‘Why Islam’ dawah hits San Francisco

hat tip & photo via Jihad Watch

The lies get more bold on each ad. The messages of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus never once mentioned Islam. Pure bullshit. More on ICNA that amazingly never is included in the media PR when these stories are release – here, here and here.

The greatest sacrifice for God is made in Jihad, for in it a man sacrifices not only his own life and property in His cause but destroys those of others also.” Source: ICNA Welcomes New Muslims to Radicalize


The Bay Area Chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America will launch a bus ad campaign in San Francisco on today to encourage people to break stereotypes about Muslims.

People can expect to see the hot line (877) WHY-ISLAM and the Web site http://www.whyislam.org on the sides of more than 140 buses because the ICNA wants to make a point.

“This is our complaint: We want to give the right picture of Islam. It is not about terrorism. It is about peace,” ICNA representative Mariam Chan said.

Between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. eastern time, anyone can call the hot line with questions about Islam. The Web site also offers free brochures. Chan said a common misconception is that Muslims are terrorists.

“If one Muslim person is not right, don’t blame Islam from the few number of presentations,” Chan said. “So many Christians have problems. You would not say it’s allowed in Christianity.”

The campaign is a national educational outreach program. The ICNA has also paid for billboards and other bus ads throughout the country to encourage a more authentic point of view on the faith.

The kick-off will take place near Justin Herman Plaza at 77 Steuart Street in San Francisco at 11 a.m.

Update: New photos and details of the San Fran dawah campaign from Zombie Time‘s Zomblog

Later in the same day, I took this photo in San Francisco’s Castro District, at the corner of 18th and Castro streets. As everyone knows, the Castro is the epicenter of gay activism in the United States (note the rainbow flag in the bank window). And even in this neighborhood, the ISLAM bus ads appear prominently and frequently.

Now, whenever any Christian group tries to “cure” gays of homosexuality, or (as happened recently) campaigns to ban gay marriage in California, there are invariably eruptions of outrage in the Castro and throughout the San Francisco gay community, often culminating in protest marches, citizen forums, lawsuits, and more. Which is to be expected.

However, I have not heard the slightest peep of protest about these ISLAM ads appearing in gay neighborhoods. But, you may ask, why should anyone protest? Because, as it turns out, ICNA is virulently anti-gay. On ICNA’s own Web site is this passage, calling homosexuality “a pollution of the soul”:

Marriage is the proper form of satisfying the sexual activity. Adultery, fornication or homosexuality and such things are a pollution of the souls and the purity of genealogies.

Furthermore, at major Muslim conferences co-sponsored by ICNA, various speakers and presenters said things like,

Dr Hathout told his audience that the materialism that has captured American society and to which Muslims are not exempt, troubles him. Also troubling is the impetus in modern society to accept the homosexuality as just another lifestyle choice. He reminded his audience that Islam does not accept homosexuality, and he reminded them that people have the choice to make and are mandated by Islam to reject homosexuality.

Moreover, clerics associated with ICNA have issued fatwas against homosexuality. Again, even cursory Web searches bring up many links of all sorts suggesting that ICNA — like most fundamentalist Islamic parties — is unapologetically opposed to homosexuality, and advocates strict adherence to Islamic law, under which the penalty for homosexual acts is death.

And yet — there is a resounding silence from San Francisco’s gay community about these ads, which are paid for by a group whose ultimate goal is to outlaw homosexuality in the United States. Imagine, for a moment, if a Christian group with similar goals had paid for and displayed proselytizing ads in the Castro. The outrage would be deafening. And yet when a Muslim group does it — silence. Why? There’s only one possible answer: Fear.

The cowardice and hypocrisy of the gay activist community on this issue is deeply troubling.

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6 thoughts on “‘Why Islam’ dawah hits San Francisco

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  2. I’m completely offended that Islam is slandering Jesus Christ not to mention Abraham and Moses! Jesus, nor Abraham or Moses, would NEVER condone your evil!

  3. I wonder what most people on SF think about Islam besides all the ones who were once eagerly proclaiming it to be a “religion of peace” not too long ago.

  4. This entry implies that SF gays and lesbians don’t know that Islam is interpreted by many of its followers as virulently homophobic. I disagree. Unlike many on the unhinged right, we know that the threat of Islam/Sharia law being implemented here is a big fat zero, no reason to be alarmed. I do deplore the religious killings of gays in Turkey, Iran, Iran and other places in the middle east, as well as family “honor killings.” These bus ads are comical and not effective, so not alarming. On the other hand, I know that Christianity (as interpreted by most Americans) is virulently homophobic. That has much deeper consequences than Islam’s homophobia in the US. I’ve seen the religious anti-gay billboards throughout the south, seen the influence of Mormons on Prop 8, and seen a lot of ugly, effective anti-gay Christian church rhetoric in multiple political campaigns. Having seen all of this, I can tell you that Islam bus ads in San Francisco are the least of religious threats facing gays in the US. Many in the Castro probably agree.

  5. Anonymous – it’s not an interpretation – it is inherent in Islamic sharia law. Head back in the sand. You also better tell Scott to stop wasting his time as sharia law isn’t the problem according to your ‘logic’.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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