History: Muslims hijack TWA Flight 847, kill U.S. Navy diver June 14, 1985

June 14 is Flag Day in the U.S., but it also marks yet another of Islam’s bloody coup’s in the eternal jihad against the infidel.

The hijacking of TWA Flight 847 and brutal killing of American Robert Stethem, returning from Naval duty is yet another fact littering the annals of history and further highlighting that Islamic terrorism is not new; that Hizbollah is not a peaceful political organization regardless of who/where they are elected. And extreme evidence that they have every intention of killing Americans and have done so with impunity as evidenced in this atrocity from June 14, 1985. Read it all.

Terror flight 847 and Robert D. Stethem remembered. (USS Stethem info & photos)

It was twenty one years ago on June 14,1985 two armed hijackers commandered TWA flight 847 in a 17 day seige. The Boeing 727 aircraft was originally destined to departure from Athens to Rome on this day,when the two weilding grenades and guns forced the pilot in making a avert change of course towards Beruit. I remember the incident as if was yesterday,because I had graduated from junior high that very day.

The hijacking incident was covered on the news via both radio and television during the entire horror when the hijackers threatened to blow up the aircraft when their demands were not met. The plea from pilot John Testrake was heard saying through the broadcast in communications with Beruit’s airport traffic controller “They are beating the passengers. They are beating the passengers. They are threatening to kill them now” and included when one of the hijackers pulled the pin from the grenade “He has pulled a hand-grenade pin and is ready to blow up the aircraft if he has to.” At this moment there was a demand for refuel.

Accordingly to witnesses aboard flight 847,the ordeal began within 20 minutes into the flight. There were 153 passengers aboard,including the two who identified themselves as members of Hezbollah. The aircraft was to be flown to Beruit at first. The hijackers became suspicious that there military personel on board. Passports from everyone was taken from everyone for identification. In the story from airline purser Uli Derickson,she helped collected all passports with other crew members. When she got to one passenger, Robert Stethem a U.S. Navy seabee diver, it was pretended that Uli collected his identification(a military card) for his own safety.

When Stethem’s I.D. was not collected,one of the hijackers demanded to know why it wasn’t given. Soon afterwards the I.D. was finally submitted. When the Boeing 727 was near its destination,there was a refusal by Beruit International Tower from allowing it to land. The gunmen then grabbed Stethem and another military officer(Clinton Suggs) out of their seats and pushed and shoved them towards the cockpit door. Both men were bounded with rope. One of the gunmen pulled off a armrest off one of the chairs and began to lower it on Sugg’s head beating him,then on Stethem. When Uli Derickson pleaded the savage to stop”Good. American pig must suffer!” the hate spilled out from his mouth. When the aircraft was permitted to land,the beatings stopped.

Kurt Carlson who was one of the five military personel on board, recalled in a interview that he looked towards his badly injured friend and asked “Hey Red, you ok?” meaning Stethem.

Uli asked that bandages were needed to be applied over the badly bruised face of this young man,and needed medical attention. Again,the hijacker shouted “American pig must suffer. Must die!” Benjamin Zimmerman,the flight engineer,testified in Mohammed Hummadi’s trial of the beatings of both servicemen. “We could hear the groans and moans and the screams and the panting and the uneven breathing. And we knew these guys were getting beat up pretty badly…”

Zimmerman also said that he was pistol whipped on the back of his head describing “seeing stars.”

The terrorists asked that they speak to a Amal official for negotiations. Several women and children were released from the plane. Testrake and his flight crew were ordered to fly to Algiers.

It was here after spending numerous hours on the tarmac, 21 additional passengers were set free. Still the terrorists were becoming more impatient as they threatened to kill all passengers. Uli Derickson who served in bravery in attemting to stop the beatings of several passengers on TWA 847,offered her own Shell credit card. The gound crew charged about $5,500 for 6,000 gallons of fuel.

The plane then was ordered to be flown back to Beruit. In between landing destinations, another beating of young Robert Stethem was unloaded. He was blindfolded,bounded and gagged,then repeatedly tortured throughout the next several hours. Stethem was pistol whipped ,as he was being kicked and punched on the floor mercilessly for a prolonged period of time. However,testimonies by several passengers,and John Testrake, Stethem never uttered out a cry of pain. “He (Stethem) was probably the bravest man I’ve ever seen in my life” the pilot said of the Navy seabee in a interview after his release. Stethem was kicked in the face and the knee caps and was repeatedly stomped and kicked until they(hijackers) had broken all of his ribs. Another navy diver who was on TWA 847 gave a graphic detail when he saw his commrade beaten severely that “there was blood all over his(Stethem) face and his head’ that his shirt was torn and there was blood all over his chest; that his ribs were bruised,red and inflamed; and that he was limping and dragging one foot.”

Another testimony given by Ruth Henderson who was 16 at that time amoung the 153 passengers on TWA 847 was the only person who communicated with Robert Stethem when he was placed back on a seat in between his beatings.

“He said how it may be better that he died” Henderson testified in Hummadi’s trial “He believed that someone would die on the plane,someone from the navy men(there were five other divers on the plane) and he said that because he was the only one who wasn’t married,that he should be the one to die. He spoke with a clear mind…he didn’t believe that all of us could get out alive. He felt it was fair that he dies so the rest of us could live.”

The ailine stewardess Uli Derickson,who placed herself in harms way on may occasions in trying to stop the beatings tells her own story of what happened to the navy diver: The German-speaking hijacker] called Robert Stethem to the first-class section. It’s a night flight now. The hijacker with grenades took off his own shirt and his undershirt, and he took out a razor blade. I started getting very emotional because I thought of throat cutting. All the lights were turned off in the cabin. Only the galley lights were on. Then the hijacker started cutting his undershirt into small strips. He’s blindfolding Stethem. Very tight. And then he takes one of those thick elastic cords from a suitcase cart and ties up his hands, very, very high behind his back and pulls that elastic cord to the very end. Stethem’s hands immediately turn white. Then they drag him to the cockpit door and they are beating Robert Stethem with the armrest they ripped off the flight engineer’s seat. They were jumping in the air and landing full force on his body. He must have had all his ribs broken. I was sitting only 15 feet away. I couldn’t listen to it. I put my fingers in my ears. I will never forget. I could still hear. They put the mike up to his face so his screams could be heard by the outside world. When they were finished, one of the hijackers picked him up like a cat picks up its kitten and dragged him over to a seat.

…Now I’m telling . . . I’m telling Bob — Robert Stethem — to hang on. He was in tremendous pain. His arms had lost all feeling. I kept saying to this German-speaking hijacker, “Can I not untie his hands? We’re cooperating with you. Why are you doing this to those people?” He said, “No. Leave him alone. He’s just an American pig.” I kept asking, please. Then he let me untie his hands. It took me five minutes, the elastic was so tight. There was a carving knife hidden in the galley, but I didn’t want to bring it out to cut the cord. Then the hijacker told me to take him to a seat in coach. I’m lifting this man over passengers. He was hurt very badly.

It was sometime after 12:00 A.M. the next day(June 15) that the aircraft had approached Beruit Internaional,and as the day before was refused to land,and the fact it was nearly a close to immediate time to refuel. Making things more impossible,the airtower controller shut off all the lights in the airport. The hijackers grabbed the pilots microphone and shouted “We are suicide terrorists! If you don’t let us land,we will crash the plane into your control tower,or fly it to Baabada and crash into the Presidential Palace!” Not knowing for sure if there was going to be a suicide crash landing,Testrake asked that all remaining passengers to be prepared for a crash landing. Then the lights on the runway were turned on again by the control tower.

It was still horrific,because there was no way of telling of what the hijackers could do next and the body of the unconsciousness Robert Stethem was laying behind the cabin door. Screamings between the hijackers and tower control were heard throughout the mass hysteria scene. Then both hijackers grabbed thier pulverized victim-Robert Stethem- by his elbows and beat him again so that they were trying to get Stethem to scream in the microphone to get a fuel truck in the tarmac. John Testrake said”The sounds (of the beatings) were sickening. If I had a gun ..I wouldn’t bother to hestitate in shooting both the bastards.” There was a demand that a Amal officer could be reached. When none was given, the doomed Stethem was dragged to the front passenger door,and was shot in the head and dumped on the tarmac. One military officer who was held captive on TWA 847,recalled when the shot bursted, Stethem cried out “Oh my God!” at the moment of his execution.

The same navy officer who was beaten earlier the previous day with the now slain Robert Stethem,was forced towards the front of the plane as well. He could feel the change of the air pressure and the wind and heard a second shot and heard the body pushed out of the plane onto the tarmac below. Moments later,Suggs just like Stethem before him was beaten; Uli Derickson intervened and yelled to the assailants “Enough, enough, we’re doing everything we asked!” The assualts then stopped.

Unrecognizable,the body of Robert D. Stethem was recovered by the Red Cross and shipped to a U.S. airbase in Spain for proper indentification. The autopsy doctor described the horrifying wounds on the Navy officer during Hummadi’s murder trial in Germany.

“He just killed a passenger! He just killed a passenger!” Testrake announced over the microphone to the tower control. The execution was transmitted over the radio waves in the presence of the media who were in Beruit. Even CNN had the ‘live’ audio and video coverage of the whole event from the begining. Later on,the network displayed a photo of a body of the victim. Obviously it was a gruesome display of the murderers,who wanted to show the world ‘they meant business.’

Fearing there would be a Isreali Mossad or a U.S. Delta Force raid on the landed aircraft,the hijackers demanded that all aiirport lights to be shut off. In the midst of darkness,a ploy of the hijackers was to bring a reinforcement of well armed militia ,as well for the release of passengers with Jewish sounding names who were later imprisioned with the remaining military personel somewhere in Beruit.

Several hours later,the plane was headed off again to Algiers. During this flight,a demand for another hijacker’s release was being negotiated with Algerian officials. A third hijacker the day before was in the custody of Greek authorities,who was arrested after a argument with TWA officials in Athens in attempts to get on TWA flight 847. When Ali Atwa was released from custody,he was placed on a private plane heading towards Algiers to rejoin with the original hijackers. The remaining women on flight 847 was released in exchange. Still the political prisioners held in Isreal were not released,when the plane was finally flown back to Beruit for one final time where the hijackers were working out negotiation deals,where they also held a news press conference as it was broadcasted ‘live’ to gain sympathy from supporters.

On June 30,1985 all the passengers during the entire ordeal as well the remaining who were held somewhere in Beruit were finally released. For more of the story,ENTER HERE.

In the aftermath, as of Dec 20,2005 Mohammed Hammadi was released from German officials in a exchange for a German anthropologist,SusanneOsthoff held by the Hezbollah terrorist organization backed by Iran and Syria. Hammadi was identified by witnesses as one of the original hijackers of TWA 847. Germany has appearantly been proven weak in giving into demands of terrorists now that the killer of Robert Stethem is paraoled in exchange for a hostage. Hammadi only served 19 of a 25 year life sentence for air piracy and murder. Hezbollah is a terrorist front for Osama Bin Laden’s Al Queda network. Hammadi is being sought out by U.S. Officials. His WANTED POSTER is on the F.B.I.’s Most wanted list. CLICK ON HERE.

Three of the alleged hijackers,Imad Mugniyah, Ali Atwa and Hassan Izz-Al-Din have been indicted by the United States District Court in the 1985 hijacking ,and was placed by President George W. Bush on the newly formed F.B.I. Most Wanted Terrorists lists.

Uli Derickson in her part in saving many lives on flight 847 was honored the Silver Cross for Valor by the Legion Of Valor. She passed away from a battle with cancer in her Tuscon,Arizona home on Feb. 18th 2005.

Robert D. Stethem was posthomously awarded the Purple Heart in 1985 and the Bronze Star in 1986. A warship was build in 1995 named after the Navy seabee: USS STETHEM DDG 63.

© 2006 sleepparalysis/obe.

The body of Robert Stethem lays on the tarmac of Beruit Int’l Airport. Stethem was tortured for a prolonged

period of time before he was shot and dumped out the plane. One of the hijackers holds on hand against the mouth of pilot John Testrake while waving a pistol as the media asks questions on the tarmac below.

Another hijacker donned with a hooded mask wields a rifle as blood from victim Robert Stethem is seen under the front passenger door. Below: a undated photo of Robert Stethem.


While researching another story recently, we came across this disturbing information.

The daughter of the Hizollah negotiator during the TWA Flight 847 Islamic terrorist hijacking resides in the United States. Her husband is principal at Fordson High School and he is the cousin of Hizbollah’s spiritual leader. Another cousin in the assistant principal and the school has earned the infamous nickname of Hizbollah High. Read it all.

The school’s principal, Imad Fadlallah, is a relative of Hezbollah spiritual leader Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, a Specially Designated Terrorist (SDT) on the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control terrorist list, used by the State Department. Imad Fadlallah’s wife, Susan, is the daughter of Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who was Hezbollah’s negotiator during the 1985 TWA flight 847 hijacking during which Hezbollah tortured to death Navy Diver Robert Dean Stethem. Before that, he was the head of the Shi’ite Amal Militia, which has been absorbed into Hezbollah.

Another cousin, Majed Fadlallah, is Fordson’s Assistant Principal. And the school is a virtual one-stop employment shack for many of the cousins of Hezbollah’s Sheikh Mohammed Fadlallah.

27 thoughts on “History: Muslims hijack TWA Flight 847, kill U.S. Navy diver June 14, 1985

  1. The story/picture is in no way intended to disrespect but merely a reminder of the brutality and lack of peace, respect, and civility that claimed his life – that is Islam.

  2. “Show no fear or anxiety. Smile at the face of god. Strike as champions…strike above the neck with all extremities and your reward will be righteous”–Mohammed Attah

    When most of people who lived in the 80’s was asked if they remembered TWA 847,the response was appalling. They answered who hijacked that plane? Who was Robert Stethem? Who was Mohammed Hamadei? Who was Uli Derickson? Yet,they all knew who the commander-in-chief was back then not to mention the music and culture of those days.

    Humadei after beating Robert Stethem to the point of death prayed to confront the face of God then bragged to his accomplices in happiness of what he did to that navy sailor. Like it was moral act.
    Hypocricy has a face in perverting Christianity,Judaism and Islam.

  3. I remember this whole incident–I was 17 years old and was spending that month in Japan with my cousins, who are like kid brothers to me; as well as my aunt and uncle who were there due to my uncle’s government job. My parents had no clue that I had access to an English-written newspaper there, so they kept this story from me. I knew fully about it and pried them hard when they called me, and they evaded my questions, which made me worry even more. When I got to the airport to leave Japan, every swarthy-looking person was getting frisked–I didn’t get frisked due to my blonde, curly hair, my blue eyes, and my looking like a 13-year-old!

  4. This incident portrays the hatred that fundamentalism instills and encourages in the minds in which it inhabits. What stikes me as incomprehensible is the lack of security in Athens, guns and grenades? I would be interested in how they managed to smuggle that aboard even an intrastate flight when the technology was in place to eliminate this tragedy.
    Then the release of the bastard responsible for the death of a man who epitomizes the core beliefs of those we hold dear in the FREE WORLD, after again exhibiting his will to facilitate the deaths of more poeple NOT DIRECTLY INVOLVED in his poeples oppression…UNACCEPTABLE. If there is a God vengence will be his.

  5. I’m writing a paper on this incident. I can’t believe how far people would go just to hurt U.S. citizens. Why do they hate us so much.

    • Good for you Nene, stay informed.

      Much of why some hate us is because we are not an Islamic country governed by sharia law – which the Quran and Muhammid strive for…until then some will always find a reason to hate us (we have troops on their land, we are friends with their other enemy Israel, bla bla bla, the list goes on and on and always changes – they were hating Europeans before there was a United States, and it’s all rooted in Islam’s holy book)

  6. let me tell you whatever this bustards did to Robert, should haunt them for the rest of their miserable life’s.

    i am so upset, this are riff-ruffs who just hated themselves sooooooooo much and thought that they were stars.

    but the truth of the matter is that they are cowards, the Islamic teachings does not advocate for such violence but peace.

    i believe that i am not wrong Islam means peace.
    correct me if i am wrong.

  7. hi

    Guys let me ask you, if that was your father who committed such atrocities what positive advice would he give you?

    better still if he were your grandpa i bet he would be giving horror stories, about how weird and…………….f.$$$4&&&&&&&&&***** up he was.

    some of us just need serious prayers and fasting.

  8. barbie – you are very wrong – Islam means “submission” or one who submits – and Muslims submit to Allah

    and actually the Quran does teach violence and hatred including not taking the Christians and Jews as friends, striking terror in the hearts of the enemy, and smiting at their necks (ie, cutting their heads off)

    do your own research, read the Quran & Islamic texts

  9. Bingo Creeping!

    I’m glad somebody is right on about Islam. “Islam defines as submission” or submitting to the will of God.

    Barbie Doll,

    These guys don’t exactly fit the profile as hating themselves,let alone gaining stardom.
    I would actually think if this was a distraught bunch of loony’s unhappy with lack of oppurturnities in life,I think they would of killed everybody including themselves by a mass-suicide.
    They would like to persuade us Americans they are…this kind of business is to strike up a Helsenki-Syndrome where a capturor influences his/her captive to sympathize with the terrorist. The 12 gunman who joined Humadei and Izzan dressed in American clothing and lied to the passengers they love America,the style,but they just said that.
    Robbie Stethem was singled out because 1)he represented the U.S. Navy,which they mistakenly taken “warships” USS New Jersey that bombarded Lebanon before TWA 847 2) Stethem did not have a family of his own. They had families,which I’m sure were killed during the bombings,or during civil war. To avenge this,they figured out they was to get rid of one American in return,so Stethem fitted in with both reasons was singled out and murdered. If I remember correctly,Uli Derickson,in one of her interviews with a newsreporter and on Humadei’s 1988 trial in Germany said in between the terrorists assualt on a few passenger,they were so preoccupied with their doings,they forgot which was the direction of east was. In reply ,it was that direction as she pointed out. They began to kneel down in the eastern direction and began chanting a prayer in which is believed to be a devouted prayer in “Islam.”
    Seriously,if you call killing someone “peace” in Islam,then what isn’t?
    Prayers for a murderers soul is understandable if you’re a religious-spritiual peson. After all doesn’t God have the patience for the worst sinners. This also creates a whole heap of sympathy for Islamic martyrs,knowning even us Catholics would pray for them,but only in a Islamic twisted view. Actually,to me Islam is just hypocrisy.

    Go and ask a Filipino Catholic missionary,they can tell you horrific stories about being tortured by militants under the influence of Islam. I have heard a personal story directly at Church from one priest,it was long enough that I gave me second thoughts on Islam.
    Here is a good read: American Jihad,by Steven Emerson. Read the history of Islamic roots.

    You must consider what background these militants,extremists were brought up in. Lebanon is no America,and not all American’s love their freedom.

    Just a thought. Sorry to make this too long.

  10. Christ never hurt anyone because GOD loves all. Muhamed personnally cut the heads of 3000 non belevers. A small difference.
    I was stationed on USS Kidd for a month off Beruit during this event. I have too much to tell in an Email. feelings run deep. It still hurts. I feel confident in saying all of us on KIDD felt the moments pass very slow. I would love to unload the memory to anyone who wants to know, and wish people did understand how many people grieved over the loss and suffering. If anyone wishes to listen, let me know

  11. I am british, white, 60.
    US & UK get out of middle east, leave the jews to their fate, stop meddling in other countries. They are entitled to their beliefs just as we are to our pathetic following of christianity while slaughtering millions invading Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam etc…….Putting the jews among the muslims & stealing their land to do it, was bound to cause trouble. Well done USA! Just like you stole America from the Indians & Australia from the Aborigines & we stole all the countries for our empire to grab all the resources. We are thieving murdering people with so much blood on our hands that we choose to forget as it’s in the past. Yet you wonder why you are so hated? WISE UP DUMMIES & wait for your comeuppance.

  12. I do not think I can begin to explain how wrong your opinion is. You will go far in american politics, or teaching in american univershity.

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  14. I’m enrolled in a US history class at my high school where we just finished learning about the Vietnam War. I was telling my dad, who is a retired Navy Seabee, about it and showed him our book when he brought this topic up. He was enlisted with Suggs and another man not mentioned in the article but who was also one of the people on board the plane at the time. When he asked me to look it up we had a hard time finding anything at all about Suggs or the other man. I’m glad we found this article however because this is not something we learn in our history books. I feel that it was a great thing to find because even though many of the people are unknown it was a huge part of US History and more people should know about it. Remembering the all of the people involved in this incident is something more people should do. These are some of the things I feel should be taught in history courses throughout the United States.

    • I was a pilot in the RCAF. In February of 1985, I took the Canadian Forces Arctic Survival Course in Resolute Bay, Northwest Territories. Of the 24 course members, 12 were US Navy Seal. Clinton Suggs was one of those members. I am not sure if Robert Stetham was also a course member, but I would like to find that out.

      On that course, temperature got down to -58 degrees celcius. On day four of the course, during the igloo building phase, Clinton Suggs, who was partnered with an RCMP pilot, began to experience hypothermia. I was partnered with a USAF survival instructor who happened to be attending as a student on the course. When we informed the military instructors of the situation, I was told to get Clinton Suggs back to our tent, get him into a sleeping bag, climb in with him and try to get him warmed up. Although this may sound amusing and something to make jokes about, the situation was serious. After 1 1/2 hours, Suggs was out of Danger. We went back to complete our igloos, but I had lost so much of my own heat that I began to suffer from hypothermia. This time, it was Suggs helping me. Later that night, the RCMP pilot became delirious with hypothermia. He had to be taken to hospital.

      In May of 1985, I was sent to England for accident investigator training at Cranfield University. While on course, Air India blew up over the Irish Sea and TWA 847 was hijacked. When my course ended in July, I was transferred to NDHQ (National Defense Headquarters) in Ottawa. In that job, I had access to various reports. Omne of those reports was the FBI or CIA report of the hijacking of TWA 847. The report was un-sanitized which means it included the personal of passengers and crew. i was shocked when I read that Clinton Suggs was on Board.

      I have not had any contact with Clinton Suggs since then but would very much like to know how he and family are doing today.

      • JC Barratt: Just ran across this thread and thought I’d comment on this latest one. I was friends with Bob Stethem. We got to be good friends as we were roommates at Dive School in Coronado California in 1984. After graduating he went to the SeaBees Underwater Construction Team and I went to the Navy Dive Locker in Puerto Rico. Bob and his UCT came through Puerto Rico on his way to Greece and a couple weeks later I saw the hijacking unfold on the news, and was horrified when I saw his body dumped out of the plane that day. Some years later in the early 90s I was stationed in Pearl Harbor and knew that Clinton Suggs was at the SeaBee detachment there. I stopped over to talk with him, but he would not open up about anything that happened on that flight. I still wondered about Bob though. His last trip to Puerto Rico was the 2nd time he came through. The first time we partied and had a great time, but the 2nd, his last, he seemed kind of somber or reserved and he seemed to have changed. I didn’t understand what had happened because we were very good friends and he just seemed not interested in going out like we’d always done. That was the last time I saw him and was really bothered about it. I found out not long after that he became a Christian and it became clear to me why things were different. As I am now a Christian too, I believe that God was preparing him for the ordeal that he would soon go through. That was my first experience with radical islamists. Not long after Bob’s murder I was stationed on a submarine rescue ship the USS Petrel working out of the Mediterranean in 1986 or 87 when we pulled into Naples Italy and there was the Achille Lauro just after the murder of Leon Clinghoffer. Since then I’m amazed at how unaware Americans are about the islamist threat that’s always ready to act. Hope you are well sir.

    • wow not only they are jewhater genocidal NAZIS ,but spelling police too

      thank you for proving that even Muslims who can spell are rude and angry

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  16. Just read the entire article out loud to my teen. I said “Never forget.”

    FYI it is called Stockholm Syndrome when a victim identifies with their captor.

    God bless R.Stethem’s family and friends on this anniversary. A true patriot he was.

    No 2 Mo!

  17. On June 14, 1985, I was listening to the Athens Control Tower on my shortwave radio, I think it was 11.333MHz, from my home on the island of Crete, in Greece. I heard the hijacker’s angry voice announcing to the air traffic control in Athens FIR that TWA 847 had been hijacked. I immediately gave the information to American officials that informed the government within minutes. 1981 to 1989 were not easy, or safe years for Americans living in Greece and flying to and from there. The Greek terror group ‘November 17’ tried to blow up an American military shuttle bus operating between the Navy site at Nea Makri (where Stetham had been), and Athens, with a command-detonated IED buried in the pavement of the highway. There was the extremist highjackings of the Achille Lauro and the ‘City of Poros’ ferry. In summer of ’86, there was the massive terror attack on the British base at Akrotiri, Cyprus, with a threatened twin attack on US facilities at Iraklion and Hania, Crete. There was Operation El Dorado Canyon bombing operation on Libyan cities in Spring of 1986 in retaliation for the Libyan-sponsored Berlin ‘La Belle Disco’ bombing, which lead to further retaliations by Libya who launched medium range ballistic missiles, Scuds, at the US facility on Lampedusa Island and threatened to also launch on the US base at Iraklion, Crete. There was the Libyan mining of the Red Sea in summer of 1984 that damaged and sunk dozens of ships, and the subsequent Libyan threat to control the waters between Crete and Libya. There was the simultaneous Libyan missile boat attack/s launched from three different ports towards the US 6th fleet that resulted in the damage or destruction of at least three Libyan ships and the death of hundreds of their sailors. There was the ‘November 17’ terror group bombing of the Athens ‘Bobbies Bar and Grill’ that injured over 60 Americans. There was the murder of the American Naval Captain Tsantes, God rest his soul, in Athens, by ‘November 17’. There were the ‘Gulf of Sidra’ incidents in 1981 and 1989, that resulted in planes shot down, and threats against US bases like those a couple hundred miles from Libya on Crete. There was the bombing of the US Military Facility Apollon Palace Hotel in Glyfada, Athens. There was the 1985 highjacking of KLM Flight 648 from Athens, highjacked by Abu Nidal terrorists who executed in cold blood, three of the nine Americans on board, before another 57 passengers, including most of the remaining Americans died. There was the October 1983 Beirut Barracks bombing by the Lebanese Hezbollah ‘Islamic Jihad’ that killed 241 Americans, many known by the US forces in Greece, and subsequent threats to them by Islamic Jihad. Dozens of other things…overwhelming to even think of.

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