CAIR Minnesota wants full sharia compliance at Mall of America

Update: Welcome MinnPost readers – while Katherine Glover doesn’t know the difference between anti-jihad and anti-sharia, there are plenty of posts on this site by Muslims who are also opposed to the sharia law in the U.S. who we doubt she’d refer to as anti-Muslim or debate publicly.

CAIR, the Islamic organization founded by convicted terrorists and an unindicted co-conspirator to the convicted Holy Land Foundation, is crying foul in the Mall of Sharia America. Yes, the same mall that recently gave Muslims an Islamic prayer area, in the state where their Congressman took a trip to Mecca for hajj (where America was named the enemy of Islam) paid for by another terror-linked outfit – the Muslim Brotherhood. Will Yum! Brands submit to the Islamist agenda?

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on America-Islamic Relations is calling for an investigation into a complaint made against the Long John Silver’s restaurant in Mall of America.

CAIR-MN wants the restaurants parent company, Yum! Brands, to look into claims that religious literature was distributed with a children’s meal.

According to CAIR-MN, a Muslim family visited the restaurant in November and ordered a children’s meal for their three-year-old son. The toy that came with the meal was a notepad that featured a quote from the Bible. The family requested an alternative toy, but said only notepads with Bible versus were available.

CAIR-MN wants Yum! Brands to review their toy distribution policy.

Besides Long John Silver’s, Yum! Brands owns KFC Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and A&W All-American Food.

via – Minn. Islamic group wants investigation into fast-food toys.

3 thoughts on “CAIR Minnesota wants full sharia compliance at Mall of America

  1. The Art Of Selective Blindsightedness


    quote American’s will never knowingly accept Socialism but under ‘liberalism’ accept every fragment of the Socialistic agenda; until one day they wake up in a Socialist nation and “wonder” how it all happened. by norman thomas one of the founders of the ACLU.

    has anyone even bothered to “note” that this so-called ‘fairness” doctorine thing was deliberately mislabeled as “fairness” because Dems and ACLU seem to think Americans are too stupid to perhaps, dig further or do their research to find out what is true before “blindly” voting to approve something. Apparantly they figured no one would “notice” that i means anyone would be punishable by death for claiming the muslim/islam/sharia law rapes murders and criminal activities are “bad”.

    whom was it who said—-Tolerance becomes wrong and EVIL when given and applied to criminals.

  2. Are you saying that non-Christians should “tolerate” being preached to? That way lies MADNESS. MADNESS, I tell you. Too much tolerance can elevate your blood pressure!

  3. I say that if one considers a FREE toy as being preached to, then maybe there is a better place on earth to reside. BTW – I am a native american and to those who don’t like my native country, go back to your native country. You won’t be missed!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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