Barack Obama linked to Chicago sharia finance fugitives wanted by FBI

A major update, with major twists, to this previous Creeping Sharia post (Sharia finance scandal hits Chicago), recap:

CHICAGO,IL – Sunrise Equities, a Chicago based financial services firm which claimed to be Shariah compliant, has gone under leaving many area Muslims robbed of their savings. Incorporated in 2001 the firm claimed that all its services were in compliant with Islamic laws and had the endorsement of a leading religious scholar. According to latest reports coming from Chicago the management of Sunrise Equities and the affiliated Sunrise Constructions have disappeared after closing their offices. Sunrise CEO Salman Ibrahim, Vice President Amjed Mahmood, and Vice President (Community Relations) Mohammad Akbar Zahid are untraceable.

After duping Muslims out of more than $80 million dollars for supposedly sharia-compliant services, the FBI is now looking for the fugitive executives of Sunrise Equities.

The twists:

1. A Chicago talk radio host, Rehan Sheikh, died suddenly and mysteriously shortly after a broadcast which focused on the Sunrise Equities scandal. According to the Chicago News Bench (CNB), Rehan may have been the victim of intentional food poisoning, but we’ll never know because as a Muslim, his body was shipped out of country for immediate burial a day after his death. No autopsy was performed.



2. More importantly, current U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama received free campaign office space from the now fugitive CEO of sharia financier Sunrise Equities, currently wanted by the FBI. The image above from CNB shows Obama with at least one of the fugitives at a ceremony to donate the office space. The second photo shows Obama at a ribbon cutting party for the office.

CNB also reports that Obama friend and Sunrise CEO Salman Ibrahim may have been a Taliban supporter.

Sunrise’s CEO, Salman Ibrahim, was reportedly seen recently on the streets of Lahore, Pakistan. Ibrahim is said to be a Taliban sympathizer. Barack Obama has long ties to Ibrahim and Sunrise Equities, which gave him free office space in his 2004 campaign for US Senate.

Read in depth details about this scandal and the Obama / Biden connection to these Muslim fugitives wanted by the FBI at the Chicago News Bench web site. There are several posts, read them all, including:

Barack Obama has long had strong ties to Muslims and to Pakistanis. He also has long and strong ties to Sunrise Equities and Salman Ibrahim. In 2004, Sunrise Investments gave Barack Obama free office space to use during his run for US Senate. Obama the free space primarily as a fundraising hub, but at least five of Obama’s campaign workers are said to have used the office for distribution of campaign lawn signs.

(U.S. banks take note – investigate sharia law before you delve into sharia banking; investigate all members of the so-called sharia boards or you and your investors may just end up like the customers of Sunrise Equities.)

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