Controversial Obama supporter could be first Muslim presidential elector

A controversial Pakistani, Muslim immigrant who supports Barack Obama could be the first Muslilm to be a presidential ‘elector’.

Jeff Siddiqui, a Pakistani immigrant who lives in Lynnwood, 20 miles north of Seattle, is one of 11 people selected by the Democratic Party…

In an incident not unlike the Texas associate professor who incited a Muslim firestorm which led Random House not to publish a book about Mohammid’s wife Aisha, Obama-supporter Jeff Siddiqui made a similar attempt to prevent Daniel Pipes from speaking at Washington University. In email and letter writing campaigns, he went so far as to compare Pipes to Hitler, urging sponsors to withdraw their support, or at least apologize for their support. (Source)

When a Muslim man angry with Israel terrorized a Jewish center in Seattle, killing one and injuring five others, Siddiqui – head of the American Muslims for Puget Sound reluctantly issued an apology to the victims and community. The content of that letter can be viewed at Sound Politics where more insight into Siddiqui can be found:

This is consistent with Siddiqui’s ongoing refusal to recognize that Muslims, acting as Muslims, sometimes commit acts of aggression in the name of Islam. He seems to feel that Muslims are only ever victims, persecuted by the government and the targets of a paranoid US. But Siddiqui’s letter does clear up any misunderstandings about where he’s really coming from, as did his statement in Louis Farrakhan’s Final Call website: “

The pro-Israeli spin doctors are in full battle-cry, sending e-mails, articles and making phone calls wherever necessary. The radio and television hosts make a great pretense of ‘journalistic inquiry’ as they skew their shows against the Arabs and in favor of the poor Israelis,” writes Jeff Siddiqui, of American Muslims of Puget Sound, in Seattle, Wash

, not to mention his statement to the P-I the day after the Seattle terrorist attack:

Siddiqui said his organization and several other groups had announced a silent march today to demand a cease-fire in Lebanon and Palestine and to protest Israeli bombing.That march, which starts at 11 a.m. at the Kirkland Marina and ends at Houghton Beach Park, should have no relation to the Seattle shootings, Siddiqui said.

Siddiqui seems to have difficulty acknowledging that the Muslim world suffers from violent anti-Semitic and anti-western pathologies , whether it manifests itself as airplanes flying into office buildings in New York, as a spontaneous shooting in Seattle or in the form of 3,000 rockets fired by Hizbullah on innocent Israeli civilians.

Obama, who would be a gold medalist if an Olympic event were held for ‘throwing under the bus’, may want to throw Siddiqui under the bus, but he may not have the leverage to do so.

Listen to Siddiqui debate Jihad/Dhimmi Watch’s Robert Spencer here.

SEATTLE, Aug. 5 (UPI) — A real estate agent in Washington State could have the historic distinction of becoming one of the first Muslims to serve as a U.S. presidential elector.

Jeff Siddiqui, a Pakistani immigrant who lives in Lynnwood, 20 miles north of Seattle, is one of 11 people selected by the Democratic Party, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. If presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama, who is ahead in the polls, wins Washington state in November, Siddiqui will be one of those representing the state in the electoral college.

Siddiqui is already well known in the Seattle area for giving speeches to community groups and in churches and schools on Islam and writing op-ed pieces for the newspapers.

“My basic message is that Muslims are no different from Christians, Jews, anyone,” Siddiqui said. “We’re human beings. We should be treated just the same.”

Siddiqui, a newcomer to U.S. politics, went to a precinct caucus this year to support Obama. He volunteered to be a delegate to the next-level caucus and eventually attended the state convention.

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