Clinton’s $900M to Palestine “constitutes criminal negligence”

This article reiterates all the points we’ve made in numerous posts concerning the various aid packages, i.e., U.S. taxpayer dollars, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have offered to the territory of Palestine since taking office.

Our most recent post detailed Obama’s request for a new law that would allow U.S. funds to be disbursed to a government that includes terrorist group Hamas. Contradicting everything he and Clinton have said previously, which is that no funds would end up in the hands of Hamas.

Hillary Clinton’s $900 Million Pledge to Palestinians Will Promote ‘Hate Education,’ Panelists Say

The almost $1 billion that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged as humanitarian and economic development aid for Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the West Bank in 2009 also will be used to promote terrorism and teach the next generation of Palestinians to hate non-Muslims and oppose the existence of Israel, a panel said Monday at the Heritage Foundation.

In a report distributed at the event, evidence of terror-promotion by the PA was documented in everything from school textbooks that celebrate the martyrdom of young people and state-controlled anti-Israel media reports, to soccer stadiums and schools being named after suicide bombers and other terrorists.

“The United States has known, since 2002 at least, that U.S. taxpayer money has gone to terror promotion, glorification of terrorists, hate education and incitement to genocide,” Crook said.

“Palestinian Media Watch has presented evidence of this to House and Senate Committees, to the media, and to presidential advisers,” Crook told, adding that her organization has not met directly with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton since she was a senator from New York and has not met with anyone from the Obama administration.

Crook cited the U.S. Foreign Operations Bill that prohibits giving federal dollars “to or through any individual, private or government entity or educational institution that the secretary knows or has reason to believe, advocates, plans, sponsors, engages in or has engaged in terrorist activities.’

“So let’s ask the question again,” Crook said as she concluded her remarks. “Why is the United States about to write a check for $900 million to the Palestinian Authority when it is very clear from history and present examples that they have not met and continue to not meet the demands of U.S. law?

“The answers range from bureaucratic intransigence – look at USAID’s refusal to monitor the abuses of its funding – to lack of political will, to just plain denial of the facts,” Crook said.

“We are so desperate for peace that we convince ourselves that we have found a partner for peace despite all the evidence to the contrary,” Crook said. “But the fact remains that this loss of control over what is being done with U.S. dollars has resulted in U.S. money being used to promote hatred and terror.”

“[Giving the aid] constitutes criminal negligence,” she said.

What this story failed to mention is that Barack Obama wants to negate the U.S. Foreign Operations Bill and give nearly $1 billion of U.S. taxpayer dollars much of which will go directly to Hamas (and Fatah) to develop a stronger terrorist infrastructure, to publish more textbooks that teach children to hate the United States, and to continue killing infidels in the name of Islam.

WASHINGTON, April 27 (UPI) — The Obama administration has asked Congress to let aid to Palestinians continue if Hamas backers are included in a new unity government, observers say.

The proposed change in U.S. law would be necessary because Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is designated as a terrorist organization and therefore cannot receive U.S. aid.

How the Palestinians roll? Examples from the report mentioned above:

Exhibit 1:
Najat Abu Bakr, Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, 26 February 2008, PBC “We take pride in this [Arab nationalist] language because we are the authentic Arabs who believe in our Arabism, our faith, our cause, our Nation, in our right to struggle and to resistance in all possible ways [euphemism for violence] in all the occupied lands, in Palestine, Lebanon the Golan and Iraq…”

Exhibit 2:
Abbas Zaki, PA Representative in Lebanon, 7 January 2008, PBC “Shame on anyone who says that Fatah put down its weapons! Since June 4 [Hamas takeover] until today, Fatah’s Al-Aqsa brigades [executed] 220 operations, which are 30% of the [total] operations.”

Exhibit 6:
Praising the female suicide bomber Ayyat al-Akhras, 23 December 2007, PBC PA TV Host: “Father of [suicide terrorist] the Shahida [Martyr] Ayyat al-Akhras. You and your cause deserve the greatest respect. Ayyat was very young (age 17) when she was martyred. In our opinion, Ayyat is a hero, and we want to hear more and remember this martyr, since we hold her memory dear in our hearts.” Father: “[Ayyat’s] goal was to study journalism, to promote her Palestinian cause around the world.” PA TV Host: “Through Ayyat’s heroic act [suicide bombing] she succeeded in reaching the entire world.”

The Palestinian media often refers to suicide bombers as Shahids. Shahid is a term for someone who has died for the sake of Allah and is
taken as a mark of respect. Above we see that the suicide bomber, Ayyat al Akhras, was praised as a Shahida, a hero and a martyr on Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation television.

Exhibit 10:

Adnan Ayash, History Professor: 5 June 2008, PBC

“There are diseases like smallpox, that can be eradicated, but the disease that was inflicted on the Palestinian people and the Arab nation in
general, that’s the Jewish disease, the Zionist disease, which is a cancerous disease, that started with occupying and taking over lands in
1904 […] Those (Jews), from 1904 to 1947, reached 605,000. Thatʼs the cancer that spreads over the lands.”

Make no mistake about it, this is what your tax payer dollars are being used to fund. Whether through Hamas, Fatah, or through textbooks and professors like Ayash.View the full report here.

Also watch video of testimony to Hillary Clinton and Arlen Specter where they display outrage over the Palestinian Authority’s outright approval of suicide bombing and indoctrinating children to hate.

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