UK: $1.4M to anti-Islamist think tank that justifies suicide bombing against Israel

The Quilliam Foundation was formed by self-proclaimed former terrorists who are now raking in big money from Western government agencies. Is there a test for former terrorists or exactly how do these agencies ensure the former terrorists have changed? Trust? Quilliam  blames the UK and US for the next generation of suicide bombers, harbors the standard Islamic hatred toward Israel, and failed to name the ideology they are supposedly against when speaking to the Department of Homeland Security. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

LONDON, Jan. 20 (UPI) — The British government is wasting $1.4 million on a think tank run by former Islamic extremists to counter the radicalization of Muslims, critics say.

The public money is being given to the Quilliam Foundation think tank despite doubts expressed by members of the government as well as by Conservative Party opponents, The Times of London reported Tuesday.

via Critics hit anti-Islamist think tank cost –

Just wondering, how much does the U.S. government give to Islamist groups like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, et al?

6 thoughts on “UK: $1.4M to anti-Islamist think tank that justifies suicide bombing against Israel

  1. Dear creeping,

    I don’t think anyone would condone giving money, public or not, to any kind of terrorist group.

    But, do you think it could be beneficial to pick former criminals’ minds by establishing such a think-tank? Could we learn something from them that could save the government time and save the nation some lives?

    This might be a bad comparison, but Las Vegas does something similar with their “criminals”. The FBI and CIA are known for hiring former major criminals to find out what exactly is going on (think mafia, counterfeiters, technology/internet crime, etc.) What do you think?

    • Michael – here is a better comparison – the mujahideen in Afghanistan – the CIA funded them and now they are killing not only American soldiers but anyone who disagrees with them…so no, you’re idea is not a good one…

      And where is there a mob think tank that gets paid by the CIA?

  2. Well, I can’t disagree with you there. The US has funded some more-than questionable organizations in the past. Just take a look at Latin America from the 50’s until now. That is something I am against. We should keep our noses out of such fights abroad, because in the long run nothing good comes from it.

    But, I am still hesitant to discount a “think-tank”. On the other hand, no, they should not be run by former terrorists or what have you. But yes, I do think we should be taking those we have captured/prosecuted and try to learn something from them. Anyone can throw someone in jail. It takes a good government or organization to maximize their time spent in their and the people’s money.

  3. Adam – we aren’t in disagreement as far as I can tell…

    there is a big difference between interogating captured/convicted criminals and paying think tanks big money to define and dictate policy…particularly groups that have provided no evidence of reform and in fact, continue to justify the ideology and actions they proclaim to be reformed from…it’s an absurd policy particularly in the context of Islamic jihad

    there are Muslim groups and even self proclaimed reformed terrorists (Walid Phares for one), and apostates from Islam, who at least recognize Israel’s right to exist, don’t advocate suicide bombings, etc.

    All criminals lie and Islamic terrorists have the added battlefield advantage that their “religion” allows them to lie if it protects their faith (taqiyya).

    By the way, when they are fighting they are freedom fighters, when they want to get paid to advise the govt they are former terrorists. Interesting no?

  4. :) yes very interesting. i agree.

    thanks for a great article. this is a topic that i wish to learn more about. i look forward to reading more from you.

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