Why is Obama apologizing to ‘Muslim world’?

By Charles Krauthammer

Every new president flatters himself that he, kinder and gentler, is beginning the world anew. Yet, when Barack Obama in his inaugural address reached out to Muslims with “to the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect,” his formulation was needlessly defensive and apologetic.

Is it “new” to acknowledge Muslim interests and show respect to the Muslim world? Obama doesn’t just think so, he said so again to millions in his al-Arabiya interview, insisting on the need to “restore” the “same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago.”

Astonishing. In these most recent 20 years —- the alleged winter of our disrespect of the Islamic world —- America did not just respect Muslims, it bled for them. It engaged in five military campaigns, every one of which involved —- and resulted in —- the liberation of a Muslim people: Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The two Balkan interventions —- as well as the failed 1992-93 Somali intervention to feed starving African Muslims (43 Americans were killed) —- were humanitarian exercises of the highest order, there being no significant U.S. strategic interest at stake. In these 20 years, this nation has done more for suffering and oppressed Muslims than any nation, Muslim or non-Muslim, anywhere on earth. Why are we apologizing?

And what of that happy U.S.-Muslim relationship that Obama imagines existed “as recently as 20 or 30 years ago” that he has now come to restore? Thirty years ago, 1979, saw the greatest U.S.-Muslim rupture in our 233-year history: Iran’s radical Islamic revolution, the seizure of the U.S. embassy, the 14 months of America held hostage.

Which came just a few years after the Arab oil embargo that sent the United States into a long and punishing recession. Which, in turn, was preceded by the kidnapping and cold-blooded execution by Arab terrorists of the U.S. ambassador in Sudan and his charge d’affaires.

This is to say nothing of the Marine barracks massacre of 1983, and the innumerable attacks on U.S. embassies and installations around the world during what Obama now characterizes as the halcyon days of U.S.-Islamic relations.

Look. If Barack Obama wants to say, as he said to al-Arabiya, I have Muslim roots, Muslim family members, have lived in a Muslim country —- implying a special affinity that uniquely positions him to establish good relations —- that’s fine. But it is both false and deeply injurious to this country to draw a historical line dividing America under Obama from a benighted past when Islam was supposedly disrespected and demonized.

As in Obama’s grand admonition: “We cannot paint with a broad brush a faith as a consequence of the violence that is done in that faith’s name.” Have “we” been doing that, smearing Islam because of a small minority? George Bush went to the Islamic Center in Washington six days after 9/11, when the fires of ground zero were still smoldering, to declare “Islam is peace,” to extend fellowship and friendship to Muslims, to insist that Americans treat them with respect and generosity of spirit.

And America listened. In these seven years since 9/11 —- seven years during which thousands of Muslims rioted all over the world (resulting in the death of more than 100) to avenge a bunch of cartoons —- there’s not been a single anti-Muslim riot in the United States to avenge the greatest massacre in U.S. history. On the contrary. In its aftermath, we elected our first Muslim member of Congress and our first president of Muslim parentage.

“My job,” says Obama, “is to communicate to the American people that the Muslim world is filled with extraordinary people who simply want to live their lives and see their children live better lives.” That’s his job? Do the American people think otherwise? Does he think he is bravely breaking new ground? Bush, Condoleezza Rice and countless other leaders offered myriad expressions of that same universalist sentiment.

Every president has the right to portray himself as ushering in a new era of this or that. Obama wants to pursue new ties with Muslim nations, drawing on his own identity and associations. Good. But when his self-inflation as redeemer of U.S.-Muslim relations leads him to suggest that pre-Obama America was disrespectful or insensitive or uncaring of Muslims, he is engaging not just in fiction but in gratuitous disparagement of the country he is now privileged to lead.

Obama off the mark on U.S.-Muslim comments | ajc.com.

4 thoughts on “Why is Obama apologizing to ‘Muslim world’?

  1. The other day we read how these people are attempting to justify their warped racist sharia law by actually stating that Americans whom protest against abortion are to be classified as “christian terrorists”.

    the unmitigated gall and warped sense of mentality that is subscribed to this line of thinking is unfathomable.

    Since when does anyone with half a brain have a hard time comprehending that “seeking to save the more Frail and helpless lives from being destroyed” hardly classifies anyone as “terrorist” whether christian or non-christian.

    The “same way” these people ramble endlessly about “respect yet, these people attempt to consider it okay for the KORAN to claim that muslims are “superior” (yep it uses the word superior about it) race to non-muslims whom are “servants (yep it uses word servant about it) and that since non-muslims are classfied as “servants’ therefore they are to have NO home, No land, NO freedom, NO money, NO possesions and the non-muslims life can be killed with NO prosecution to the Muslim for having committed the killing of the non-muslim.

    Also, they think it’s OKAY for the Koran to say that at a time “deemed appropriate” to the muslim the muslims are commanded to Jihad to forceably and financially take away NON-muslims, homes, land, possessions and money–even though the NON-muslims have worked hard for every penny and that NON-muslims are to be stripped of all possessions for the simple fact they are NON-Muslims. This is their spread the wealth campaign.

    how many people don’t know that the term spread the wealth was used thru-out history by communist/marxist/socialist/facists.

    Then these people go around claiming because “some” people are smart enough to see thru these sharia law henious bantor and call it the racist bantor that sharia law “really” are—the sharia law people attempt to claim anyone whom doesn’t agree with them is “racist’ or disrespectful.

    SHARIA LAW is a marxist, communist/socialist/facist movement people, you cannot “secularize” it to make it generic and think it’s “OKAY”.

    Anyone with some reasonable amount of intelligience already knows that Socialism/communism/facism/marxism is “not and okay” thing.

    In addition, should the USA allow themselves to be bamboozled into accepting SHARIA LAW –it means forced female gen. mutilation will be the “norm” for the USA why??? because it’s SHARIA LAW and they condone it.

    Talk about a holocaust of a different variety of people. it is why they run around shouting “praises to hitler” and for those whom don’t think so–you need to be reading your computer because US naivety will cost everyone their homes,land, money and possessions. These people are a Hitler policy group operating by attempting to cloak themselves under the mantle of religion while they unequivocably attempt to target and holocaust not only jews this time; but everyone whom is non-muslim.

    This law was deliberatly mislabeled “fairness doctrine” to hide the fact that this is a—Hitler policy law group which grants the Muslims unequivacable rights to forcibly—evict, extort, pillage, plunder and kill Non-muslims and all without prosecuting the Muslims for their crimes to Non-muslims because the Quoran says that Muslims are EXEMPT from prosecution for any/all crimes against Non-muslims and that any countries law, treaties, charters, and constitution are unenforcable against SHARIA LAW.

    The United Nations already voted to accept that SHARIA LAW and 24 hours later 30 christians were kicked out of land, property, home and possesions and money why??? Because they are NON-muslims and as a result of USA refusing to tie our exit to political progress Pakistan is NOW SHARIA LAW country and NON-muslims are classified as “servants’ whom are to be destitute.

    You can bet that if American’s allow themselves to be bamboozled by this so-called fairness doctrine which is sharia law—you can bet they aren’t going to wait 24-48 hours before showing up at your house door or bank to kick everyone out of house home land property and money.

    So, we must face the fact they ‘really” do hate US and it’s no longer safe to travel.

    They “hate” and Disrespect our constitution,flag, seal and freedom.

    WE THE PEOPLE need to make it LEGALLY and LEGISLATIVELY clear to WASH DC that they are to protect our flag, our allegience, and our seal iron-clad and that WE THE PEOPLE will indeed have LONG, LONG memories should even “one” legislator attempt to “shirk” their responsibility to protect our freedoms

  2. Obama is doing what he is doing because he is not fit for the job. Plain & Simple. And our enemies know it. It’s one thing to want the Muslims of GOOD spirit and intention to thrive, live happily, and have the same right as anyone else to be free. To this, I make no objection. Nor to any other culture do I object to this.

    However…when a culture DOES infiltrate a society that does not follow or believe in laws that literally take life from people, rather than make it a better one, than there are only two choices to make as to what you want for your society. In this one, you can be sure there will be a civil war of biblical proportions that, even by sheer number, they are in no position for that challenge. The years many of them have spent embedding into their own minds that Americans are stupid people, have wasted precious time by not focusing on things of substance, and not on wasteful, needless things.

    You must understand that THEIR philosophy of “Respect” is quite the contrary from ours. We should not be wasting time trying to reason with that because it is never going to change. There IS a moral to this whole big sitcom, but the world is asleep. What ARE the sharia followers going to do one day, when they are faced with all the angry Americans who have no more respect for their sharia law than they do for anyone else who tries to infect a peaceful society with death, destruction, forced submission, plundering, pillaging or extorting…as a way of life?

    Look at what happened at the state capitol of Minn. WHERE is their valid argument for RESPECT when they cannot even assemble peacefully? Maybe THAT congressman wasn’t able to subdue that crowd, but you best believe there ARE PLENTY of Americans who are just waiting in the wings to take care of this problem.

    These people have a right to be passionate about what they believe in, no doubt. However, they need to leave this in their own countries. In their hearts, they do not want to make nice with us. I’m afraid that if these outbursts continue in our society, and none of our leaders do anything to stop it, then the citizens will. It is our right, and duty to protect and defend this country. It is not our duty to accept that which will destroy us. The Muslims mistake, is to judge a country’s citizens by their government. Sensible people avoid killing other people. But this country is not going to bend over and grab it’s ankles, either. We are not designed that way.

    So…rather than stand there with a jaw dropped at this atrocity that is sweeping the world, get involved to help stop it. This a war between good and evil. The last war that this world will ever know. Do we sit back and allow ourselves to be as deeply influenced, and consumed by the ancient evils that they are afflicted with? Accepting that all you have to live for anymore, is knowing that you are going to die for nothing? Sharia law is being punished for your existence. Even in their vehement denials, it doesn’t change it’s meaning.

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