U.S. plans $7 billion missile-defense sale to UAE

More suicide from the Bush admin…the UAE in all its wealth is still a country that follows sharia law and when push comes to shove they could care less about the U.S. Why we will provide them with our most advanced weapon technology is beyond reason. Won’t be long before they reverse engineer it, sell it, and then we’re fucked. As if we weren’t already.

U.S. plans $7 billion missile-defense sale to UAE – Yahoo! Malaysia News.

WASHINGTON, Sept 8 – The Bush administration is planning to sell the United Arab Emirates an advanced U.S. missile defense system valued at up to $7 billion that could be used to defend against Iran, people who have attended briefings on the matter said on Monday.

The Pentagon is set to notify the U.S. Congress of the proposed sale, which would be the first of the so-called Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, several people familiar with the matter said.

THAAD is built by Lockheed Martin Corp . Raytheon Co supplies the system’s radar.

Once notified of such a proposed arms sale by the administration, Congress has 30 days to review it but almost never blocks.

In any case, deployment of the THAAD weapons system is “at least months away” and could take more than a year, said a congressional staff member familiar with the matter.

Kenneth Katzman, an expert on the Gulf at the Congressional Research Service, said the UAE has been eager for a “sophisticated antidote” to Iran’s missile capabilities.

3 thoughts on “U.S. plans $7 billion missile-defense sale to UAE

  1. America supplied their darling Pakistan with F16s and other high tech equipments for reasons unknown to any one with a little bit of common sense. Bush Administration allowed Pakistan and its so-called rogue leader Musharraf to fool America and extort billions of American taxpayer dollars building a Pakistani Military that is now ready to strike against American interests in the region.

    Uncalculated arming of an ally to stalk a DEMOCRACY like India . The House sub-committee led by Gary Ackerman, a known critic of the administration’s relentless pandering of Pakistan with military supplies. He and other lawmakers have questioned the administration’s recent decisions to provide funding for mid-life upgrades to F-16s, especially after government audits said Pakistan has been using US military aid to bulk up its forces against India rather than use it for counter terrorism.

    America tom toms about bringing “democracy” and “freedom” to the world as it has for more than 2 decades of geopolitical binging. So now America faces an armed to the teeth nuclear Pakistan as it tries to go after Osama Bin Laden hiding in Pakistan’s tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. Pakistan’s military chief has ordered his men to turn the guns on American soldiers who are “invaders” . And why not? It now has the democratic right and freedom given by America, no?

    If one reads history, America and Britain are the lapdogs of Arabs, muslims. Against all the decents of the world with their Frankenstein hegemony while being perfect dhimmis to muslims, their beloved darlings, at home and abroad.

    Sharia is already official in Britain. When will it be in America? And when do the rest of the world get to see the stoning of women, the amputation of hands and feet, and the beheadings, according to sharia? Honor killing is already a routine in both these so-called democratic, christian based countries. So?

  2. “Kenneth Katzman, an expert on the Gulf at the Congressional Research Service, said the UAE has been eager for a “sophisticated antidote” to Iran’s missile capabilities.”

    Wait, shouldn’t this read “IRAN (working through the UAE) has been eager for a ‘sophisticated antidote’ to ISRAEL’s missle capabilities.”

    Why doesn’t the vast majority identify the threat?

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