Muslim’s lawsuit against Islamic Society of Tulsa dropped

Does anyone believe Jamal Miftah dropped his lawsuit simply because his lawyer moved to another state or that the threats from members of his own mosque don’t have something to do with this? One year to refile – any lawyers reading? Back stories here and here, and a cached version of Miftah’s op-ed here.

Tulsa World:  A Muslim Tulsan who sued the Islamic Society of Tulsa and several of its members over a 2006 confrontation at the local mosque dropped his lawsuit Monday.

Jamal Miftah’s suit in Tulsa County District Court accused the defendants of assault, defamation of character and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Miftah, a native of Pakistan, said at that time that he was harassed after writing a guest commentary in the Tulsa World that was critical of Osama bin Laden and suggesting that some U.S. mosques have supported terrorism.

He said two men at the mosque backed him up against a wall after prayers, called him anti-Muslim, and waved a shoe in his face, an Arab insult. He said he feared for his safety and the safety of his family.

He was banned from the mosque but later reinstated.

The story was widely circulated.

Miftah said Tuesday that his differences with the mosque have not been resolved and that he has not returned to worship there.

“I say my prayers at home,” he said.

He said he dropped the lawsuit in part because his lawyer, Kent Felty, moved to Colorado and it has been difficult for him to monitor the case.

Felty said the suit was dropped for a variety of reasons, one being that it was impractical for him to pursue it from Denver.

He said it was dropped without prejudice, meaning Miftah has one year to refile it.

Mosque spokeswoman Sheryl Siddiqui could not be reached for comment. ~end


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