Congressman Ellison spends Presidents Day weekend at College of Sharia in Qatar

Gee, wonder what they teach at the College of Sharia?

So, Keith Ellison (aka Keith Hakim or Keith Ellison Muhammad) displayed his utmost respect for America and the American presidents of the past, by taking a Presidents Day weekend jaunt to an Islamic country. Writing about this infiltrating traitor gets tiresome but bears repeating until people, preferably other politicians, wtf up.


via Rep. Ellison touts expanded dialogue with Islam during speech in Qatar.

He [Ellison] spoke at Qatar University’s College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, says the Gulf Times.

“Following 9/11, there has been an emergence of Muslim civil rights organizations,” Ellison said. “The political picture is bright, not perfect, but we are ready to expand the dialogue and work to resolving the miscomprehensions that exist in our society and between the U.S. and the Islamic world.”

And he praised President Obama’s early overtures to Muslims.

“This is the first time a U.S. president has reached out in this way”, he said, noting the decision to close Guantanamo Bay, end the war in Iraq, and stop the use of torture. “President Obama’s granting his first international interview to Al-Arabiya was a significant move which showed his commitment to his pledge. He was talking straight to Muslims all over the world.”

The college dean told the paper: “Ellison wanted to meet with us so that we can share our views and discuss issues that connect us to each other. We are especially interested in expanding the dialogue on issues relating to the U.S. and the Islamic world.”

Read it all via MinnPost.

Clearly, sharia is one of those issues Ellison is pursuing – at the College of Sharia.

Can anyone explain why a U.S. Congressman spends an inordinate amount of his time addressing Muslims, Islamic organizations, and traveling to Islamic countries rather than doing his job for the foolish Americans who elected him? Yes, we understand he is a Catholic, Nation of Islam convert Muslim, but that doesn’t change the job responsibilities. By the way, last we saw of Keith Ellison, he was being chased off the capital steps by Hamas in his home state – video here.

More of Ellison’s follies here.

16 thoughts on “Congressman Ellison spends Presidents Day weekend at College of Sharia in Qatar

  1. Guess we know why Qatar Airways chose Washington, D.C., to be their first non-stop U.S. destination. [New York was second; Houston will be the third – shortly.]

    Flying direct from Qatar to DC, in Business Class [of course!] makes frequent trips back and forth relatively easy and much shorter than on other non-stop flights.

    Who paid for Ellison? It costs about $4,000 for a round-trip business class ticket doing the DC / Qatar / DC route.

  2. Ellison is a blatant traitor to the United States where he was born and raised and educated.

    He ought to be thrown out of government and imprisoned for life–or executed.

    With Congress men and women like him and Pelosi, who needs enemies abroad? This ilk is destroying us from within!

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  5. Well, I am kinda disappointed with the rhetoric…there seems to be a lot of rah rah without much substance. The participants at lead to confuse religion, politics and economics….I am depressed that we are all pions to be used and discarded when no longer needed. I am opposed to anything that would impede my freedom and force “values” upon me.
    Some of us have kids that would decide to embrace any religion they want…the type of rah rah created here will possibly put them in the crosshairs.
    The Hutus-in Rwanda-convinced themselves that the Tutsis were no more than cockroaches..this mentality helped them kill over half a million Tutsis.
    Hitler manage to convince a huge portion of the German population that the Jews were parasites; this was a major factor that led to the killing of millions of Jews.
    During slavery, the Europeans were certain that dumping half sick black people in the sea while in transit to the US and other parts of the world was ok as they were not really killing human beings….
    Well, I see the same trend here…it is important to fight dictators and all individuals who desire to impose their will on others…it also is important to have honest discussions…I saw the piece on Hamas and Fatah demonstration…there is a lot of anger between these two groups, we must admit that we also have added fuel to this fire…the world is not simple.

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