Albright: Americans “woefully ignorant” of Muslim world, should accept Hamas

Any surprise here from Madeline Albright? Blame America for the Muslim worlds problems. According to Albright, Americans are not only ignorant of the Muslim world, but woefully ignorant. No mention of how ignorant the Muslim world is of America and other issues.

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and former Represenative Vin Weber (R-Minn) spoke at the Council on Foreign Relations conerning American relations with the Muslim world. Secretary Albright said that Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world, but that Afghanistan and Pakistan are closely tied in their turmoil. She continued that most Americans are “woefully ignorant” of the Muslim world, and that America’s approach should not be one of ‘tolerance’, but rather one of ‘respect’. Concurrent to that line of thought is the notion that the United States should be prepared to deal with Islamist democratic elections where the results are not favorable to American policy. Albright said people all over the world are ready for democracy, but that the United States should take the position of supporting popular democratic movements, not “imposing democracy”. Weber echoed that sentiment, but insisted that the U.S. could help build the “preconditions for democracy”, such as improving women’s rights or encouraging an open media.

Regarding America’s approach to fighting terrorism, Albright said that the U.S. must not fight terror in a way which creates new terrorists, and that every civilian death makes both the United States and our causes suffer. Regarding the policies of ‘targeted killings’ and assassinations, Weber highlighted that both the Bush and Obama administrations said that they would not ignore ‘actionable intelligence’ on the locations of terrorists. Albright also stated that it is important for America to distinguish those who were civilians and those who were “murders”.

via The Talk Radio News Service » Blog Archive » Madelaine Albright: Americans “woefully ignorant” of Muslim world.

Update: The audio clip of Albright painting a monolithic swath of knowledge on Americans – woefully ignorant Americans, listen here:

The American public is woefully ignorant about, first of all they think that most Muslims live in the Middle East which they don’t uhhhhhh, and they don’t know anything about ehhhhh the difference between ummmmm Sunni and Shia or or any aspect of this, and so I think it is an educational process for the United States which can eh the American people which cannot be done without the help of reporters and ummmm the help of the media. Also the other way, I think that this is what we talked about in uhhh both these reports basically that there had to be ummm also more coverage in the uh Arab media or Muslim community of the United States.

So, when referring to terrorists who happen to justify their murderous actions on Islamic law and the Quran, we cannot damn an entire religion or culture. But when Obama is kissing their ass, he can refer to ‘the Muslim world’ and when Albright dictates the level of knowlege Americans have of Islam she can damn an entire nation of people? Clearly she isn’t aware of the growing counter-jihad, counter-sharia movement in the United States, many whom are more knowledgable than she on things Islamic.

No surprise Albright is a professor at Saudi-funded Georgetown University, her parents converted from Judaism, she has relatives who were killed in the Holocaust, she helped the spread of Islam in Europe, and that she is dictating the media bombard Americans with Islamic propaganda to educate them – it more than suggests she has become a most useful idiot for Islam.

10 thoughts on “Albright: Americans “woefully ignorant” of Muslim world, should accept Hamas

  1. I agree with most of what she said here. We cannot, should not, and ought not ‘force’ democracy on other countries. It’s not a true democracy if its forced! And most of the Arab world, their culture and way of life is not conducive to democracy, that’s why its failing so bad in Iraq. I also think that most of our actions in the Middle East have done more bad to our image than good, and I also agree that most Americans have no idea about Islamic culture or values.

    That being said I do not see why we should be forced to ‘respect’ a culture that we do not agree with. They are making it plainly obvious that they do not respect our culture and that there are certain groups who are seeking to destroy it. Respect? No. I will acknowledge their culture, but I will not step aside for it.

  2. Albright should speak for herself and politicians, many of whom are oblivious to the ideology of Islam and keep funding it. As for average Americans, most don’t want to know about, nor are they required to know about Islamic culture or values. And should not be forced to learn about Islam nor criticized by dhimmi politicians for not knowing about it.

    When people stop worrying about our image and start worrying about our survival as a free, democratic country we’ll have awakened from this nightmare that has allowed Islamism to spread rapidly throughout the world.

    Islamic jihad and conquest is not new. The fighting and strife in the Middle East is not new. Blaming it all on America is however relatively new in the broader view of history. The reality however, is that Islamic hatred for Jews and Christians and even among Muslims was existent long before there even was a United States of America. But Albright et al doesn’t want Americans to be educated and knowledgeable on those facts. Nope, just easier to blame America.

  3. By the way, what was that you said about failing so miserably in Iraq?

    Obama congratulates Iraqis on provincial elections
    Washington , Feb 1 US President Barack Obama has congratulated Iraqis on the peaceful completion of the provincial elections and hoped that this would help them take responsibility of their future.

    “I congratulate the people of Iraq on holding significant provincial elections today,” Obama said in a statement after the provincial elections in Iraq concluded yesterday without any major untoward incident.

    Obama appreciated that millions of Iraqis from every ethnic and religious group went peacefully to the polls across the country to choose new Provincial Councils.

  4. The other day we read how these people are attempting to justify their warped racist sharia law by actually stating that Americans whom protest against abortion are to be classified as “christian terrorists”.

    the unmitigated gall and warped sense of mentality that is subscribed to this line of thinking is unfathomable.

    Since when does anyone with half a brain have a hard time comprehending that “seeking to save the more Frail and helpless lives from being destroyed” hardly classifies anyone as “terrorist” whether christian or non-christian.

    The “same way” these people ramble endlessly about “respect yet, these people attempt to consider it okay for the KORAN to claim that muslims are “superior” (yep it uses the word superior about it) race to non-muslims whom are “servants (yep it uses word servant about it) and that since non-muslims are classfied as “servants’ therefore they are to have NO home, No land, NO freedom, NO money, NO possesions and the non-muslims life can be killed with NO prosecution to the Muslim for having committed the killing of the non-muslim.

    Also, they think it’s OKAY for the Koran to say that at a time “deemed appropriate” to the muslim the muslims are commanded to Jihad to forceably and financially take away NON-muslims, homes, land, possessions and money–even though the NON-muslims have worked hard for every penny and that NON-muslims are to be stripped of all possessions for the simple fact they are NON-Muslims. This is their spread the wealth campaign.

    how many people don’t know that the term spread the wealth was used thru-out history by communist/marxist/socialist/facists.

    Then these people go around claiming because “some” people are smart enough to see thru these sharia law henious bantor and call it the racist bantor that sharia law “really” are—the sharia law people attempt to claim anyone whom doesn’t agree with them is “racist’ or disrespectful.

    SHARIA LAW is a marxist, communist/socialist/facist movement people, you cannot “secularize” it to make it generic and think it’s “OKAY”.

    Anyone with some reasonable amount of intelligience already knows that Socialism/communism/facism/marxism is “not and okay” thing.

    In addition, should the USA allow themselves to be bamboozled into accepting SHARIA LAW –it means forced female gen. mutilation will be the “norm” for the USA why??? because it’s SHARIA LAW and they condone it.

    Talk about a holocaust of a different variety of people. it is why they run around shouting “praises to hitler” and for those whom don’t think so–you need to be reading your computer because US naivety will cost everyone their homes,land, money and possessions. These people are a Hitler policy group operating by attempting to cloak themselves under the mantle of religion while they unequivocably attempt to target and holocaust not only jews this time; but everyone whom is non-muslim.

    This law was deliberatly mislabeled “fairness doctrine” to hide the fact that this is a—Hitler policy law group which grants the Muslims unequivacable rights to forcibly—evict, extort, pillage, plunder and kill Non-muslims and all without prosecuting the Muslims for their crimes to Non-muslims because the Quoran says that Muslims are EXEMPT from prosecution for any/all crimes against Non-muslims and that any countries law, treaties, charters, and constitution are unenforcable against SHARIA LAW.

    The United Nations already voted to accept that SHARIA LAW and 24 hours later 30 christians were kicked out of land, property, home and possesions and money why??? Because they are NON-muslims and as a result of USA refusing to tie our exit to political progress Pakistan is NOW SHARIA LAW country and NON-muslims are classified as “servants’ whom are to be destitute.

    You can bet that if American’s allow themselves to be bamboozled by this so-called fairness doctrine which is sharia law—you can bet they aren’t going to wait 24-48 hours before showing up at your house door or bank to kick everyone out of house home land property and money.

    So, we must face the fact they ‘really” do hate US and it’s no longer safe to travel.

    WE THE PEOPLE need to make it LEGALLY and LEGISLATIVELY clear to WASH DC that they are to RESPECT and protect our flag, our allegience, and our seal iron-clad and that WE THE PEOPLE will indeed have LONG, LONG memories should even “one” legislator attempt to “shirk” their responsibility to protect our freedoms.

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  7. In the audio she says Americans cannot become educated without the help of the media. What does she mean by educated? How many years since 9/11 and we’re still not educated? What’s the media’s problem? I feel educated plenty, like the English might have felt educated about Germany in 1939. I think what she means is properly conditioned, not educated.

    She says we don’t know Shia from Sunni, or that most Moslems don’t live in the Middle East. SO WHAT? It is irrelevant to the discussion of what to do about the threat of sharia and Islam. The sects of Muslim are based on esoteric, ancient schisms. The heart of Islam is in Arabia; it doesn’t matter if all of China and Canada and Brasil convert, the force to be reckoned with is in Saudi Arabia, from which money, terror and intolerance (wahabbism) flow.

  8. Madeleine No-bright is an elitist, and the worst of her kind. She’s a snob. Unfortunately, elitists exist in both parties in this country.

  9. Learning to open your mind is to open the world. These people are human and want peace. They have been pushed and demimonisted . Our only hope is to listen and learn, our way is not the only way.

  10. Well they are human although many act in very inhumane ways & sharia law goes against human rights and the only peace they want is that which is achieved through Islamic dominance.

    Ever heard of the shahadah?

    Whatever you mean by “our way” is not the only way, Islam believes that IT is the only way…hence striving for a global Islamic caliphate ruled by Islamic sharia law under which non-Muslims will live as dhimmis or second class citizens.

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