Freed Iraqi detainee has one rule: Target only American troops

Mohammed is one of the thousands of detainees who are being released from U.S. detention centers as America prepares to withdraw forces from Iraq. There are about 13,400 detainees in U.S.-run prisons, and on average 50 are released each day. Some are guilty of crimes, others are innocent, many have never been afforded due process, and some have become radicalized by their time in prison.

Mohammed came home late last year still determined to resist.

He has one rule: Target only American troops, never civilians.

And this is one reason, absent a valid vetting process, why the U.S. should not be migrating Iraqi, Pakistani or Palestinian refugee’s to the United States. Mohammed doesn’t have a last name apparently.

This story is from the Sacramento Bee and entitled: Freed Iraqi detainee hasn’t lost his zeal for the ‘resistance’.

Coincidentally, the Sac Bee hasn’t lost its zeal in shilling for Islam, as they pumped out four other puff pieces on Islam and sharia finance since the weekend:

Sacramento Muslims try their hand at matchmaking
Islamic school thrives in Sacramento
Islamic laws of finance a cushion in hard times
Islamic Center official will help feed homeless

One wonders what the Muslim population is in Sac-town that it garners such attention. Yet no mention of the $80M sharia finance scam out of Chicago, the many jihad-linked sharia boards who approve sharia financing, the brutality of sharia law being enforced by the Taliban and others around the world, nor Muslims urging sharia law in the U.K. No, in Sac-town, it’s all roses.

Well. Except for the story we ran a few weeks ago: Sacramento Mayor, Democrats cozy up to terror-linked CAIR.

Is Sacramento mayor, Democrat and former NBA star, Kevin Johnson, aware that a Muslim group with whom he is working and attended an annual banquet for, was founded by Islamic terrorist-linked individuals? Is he aware that the group, CAIR, is an unindicted co-conspirator to a convicted terrorist-funding group? Or that the FBI has warned its agents not to meet with CAIR? If not, could he possibly be aware that both Democrats and Republicans have recommended that CAIR be banned from any official contact with the U.S. government? Is Mayor Johnson aware that the CAIR member he has selected to serve on his own transition team, Basim Elkarra, refused to condemn terrorist groups Hamas and Hizbollah, and Senator Barbara Boxer rescinded an award to Elkarra over CAIR’s terrorist connections?

Another unindicted co-conspirator – in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings – spoke at the fund raising banquet. Pro-terror, anti-American Siraj Wahaj should also be on California politicians radar – but clearly they are not concerned.

Those facts weren’t worthy of making the news pages. Reading the comments at some of the links though, it is clear that some readers are fed up with the SacBee’s love affair with one particular religion.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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