Honor Killings: National Geographic Video

CNN couldn’t speak truth to the matter, but NatGeo, even while making numerous excuses why this is not Islamic, provides ample video of Muslim men stating it is required by Islam, dictated by the Quran. Here is NG’s description of the video (may take a minute to load the video):

This National Geographic Special centers on the horrific practice within the fundamentalist Islamic community, honor killings. It is the story of the Islamic culture’s brutal oppression of women and one Pakistani woman’s story of survival.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Update: Video should work, but if not, the complete video can be viewed here or here.

Looks like National Geographic has succumb to Islamic pressures and deleted this video forever. They can hide the video but they cannot hide the truth.

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  2. the audio becomes distorted at 19:15 , i have tried 3 times to rewind and start over but this does not fix the problem, the audio is stuck …i do hope you can fix the problem so that i can continue to watch & LISTEN to this amazing video

  3. yeah we’ve tried to find it on NatGeo’s site but not finding it anywhere, will take some extra time to search this week…thanks for stopping by

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  5. I have watched this a few days ago and I was crying. my frirnd is pakistani, yes i believe he is not like that but the fear is so much in my heart because of the injustice that i have watched, I admire what the pakistani lady along with her children helping the abused women, I cannot find the words to explain the pain i felt while watching the documentary I feel lucky here in Manila we have womens right and I pray that these women too be protected in pakistan

  6. We women in the west cannot look away from this and be silently grateful for what we have.
    We will never be truly free until our sisters elsewhere in the world have basic human rights. We have a responsbility to raise them up with us.
    Women are 52% of the world’s population. Research shows that where the rights and conditions of women are raised, it brings up the whole society, men and children as well.
    Awareness, Education, Giving.
    Please circulate this and give generously to organizations that are helping to raise women’s conditions elsewhere in the world.

  7. How can I embed this?

  8. Video/audio worked perfectly. A very moving story. It showed what people can do without government programs, though some higher organization of shelters and hospices is obviously needed in Pakistan and elsewhere.

    Too bad they shilled for Islam once again. If these barbaric practices predate Islam, which I don’t doubt, they are still incorporated into and accommodated by Islam. Issues of honor and violence against women by men without conscience do not escape a religion that provides 70 rules for bathroom etiquette.

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  11. I know we need to help these women and children, this is a outrage, that this is even happening on our soil.
    Muslims and Islams that practice this need to be destroyed and banned from this country. They need to be put to death. I don’t really care how this sounds, and I don’t care if it is not “politically” correct. I say it like it is.
    We don’t need to waste our tax dollars on this in any court of law. The proper officials can carry this deed out, onece they know the facts.
    To think that Barack Hussein Obama II, was a student of this type of religion.. Makes one think of what is in store for us.
    This fa sod he is putting on that he is moving to the middle, is a joke..Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth and wears 2 hats.
    He don’t fool me for one minute, I know what he is and what he is about, and I trust him as far as I can spit.
    I have studied him for over 2 years and the writings on the wall, of what he is up to and his agenda he plans on carrying out for our country, it’s not pretty.

  12. Has Nat Geo scrubbed the damning video? Video is now back

  13. Zaheeda is an amazing woman!! I applaud her strength and dedication. She is a “Hero” in my book!!

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