Google’s YouTube removes Israeli video, allows terrorist vids

We’ve covered Google and sibling Youtube’s bias towards Islamic terrorist groups before – even denying a request from a Senator to remove terrorist videos. We’ve seen Google/Youtube remove a documentary about Islamic terrorists (which you CAN watch here) and yet Youtube still hosts videos for terrorist group Hizbollah. But allowing equal footing in the propaganda war isn’t in Google or Youtube’s game plan. Plenty of Hamas vids available on utube.

Yesterday, the IDF did something innovative: it opened a channel on YouTube and posted videos to it that help explain why Israel is fighting Hamas. The site hosted about a dozen videos showing things like Israeli humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza and airstrikes that prevented terrorists from firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

This was apparently too much for YouTube, which moments ago removed several videos from the IDF’s channel, including the most-watched video, which showed a group of Hamas goons being blown up in an air strike as they loaded Katyusha missiles onto a truck. The point of such footage, as if it needed to be said, is not to revel in violence — it is to show the legitimacy of Israeli self-defense.

The rank double-standard that YouTube has applied to Israel is disturbing. YouTube hosts all manner of similar footage — much of it far more gory than the grainy infrared images posted by the IDF — of U.S. air strikes. Why is YouTube capitulating to those who do not wish for Israel to be able to tell its side of the story? via Commentary » Noah Pollak » What YouTube Doesn’t Want You to See.


Islamic jihadists using Google Earth to plan terror attacks on U.S. embassies in response to Gaza violence

Israel Clashes With YouTube Over Censorship

10 thoughts on “Google’s YouTube removes Israeli video, allows terrorist vids

  1. This is not the first issue in which Google played favorites. A while ago I stopped supporting Google. While I use the search engine, I NEVER click a sponsored link or a Google ad on a website. If I really want to visit the site, I copy and past the URL into a new browser window. If they stop putting the URL in the ads, I will just not visit.

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  3. Can nothing be done to remove the U-tube hate videos and comments off the tube.

    Are these sites being monitered by professionals?

    Why do not professional writers and “people in the know” with facts and figures comment as well? Don’t leave it to the “man in the street” who sometimes does not have the skills to defend his views.

  4. Albert,

    Excellent questions and points.

    We’ve written before that America is losing the propaganda war both internally and externally.

    Internally – we allow minority positions (be it religious, racial, economic, or any other position) to dictate policy, politics, media, and for many years now when anyone in the majority position speaks out – they are immediately labeled bigots, racists, islamophobes (whatever that is), or anti-this, anti-that.

    Externally – our enemies, whether our govt declares them enemies or not, have adopted the same tactic to sway opinion and completely dominate the propaganda wars. Complicit in this are mainstream media and companies like Google.

    Search our site for Google and see some of the things we have covered regarding their positions.

    Google/Youtube claims to have a policy that does not allow hate, but they also claim that terrorists have a right to free speech, basically.

    Bloggers with facts are becoming more prevalent, and as issues like sharia law and jihad come closer to home – it becomes harder to ignore them as fringe. Examples like the Somalis in Minnesota and the beheading in Buffalo are examples, as is Geert Wilders Fitna.

    These are things that bloggers have been addressing for a significant amount of time and are often ridiculed over but when the MSM covers those issues – they are suddenly newsworthy? So much so they become discussions in Congress. Albeit after a Somali from Minnesota blows himself up for jihad and a Muslim beheads his wife it’s a bit too late.

    So, to end this ramble, Google is not much help. In our estimation they are a danger. If they are not dismantled like AT&T was years ago, in 5-10 years they will have so much information on so many people that they will make the Patriot Act privacy concerns a moot point.

    There are folks out there trying to combat these issues but the jihad is being waged on all fronts more effectively at this point.

  5. Sorry to go on about this – but it is Germany and holocaust all over again. Jews and Israelis are powerless and are just sitting and waiting without any comeback. Something has to be done. Jews have brilliant minds and orators who can speak up for the people. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING NOW!!

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  7. If there were no Jews, the civilization of the world would probably be set back 100 years in the advancement of Medicine, The Arts, Law, Business growth and developement and the increases in the standard of living which results. They are a peaceful people and are extremely charitable. Why are we so stupid as to want them destroyed?

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