from anti-Americanism to post-Americanism,” and goes on to describe the ‘rise of the rest’ of the world.

A Muslim, born in India, Zakaria also writes off terrorism and suggests that Americans are more likely to drown in their bathtubs than be the victim of a terrorist attack. He adds that deaths by organized violence is in a downtrend, that Al-Qaeda in Iraq is more anti-Shiite than anti-American, that Al-Qaeda “used to do terrorism, now they make videotapes”, and that such groups along with Iran are much less of a threat than Germany or Russia did during the 20th century. He also uses the crutch all Muslims and Muslim apologists lean on, “But it is increasingly clear that militants and suicide bombers make up a tiny portion of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims.” Of course he offers no evidence for this fact nor does he pontificate on the hundreds of thousands of Muslims around the world, including the U.S., who regularly protest against non-Muslims, burn flags and effigies, and carry signs advocating death to non-Muslims.

While acknowledging America is still the most competitive economy in the world, Zakaria goes on to suggest that the solution to America’s woes are more immigration, and more acceptance of and participation in globalization, and to help bring the rising powers into the global economy rather than obsessing over our own short-term interests. “If China, India, Russia, Brazil all feel that they have a stake in the existing global order, there will be less danger of war, depression, panics, and breakdowns.”

If one looks at the Newsweek pictures and reads the words carefully, he/she may get the impression that some would prefer America relinquish all nationalism and pride for the sake of a new era where an economy of equally distributed wealth would lead to a peaceful, terror-free world.

As Fareed notes in his opening, “Americans are glum at the moment.” When Newsweek journalists, like Zakaria, are attending secret meetings to brainstorm policies to deal with terrorists, and apparently giving Senators advice on Iraq policy, Americans have ample reason to be glum at the moment.

Fareed’s website is full of stories detailing how bad America is, how America is declining, what America is doing wrong, and how we should submit to “foreignism”.

More down with America propaganda from Newsweek\'s Muslim editor

Investor’s Business Daily: We’re (Still) #1 A must read:

We defeated Nazism, fascism and communism. We will defeat Islamofascism. If an Indian billionaire is now richer than Donald Trump, so what? We made it possible.

Yeah, China is booming and Russia is resurgent, at least in economic terms. But we see nobody sneaking across their borders looking for a better life.

9 thoughts on “Newsweek Editor Declares America #2

  1. An agent for Islamintern, this Fareed Zakaria.

    Just like Tariq Ramadanin EUrabia, Waleed Ali & Yusuf Irfan in Australia.

    Professional Islamo-agit props who obfuscate, sow discord, minimize the threat, lie, deny, mislead, lay blame on the host country, and want you to feel guilty for the failure of the Islamic system. Because Islam is never to blame, they mislead, invent conspiracy theories, confuse the nutroots, instigate the moonbats to blame BUSH and the US of A for all the worlds ills.

    The enemy is among us. And we still allow Muhammedan immigration…

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  5. Islam can kiss my grits….They can learn to live with this radical Christian or get the h…. out of my land… Islam will never dominate the world , it will never happen… The real truth is the meek will inherit the earth and islam will cease to exist.. According to Bible prophecies
    As for Usa being taught a lesson on 9-11, that is another muslim lie.. 9-11 has cost Islam about 3 countries so far and in our Christian mercy we didnt just erase you with nukes… Better lay off Christians.. It will be the demise of Islam if you don’t…

  6. This whole situation makes me sick to the point of wanting to puke. I remember a day when I never heard the word Muslim and never heard of Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan. It was a better world when they didn’t exist in my consciousness. I dislike the discord these people have caused. I don’t care if it is a minority (IF). That minority, should be controlled by the majority. I wish they would just go away, take their hate, their hijabs, their beekeeper suits, their chauvenism, their brutality and their oppressive religion and leave the planet like yesterday. The only thing positive contribution I can think of that these people have made, is their architecture. The rest of their so called culture is camel dung.

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