Wahabbist clerics are laughing at our stupidity

From Richard Carroll, op-ed writer and the author of the books, “Terrorists’ Crossing” and “Orphaned Heroes”

Somewhere in the bowels of Saudi Arabia, Wahabbist clerics who pull the strings and light the fires of global Jihad against Americans and Jews must be giggling at our stupidity. “If America is going to send its soldiers and resources to Allah’s land, we shall send our soldiers and resources to America.”

While American armed forces expend hundreds of millions of dollars to find and blow-up 15-year-old vehicles held together with bailing-wire and toothless cave-dwelling sons of Allah with the I.Q. of a goat, Islam ships its college educated engineers and scientists to America to infiltrate our defense industries, finance the building of more hate-the-infidel mosques in our neighborhoods, more thinkers to sue us, plot against us, build terrorist training camps, and find weaknesses here at home that they can exploit.

Who is defeating whom? Who is in the best position to launch a catastrophic attack?  Who is making the greatest cumulative advances into the enemy territory?

Each day brings more Muslims from the Middle East into the United States, legally and illegally, from several different countries. Their common denominator is Islam. They come for H1-B visa jobs because American greed supersedes national security.  They come to our universities under student visas because university greed also supersedes our national security. They come to agitate on our college campuses, and they come to build more mosques and more terrorist training camps while we are tied-down in the “sandbox.”

The Muslim terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11 were not toothless cave-dwelling Bedouins. They were highly educated “visa” holders with the intelligence to blend in, move around, and plan their course of action with skill and precision. So were the terrorists who blew up a train in Madrid, and the London subway. The 9/11 hijackers stayed at a hotel one block from our National Security Agency where 30,000 employees work to make us “safe.” They didn’t ride camels or drive dilapidated vehicles; they used credit cards and blended in. Who is the bigger fool here?

Do you see a pattern here that our myopic government officials fail to grasp?

We need decision-makers who will stop for five minutes with the “most Muslim are peaceful” ridiculous and lying rhetoric and take stock of exactly where we are in this “war on terror.” Do we even know exactly how many Middle East Muslims live in the United States now, and if all those student visas are actually IN an American college? No, we do not. In our zeal to blow-up mud huts, we have allowed the tentacles of Islam to expand right under our nose in our neighborhoods and in our government.

The network is vast, and far ahead of where I anticipated with my six years of research into Islam.  We have allowed radical Islam to use our schools and prisons to recruit potential terrorists for their cause. We allow radical Muslim groups to demonstrate for their cause on our soil.  We have elected anti-American Muslims, and we have put a Muslim sympathizer in our White House.  We have failed to keep the main thing as the main thing, and as a result while our brave soldiers are on a diversionary mission against what they aren’t sure.  Another catastrophic event is only a matter of time on our own soil.

If we allow unabated immigration, our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are fighting a futile battle and risking their lives because our leadership is ”out-to-lunch.” The “stupid raghead” that we so often like to show in cartoons as our weak foe has morphed.  He is here, and he has the brains and petrol cash to use against us.  But worst of all, he is here because he has the WILL to kill us–absent of any conscience that women and children will be included in his list of victims.

For Islam, Iraq and Afghanistan are just the jihad’s masterful diversions.

For the novice who is beginning to wake up to the idea that something big just might be going on here, I encourage you to research on your own the vastness of Muslim intrusion into our nation.  Look up “Muslim Terrorist Training Camps in the U.S.”  You’ll be shocked.  Research on your own the number of converted radical Muslims coming out of our prisons, and check the number of radical Muslim organizations ALLOWED to freely operate in America.

Begin to separate yourself from ignorance, and share your findings with friends.  “We the people” will be left to save this great country from Allah’s ultimate goal.  Your Congress and Senate and President will be surrendering.  Will YOU?

8 thoughts on “Wahabbist clerics are laughing at our stupidity

  1. Most excellent post. Unfortunately the people that need to be reading it are off watching Oprah or something equally as important.

    I am quite wide awake to this and am afraid of what I am going to be like when we finally return home, to the States, in five years. I can picture myself getting arrested for “hate crimes” just because I won’t be able to keep my mouth shut.

    There really are a couple of simple solutions to address the problems. Greed, unfortunately, is going to be a difficult one to overcome.

  2. It makes a lot of sense. Notice how the government is already tightening the gun laws (and encouraging the people to turn in their weapons, it’ll probably won’t take long before they do that as well) and other similar examples.

    The Islam’s way of gaining control of us:

    They first forbid small things such as christmas songs in school, step by step. With patience.
    Then, they set up Sharia Courts and Mosques, slowly building up their empire inside our empire.
    Eventually, after their numbers have significantly increased they can set up their own party in the government. And having the large number of Muslims to get the party elected.

    There you go, a Muslim party controlling the government. End of story, at that point it’s child play as long as the Muslims are the majority of the people. Which isn’t that hard for them to do as their birthrate is three times higher as ours.

  3. Spot on.

    When the liberal fascists bleat on over here about how the UK shouldn’t be in Iraq and Afghanistan, it doesn’t really get me going. I always felt that Blair sending UK troops to the middle east was what is called a ‘displacement reaction’, i.e. an action unrelated to the primary cause because some psychological defect makes it hard for the person to deal with it.

    In Blair’s case, the problem of dealing with Islamisation at home in the UK was just too hard. It meant facing up to the contradictions of his own post modernists philosophy of cultural relativism, meant facing very scary problems of enforcement of rule of law, and meant losing a significant proportion of votes! Hence he turned away from the hard problem and tackled the easier problem instead by sending troops abroad. Of course the Middle East isn’t an easy problem. But to send troops there is easy, then its the military commander’s problem! But to deal with the problem of Islamisation in the UK would always stay as a political problem, that the Prime Minister, with all his cowardice, confusion and incompetence, would always fail at.

  4. And what both of you have said is classic fifth column strategy. How to destabilize a nation, or region. Or really any organization that is large, and has bureaucratically embedded layers. It’s a result of a sort of “The Buck stops there” mind set.

    By S.P. Attri ( USA )
    1. It is often narrated that God is love. If God is love, then on the heels of this statement, it follows that fear or terror of God ( such as Allah ) is a tort. Islam says that there is no God but Allah, and belief in Allah is imperative, and that Allah is “ All Merciful. “ If Allah is “ All Merciful, “ then why have the Moslems blessed the whole world with, their Kafir-slaughter ( slaughter of Non-Moslem Infidels ), Kafir terror, torture, loot, plunder, & inhuman rapes of Kafirs in the name of “ All Merciful “ Allah ? And why are the Moslem Jihadis, who have killed many Kafirs, in the name of their “ All Merciful “ Allah, regarded as such honorable warriors of Islam ? Doesn’t this “ All Merciful “ Allah feel the least bit of pity, for these Kafirs ?

    Hundreds of millions of Kafirs have been butchered, in the name of “ All Merciful “ Allah, even though Islam claims to be a religion of peace. The raids undertaken & methods followed, by camel-jockey Hazrat Mohammad, became the model for other leaders who followed Hazrat Mohmmad. Kafirs were put to the sword, the surviving Kafirs were sold as slaves.

    2. The pattern of Kafir terror & torture is written down in the Quran, and was practised, perfected, and prescribed by the prophet, in his own life time. This pattern has been closely followed by the Caliphs later. Even in present time, this pattern is followed by all Muslim leaders, who aspire to acquire name and fame in this life, and houris (beautiful virgin women) in the next life.

    Does this not prove that, instead of preaching love of God & brotherhood of man, Islam injects hatred, alienation, prejudice & barbaric-violence, into the hearts of Moslems ?

    The religion of Islam, which is all about killing ( of Kafirs ), cannot be a religion of peace. Islam has nothing to do with the love of God. Islam has created a race of ignorant & barbaric Moslems, who can kill humans faster than wild hungry cats. Moslems need to kill Kafirs, to protect their evil religion of Islam. Islam’s ideology is absolutely evil & damn-dirty. Islam is a religion of devil, and Mohammad is its Devil-Prophet.

    3. Because Moslems define their identity in terms of Islam, they are unable to live in harmony with Non-Moslem Kafirs, much less play an effective role as citizens of a modern state. Their psyche & spirit of separatism & chauvinism, has continued for centuries, and shall continue in future as well. Nationalism is totally-incompatible with Islam, because the goal of Islam is to, establish Allah’s Empire all over the world. Moslems are deep & downward in darkness, because Hazrat Mohammad & his Quran, removed the possibility of thinking, reasoning, and reflection, away from them. The only thing that Hazrat Mohammad has given to the Moslems is, belief & false pride that as Moslems, they are the best thing that has happened to humanity. If Moslems have any smarts, they would throw Quran as a worthless piece of trash & foolishness, because Quran has made Moslems, blind to truth & away from the love of God & his humanity.

    4. Moslem societies instead of ameliorating, try to purify their societies, by returning to its origin, in the hope that Hazrat Mohammad’s message, would provide the answer as it did in the golden era. But it does not provide the answer because Hazrat Mohammad, does not solve the problem, Hazrat Mohammad is part of the problem. Moslem’s misery is caused by his belief in Hazrat Mohammad & in the religion of Islam, which is a devil’s religion. But Moslems point their finger at others ( Kafirs ), as the cause of their problems, and their destruction ( of Kafirs ) as the solution.

    Because Islam is based on fear, if the Moslem know that they can hit & hide, or hit & destroy the Kafirs, they would go for it. Kafirs need to be aware of the astonishing-brutality, shown by Islam through the centuries, it has not wavered or diminished its brutality. Islam constantly seeks blood & revenge against the Kafirs, and against anyone who thinks even in the privacy of his mind, that Hazrat Mohammad was munching dates, sitting in a cave, and hearing voices ( a kind of sickness ).

    5. How dreadful are the curses which Islam imposes upon the Kafirs ? Here below is an invocation that an American heard in a Mosque in one of the Arab countries, that he visited recently:

    “O Allah, perish America, Christians and all their allies! O Allah, destroy their homes, widow their women and make their children orphans! O Allah, destroy all the Jews and Christians!”

    Any rational person would be shocked to hear, such curses poured upon the Americans, the Jews & the Christians, without any distinction. Is chanting of such invocations on all Jews & on all Americans acceptable ? It is acceptable to Moslems because Allah’s curse is upon, those who debar men from the path of Allah. Therefore, it is Islamically-Acceptable.

    6.The fanatical frenzy of Islam is as dangerous in man, as hydrophobia is in a dog. The fanatics of Islam want all of us Kafirs dead. Islam is based on the teachings of Hazrat Mohammad who taught his Moslems that, it is Moslem’s duty to murder all Kafirs, that a Moslem can divorce his wife by simply speaking “ I divorce you “ three times, and that raping of concubines is A-O.K. and that all of this is revealed truth, from the one and only true God, Allah. In reality, there is no truth in Islam, it is all a bunch of evil-nonsense.
    Islam’s truth & record are documented in blood ( the blood of Kafirs ).

    Surinder Paul Attri

  6. France is a perfect example of what Richard Carroll speaks of. About 10% of France is Muslim and look at the mayhem that is being caused out there.

    When they can cause so much of agitation when they account for only 10% of the population, imagine what will happen when the population rises to 30 or 40%, which it will very soon.

    And like America, France is also busy fighting the war on terror in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one day France will become a part of Algeria. And Britain, Germany, Norway etc. are following in it’s footsteps.

  7. The United States of America will fall from inside. This just happened in Dearborn, Michigan , which has the largest Muslim population in the USA. Better watch.

    Amazing how FOX was the only major network to have this on the news.

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