Pakistan-Bangladesh plan Mughalistan to split India?

Mughalistan (or Mughalstan) is the name of an independent homeland proposed for the Muslims of India. This Mughal-Muslim state in the Indian subcontinent will include all of North India and Eastern India, and will be formed by merging Pakistan and Bangladesh through a large corridor of land running across the Indo-Gangetic plain, the heartland of India. This Mughalistan corridor will comprise Muslim-majority areas of Northern India and eastern India that will be partitioned for the second time in history.

The comprehensive plan for a second partition of India was first developed by the Mughalstan Research Institute (MRI) of Jahangir Nagar University (Bangladesh) under the patronage of the two intelligence agencies, Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Bangladesh’s Director General of Forces Intelligence, DGFI. The “Mughalistan Reaserch Institute of Bangladesh” has released a map where a Muslim corridor named “Mughalistan” connects Pakistan and Bangladesh via India.


Pakistan’s emergence in 1947 was as a “mutilated, truncated, moth-eaten Pakistan, in M.A. Jinnah’s own words, because the Muslim League’s original plan did not envisage the partition of Punjab and Bengal. Today, Mughalistan is Jinnah’s dream come true.

The Partition of India provided temporary respite to the Indians and merely postponed the inevitable outcome. By 1971, all across Sindh, Western Punjab, Gandhara (Kandahar) and Eastern Bengal, the native populations of the Indian Religionists (Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains) have been wiped out almost entirely by conversion, massacre and mass exodus. Extrapolating this scenario, we find ominous results. This Islamic beach-head, which squeezes India from both sides (Pakistan and Bangladesh), gradually links up with a Fifth Column within India and gains fresh territorial and demographic victories within the last two decades (Kashmir valley, several districts of West Bengal and Assam, Malappuram district in Kerala and the Hyderabad-Deccan region). The Islamic Anschluss creeps steadily and bloodily, until the Western beach-head (Pakistan) is linked up demographically with the Eastern beach-head (Bangladesh) through the formation of a Islam-dominated belt called “Mughalstan”, that will then run through Jammu, Mewat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam.

Lest one mistakenly thinks that Mughalistan is the culmination of the Islamisation of India and that somehow the rest of India will be spared its fate, it must be stressed that this second partition of India is only the beginning. In Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh, northern districts of Karnataka and certain areas of Maharashtra, the growth of Muslims is very high. Likewise, in Kerala, the Muslims now constitute 25% of the state’s population. Malappuram district was carved out to create a Muslim majority district by the Communist government headed by E.M.S Namboothiripad. Today, the entire Malappuram district enforces the weekly holiday on Friday (not Sunday) for schools and businesses, while Hindus in neighbouring Kozhikode (Calicut) and Kannur are intimidated through high-profile massacres like in Marad. The planning and execution is well underway to ensure a continuing Anschluss where several Muslim majority pockets such as Moplahstan (in Kerala) and Osmanistan (in the Deccan) will gradually spread in size and link up with Mughalistan to form a Greater Mughalistan.

This Greater Mughalistan is of strategic significance as it will provide a contiguous, strategic corridor linking the Ummah into a pan-Islamic Caliphate. The ISI-DGFI-Indian Jihadi triumvirate has fondly nicknamed this pan-Islamic Caliphate as Islamistan (meaning “Land of Islam”), a synonym for `Islamic World’ or `Dar-ul-Islam’. This geographical Islamic crescent will link the Islamic Middle-East to Islamic South-East Asia, with the new Islamic World stretching all the way from Morocco and Bosnia in the West to Malaysia and Indonesia in the East.

Lessons of history have been quickly forgotten. Indians have become twisted “politically correct” escapists who prefer to turn a blind eye to reality. Now it is not about just Kashmir any more, it is all of India that Pakistan wants. And the creation of Mughalistan is not a question of “If”, but “When”.

Read it all via Pakistan-Bangladesh plan a Mughalistan to split India? | Jai Bihar. Or via BengalGenocide (active link)


Watch the documentary The Bangla Crescent at the bottom of our videos page.

China should break up India: Chinese strategist

The writer has argued that in view of the above, China in its own interest and the progress of Asia, should join forces with different nationalities like the Assamese, Tamils, and Kashmiris and support the latter in establishing independent nation-States of their own, out of India. In particular, the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Asom) in Assam, a territory neighboring China, can be helped by China so that Assam realises its national independence.

24 thoughts on “Pakistan-Bangladesh plan Mughalistan to split India?

  1. It’s significantly longer than what we’ve posted – and includes a large amount of interesting, valuable info – please read it all.

  2. The Plan of Mughlistan is very dangerous and if these facts are knownto our politicians, their wooing of Muslim votes for winning elections is fraught with grave cnsequencs for the country. The cocept of Pakistan was also thought as a utopia during the thirties but it became a reality to the shock of the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent casuing suffering to all and sundry. The original idea of Pakistan was similar to the now emerging idea of Mughlistan and Greater Mughlistan and its prospects are fraught with danger to poor countries of South Asia with different religious communities living in these regions for centuries.

    • Dear Mohommad,

      I think this is not really a good idea…because if this will happen ever in the future i swear i will cut down all the “sunnat community”.
      Ma***hod ek to india main rehna hai or upar se Mughalistan ki maa ch**te ho…lagta hai ab NARENDRA MODI ko PM banana hi padega tabhi tum sab haraamion ki akal thikaane aayegi…

      Hi Admin,
      sorry for using abusive language…but this is very serious matter for every Indian so i got angry…Pleas keep on posting such that we can get such hidden malicious intentions of this f***king community..


  3. madarchod maa na chod denge jo aisa karne ki sochega………pakistan batware pe 5 lac mare is bar aisa kuch hua ek ek pakistani marega……..

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  5. it all bakwas and its against histry, ifwhen you will come out from the jihad koma,than read proper history of india,you are the original INDIANS actually BUT BY FORCE YOU ALL ARE BECAME MUSLIMS TRY TO GET THE FACTS AND THAN SPEAK WHATEVER YOU ARE THINKING IT IS JUST IMPOSSIBLE THINGS AND IT WL REMAIN DREAMS ONLY


  6. This fact is already known to Bengali politicians. Assembly re-districting has been done just to favor vote politics from the non-resident infiltrators. These commies are looking at short term grains and helping in the expansion of Bangladesh on all sides. Save your state, don’t let it be another Sind. Picture in Bengal/Assam is alarming but we can still save rest of north India.

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  8. The suicidal secularist Hindus are carrying out the nefarious design of islamising India ,going out of their way and taking extra miles,so that the Muslims would achieve their goal with
    little effort.Think of the Hindus being slaves for the whole of last century ,and all the while remaining an overwhelming majority.See again , the Hindus constituting a majority nearing eighty percent in India ,shamefully become refugees (Kashmir Pundits) in their own country. Do you find a parallel in the history of the world?Anywhere?At any point of time?Unless Savarkar’s principles are adopted, i:e:”Militarise Hindus and Hinduise Politics”,Hindus are destined to be slaves again in a couple of decades.

  9. Actually by this map they admited the map of ” AKHAND BHARAT” and it will tell every Indian that the fight for “Akhand Bharat” is alive ……..
    JAI HIND !

  10. I wonder what in the name of borders and partitions will be the future of our world….I think human is still not satisfied with the blood shed that had happened in the first and the second world war…I don’t know when these people would realize that before being Hindu or Muslim, they are human. I would end up saying that at the end, what a man needs is just 6 feet of land. I think humans will understand this..if there are some…

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